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My Specialties:

  • Personal development
  • General
  • Spiritual development

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What can I do for you?

I have been working professionally as a Medium / Psychic / Healer for 20 years however I am able to help you in all aspects of your life wither you are riding a storm of emotion or simply looking for direction on your path be it life or spiritual. Through my own intuitive faculty allow me to feel deeper into the burning questions and together help give you the answers and guidance you are looking for.

Gifts and methods:

  • Reader
  • Photo reading
  • Psychic
  • Medium
  • Oracle cards


  • I read photo's
  • I feel your energy
  • Provide practical help

About me

I have been exploring and expanding my own psychic and mediumistic abilities for over 20 years and using these abilities, I can help you with personal choices and spiritual development as my specialities are personal development ,spiritual development and life in general I work with my own team of spirit helpers, intuitively , Enchanted Map oracle cards or your photo to help you find the answers you are missing the guidance you need.

My method

I am a Reiki master/teacher which enables me to connect with you at a deeper level. My readings are personal , honest and to the point. I work with the past, present and potential to show you the gifts and abilities that you have within you. Finding your potential determines your choices, however, showing you the potential within allows you to make the correct choices in life and on your spiritual and personal journey. Email Readings are also available


Not available

* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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English speaking psychic

Direct contact with John

48 reviews

Thanks for a lovely insightful reading, your kindness, reassurance and extremely fast typing.,You confirmed my gut feeling, John ♡

Heather - 6 Juni 2022

John picked up on everything an even after a short reading an being cut off sent me a last minute message. Thank you

Simone - 28 Mei 2022

John is always kind and reassuring. Gives hope and it makes alot of sense what he says. A fab reader!

H - 20 Mei 2022

Lovely man.. gave me hope ❤️

Grace - 2 Maart 2022

Thanks a lot. Very reassuring.

Claire - 1 Maart 2022

What an amazing man!! He read the situation with ease and so much compassion, he understood the hardship we have been through and gave me so much hope for the coming months. John has really made me feel confident that what we deserve in our relationship we will finally get. I suppose I better start reducing the amount of cleaning products and make up I have so it makes our potential house move a little easier 😘 Thank you John!! Olivia & Freddie. X

Olivia - 27 Februari 2022

John, Thank you so very much for you kind words and advise this evening. Our lives haven’t been easy at all and I didn’t give you lots to go on, but everything you said was spot on and it’s given me hope that my gut is working well, even when life is tough. Wishing you the very best for 2022. Louisa :))

Louisa - 15 Januari 2022

Honest upfront gentleman thanks John

Dianne - 22 December 2021

2nd reading with John and he made me feel so much better about things and gave me guidance. Picked up on both myself and my POI quickly and accurately and sent me a message after we had run out of time. Thank you John

Katie - 7 December 2021

Another great reading. Thanks John.

Heather - 7 Oktober 2021

John is a calm person. He read your advice carefully and without any judgement, explain whatever he fetches or seen from reading. He has told me a few things which happened, and he believes in faith and understand your reading.

Reche - 5 Oktober 2021

Dear John, thank you for sharing your views and insights.

Deepa - 14 September 2021

Thank you so much for your reading you are a lovely and accurate reader x

Annoniem - 29 Juli 2021

Thank you so much John for your accurate and supportive reading. You are a very warm and sincere reader and i felt you were so genuine. Im really sorry for getting upset, i am so insecure probably because I've never had a partner im always finding reasons that is wrong with me so im sorry for projecting that. Thank you so much for your patience and guidance with me xxx

Annoniem - 27 Juli 2021
John is one of the best people I ever gotten a reading from! It’s almost like he knew me ( as a friend for a long time) but this was my first time speaking to him. He was very on point describing me as a person and I’m glad we chatted. I’ll continue to go to him for my readings.
Kay - 21 Juli 2021

Tuned into my situation really quickly without me giving any info and was spot on. Thank you for such an amazing reading x

Nikki - 5 Juli 2021

Thank you for this beautiful thorough, honest reading and advise,

Mo - 29 Juni 2021

Its always lovely to talk to John, he is really nice kind and I feel I can trust him. He always advises me with a positive outlook. Thank you and i will speak to you again.

