Clairvoyant/Tarot Reader/ Numerologist/ Empath

My Specialties:

  • Love and relationship questions
  • Break-up / relationship issues
  • Career / Financial

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What can I do for you?

We will find insights that can help you discover your life path and gain some clarity so that you can make the best choices for you. You have complete free will over your life and destiny. I like to assist you to the best outcomes with my guiding hand.

Gifts and methods:

  • Tarot cards
  • Coaching
  • Love coach


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I type quickly
  • Giving practical tips

About me

Thank you for checking my profile. I have had empathic abilities for as long as I can remember and have strong intuition skills, working with all your energy's. For the past year I have been helping people to find answers and insights during the pandemic period. I mainly use my trusty tarot deck. My readings cover love, career and supply positive advice. I am a very friendly, non judgemental young lady and want to help you in any way I can to send love and light into your life.

My method

I prefer to work with a photo and a photo of someone who is involved in the question (when this is the case). However if you would prefer not to, I can also work with your d.o.b and star sign to help me tap in. Most of the time, insights and answers are immediate to me using these tools. I type very quickly to give you as much information in your time frame to give you the best quality reading. If you have time to give me a quick review I'd very much appreciate it.


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* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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English speaking psychic US psychic Canadian psychic Schotisch psychic

Direct contact with Kayleigh

88 reviews

An absolutely amazing reader she's like a friend who knows me so well I appreciate you so much and thank you thank you so much you actually really do know me so well things have come to pass with her amazing amazing❣️❣️

Jody - 19 Juni 2022

Thank you so much for your positive reading. I deeply appreciate it.

Annoniem - 17 Juni 2022

Very good

Mrshigh2015 - 15 Juni 2022

Kayleigh is very intuitive. She doesn’t require any prompting. She is sweet and accurate. Please email me should you see additional information that wasn’t mentioned during our chat.

LaToya - 10 Juni 2022

She is amazing …….so amazing 🤩

Shauntae - 8 Juni 2022

She really knows her stuff, it’s wild.

Amber - 6 Juni 2022

One if the best readings! I hope what you say is true. You got a lot of past/ present correct

Michaela - 5 Juni 2022

Thank you she was right about the house! She is very gifted

Shauntae - 27 Mei 2022

Thank you for everything I will set my mind as positive and keep it moving in better place for us we appreciate for your help and I hope that we continue for our lives here thank you

Dwina - 24 Mei 2022

Very insightful and amazing typing skills!!! Got heaps of info ;-)

Heather - 23 Mei 2022

What a wonderful reading

Shauntae - 21 Mei 2022

Her info was spot on and not generic

Helen - 17 Mei 2022

Excellent clear communication no time wasted xx

Nicky - 15 Mei 2022

Lovely reading from Kayleigh ♥️ Her predictions come to pass last year even though at the time they were not great, but this time she’s again made some very postive ones and read into the situation so we’ll. Thank you ♥️

Olivia - 13 Mei 2022

Very good and thorough. Highly recommend.

Anwesha - 13 Mei 2022

Kayleigh is so compassionate. What I like about her is she is very confident in her readings. She fills in the blanks. I’m looking forward to her predictions taking place. Thank you and I will keep you posted.

LaToya - 13 Mei 2022

I have been coming to this beautiful lady for months now months and everything she has told me has come to pass amazing amazing one of the best readers on this site thank you so much for everything blessings to you🥰🥰

Jody - 10 Mei 2022

Kayleigh is beginning to feel like a friend I've known my whole life...so easy to tall to. Tunes in quickly and is just a dear!

Kelly - 16 April 2022

Wow Kayleigh 👌thank you so much for connecting so quickly and answering so many of my questions in the short time that we had💐you where very accurate on picking up on my POI and you helped settle my mind with some of the doubts I had❤️I wish I had more time please inbox me the answer to my last question as my credits ran out. I will be back for more clarity regarding my situation soon. Thanks again sweetheart 💕

Kalaivani - 16 April 2022

This woman...oh my!! Told me things without me giving her any sort of a prompting and was so reassuring and kind. I'll definitely be back to speak with her!

Kelly - 15 April 2022

Kayleigh is very good, I have just gone over my reading and she had picked up on particular little things that I hadnt mentioned. She also gave some good advice.

Francine - 15 April 2022

I spoke to Kayleigh last year during a difficult time ; every thing she said came true! It took time but it did , went back to her tonight for further help she is always spot on! Sent friends to her who all said the same :) x

Jada - 15 April 2022

She nailed it! I was shocked what she knew.

Amber - 6 April 2022

Same name so chose her and it's like she read what I thought the outcome would be. Time will tell and I'll comment back but some of the things she did pick up that I didn't have to tell, I believe it will.

Kayleigh - 23 Maart 2022

I am happy with the advice given. Very straightforward and quick. Thank you a lot.

