Estefanía Alejandra

Diviner & Tarot Reader / Spiritual Consultant

My Specialties:

  • Career / Financial
  • General
  • Love and relationship questions

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What can I do for you?

Is life giving you a hard time and you are seeking for some guidance? Or perhaps you're just curious about what the future holds for you. In any case, I will be using my psychic abilities and cards to answer any questions you may have. Let me help you :) Together we will find insights that can help you discover your life path, step by step, so that you can make the best choices for you. To know what's coming is to live in peace!

Gifts and methods:

  • Tarot cards
  • Lenormand cards
  • Psychic
  • Relationship coach
  • Spiritual coach


  • No sugarcoating
  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Giving practical tips

About me

I started my divination journey when I was around 15 years old, and I've been helping people using my psychic abilities for more than 10 years now. I was ventured into the "world of magic" since I was very little. My father was a tarot reader and a big fan of the esoteric world, and my grandmother was also a tarot reader and an astrologer. Reading tarot has become a family tradition that has been passed down through the generations.

My method

You can really ask me anything, and you don't really need to provide with any information more than your names and birthdate, but you should know that the more specific a question and the more context you provide, usually the answer will be more specific too :) Information that I may need to perform a reading: 1. Your name and date of birth 2. Name & DOB of any person in question 3. Your question or what you want to know 4. Optional: A photo of you and any person in question would help me connect with the energies, but is not necessary.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic US psychic Canadian psychic Mediumchat Spanish

Direct contact with Estefanía Alejandra

93 reviews

Very quick, honest responses. Easy to understand and very sweet. Thank you

Muongyoon - 2 Juli 2022

I only gave her very basic information like names and dates of birth, and then she knew so many details without me telling her anything else, like she was reading my heart and feelings, she kindly told me what I needed to hear; the truth. And as she was texting me I honestly couldn't help but to cry because I felt like they were setting me free with the truth ❤ Muchas gracias Estefanía, voy a regresar cuando pueda! Gracias por haberme tratado con amabilidad y dulzura 💕❤

Andrea - 30 Juni 2022

Gave words of wisdom and comfort. Very understanding which makes it easy for me to open up. She was very encouraging I recommend her go ahead and try Estefania

Tareta - 30 Juni 2022

Very accurate reader able to sense situations that you don’t mention. Really recommend.

Sarlota - 27 Juni 2022

I love the fact that she knew everything and gave great advised

Claribelmoreno1 - 27 Juni 2022

She answers your questions and puts you at ease with guidance. Kind and genuine person give her a try!

Kerry - 23 Juni 2022

Everything was spot on!

Alma (Lori) - 22 Juni 2022

It was good

Zabrina - 21 Juni 2022

Estefan was able to clarify what I had expected all along. She told me the truth, eventhough it was hard to accept, she did not get my hopes up about my situation. I appreciate her honesty and kind words of encouragement. I will be back to talk to her again soon.

Brenda - 14 Juni 2022

😊😊😊😊😊 great advice and reading

Amn - 12 Juni 2022

Amazing reading, kind, clear and uplifting even if ir wasn't what i wanted to hear . Thank you and looking forward to new beginnings

Cindy - 6 Juni 2022

Second reading with this beautiful lady and once again 10 out of 10! She was very quick to pick up on the situation and gave advice accordingly! I’ll be back for sure x

Laura - 6 Juni 2022

She was so accurate. I wanted to continue my reading but was having payment issues. Once I get that settled I will be contacting her again. It gave me goosebumps within the first 3 minutes.

Amber - 31 Mei 2022

Excellent tarot reader, and connected very well to every question I had asked. Thank you very much for even sharing the ways to overcome few situations so that things happen to change for good. Best wishes

Deepa - 31 Mei 2022

Thank yoi so much for your guidance it helped me a lot.That is what I needed to know.Many blessings.

Silvia - 27 Mei 2022

Dear Estefania, thank you for sharing your insights concerning my friend. It was very interesting to know. Consulting you was very beneficial. Blessings to you!

Deepa - 9 Mei 2022

Such a great insight of what is to come. Direct yet compassionate. I highly recommend Estefania for a consult. Thank you Estefania xx

Karlie - 3 Mei 2022

Spot on and very helpful. Thank you

Pretty - 27 April 2022

A very warm reader. She could pick up on the energies in my situation and advised on the best course of action going forward. Spot on with a lot of my current situation. Thank you x

Michelle - 25 April 2022

Great with advice...and the truth

Amber - 20 April 2022

She was honestly spot on in everything without giving her details. She was also honest and compassionate. She is my definitely go to person :)

Roselle - 20 April 2022

Amazing! Knew so much about a situation going on with me and gave brilliant advice, was very positive and so lovely. Definitley will be having another reading

Jaime - 19 April 2022

She was spot on with everything. I will definitely come back for another reading

Joyce - 14 April 2022

So amazing can't believe how much she knew about my situation and never said I was having struggles definitely coming back for another reading

Anita - 7 April 2022

Brilliant. Thank you 😊 you

Abi - 7 April 2022

Very trustworthy and down to earth. Estefania was spot on and put my mind at ease. Thank you.

