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  • Break-up / relationship issues
  • Career / Financial
  • Love and relationship questions

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What can I do for you?

I am a natural-born Psychic, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Healer, and Energy Reader. I use my natural abilities and spirit guides for readings and also I am an expert Tarot card reader. I specialize in Love & relationship readings, and career-oriented things you can find out your answers like: Specialize in Gays and Lesbian matters, open-minded person. ***Is he/she Loyal? ***Is he/she care for you? ***Is there any feelings left? ***Is do he/she looking for another person? ***Do he/she want to end up in a long-term relationship with you? ***What is the future of relationship? ***Will you able to win the situation? I specialize in Love-life, a matter of heart, breakup issues, relationship issues, marriage life, work-life, family, career counseling, and life coaching. A reading with me will bring you peace of mind and clarity. Other than that I can also help you in your career life and explore the incoming opportunities to your life as well you can find out your answers like: ***Is there any new opportunity about to come? ***will you get the promotion? ***will you see yourself as a financially stable person? ***should you need to change the career? ***What will the outcome of your current career? ***Will you a successful person? ***Will you able to win the situation?

Gifts and methods:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Tarot cards
  • Psychic
  • Love coach
  • Relationship coach


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I feel your energy
  • For a proper chat

About me

Welcome to my profile I am a natural-born Psychic, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Healer, and Energy Reader. I use my natural abilities and spirit guides for readings and also I am an expert Tarot card reader. I specialize in Love-life, a matter of heart, breakup issues, relationship issues, marriage life, work-life, family, career counseling, and life coaching. A reading with me will bring you peace of mind and clarity. I have been practicing from a very young age with the help of the spiritual powers I am able to help people and my sights are honest but caring. I will answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge, I have more than four years of experience in the psychic industry with a very good reputation and I have a lot of satisfied clients from all over the world. I will do my best if you are stuck at any point in your life you can come to me and ask me I will provide you deep and honest insights. Please feel free to connect with me.

My method

I am a Clairvoyant and fourth-generation Psychic as well. I use my natural inner abilities to look into the situation. I use tarot cards to look deeper. I connect with your situation within seconds and bring clarity to you with direct answers. I also do spiritual healing to overcome the negative energies which are hurdles in your life.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic

Direct contact with Gulfam

51 reviews

What a lovely, intuitive man Gulfam is! His reading was so calming and I’m looking forward to seeing if our healing session has worked. Thanks very much Gulfam

Louisa - 25 November 2021

He performed a Healing for me and I hope it comes true.

Lori - 12 November 2021

Very good reader ♥️♥️

Kristiane - 12 November 2021

Got all my answers just waiting to see if there right or not but he was great to chat to and would recommend him to anyone Thank you so much for your help and patience.

Michelle - 13 Oktober 2021

Gulfam is Wonderful reader he will tell you everything you want ♥️

Olivia - 11 Oktober 2021

He was very calming. I got a lot of my questions answered and I left the reading feeling much calm and clarity. Thank you for your patience and helping me.

Debbie - 21 September 2021

My oh my! Thank you Gulfam for an amazing reading. Many Blessings😊

Madi - 8 September 2021

My reading was very good, I felt at peace and hopefully everything comes to true.

Yonelsida - 7 September 2021

Gulfam was accurate and also gave specific predictions with timeline which is very helpful. Highly recommend!

Sharon - 7 September 2021

Very patient and informative

Danielle - 27 Augustus 2021

Thanku great reading πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Cathy - 27 Augustus 2021

Thanku great reading very helpful πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Cathy - 19 Augustus 2021

Hw gave me hope for the future and some good advice.

Raegan - 6 Augustus 2021

Highly recommended. I’ve done several readings with Gulfam. He’s very caring and types fast as well. Things he said have come to pass as well.

Hanistee - 30 Juli 2021

Very good fast typer and things he said are same as what other readers have told me . Recommended :)

Danni - 29 Juli 2021

An amazing man, that genuinely cares with beautiful healing. Gives answers straight and in a caring way. I look forward to what you have said will happen coming to pass. Thank you for all so much, you are who I needed to speak with! Take care x

G - 23 Juli 2021

He was very nice and to the point and he made sure he answered all my questions and more i hope his predictions come true. Blessings

Annoniem - 16 Juli 2021

He was attentive thoughtful and polite I called him G and I loved what he had to say it gave me hope for my future when somedays I can't see anything G thank you G

Jillian - 6 Juli 2021

Absolutely fantastic, did not have to say much at all and he knew everything. I hope predictions come to pass. Thank you gulfam πŸ™

Francesca β™‘β™‘ - 22 Juni 2021

I really enjoyed the chat and got lots out of it. Thank you for your insight

Paula - 14 Juni 2021

Very quick to connect lots of details that made sense to me thanks

Jenny - 7 Juni 2021

Thank you Gulfam, for being very accurate and comforting.

