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Kooma is a psychic website that offers psychic reading services via tarot cards and clairvoyance. The company also has astrology, rune and spirit coach services available. The company has been around since 2006 and is affiliated as three countries: The United Kingdom, The United States and Ireland.
The site is quite simple and you can choose your reader easily from the homepage or the psychic glossary.  The homepage features every reader's profile, reviews and reading services offered. Most all of the psychic readers are online and if not, you can join their queue list.
To sign up, you decide on which reader works best for you based on their resume, dial in with their pin number, and choose the length of the reading and payment method desired (debit/credit card payment available). This connects you directly to your reader. Connections can be made either with  phone or via chat service.
According to most customer feedbacks, kooma has honest and gifted readers who give good advice and make excellent predictions. Kooma gives a guarantee that either refunds or replacement readings (free of charge) are offered when a customer is not satisfied with their reading. This cannot be applied to readings of over 10 minutes. Other terms apply as indicated on the website.


Kooma Alternatives

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We found the following customer reviews for kooma on the Internet:

"I have my go to readers for different questions I have. If I am feeling spontaneous and want a general, I choose spontaneously! Usually I contact River, Christine, wild spirit or Mike but have read with loads of them! I"

"I have had many readings with Kooma. I think most of the readers are very gifted and honest. My five favourites are Goldie, Sally Anne, Heather Cecelia, Maggie and Magus. All work differently. I use them for different things and gifts they have."

Kooma prices 

Kooma gives an introductory offer of £4.99 for a 20 minute reading, after which clients may pay £29 for 40 minutes or use the "Pay as you Go", which is slightly more costly. This is not that pricy compared to other psychic companies that many charge a Euro a minute.
Kooma has an impressive site with a good selection of psychic readers, affordable prices with no hidden fees and convenient methods for connection. It has a nice services, but would have been better if video chatting was available. However, they present generally good customer satisfaction.

Company Reputation
kooma.co.uk is quite respected amongst the available psychic websites online. However, the site has experienced a fair share of negative customer reviews and service feedback. Majority of complaints stem from Kooma's negligence of psychic reviews on their website, filtering out and rejecting bad ones from customers and leaving only positive reviews on display. Nevertheless, the company claims to have put all psychics through rigorous tests before they get a spot on the website.
The website is quite easy to navigate with sublinks  such as psychic profiles and services offered, clear and identifiable. It features a blog as well but the last post shown was from 2014.