Annoniem - 28 Februari 2022

Her readings are amazing and she doesn't sugar coat very very direct honest and things have come true with what she has told me Amazing lady thank you for your time and your beautiful readings

Jody - 19 Februari 2022

Very accurate truly honest and empathetic with your situation. Thank you 😊

Marlene - 15 Februari 2022

Thank you Kay. She is excellent, really positive and honest reader. I had a lot of insecurities and she just gave me the positive vibe I needed and reassurance, that everything will be fine. I can’t wait to speak to you soon♥️

Barbara - 14 Februari 2022

Kayleigh immediately tuned into my question and basically said word for word what my person has said. You give me tremendous hope! Thank you!!! 🤍

Danielle - 13 Februari 2022

Feeling like if I had more time I would have got more to what I asked but it was definitely a lovely chat and I will talk again with kayleigh when I get more credits.

Nicola - 31 Januari 2022

Amazing her energy is amazing!

Shauntae - 23 Januari 2022

Kayleigh was so lovely .Straight to the point and very fast. She gave me lots of information in a short time . I would definitely recommend Kayleigh for a reading! I’ll certainly be back soon!

Antoinette - 16 Januari 2022

I really enjoyed connecting with Kayleigh and I felt she got right into the reading so fast and connected well with my situation. She gave me some great advice and guidance to help me along the way. I am excited for what lays ahead.

Kathleen - 14 Januari 2022

By far the best reading I’ve had. Kayleigh is amazing !!!!! Gets lots into the time you have, and really picks up on current situations and is clear about why she sees / feels. Loved my reading and will definitely be back to chat with her again. Thank you to Kayleigh ❤️

Nicola - 13 Januari 2022

WOW Kayleigh just blew me away. It's the first time I've connected with her and not only was she suuuuuper lovely, she was scarily accurate - when I gave her no information - and it wasn't generic stuff. Hope her predictions come true over the next few weeks but if her accuracy on my current situation is anything to go on, I believe they will come to pass!! THANK YOU Kayleigh xoxoxox

Niki - 12 Januari 2022

Thank you beautiful, as usual u were accurate and have answered all my questions. I would come back for more readings.

Hina - 12 Januari 2022

Ok everyone Kayleigh is truly gifted, she is my reader i will definitely go back to My goodness you are amazing Kayleigh, you blew me away and i dont get blown away that easy. Thank you 🙏

Laura - 10 Januari 2022

You are beautiful ❤ and very accurate yes indeed that happened in that time how could you know that 😄 thank you

Cassie - 9 Januari 2022

Awesome 😎 wonderful reading

Shauntae - 6 Januari 2022

I've had several conversations with this beautiful soul💓💓 She's amazing she picks up on things I haven't even told her.. She's direct Blunt But in a positive way an amazing lady choose her choose her you won't go wrong Blessings to you

Jody - 30 December 2021

She’s amazing! Kayleigh is like speaking to a compassionate and kind-hearted friend who just knows and understands your situation. She tells you what you need to know with gentle yet direct guidance. She has true warmth and is a rare find! Definitely worth speaking to. : )

Michelle - 16 December 2021

very good - answered my question quickly and with timescales. would speak to her again for sure x

Katie - 15 December 2021

Excellent reader.

Joyce - 15 December 2021

I love my reading I glad I pick u!! She is amazing I feel like she is very genuine!!!

Shauntae - 14 December 2021

Kayleigh was fantastic. Her reading was insightful and on point. I will definitely be back.

Heather - 13 December 2021

Bang on however time will tell

Violetatkins814 - 10 December 2021

Wish I could have had longer. Really good

Rebekah - 22 November 2021

Wow thank you darling for an honest and accurate reading and especially your message 👌It shows how much you care and love your clients ❤️. Thanks for predicting up coming events. I like your calm and soothing energy. I would definitely be returning for more readings.

Hina - 25 Oktober 2021

Well I would say fantastic ,very spot on on our first session,just lovely lady and warm Gave so much clarity and guidance but generally very supportive,take care until our next session thanks Annabel

Annabel - 22 Oktober 2021

This was one of the readings where you feel like the person is being 100% genuine. She took time and answered all of my questions, and gave it to me exactly how She seen it. And that is what I needed to hear.. I am forever greatful for you today!’ I will be back to reconnect with you:) Thanks Again!’

Lbroomfield81 - 18 Oktober 2021

Very good & accurate in what she tells me so reassuring. Never wastes your credits very quick in responding. Thankyou again.

Gail - 12 Oktober 2021

Great reading fast typer, communication was very clear an true, highly recommend

Annoniem - 7 Oktober 2021

My second reading with her❤️She is accurate, kind and made few predictions which i hope will come true. I have enjoyed my reading today. She types fast and answers all questions without wasting time and credit. I would be returning to her for more readings in future.

