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My Specialties:

  • Spiritual development
  • Love and relationship questions
  • Break-up / relationship issues

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What can I do for you?

Hey there beautiful being, you are very welcome here for all questions about your life, love life, important choices in life or work or even just clear your thoughts. Through my sensitivity I will feel into the situation at hand, awareness through vision, knowing and feeling follows naturally. If you are on a path of spiritual awakening or growth, want to learn more about your own energy, feel like something is stuck or want to know how the universe works, you are very welcome here.

Gifts and methods:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Healer
  • Reader
  • Tarot cards
  • Spiritual coach


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I feel your energy
  • For a proper chat

About me

Thank you for your interest in me, my name is Derrekien and it is so wonderful to meet you here. I am a highly sensitive energy reader and a very experienced spiritual coach. I have spent many lifetimes with teachers all over the planet and am also a certified meditation teacher and experienced Tarot reader. A unique combination of direct knowing, energy reading and Tarot cards which i playfully combine as the questions come.

My method

Ask me anything and i will answer honestly and give you the answer that you might not always expect or want but the one the universe has for you. My deepest wish is to help you grow and also grow together on this amazingly beautiful multi dimensional manifesting dream we call life. During a conversation, automatically healing takes place and because of the contact with my energy a transformation process starts on many levels in your own energy.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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31 reviews

Great feedback and clarity, thank you Derrekien!

TC - 21 April 2022

Thank you Derrekien, just a few minutes with you and it felt like you perceived the gist of the situation spot on.

MariaH - 10 April 2022

Beautiful, kind and gifted soul.

Nilufer - 26 Februari 2022

Thankyou Derrekien. I felt that you understood my situation & offered good advice.

Elle - 18 Februari 2022

Thank you x

Tracy - 18 Februari 2022


Janis - 7 Februari 2022

Nice and yet to the point reading

Agni - 3 Februari 2022

Thank you for the clarity I needed. ✨

ReAnn - 26 Januari 2022

Thank you. I hope you are right with your predictions. Could you please send me the answer to my last question? Chat time ran out while you were still writing.

Gabriele - 22 Januari 2022

right on cue with the situation. thank you!

Bonnie - 21 Januari 2022

I was having a good chat with Derrekien but sadly got disconnected, would love to get the rest of the reading sent to me :) I was happy that she connected with my situation very quickly and the connection issue was unfortunate but would not stop me from reconnecting.

Kathleen - 16 Januari 2022

Great as always! Thank you ☀️☀️

SK - 6 Januari 2022

She gave me on clarity on things I needed to know. I hope for the best out come. Thanks again. I will definitely come back and do another chat with her. She was really nice and sweet. Loved talking with her

Melissa - 5 Januari 2022

Very accurate and honest; kind and non-judgemental! Amazing!!

SK - 25 November 2021

My source of wisdom in a crisis :) thank you. I always find readings with Derrekien to be calming and helpful. She lays out the facts kindly and is really constructive and positive.

Amy - 21 November 2021

Compassionate, kind, no sugarcoating and very intuitive. Got every detail right without any information. Brilliant! Thank you ☀️☀️☀️

SK - 13 Oktober 2021

spot on love talking with her!

Joanne - 16 Augustus 2021

She see the problem and gives resolution,thank you

Adriana - 25 Juli 2021
Really nice experience
Stuart - 31 Mei 2021

Dear Derrekien, consulting you was wonderful. You are always spot on and our speak with kindness when you express your insights. That is really wonderful...

Deepa - 22 Mei 2021

Amazing wish I had cridets to talk more such a lovely person with amazing gift

Brooke - 21 Mei 2021

Very pleased with my reading. Very accurate.

Alison - 11 Mei 2021

Thank you :) sorry we got cut off! Another fab reading that gave me clarity xx

Amy - 10 Mei 2021

I had a short reading with this lady and I’m so glad I did. She was warm and gave me a sense of calm. She tuned into my situation instantly and was very accurate about the present. She gave me a prediction for the very near future and I trust her insight. I highly recommend her! ❤️

Louise - 1 Mei 2021

she was nice and so positive. I hope her good news will come true really soon. Thanks for that

Leila - 29 April 2021

Really lovely lady and really helpful too. She was able to give me insights into a situation that have helped me start healing and viewing it from a different perspective. Gives you plenty of info in the time you have and doesn’t waste credits. Thank you :)

Amy - 20 April 2021

Consulting Ms Derrekien was wonderful. With deep sensitivity, she can perceive the heart of the matter, which is why her insights are spot on. She expresses her impressions with kindness and a in a language that I could understand very well. I also learned that she was able to sense who I am and was very correct in this respect as well. Thank you again!

Deepa - 20 April 2021

Derrekien was wonderful to chat with! Very empathetic and picked up the energy of my situation right away. Can’t wait to chat with her again!

Ashley - 17 April 2021

This lady is a real sweetheart ❤️ also she could pick up the energy correctly and indeed it feels like how she described me how it feels/looks like. And no I didn't really mean it I just want to see what will happen. Hugs ❤️

Maggie - 4 April 2021

Lovely to chat - thank you.

Tammy - 29 Maart 2021
Lovely lady and connected well to the situation.
Antoinette - 28 Maart 2021

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