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What can I do for you?

Whether it's a general, love or career related reading, all of the tarot readings I provide are intuitive. It's important to be aware that the messages provided may relate to past, present and / or future circumstances and connections. The most important messages will always come through first and the most prominently. Please note Shadow Work readings are not available on Mediumchat.

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  • Tarot cards
  • Spiritual coach
  • Oracle cards


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I feel your energy
  • I give advice

About me

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to review my profile. My name is Brenda, otherwise known as Demari Vi Syth. I am a modern day Oracle / High Priestess that operates intuitively and acts as a conduit for the Divine in order to provide spiritual healing, guidance and support. I come from a strong matriarchal line of spiritually gifted women, utilising my West African and Northern European ancestry in my spiritual practises whilst tapping into the Divine Feminine Energies. My past life affiliations with Kemeticism and Buddhism play an active role also. My key specialities are Shadow Work (deep healing) and Energy Work (cleansing and balancing). I've been actively reading tarot for those closest to me for a few years now. I started providing personal tarot readings online and general tarot readings on YouTube just over a year ago. I'm delighted that my platform is growing and with the launch of my website and Patreon page, it is a great honour to provide additional assistance to those seeking to heal, transform and ascend. I'm excited to extend my services and guidance to you here on Mediumchat. If you're ready to gain clarity regarding a situation, or wish to learn more about your life journey, let's begin your session.

My method

Different tarot readers, mediums and oracles have different methods. For myself, if I have a first name and photo for either yourself or the person you are enquiring about, it helps me to tap into the energies surrounding you or the person in question. The visualisation aspect really helps with my process, but a reading can still be provided without a photo.


Not available

* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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16 reviews

Brenda is awesomeπŸ’œ

Rachel - 19 Juli 2021

Brenda was amazing , she was able to give me a different insight into the connection sometimes looking at things from a different lens but still following ur own senses helps to broaden ur understanding and I felt Brenda did this during my reading.

Francesca - 9 Mei 2021

Thank you Brenda.

LaToya - 6 Mei 2021

Thank you Brenda, you are so right! I didn't have to tell anything but names. I felt what you told me as well and you were right about the pause. Thank you πŸ’–

Sarah - 3 Mei 2021

Thanks it makes sense

Thea - 9 Maart 2021

Very supportive and excellently talked through my current struggles. Very intuitive and I wish her the best in her career.

Margaret - 15 Februari 2021

Brilliant read with Brenda she is amazing, caring and communicative. The real deal.

Rebecca - 20 Januari 2021

Thank you so much for my reading it put alot of things at ease and omg how on point it was

Susan - 19 Januari 2021

Thank you πŸ’ž

Mascha - 19 Januari 2021

Thankyou so much Brenda My heart is full πŸ’• I will always keep you updated on the progress Thankyou , Thank you thaaaankyou πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ½

Travena - 10 September 2020

I'm so glad I chatted with you this morning. Everything you said was spot on. Thank you very much

Afua - 1 September 2020

Brenda is very insightful and has a true gift just Excellent!

Stephanie - 31 Augustus 2020

Brenda was brilliant, she really helped a lot x

Debbie - 29 Augustus 2020

I received open and honest responses that provided the clarity I was searching for. Brenda was very kind and helpful, I highly recommend her.

Mahia - 26 Augustus 2020

I enjoyed consulting Brenda. With her great card reading skills, she renders important message that forward the view of your problem at hand. Her messages have been very helpful to me. Thank you.

Deepa - 25 Augustus 2020

Loved my chat with Brenda she was straight to the point and very quick to reply. She clarified everything that i thought.. I will keep you posted Brenda xxx

Sasha - 20 Augustus 2020

Direct contact with Brenda