Angelic Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant & Medium

My Specialties:

  • Spiritual development
  • Break-up / relationship issues
  • Love and relationship questions

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What can I do for you?

Do you have any questions about your love life, your relationship, or general advice I am here to assist you in a none judgemental way to help you move forward in the most positive way. I will link to my spirit guides to gain any information you are seeking. As they can see further ahead on our pathway.i also use tools such as Angel & Tarot , crystals, and a pendulum in case you would like any answers. I can also tune into a photograph you may have. I am highly sensitive and can time onto the psychic and spiritual energies to see what information I receive to help you

Gifts and methods:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Shaman
  • Psychic
  • Spiritual coach
  • Psychological issues


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I feel your energy
  • Via angels / guides

About me

Hello, It is lovely to connect with you. I come from a line of Romany Ancestors where I inherited my psychic gifts. I have been psychic from being a very young child but I developed my Mediumship gifts about 23 years ago. I have worked in spiritual churches doing platform work, parties, one to ones and also some stage work abroad and psychic pub events and a few Psychic events I have worked for various psychic and chat lines but felt drawn by spirit to approach Mediumchat where I received a very warm welcome I am a qualified counselor and love to help uplift people on their pathway. I am very none judgmental and open and empathic I work with angel tarot, spirit link, and psychic abilities. I welcome you for a reading with me Sending you Love and light

My method

You can ask me anything you like and I will link to the energies to assist you I am very open and never judge any situation. I am very approachable. Please feel free to come to me for anything you need. You can even send me a photo to gain more insight into the energies of the person. I will ensure I reply as quickly as possible


Not available

* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic

Direct contact with Janine

8 reviews

Janine was so friendly and easy to talk to. Got straight to the point and tried to give me as much info as possible before time was up.

Catherine - 3 September 2020

I needed help in terms of some clarification in my life, and the psychic who did my reading gave me a perfect insight which was important to me, it was in detail, and was very helpful as now I know how my future is looking, and for that clarification and help I highly appreciate it.

PHELADI - 26 Augustus 2020

Quick and concise reading, would recommend!

Pandora - 20 Augustus 2020

Speaking with Janine gave me lots of peace. I know my mother is doing well where she is now. I also feel more confidence. Thank you!

Deepa - 24 Juli 2020

I chatted with Janine tonight very nice lady, made me feel comfortable and very positive I just hope what she said will come true . Will talk to here again.

Monique - 17 Juni 2020

Quick response. Clear answers.

Marta - 10 Juni 2020

Janine was very nice to chat to and I felt a good energy from her her advice was good and I enjoyed speaking to her and felt very uplifted after our conversation she seemed warm and genuine thank you Janine

Timothy - 9 Juni 2020

Ms Janine is very insightful and positive. She has a wonderful energy herself and senses the energy around the person she is consulting, which results in great messages that seem accurate. Thank you, Deepa

Deepa - 9 Juni 2020

Direct contact with Janine