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You can ask me questions about any area of your life, Love, Career, Purpose, Soul Connection, Shadow Aspects. While not being a Doctor i can give you insight on your Mental or Physical health, but a qualified opinion is also 100% recommended, but i can alert you to potential problems in these areas. i can also connect with people who have passed over and give you messages, you can give me a background story, or no story, limited information, send pictures if you feel comfortable, but they are not essential, I will be using Tarot cards, Oracle Decks, and Behavioral decks to give you the insight and guidance you need, I will also be using my wide range of energetic, & Audioant skills to connect with your energy and give you further insight. I Coach many people all over the world and I let them decide what they need from me, to what extent they want to work with me, I am here to help you its my passion and purpose in this life. I have a wide range of skills that are hard to put in to words, anything i cant help you with i will tell you directly and refare you the people who can, my passion is in helping you. I take my work and purpose very seriously, if you would like to see more of my personality, delivery, and who your actually speaking with when you connect with me here, you can watch my free videos and work over on my you tube channel ~Elisa Jane Tarot Card readings ~ Medium Chat found me over there and connected with me, I am looking forward to connecting with this community and helping more people along their journey.

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About me

I am a World Tarot Reader & behavioral coach, i have coached people all over the world, I have a successful you tube channel of over 100, 000 people, i help people to navigate the various aspects of what is blocking them energetically and psychologically, My passion is helping the individual to overcome shadow aspects of themselves and to give them clear insight and guidance on what they are facing in any area of their lives, I have extensive Tarot Knowledge and have predicted, past, present and future events for people all over the world, In all fields, on all levels, My passion is to help you see how you can remove the blocks in yourself or your life, whether that be people, places or things, that are blocking you or in most cases your self. I believe we are all on a soul journey, most have got lost or disconnected from this journey because of the pressures of life and misleading information and a lot of failed conditioning, my role here is to help you get back to The Souls Journey, we came to enjoy this journey to the fullest, to live with passion, purpose, and zest, not be weighed down. I am passionate to my core about helping people, you can also check out my free content on my you tube, I do Regular generalized, free readings for all signs.

My method

You can ask me about any area of your life ,You can be completely transparent with what you are facing and i will help guide you in the right direction, we can connect and whatever you are happy with sharing information or media wise is completely up to you. I have a wide skill set and i am comfortable with you being comfortable, there is no pressure. I respect peoples privacy and individual needs. my skills and compassion will speak for themselves when and if we connect. " There is no greater purpose to me than helping others find theirs, There Is no greater path than helping others along with you, we are all here just trying to make each others Journey a better more pleasant and peaceful one, We are all connected, Nothing or Nobody is random, we all matter, and what we do as individuals Matters to the collective, every one of us that steps in to alignment helps others to do the same. never let the world tell you you do not matter, never tell yourself you do not matter for to do so is to fail yourself and the world, there is no greater success in this world than to follow your heart and soul journey, if your searching for the Utopia, or peace it does not belong to this world, its were most have failed, follow the pilgrimage of your heart and soul it will never lead you astray, and it is in these you will find your way. ~Elisa~


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* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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9 reviews

I feel she correctly saw my issue and told me the truth about where I stand with people. I feel she read me like she knew me for years. I would recommend her

Zach - 27 September 2020

Elisa gave me advice like a sister๐Ÿ’œ thank you do much!

Samia - 14 September 2020

Elisa is such a wonderful girl. She’s so warm, always puts me at ease and is kind! X

Rebecca - 27 Augustus 2020

Thank you Elisa!

Mena - 7 Augustus 2020

Thank you Elisa, sorry we got cut short. Answered my question and actually asked me a question that really got me thinking about my situation on a different level. Like chatting to your best mate! Brill x

Amy - 7 Augustus 2020

Was great to see Elisa on here as I recognised her from YouTube. She’s straight to the point and tells it how it is. Gave me great advice. Thanks Elisa x

Laura - 28 Juli 2020

Elisa is very beautiful from the outside as well with her energy๐Ÿ’› kind and sweet ๐Ÿ’› thank you for the last advice, that is very true, and it is always what I say.. you are right!๐Ÿ’›

Lina - 27 Juli 2020

She's really good. Amazing actually.

Shari - 7 Juli 2020

Scream!! Follow her on YouTube. Excellent and calls a spade a spade! ๐Ÿ’ซ

Cornell - 1 Juli 2020

Direct contact with Elisa