Sean - 26 Maart 2022

Thank you. Nice reading and some great advice. Xx

Claire - 25 Maart 2022

Thank you Estefania for sharing your thoughts and insights.

Deepa - 20 Maart 2022

This lady is very very good ..She gives me sugarcoat with her..ty so much 💖 for all the readings..she real deal

Jody - 19 Maart 2022

Thank you for a very good positive reading. Excellent communication skills super fast typing xx

Nicky - 16 Maart 2022

She was amazing so helpful! Easy to chat with amazing energy. Deff will be back

Amanda - 12 Maart 2022

Got so lost in our conversation didn't realize that our time ended. Thankyou so much, u r such a help :) I will try my best with ur advice :)

Tracy - 3 Maart 2022

Ver accurate reading. Lovely spirit and quick reader. Thank you so much ❤❤❤

Tanya - 1 Maart 2022

Dear Estefania, thank you for your lovely messages and guidance. I felt really good. You were like aways spot on. Blessings to you and yours, Deepa

Deepa - 28 Februari 2022

She is amazing and gives you clarity, she’s on point.

Melissa - 26 Februari 2022

Gave me the peace I needed, Thank you 🙏🏾

Rodney - 25 Februari 2022

She amazing !! She has a deep knowledge and spiritual gift.. I strongly Recommend her .

Diana Parra - 25 Februari 2022

Wow I hope everything happens am excited for the future xx

Gemma - 23 Februari 2022

Lovely reading from a beautiful soul fast typer answered my questions n gave me Extra information. will be back. Finger's crossed What she said was right.thank you so much x

Vicky - 23 Februari 2022

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!! Quickly picked up on my many questions, quick detailed answers for each question..... will be coming back to her. Bless you ❤️❤️

Lori - 23 Februari 2022

Dear Estefania, thank you for all your input and your great advice. It was truly enlightening.

Deepa - 19 Februari 2022

I feel that they were telling the truth about my message and just want to thank you mhairi xx

Mhairi - 18 Februari 2022

This beautiful girl was very on point. And very quick to write! She picked up on the person extremely well and gave great insight! Definitely a gifted soul. You won’t be disappointed. Estefania, beautiful love, I will return as soon as I can ☺️ X

Laura - 17 Februari 2022

She gave such good advice for my situation and made me feel heard❤️

Roena - 16 Februari 2022

Gracias Estefania, You help me to find the clarity. I feel my mind and heart lighter after the chat we had... thanks for your honesty and soon xx

Lenny - 11 Februari 2022

She was super amazing at giving me guidance to my issues. I feel she felt exactly what was on my mind and saw it for me.

Zach - 8 Februari 2022

Dear Estefania, thank you for sharing your insights. I like your clarify, straightforward answers, and your focus on the question. You don't drift away. My experience has been always good whenever I have consulted you.Thank you.

Deepa - 28 Januari 2022

Estefania has been a fantastic reader, she was really helpful, great advice, direct and fast in replying. I loved it♥️ One of the best one here thank you again! I’ll be back for more😉

Barbara - 20 Januari 2022

Absolutely amazing and spot on highly recommended 👌

Julie - 19 Januari 2022

Will be back for another reading..Thank you so much

Alejandra - 19 Januari 2022

Estefania is great and provided a detailed reading. She was kind, quick typer and also made me smile. She was accurate in her reading and also gave me some solutions for my problem. I’d highly recommend Estefania.

Hina - 13 Januari 2022

Super attentive of every question I asked .. She is way accurate in her responses or that really i feel that Nobady Ever can reveal ...i strongly recommend her

Diana - 13 Januari 2022

Estefania Alejandra is absolutely amazing! She pinpointed my problem and told me exactly what to do to fix it. She told me exactly what I needed to hear. I feel much more confident moving forward!

Jennifer - 12 Januari 2022

She was very great I recommend her 4 sure

Lisa - 11 Januari 2022

She eased my mind

Dianne - 4 Januari 2022

Wow Thankyou so much for your insight, made me feel so much better and your were so accurate! Fast typing, straight to the point and instantly connected to my questions! Would 110% recommend l, this is my third reading on here and was far far the most accurate and the best I’ve had! Thankyou so much! It was very insightful

Kel - 27 December 2021

She is great, much appreciated.

Annie - 22 December 2021

She very sweet

Jameka - 11 December 2021

Simply amazing !!!! Loved every bit of it… I was super anxious but within few seconds I was fine … I just hope whatever she said comes true… 🤞🏻🤞🏻😘😘 loads of love

Divya Arora - 5 December 2021

She was spot on ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

Asma - 4 December 2021

Very fast to connect with my situation. Very helpful and gave lots of amazing advice and help. I look forward to the coming months to see how things go… Amazing reader…. Thank you!!!