Barbara - 1 Juni 2021

Very meaningful reading, we even run out of time and jogn had the kindness to message me a paragraph, meant alot, everything seems right, and nice to guidance and reassurance when times are tough, highly recommend

Lorraine - 11 April 2021

Beautiful, thank you! John! He is really quick in answering all the questions and to the point with a great advice. Thank you, I’ll be returning for more.

Barbara - 31 Maart 2021

Had a good reading with John and got the clarity I needed Thank you

Navin - 23 Maart 2021

Thank you again for your reading John. Simply amazing ❤

Tanya - 22 Maart 2021

Lovely reading - just what I needed. Thank you John!

Angela - 27 Februari 2021

Wonderful person, Straight to the point. No time wasting, Thank you for a wonderful reading. xx

Karen - 15 Februari 2021

John was kind and helpful. I feel encouraged. Thank you John.

Julie - 6 Februari 2021

Loved chatting with John and have been meaning to for a while. Really kind, friendly guy and picked up on things. Really made me feel better about current situation. Thank you so much John x

Katie - 23 Januari 2021

Thanks for your help. I'll come back for a longer reading next week. thanks.

Anuradha - 16 Januari 2021

John was honest & insightful. Picked up on my situation fairly quickly too. Very amazing at what he does. Will be coming back for a reading soon. Thanks again John!

Tanya - 12 Januari 2021

Thank you so much John. I've blocked him. I felt it was the only way to let the universe know how serious I am about sending me the right person and to take back my control. I never made the decision, he did, so he can live with it. Thank you again.

Lesley - 8 Januari 2021

John is a seriously high level psychic. He even told me who texted last, me or my POI. I'm floored!

Anuradha - 8 Januari 2021

John was very lovely. Will definitely contact him in the future for other things

Jaimee-lee - 2 Januari 2021

John gave me a very good reading was accurate and knew things that was true but I never mentioned .

Jonathan - 1 Januari 2021

He’s great he’s quick it’s a great reading. Thank you John

Monika - 28 December 2020

John is very good everything he said to me is accurate

Nadine - 14 December 2020

John is very nice to talk to and is patient too,described the POI very well and does not judge at all.he also explains deeper.only i could not do much in terms of response due to some challenges..But he is very good.i would love to continue with this .

Sharon - 22 November 2020

Thank you for the chat and your advice .You are an absolute angel and put mind at ease .THANK YOU

Nora - 9 November 2020

Thank you John. I wish I had your predictions but unfortunately my free credits ended :( You were so accurate. I wish I could contact you again, but I have some financial blockages. Thank you very much again!

Annoniem - 4 November 2020

Omg read me very well , was feeling down before i came on n left with a smile 😃!! Pick up on things bout me that was definitely true,, thank u again . Will be bk

Brittany - 2 November 2020

The readings was very accurate about my energy and regarding the POI we will see how the future unfolds. John is a pleasant person to talk to and exactly what my mind needed.

Nancy Evbuomwan - 28 Oktober 2020

Picked up very quickly with little information from me. Very good will return thank you 😊

Rhian - 7 Oktober 2020

John was lovely. He is a fast typer, coherent and straight to the point. What I found especially lovely was that he followed up via email despite our credits running out. I really appreciated this a lot and will definitely speak with him again. Thank you John.

Serena - 22 Augustus 2020

John is a very kind and sees the things as they are. The consultation gave me confidence and peace.

Deepa - 6 Augustus 2020

Thank you John. The reading brought me comfort in knowing that I’ll make the right decisions. Thanks a lot :)

Amy - 3 Augustus 2020

John is very kind and followed up with me even though time ran out for our chat. He is generous and caring with his clients.

Stephanie - 29 Juli 2020

Very understanding, he was able to pick up about my relationship

Molly - 14 Juli 2020

When he started to read me. I started to cry. He got in touch with my Dad. I was satisfied and want more information. Will visit again. This has open me up to a new opening to the spirit world.

Carmen - 8 Juni 2020

John is great! So kind and caring. Love catching up with him!

Carla - 11 Mei 2020

John was very knowledgable.thank you John

Maria (Paula - 16 Maart 2020

Direct contact with John