Daily horoscope Capricorn

Daily horoscope Capricorn today : Thursday, 11 August 2022

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Daily horoscope Capricorn

22 december - 20 january


A Full Moon illuminates material security, so you've probably got money on your mind. But be careful about thoughts that encourage you to assess what you have and what you think you need more of. Perhaps the biggest plus point to today's annual lunar event involves coming up with innovative ways to boost your bank balance. That could mean being cleverer about how you make money stretch further.


Your values and principles are a higher priority with matters of the heart now. The Full Moon encourages you to pay attention to your moral compass and clarify if a lover or future sweetheart matches or could match your expectations. Your self-worth comes into focus, reminding you of what you contribute in the name of love - and how appreciated you feel for doing so.

Horoscope Capricorn today

How do you deal with people? Do you suit the situation well at work? You can read the horoscope of the constellation Capricorn here. The horoscope only applies to today, tomorrow our professionals will draw up a new one.

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Capricorn Characteristics

Zodiac Date: December 23 - January 20
Latin Name: Capricorn
English Translation: The Goat
Symbol: ♑
Ruler Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth. It is included in the cardinal signs.

Characteristics and Personality
The 10th sign of the zodiac is Capricorn. People from this sign are sorted out, aware, committed, materialistic, genuine, staid, aspiring and functional.

They are ambitious and leader, they do good in management and investment jobs.

They are not exceptionally agreeable individuals and are solid accomplices in sentimental connections. They are faithful and endeavor to construct a solid future. They have a tendency to be candidly detached and pratical.

Negative Traits
They have naysayer state of mind, puts faults on others and are unshakable.

Compatible Signs
Taurus and Virgo