About Mediumchat

Who are we?

Mediumchat is of the leading spiritual contact websites. Our mission: “To be the most fun and convenient platform for psychic contacts.” Every day we work hard to make this mission a reality. We consider essential: reliability, transparency, discretion and professionalism.

What does Mediumchat do?

On Mediumchat we help you find answers to your questions and doubts. Through a chat conversation, you can communicate with our experienced mediums, psychics, clairvoyants, map-layers and coaches.

Why Mediumchat?

  1. Experienced, vetted specialists,

  2. Our chat excels in ease of use,

  3. Our customer service usually answers all your questions within 4 hours,

  4. Get to know the specialists through their profile page, often with video,

  5. Mediumchat innovates. We are constantly asking for feedback to improve.