Psychic Card Reader and Relationship Coach

My Specialties:

  • Love and relationship questions
  • Break-up / relationship issues
  • General

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What can I do for you?

Love, Family, Health, Career, Ambition, Relationships, I'm open to anything that is bothering you. If you contact me you will find a positive and caring attitude where you'll feel right at home. Looking forward to meeting you!

Gifts and methods:

  • Tarot cards
  • Relationship coach
  • Psychologist


  • Kind
  • Detailed
  • I read photo's

About me

Hi my name is Robert and I'm a psychic. I'm a patient listener who wants to use his gifts to mend heavy hearts. I'm a second generation psychic who tapped into his gift a couple of years ago, and I'm eager to use it to help people.

My method

A photo is always helpful in order to have a deeper connection. But I mainly like to use my cards and psychic intuition to sense your energy and see into your consciousness, so together we can reach a higher understanding of the situation.


Not available

* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic

Direct contact with Robert

24 reviews

I am in tears of joy :) Really, this means a lot to me! I can't thank you enough!! Falling out of words to express my gratitude! Thank you very much again Robert!!

Annoniem - 15 Januari 2021

Thank you for very much for your reading and help. You are a lovely reader

Stacie - 2 Januari 2021

Lovely guidance as always. Robert cares for me so much. Thank you Robert! You are my angel guide. Xx

Anuradha - 26 November 2020

No sugar coating and useful advices from a man’s angle. Hope things predicted come true 😊

Masliza - 23 November 2020

He is incredible!! Always connects quick to the situation, sticks to the question and answers it to the point. Will not waste you time giving you irrelevant info, fast typer. I am coming back to him again and again and again ... def! xoxo

Anuradha - 12 November 2020

Very good and accurate. Picked up on the situation right away! Will definitely return to chat again

Melissa - 8 November 2020

Omg! He is spot on! He connected instantly with my situation, I didn't even have to tell him what happened! I had goose bumps. I'll definitely chat with you again soon.

Anuradha - 7 November 2020

Thank you very very much Robert! I really hope it all happens the way you told. I will definitely get back to you again once my finances are good. Your confidence assured me. I'm smiling again after the heartbreaking moments :) thank you very very much!

Annoniem - 5 November 2020

Thank you Robert. You made me feel more at ease about the situation, and really helped. Hope it all comes true.

Monique - 12 September 2020

He is great express all words I wanted to know

Martina - 22 Augustus 2020

Talking to Robert was wonderful. He was to the point and very accurate in his reading and laid out my issue at hand as it is. His advice and input filled me with a sense of peace and joy. Robert is very gifted in his art and exhibits very positive energy. Thank you.

Deepa - 16 Augustus 2020

It helped me see things clearer

Marissa - 8 Augustus 2020

Robert is amazing

Stephanie - 5 Augustus 2020

I think Robert is likely the best person on this site that I've talked to. He is very accurate and a fast typer. His readings have been pretty consistent. Will take his advice and wait for the outcome.

Cc - 26 Juli 2020

Robert was amazing. It was a really good reading and told me things I never knew which I now know to be true

Lynn - 20 Juli 2020

Got a couple of things right so definitely not bad however I'm not entirely sure on other things said. Guess time will tell, this review may change

Jason - 13 Juli 2020

Robert was very good and is a nice person. He had the situation down to a T. Also gave constructive advice to follow if my situation goes the way he saw. Thanks a lot! Would use again :)

Amy - 11 Juli 2020

His comments about my past were accurate and what he spoke of for the future were very plausible. Hopefully they will come to fruition.

Karen - 10 Juli 2020

Very accurate just gotta see if predictions come thru. Very surreal.

Sharon - 30 Juni 2020

Robert is consistently good. Thanks

Bbbb - 22 Juni 2020

Amazing would love more time with him to find out more of my questions it would be nice to have an email chat with all he sees for me and the questions I had asked I really appreciate your help and guidance with the time I did have thank you so much Robert amazing thanks again also if your will to send me more of this chat I would greatly appreciate all you have to say and offer right now as my life isn't going all the best at the moment I left of good positive thoughts and feelings to come back into my soul and heart thanks you again for your kind words and support and truly wonderful man I'm grateful Robert. Regards Kathleen

Kathleen - 19 Juni 2020

Rob - thank you! He was great. Quick, on. A lot of what he said resonated. Waiting on predictions to come to pass but I'd highly recommend him.

Mm. - 14 Juni 2020

I got a free reading yesterday which ran out pretty quick I got another one this morning and it was really good a few things I already knew and the other things that were said will have to wait and see 🤞🙂

Zoe - 14 Juni 2020

Robert was very good, but I ran out of credits right at the end . Will speak to him again.

Monique - 10 Juni 2020

Direct contact with Robert