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  • Love and relationship questions
  • Personal development
  • Contact with loved ones in Spirit

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What can I do for you?

Are you passing through a moment of doubt and everything looks foggy? I can help you to get advices with the help of the tarot and my clairvoyance. I also can receive messages through a picture you can send me. Connecting our energy we can look for answers, and bring more clarity to your choices regarding relationship, love, work, or any concern you may have.

Gifts and methods:

  • Tarot cards
  • Photo reading
  • Psychic
  • Life coach
  • Relationship coach


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I read photo's
  • I feel your loved ones in Spirit

About me

i help people with guidance since over 25years, I consider the universe to help us move forward with the help of spirits and angels. I receive the birthgift to connect with the world beyond, the memory of the world and I love having the opportunity to be an intermediary between you and this other world. My goals are to bring you to awareness and healing through love, and also to show, to advice how to unleash your own spiritual potential.

My method

I m open to any subject, my gift is here to help people, I can give you my feelings about a picture of someone or a place, I have vision that can help you to move on in your path life. I have flash, and receive messages, You can upload photos that I can see in real time. Most of the time, insights and answers are immediately brought up that you can move forward with. Or you can use email through the website as well and I work on it and get back to you as quick as I can.


Not available

* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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English speaking psychic Mediums French Mediums Italy

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95 reviews

Very kind and caring Lady, sincere and honest readings also accurate.

Jackie. - 26 Juni 2022

Well my dear Marie you been here for me! And there is not enough thanks to say to you.Marie told me about signing some papers last week and that did happen. Something about a push to get things going that is happening now!! She told me the people would be down on a lady who’s giving me n my boyfriend trouble that’s happening! She told me the lady won’t win and she never did!! Solutions are coming out of no where like it’s working out! It’s been a long road but the hard journey is about to end Thank you Marie

Shauntae - 11 Juni 2022

Thanks Marie for the message and reading, you are brilliant as always! So accurate, let’s see what happens :)

Pamela - 7 Juni 2022

Ms Marie u gotta get on a tv show and show the world u are really gifted. Like it’s hard to believe are like this but you’ve proven your gift very much

Shauntae - 4 Juni 2022

Marie is a very honest sincere Lady and helps me to see the situation i am in more clearly also gives me guidance and help to feel more positive,

Jackie. - 30 Mei 2022

thanks nuch for the read . i saw you online but then you left not sure if you come back in your chat schedulecehich is another 4 hours . plesse let me know

🌎 - 25 Mei 2022

sorry some thing in the reading didnt make sense . you said i have lots of opportunities . but i dont have a careee snd loking for a job so i dont know what professional opportunities you mean . timing doesnt seem right . i dont think thats near future you see as im very confused and still dont know my direction . plese message me to clarify

🌎 - 23 Mei 2022

I wrote the inspector lol that’s crazy I told y’all she good …… I hired her myself if I could

Shauntae - 19 Mei 2022

Marie was on point, the reading made lots of sense . I would definitely come back for another reading and thank you marie for the private message, I really do appreciate it. I would recommend Marie to everyone thanks again Marie xx

Manpreet - 17 Mei 2022

Marie is an absolute delight a amazing I've been coming to her for some time things have come to pass with her I love her reading she's very honest straightboard there's no sugar coating with her but she doesn't in a way that just makes you feel good amazing amazing thank you for everything Marie

Jody - 12 Mei 2022

Thanks love ❀️

Shauntae - 11 Mei 2022

I stand by this she is the best on here!!! And everything is my chat is correct……..god has bless her with a amazing gift and a caring ear!!!! And a beautiful spirit! She really cares about people.

Shauntae - 18 April 2022


SK - 7 April 2022

Marie you are amazing!!! Shes right on everything and she can connect very well with whatever. I said before she deserves a tv show She’s so concerned about people.

Shauntae - 3 April 2022

Thank you Marie

Jacqueline - 12 Maart 2022

Very kind and types quick understood my situation. thank you Marei

Jacqueline - 12 Maart 2022

My angel πŸ‘Ό thank u

Shauntae - 12 Maart 2022

Great understanding and also a very sincere person, put things into perspective for me and was accurate with what she told me, Thank you Marie. God bless

Jacqueline - 5 Maart 2022

Marie I can’t thank you enough I wish I could pour so much money over your head just cause of the wisdom you have!!! I hope we get meet in the next life time!!! πŸ₯°I mean this I’ll will never forget you I tell you guys she is honest n WISE n spot on

Shauntae - 5 Maart 2022

What a lovely Lady Marie is, she has been so help full and put things into place for me, I got so much understanding from her of my situation she was accurate and I felt complete trust in what she said, God bless Marie and thank you.

Jacqueline - 4 Maart 2022

Marie Isn't lady that doesn't sugar coach is very direct sweet I loved your reading it was amazing she picks up things that I don't even have to tell her amazing

Jody - 3 Maart 2022

She is understanding and honest. Thanks for the reading. It helped me alot.