Melissa - 2 December 2021

Excellent reading very precise and so caring ❤️

Kelly - 26 November 2021

Thank you for the advice you gave me today and the reading. I have left this chat feeling really positive and have a better understanding of what I need to do to either get this man back into focusing on me and if not then to put myself back out there. Such a delightful conversation. I will absolutely return for more advice ☺️

Kathleen - 21 November 2021

She's lovely and was very helpful

Kristina - 18 November 2021

Wow! She was awesome 🤩 Thank you so much ✨

Kayci - 13 November 2021

Loved the reading

Nylah - 13 November 2021

I loved the accuracy shes very sweet

Tanika - 12 November 2021

We only spent a few minutes but I definitely felt good about her reading. Will use again.

Julie - 11 November 2021

She was amazing, I felt spot on what she was saying. Just waiting to see how things go but she made me really feel im right about my feelings

Zach - 5 November 2021

I would highly recommend Estefanía! She gave me conformation on things I had been questioning myself about.....very kind and was quick when responding.

Charlene - 2 November 2021

I had an amazing reading she is straight forward and she was dead on about my situation

Deborah - 30 Oktober 2021

Words cannot describe my experience with Estefania. She is, quite simply, amazing. Her advice and straight talking approach was really appreciated. What she told me was 100% accurate. She is absolutely outstanding and I will definately return. Thank you Estefania. :)

Dee - 28 Oktober 2021

She is right on! Amazing and so accurate.. Highly recommended.

JINEVYEN - 27 Oktober 2021

Short chat but picked up on what I wanted to know. Will see what happens 😃

Craig - 27 Oktober 2021

Estefania was a pleasure to chat with! She was detailed and accurate. Thank you!

Ashley - 24 Oktober 2021

I personally am very picky with who i do readings with and today i had the opportunity to speak to Estefania. Can i just say she doesn't disappoint? Thank you so so sooo much and I will be back soon. I realise i have a lot of internal work to do before I get there but honestly you're amazing!

Simerjeet - 13 Oktober 2021

Absolutely Amazzing !!!! Thank you you don’t know how much life you’ve breathed back into me I’m So happy and more confident about my goals more than ever

Travena - 13 Oktober 2021

Thankyou I wish I had longer few more questions but got answers xx

Tui - 12 Oktober 2021

Very detailed very good information and advice I couldn’t need anything more better than this moment right here,thank you again

Justice - 12 Oktober 2021

Estefania was very honest, even though she gave me information that I didn't want to hear, I appreciated her honesty. She gave me a clear understanding of where I stand and how to proceed.

Dagmar - 11 Oktober 2021

Dear Estefania, thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts. Blessings to you and your work.

Deepa - 11 Oktober 2021

Picked up on my poi very accurate

Benedicta - 7 Oktober 2021

Kind, accurate and fast. Connected quickly to my issue and shared a lot of very helpful and extremely valuable info. Very compassionate and great energy. Highly recommend!

Holly - 6 Oktober 2021

She got it spot on with one of the people I ask her about. I am hoping that because if that, she is spot on with the other person I asked about ☺️

Laura - 5 Oktober 2021

Thank you for the most honest, spiritual and empowering reading of all time ❤️😘🤗

G - 4 Oktober 2021

Dear Estefania, thank you for sharing your insights. You are very precise, skilled, and spot on. Blessings to your work.

Deepa - 3 Oktober 2021

Dear Estefania, thank you for enlightening me with your special gifts of divination, which I feel are inspired by the divine. Therefore, the insights you share are positive and healing in nature. I was pretty amazed at some of the thoughts you told me about my ex. I will contact your sister here at midiumchat and cleans myself from any negative energy. I will also do my own practice with mantras that are very purifying too. Blessings to you and your work...

Deepa - 2 Oktober 2021

Dear Estefania, thank you very much for sharing your insights and interpretations. Thank you for the link to the law of Attraction video which is nice.I do it through meditation and just speak from the heart. Then it reaches God and the power in the universe. You are very good at your work. Blessings to you and your wonderful skills...

Deepa - 28 September 2021

She is Amazing. She was able to answer all of my questions right away. I am happy that I found her on this site.

Elisia3333 - 23 September 2021

Great reading!

Jenny - 17 September 2021

Awesome 💗

Hannah - 16 September 2021

Absolutely wonderful person and her readings are spot on! Cant wait to be back for my next reading. Like speaking to an old friend . Absolutely lovely

Aqeela - 14 September 2021

Wow! blown away by the accuracy. Super warm, friendly and helpful. Can't wait to manifest this into my reality and for the predictions to come to pass.

Alisha - 11 September 2021

Direct contact with Estefanía Alejandra