Daily Aquarius

Daily horoscope Aquarius today:: Saturday, 24 February 2024

Daily horoscope Aquarius

21 january - 19 february


Until March 9, thoughts and discussions could focus on money as commerce-savvy Mercury influences your cash flow during the coming weeks. It will highlight opportunities to make and save money that you've either been unable to see until now or struggled to move forward. If you have a bank manager to meet or negotiating to do, your communication skills could be extra impressive and persuasive!


Love could have a dramatic vibe now. But it may be your childhood love beliefs that demand focus. As the Moon and your ruling planet Uranus connect, you could look backwards at romantic and relationship 'ghosts' that need to be told to move on. Bringing tranquillity to your love life means tossing out outdated beliefs and accepting that certain memories should be released, too.

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Horoscope Aquarius today

Your personal zodiac sign Aquarius can give you a lot of information every day. They make you aware of the world around you. Read your horoscope today.

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Aquarius Characteristics

Zodiac Date: January 21 - February 19
Latin Name: Aquarius
English Translation: The Water Bearer
Symbol: ♒ 
Ruler Planet: Uranus
Element: Air. It is included in the fixed signs

Characteristics and Personality
The 11th sign of the zodiac is Aquarius. People from this sign are unique, hopeful, insubordinate, autonomous, creators, liberal and fair.

They are expository, serving and socially mindful individuals. They do good in artistic and managament jobs. They adore taking a shot at huge tasks and actualize new things.

As a lover they are friendly and devoted. 

Negative Traits
They are unfaithful, cold, scattered and emotionally unavailable. 

Compatible Signs
Gemini and Libra