Paulette - 19 Februari 2022

I swear you need your own tv show!!!!

Shauntae - 19 Februari 2022

She is really good and I like the fact that she contacted me personally when I had one question left and she still replied but minutes finished. Thankyou Marie for the clarity. X

Sara - 10 Februari 2022

Marie has gave me numerous readings and everything she said is coming to pass! I’m telling you she is amazing and please get a reading from her she is on the dot with everything. She is the best one on here! Don’t get me wrong there are some good readers on here but she’s the best!!! Love u Marie 😍

Shauntae - 10 Februari 2022

Marie is excellent as soon I had the chance I will contact her.

Elvira - 1 Februari 2022

Amazing Amazing Amazing

Shauntae - 24 Januari 2022

Marie had clear insight into my current situation and described it to a T very impressed

Jayne - 23 Januari 2022

Marie is very positive, empathetic, caring and does not sugarcoat. Highly recommended!!β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

SK - 19 Januari 2022

I had good news she saw awhile back and she was right!! Marie is so amazing (my angel)

Shauntae - 17 Januari 2022

Thank you very much for looking it was a pleasure Marie πŸ˜„ bisous

Ruby - 11 Januari 2022

Thank you for connecting me with my mother and grandmother.

Anil - 10 Januari 2022

Thank 4 helping my boyfriend I will tell him sit tight it’s almost over πŸ˜‰

Shauntae - 9 Januari 2022

Marie I know I can be headache but thank you so much for being there with my issues ……I tell u all the time u are a angel! Even though u are across the 🌎 world you are amazing person! That is gifted to help people like me!!! Get a reading from her yall u will be amaze

Shauntae - 3 Januari 2022

Very insightful, empathetic and honest, as well as always very helpful! Thank you very much Marie!!

SK - 30 December 2021

Thank you for relating to me about what we talk about it helps!! You are a amazing angel!

Shauntae - 26 December 2021

Can’t thank u enough!!! Hugs n Kisses 😘

Shauntae - 26 December 2021

Always truthful, honest, kind and insightful! Thank you so much Marie!β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

SK - 21 December 2021

Simply amazing! Picks up on the details that are known just to me… on point, no sugarcoating and empathetic. Thank you Marie!!

SK - 19 December 2021

Great and amazing!!! I’m telling you she is worth every credit!

Shauntae - 19 December 2021

Thank you Marie for a really good chat, I got a lot out of our conversation today. I will keep positive about the future!!

Kathleen - 14 December 2021

Thank youπŸ₯² so much!!! Love Shauntae

Shauntae - 13 December 2021

Ill be in touch again right now i dont have money and i really need help and you are doing a great job thank you

Boitumelo Hope - 9 December 2021

Thank you so much

Anil - 8 December 2021

Yes Marie you was right it about a bone in my arm n I need to see a dentist also……..I told y’all she is truly gifted……she is better then people on tv and this is just a chat…..truly amazing Anything she says it will come to the light! I promise that!

Shauntae - 6 December 2021

She gave me hope, which I really needed.

Heather - 29 November 2021

Thank you for making me feel close to Paul & your advise.

Janine - 28 November 2021

Ms Marie said I got money coming and I got word today my check is on the way!

Shauntae - 27 November 2021

Have a good Thanksgiving Ms Marie your know your a super fabulous reader…….and thank you! ❀️

Shauntae - 24 November 2021

Honest, accurate, compassionate and understanding. Highly recommended!!

SK - 17 November 2021

I had a very positive reading with Marie, she was accurate and on point .it made sense and I really hope her prediction comes to pass .I would have another reading with her soon. Marie could you please email what was you typing as we got cut off, I would really appreciate it. Thank you xx

Manpreet - 15 November 2021

Best darn reader on here! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’―πŸ˜‡ you will be happy with her!

Shauntae - 11 November 2021

lovely person Marie was very good. thank you helped me with my grief.

Jacqueline - 4 November 2021

Thank you so much Marie, very compassionate and understanding also very accurate, will love to chat again God bless.

Jacqueline - 4 November 2021

Thank you for helping me get through this just to talk with me about stuff people who don’t understand my πŸ‘Ό angel

Shauntae - 31 Oktober 2021

Marie is my go to I have never spoken to reader like her……..everything she see it happens Very very gifted πŸ˜‡ πŸ’―

Shauntae - 25 Oktober 2021

I am in awe at the accuracy. Great reading. Hope it all unfolds as said. β™‘ Thank you 😊

Francesca β™‘β™‘ - 21 Oktober 2021

Very intuitive and was on the mark.

Nesha - 19 Oktober 2021

Thank you Marie, you were blunt and to the point. You gave me exactly the answers I have looked for from so many. You were very clear. I appreciate you

Alanna - 16 Oktober 2021

Look I post reviews on her a lot cause I’m telling you she is really that good I know what she’s talking about and don’t give her a lot of info. She’s really that gifted… I haven’t pick my mouth yet from the floor yet from the first reading!!

