Daily Scorpio

Daily horoscope Scorpio today:: Tuesday, 5 December 2023

Daily horoscope Scorpio

24 october - 22 november


A Scorpio's desire to control is one of a few things that many people believe preoccupies your mind. But you and I know it's not true – is it? Something you have your eye or heart set on won't benefit from you expecting perfection from the get-go. So, give your vision or plan some breathing room and, better still, be willing to enlist the help of one or two people who “get” what you want to make happen.


Until December 29, Venus throws a party in your sign! So, you're in for a season of valuing yourself and seeing your allure go off the scale. All those love songs you adore and hear during the coming weeks? You'll have reasons to believe they're all about you! Treat yourself like royalty, and if you're single, go easy on any admirer whose advances you reject.

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Horoscope Scorpio today

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Scorpio Characteristics

Zodiac Date: October 24 - November 22
Latin Name: Scorpio
English Translation: The Scorpion
Symbol: ♏
Ruler Planet: Traditionally ruled by Mars, but recently Pluto was assigned as the ruler planet.
Element: Water. It is included in the fixed signs.

Characteristics and Personality
The 8th sign of the zodiac is Scorpio. People from this sign are extraordinary, attractive, sexual, testing, hidden, great, broody, energetic, relentless and infiltrating.

They are good in debating, investigation career. They are independent and can resolve isuues. They work alone.

Scorpio people are loyal, creative and want adventure,giving and devoted. They believe in vibes. They get what their partner needs and surpirse them.

Negative Traits
They are desirous, requesting and nonsensical individuals.

Compatible Signs
Cancer and Pisces