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Horoscope today : Sunday, 24 January 2021

What does the future hold for you? From Leo to Taurus, our daily free horoscopes will help you unravel more about your future including all aspects of your love life, work, family, friends, amongst others. We'll delve deeper into the features of each star sign and the current planetary alignments that plays a part in your everyday life.

daghoroscoop aquarius vandaag
Daily horoscope Aquarius
21 january - 19 february
We know the saying 'to have more than one string to our bow' means we have options to draw upon if an initial plan doesn't bring success. Although one you're pursuing may not necessarily be unsuccessful, you could boost your chances by possibly making better use of an underused talent or learning a new skill. Whatever it is, it could be integral to progress. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop pisces vandaag
Daily horoscope Pisces
20 february - 20 march
Are you able to tell somebody what they want to hear? You probably won't have to rack your brain to determine what that might be. But what you say could provide the comfort you sense someone needs. If you and they haven't been 'on the same page' recently or you sense there's more going on in their mind or heart than they let on, the sensitive way you encourage dialogue now could change that. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop aries vandaag
Daily horoscope Aries
21 march - 20 april
Someone stepping in to offer help to anyone weary from doing something repetitive or dull is always welcome. When we reach that point, we like to think support will arrive soon but can never be sure when. Even asking for it doesn't always help it along. But you look set to experience relief or release where you have wanted either or both. Let someone else 'take the reins' in some way. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop taurus vandaag
Daily horoscope Taurus
21 april - 20 may
Even people who think they know everything must acquire information to at least sound knowledgeable. We know some who'd rather bluff their way through a conversation than admit they don't know something. To them, a lack of knowledge is a weakness or failure. Where you may be aware of a knowledge gap, someone could appreciate - and possibly admire - you for 'coming clean.' read your daily horoscope

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daghoroscoop gemini vandaag
Daily horoscope Gemini
21 may - 21 june
Surprise developments can, in a strange way, give off a vibe of 'so, what are you going to do about this, then?' We can resent what's unanticipated. We dislike what forces us to divert focus and effort from something we see as essential. You might need to dig deep to connect with your ability to adapt now. But a willingness to be flexible to what occurs out-of-the-blue will reduce your stress levels. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop cancer vandaag
Daily horoscope Cancer
22 june - 22 july
Many TV shows focus on technological developments that can transform life on Earth. Similar ideas are pitched to multimillionaire investors. Yet, once the program has ended, we rarely hear any more about these amazing offerings. You could have an idea that needs to be pursued, followed up, and not stored in a mental compartment indefinitely. Whatever it is, it could hold serious potential. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop leo vandaag
Daily horoscope Leo
23 july - 23 august
We can all react defensively to someone we believe doesn't understand what we're trying to do and thinks their criticism is valid. Input or advice that could come your way now or shortly might, in your mind, be on par with someone poking their nose where it doesn't belong. But they may also have a valid point. Don't be immediately dismissive of this. It really could be worth hearing them out. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop virgo vandaag
Daily horoscope Virgo
24 august - 23 september
Many people think they've come up with something revolutionary because it looks good on paper. But if they used it from our perspective, they'd see what a pain in the backside it is. You might believe someone goes out of their way to make your life difficult now. But they've yet to connect with the open-mindedness or imagination you could apply to how something could be done. Be gentle. read your daily horoscope

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daghoroscoop libra vandaag
Daily horoscope Libra
24 september - 23 october
How can you separate yourself from others? That's worth exploring now. Perhaps, the first step involves demonstrating care and attention to something that others don't take as seriously. If you sense somebody needs reassuring about how you're prepared to go 'the extra mile,' then put their mind at rest. Your actions will eventually speak louder than words. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop scorpio vandaag
Daily horoscope Scorpio
24 october - 22 november
We appreciate somebody's passion for something. But we also want to know they've got both feet on the ground or an accurate understanding of what's realistic. Your enthusiasm for an inspiring idea could be clear to anybody now. You know what you're keen to embark upon is sensible and achievable. The good news is, your logical and practical side agrees with you! read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop sagittarius vandaag
Daily horoscope Sagittarius
23 november - 21 december
'That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.' You probably read those words in the way most people say them – with a sense of relief. But as circumstances unfold where you felt a strong sense of trepidation or hesitancy recently, relief could be on offer. Security, comfort, and balance you believed were at risk of being shaken could be strengthened by coming developments. So, relax. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop capricorn vandaag
Daily horoscope Capricorn
22 december - 20 january
Say a sentence one way, with particular punctuation, and it has one meaning. Say it another with a different emphasis, and the message can be completely different. Where your conversation with a particular person is concerned, be careful to leave no room for misinterpretation. It could happen easily now. Applying 'attention to detail' will ensure you're not misunderstood. read your daily horoscope

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How do horoscopes work?

It would be practically impossible to write a horoscope tailored for everybody; this would mean finding out specific information about each person’s birthdate (time, date, and location). However, it would be much easier to write a horoscope suited to an entire group of people (under one sun sign); astrologers put the Sun Sign on the first house and then follow them in chronological order for other houses.

For instance, if today the moon were in Virgo, you would be able to tell which house is affected by a specific Sun Sign by having a look at which house Virgo is under. Check below for your Sun Sign.

Again, because Uranus belongs under Aries, you would be able to tell the affected house affected by the Sun Sign by checking for the house that is under Aries.
Furthermore, if you own your own Natal Chart, you can easily tell how a Virgo Moon would personally affect you just by looking at the house that is ruled by Virgo. The same thing applies to other planets. However, the planet first affects us collectively as one sign and also on a personal level based on our personal Natal Chart.

The Moon is basically used to write daily horoscopes as the sign of the moon changes every 2 to 2-1/2 days, this phenomenon also influences our emotions and mood daily, so because the state of the Moon would affect us in our everyday lives, it is therefore only logical to write daily horoscopes using it. Which is why the daily horoscopes I write daily here, show the house the Moon is moving through for each sign.

How Correct are horoscopes?

The correctness of horoscopes has always captivated me for a long time. Astrology seems to operate on fundamentally incorrect concepts regarding the activities of planet and stars, but yet they can be weirdly accurate.

Here, I will look to examine the popular question of how correct horoscopes are and show you how you can increase your chances of getting the most accurate horoscopes.

Are Horoscopes Accurate? The confusing part!

We move, the starts don’t, but the reverse is the case with astrology. For instance, the phrase ‘Mercury is in Retrograde’ may sound familiar – a term that terrifies the hearts of horoscopes and astrologists. It is described as a period when things go awry, not as intended.