Daily Sagittarius

Daily horoscope Sagittarius today:: Monday, 2 October 2023

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Daily horoscope Sagittarius

23 november - 21 december


It helps financial institutions to remind us that the past is not a reliable guide for the future. Yet, people in legal professions look constantly to the past for precedents with cases in the present. But the truth is, although the past doesn't exist, lessons can be learned from it. You're encouraged to look backwards now because a helpful, revealing nugget of insight waits for you to discover it.


Does love ever feature on a calendar or in a diary? The Moon now illuminates your daily habits and routines, reminding you that enjoying those tiny special moments means setting aside dedicated time to help them manifest. Scheduling the occasional break for a hug, kiss or even a sweet or saucy text can transform day-to-day routines. It's all about “the little things” right now.

Horoscope Sagittarius today

Read what your horoscope brings you today. People with the same constellation often have the same characteristics. For example, they respond to situations in the same way.

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Sagittarius Characteristics

Zodiac Date: November 23 - December 22
Latin Name: Sagittarius
English Translation: The Centaur, the Archer
Symbol: ♐
Ruler Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire. It is included in the mutable signs.

Characteristics and Personality
The 9th sign of the zodiac is Saggittarius. People from this sign are daring, entertaining, social butterfly, sentimental people, vivacious, relentless, liberal, upbeat and receptive.

They are engaged, people who do good in assortment and scholarly employments. They are courageous and imaginative and innovative. People from this sign do not enjoy regular jobs much and working under pressure.

They have a perky state of mind seeing someone and are faithful mates. They are transparent in their emotion and say openly what they feel.

Negative Traits
They never forgive. They are thoughtless, wrathful and pushy.

Compatible Signs
Aries and Leo