Daily horoscope Aquarius

Daily horoscope Aquarius today : Monday, 19 April 2021

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Daily horoscope Aquarius

21 january - 19 february


Now is an excellent time to make the distinction between doubt and caution. Doubt can provide convenient excuses not to do something. But fear likes to play a part in that, too. As for caution, that's what might need to be addressed most now. You have helpful momentum working to your advantage. Try not to let unnecessary hesitancy create barriers to what you've worked hard to achieve.


Matters of the heart could have an extra layer of drama hanging over them. But this vibe of seriousness needn't add fuel to tense or heated exchanges waiting to happen. You've been a shining example of how to maintain grace under pressure in the past and can be one now. Take the reins, lead by example, and be the peacemaker needed.

Horoscope Aquarius today

Your personal zodiac sign Aquarius can give you a lot of information every day. They make you aware of the world around you. Read your horoscope today.

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Aquarius Characteristics

Zodiac Date: January 21 - February 19
Latin Name: Aquarius
English Translation: The Water Bearer
Symbol: ♒ 
Ruler Planet: Uranus
Element: Air. It is included in the fixed signs

Characteristics and Personality
The 11th sign of the zodiac is Aquarius. People from this sign are unique, hopeful, insubordinate, autonomous, creators, liberal and fair.

They are expository, serving and socially mindful individuals. They do good in artistic and managament jobs. They adore taking a shot at huge tasks and actualize new things.

As a lover they are friendly and devoted. 

Negative Traits
They are unfaithful, cold, scattered and emotionally unavailable. 

Compatible Signs
Gemini and Libra