Shauntae - 16 Oktober 2021

Thank you Marie :) Well what can I say? Marie is just lovely! So nice and puts things in a really lovely way. She was right in what she picked up! I wish I could of chatted longer. Marie types quickly and doesn’t waste your time. Thank you x

Amy - 13 Oktober 2021

I can’t thank u enough n how she break it down n having a caring spirit thank u…….my new go to!!! She’s amazing!!! And she honest and real!

Shauntae - 5 Oktober 2021

Look everything she say it happens

Shauntae - 3 Oktober 2021

Marie was very empathic and picked up on the energies very well!

Melissa - 26 September 2021

πŸ˜‡ on everything I love ❀️

Shauntae - 19 September 2021

Thank you Marie. You were very helpful and helped to ease my mind.

Angie - 2 September 2021

This is a amazing reader n I didn’t have to tell her anything at all she is so gifted omg she blew my mine! Please give her a chance! She knew everything I was talking about in 10 minutes! She gave me the hole scope!

Shauntae - 1 September 2021

She told me what my gut feeling was already telling me but I'm prey to self doubt

Vic - 30 Augustus 2021

Hi marie, Thank you agin for your reading your alway accurate. Could send the other reading via inbox. Thank you xx

Dionne - 29 Augustus 2021

Incredibly insightful and accurate with every detail… highly recommended!!! Thank you Marie πŸ™

SK - 28 Augustus 2021

I was trying to connect with my partner. She knew how he passed and she was kind & helpful. Some things resonated others I will be thinking on to see how they might fit it. Thank you πŸ™πŸΌ

Janine - 26 Augustus 2021

Very good, gave me enough information on a situation that I needed to make a decision. Thank you 😊

Tracey - 26 Augustus 2021

I felt I was given good advice

Agni - 25 Augustus 2021
I wish I had longer I was only getting started
Veronica - 19 Augustus 2021

Like always , it’s a pleasure to talk to Marie . I wouldn’t know what to do without her n this time. Remember everyone whoever read this life is beautiful regardless, much love

Justice - 19 Augustus 2021

I've always been drawn to Marie but because she hadn't been on here long o was sceptical. I like at how fast she typed. Was honest with what she said. She gave me a month to look forward to so I'll keep an eye on it. Hopefully, will come into fruition😊

Roze - 12 Augustus 2021

Dear marie, I want to thank you so much. Your insights and encouragement is something is hard to put in words. I will use everything you have told me to get through life to becoming a better person ,thank you.

Justice - 8 Augustus 2021

Marie clarified what I need to do to help my daughter move on as a spirit.

Carol - 29 Juli 2021

Lovely intuitive reading covering and areas of my life which are stressful at the moment. Has left me feeling much more settled. Thanks so much Marie xxx

Angela - 27 Juli 2021

Great reading. Honest and very detailed. Thank you

Joby - 19 Juli 2021

Reading was very accurate I was happy with the service.

Sarra - 14 Juli 2021

The reading was great, I really felt like I connected with my heart and my love. Thank you so much and bless you.

Leonie - 12 Juli 2021

She was excellent. Thank you

Stef - 12 Juli 2021

was a good reading, pity it wasn’t long enough. would have definitely talked abit more but not enough credit. loved the reading and everything marie had to say

Meleana - 10 Juli 2021

Marie was very good and very clear, honest, I liked her a lot.

Alison - 3 Juli 2021

thank you so much for your understanding and being a great person i fell much better now and looking forward to a brighter further you sure to have a great gift god bless you

Gerald - 2 Juli 2021

Really great, very helpful and straight to the point. ACCURATE also!

Alexandra - 1 Juli 2021

she is great and very nice she truly has a gift if she was close i love to be her friend thank you

Gerald - 29 Juni 2021

Dear Marie it was so special talking to you it was lovely thank you for such a beautiful read please if possible inbox me with the rest and please tell me more about my darling like does she send her love and kisses and i am awaiting a text message from her. much love and light and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 29 Juni 2021

I felt a very good connection with Maria she listened and answered my questions honestly and was able to pick up on key points with out being lead insightful reading.

Juliet - 27 Juni 2021

Marie answered every question I had regarding both professional and sentimental life. It was an issue that I was afraid to ask for an opinion, but Marie did not shy away from giving me her take on it, and I think she is correct. I will be back for sure.

Sara - 22 Juni 2021

Thank you very much for all your help God bless you.. hope to talk to you soon

Nelly - 22 Juni 2021

Marie connected very fast to my energy and gave a great detailed reading. Thank you again and I look forward to chatting with you again.

LaToya - 20 Juni 2021

For me she is perfect.

Gosia - 19 Juni 2021

Thank you for your lovely reading. Picked up on a reconnection. Apologies I never got the time to thank you properly. Thank you honey xxxx

Cheryl - 6 Juni 2021

Direct contact with Marie