Victoria - 7 Juni 2021

Thank you

Dean - 5 Juni 2021

Gulfam was on point and I feel so much better. Thankyou

Heidi - 4 Juni 2021

Easy to talk to and helped reassure me and my over thinking. Great guidance too with some issues I have

Nicole - 4 Juni 2021

Gulfam was great!! He listened to my questions and then started typing and didn’t stop. He was spot on when describing my situation and gave me some very good advice. His predictions were very clear and he have timeframes too. I felt completely relaxed chatting with him and would not hesitate to recommend him. If you chose to chat with him you will not be disappointed. Thank you again, Gulfam! Love and light to you.πŸ™β€οΈ

Louise - 4 Juni 2021

Awesome reading and guidance

Jennifer - 3 Juni 2021

Very calming and enlightening. Gave me confidence to peruse my current situation. Thank you x

Amy - 31 Mei 2021

amazing reading

Annoniem - 29 Mei 2021

Thankyou great reading βœŒπŸ’•

Cathy - 29 Mei 2021

Very positive reading. Hoping all the predictions come true.

Alisha - 28 Mei 2021

Gulfam was accurate, very clear, reassuring, gave a time scale and kind hearted. Thank you very much. I will be back again when I need guidance. I trust what you say.

Sarah-Jane - 27 Mei 2021

Very fast to connect and gave good advice. I will wait for your prediction and update you for sure. Thank you!

Fatima - 26 Mei 2021

Thank you Gulfam, for being fast and honest. You gave me the information I needed and didn’t purposely waste my credits. I’ll be back for more readings

Kay - 26 Mei 2021

Gulfam was so kind. I feel like he was spot on with info about my relationship. Very quick at responding back. I will deff chat with him again. Thank you Gulfam!❀️

Angelina - 26 Mei 2021

Gulfam was so kind, and re-assuring. I think i’m going to use this time to focus on myself and try going out more and speak a lot more. You feel better after speaking to him.

Simerjeet - 26 Mei 2021

I never comment on this but this guy is the truth I didn't have to say much he knew I trust him will be back to chat

Catesha - 25 Mei 2021
Very courteous and very good.
Jennifer - 25 Mei 2021

Amazing reading and would definitely recommend

Pamela - 25 Mei 2021

I felt instant rapport with Gulfam which let me relax a little to ask those “silly” questions. I feel more at peace right now about my entire life, I have clarity and a direction to look forward too. Gulfam, thank you thank you thank you πŸ™ xx

Miriska - 24 Mei 2021

He is really good and have helping nature. Great job♥️

Dalveer Kaur - 22 Mei 2021

Gulfam picked up on my POI very well. He accurately picked up information pertaining to what is currently going on in his life, and aspects of his personality. Gulfam was also very sweet. I'm hoping his predictions come true!

Haley - 21 Mei 2021

Wonderful person to talk to. Thanks

Dean - 17 Mei 2021

Insight and Hope delivered with kindness. Thank you.

Tammy - 17 Mei 2021

Thank you for sharing your insights. Blessings to you and yours.

Deepa - 15 Mei 2021

A beautiful honest reading.

Mo - 12 Mei 2021

He was very positive, fun and spot on! 😍

Melissa - 9 Mei 2021

Very friendly and excellent reader. Spot on!!! Predicted some positive events for my future πŸ₯°. Give him a try you will not be disappointed πŸ‘

Hina - 9 Mei 2021

Gulfam easily connected to my situation and gave a clearer understanding of what to do next

Francesca - 9 Mei 2021

Very lovely man. Accurate and very friendly. Highly recommended. Fast answers and intuitive. Thank you ❀️

Cheryl - 8 Mei 2021

Thank you Gulfam, Your reading was very positive and gave me hope for my situation. I hope it all come's true. Will keep you updated' xx

Monique - 8 Mei 2021

Direct contact with Gulfam