Hina - 6 Oktober 2021

Amazing lady will be using her as my first choice on all occasions possible x

Emma - 30 September 2021

Spot on and very kind and genuine

G - 30 September 2021

Lovely complimentary and made me feel better

Claire - 22 September 2021

Kayleigh was so friendly, sweet and accurate! She was lovely and she gave me a lot of information regarding my question. Looking forward to her predictions coming true!

Sharon - 21 September 2021

Amazing Kind Caring Smart, very excellent insight to my issued

Patti - 18 September 2021

She’s very warm and caring. She’s also knowledgeable about my situation. Love talking to her

Danielle - 16 September 2021

Thankyou great reading 💕💕

Cathy - 8 September 2021

Kayleigh easily connected to my situation and gave me detailed responses to my questions. She has really put my mind at ease about things that are going on my in life. Really recommend

Jess - 8 September 2021

Thank you for sharing your insights Kayleigh.

Deepa - 5 September 2021

Love my reading. She gave me the answers tht i was looking for, And a bit more. Thank you! ☺️

Jasmin - 5 September 2021

Omg she was spot on with my situation! I didn’t even say what happened and she told me. Definitely a gem!

Danielle - 4 September 2021

Be going back to her Very true

Mel - 3 September 2021

I'd say extremely good and I felt very grounded, kayleigh give me hope and I was so much happier after the reading, definitely I had a strong connection with her, I rate her a wee 🌟 5 at that

Lorraine - 2 September 2021

Great sense of humor and great insight!

Jenny - 2 September 2021

very friendly and insightful, i enjoyed speaking with her, she was understanding and empathic to my situation, i feel more confident and reassured after speaking with her

Angela - 1 September 2021

she was brilliant and was spot on

Jada - 1 September 2021

Is honest and straight forward. Thank you 🙏

Madi - 27 Augustus 2021

Her energy just glowed through the chat. And she picked up on so many things! Definitely will check back with her. She's one of the best! 💛

Melissa - 25 Augustus 2021

Kayleigh was an excellent reader for me today giving me some positive things from the reading and guidance.xxx

Vera - 25 Augustus 2021

Kayleigh is such a wonderful person. Really tuned into my situation and understood it without me even prompting. Let's hope it all comes to light

Amy - 19 Augustus 2021

Kayleigh was so friendly and made me feel really comfortable. Her insight was so down to earth and it was refreshing having a conversation with her. I absolutely recommend a session with her.

Anna - 18 Augustus 2021

Thanks Kayleigh that was a fab reading. Kayleigh is just a lovely person, fun and vibrant. Her reading was amazing. She picked up that I’m decorating my house, the colour scheme and that I’m waiting on a promotion! I would defo have a reading from Kayleigh again and save up for a longer one with her :) she gives you loads of info. Probably the best reading I’ve had on here and I’ve had lots :)

Amy - 17 Augustus 2021

Thank you for your help I feel relaxed now after our session today I was full of fear and anxiety. I appreciate all your advice and will put it to good use 💕🙏🏽

Travena - 13 Augustus 2021

Kayleigh was so lovely! Straight to the point and very fast. She gave me a fantastic reading in. A short space of time and I feel reassured about the future. I would definitely recommend Kayleigh for a reading! I’ll certainly be back soon!

Kelly - 13 Augustus 2021

Fantastic reading. Really helped my situation. Definitely would use Kayleigh again for advice.

Carol - 12 Augustus 2021

They say there is a light in the darkness if you look hard enough, I found that light with Kayleigh. Thank you for a very accurate reading and helping me to find the light. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you. I will be coming back!

Kelly - 12 Augustus 2021

She is so great! Fast and very good!

Monika - 9 Augustus 2021

Really accurate and insightful and so friendly. Will definitely be back xx

Rebecca - 2 Augustus 2021

She was very good and was spot on about a lot of questions I had. You should definitely try her, she’s amazing

Patti - 1 Augustus 2021

Kayleigh is a very kind hard person! Her reading has been very accurate and has given me hope in everything that going on. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Kelly - 29 Juli 2021

What a lovely person you are had a lovely chat with kayleigh and felt amazing afterwards chat with her you won't be disappointed will definitely speak with her again .

Rachel - 26 Juli 2021

Excellent reader friendly,kind gifted soul . I t was as though i had known her forever. Had a couple of readings very accurate spot on. Just waiting for it to happen . Thank you Kayleigh you are an amazing lady . You won't be disappointed if you choose her Louise 22/7/2022

Louise - 23 Juli 2021

Lovely lady...will be talking to her again

Kerry - 22 Juli 2021
Really good and very accurate.
Claire - 21 Juli 2021

Lovely reader, lovely energy. Explains reading thoroughly and quick responses. Such a wonderful and gifted lady, I could have talked to her all night! Like talking to a friend. Highly recommended. ♥️ Much gratitude 💕🌹

Cheryl - 14 Juli 2021

Direct contact with Kayleigh