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Breakups can tear you apart emotionally and physically. Yes, it is hard and it can never be easy. It was ought to happen and believe, that it happened for good. Whether it was smooth or blunderbuss, it is difficult to accept that the relationship that you once cherished with love and care is now lifeless. It is can be a that hard phase of life from where people learn. Remember people come to your life for two reasons: to make good memories or to teach you from bad experiences. Most of the time you try to figure out what went wrong with the relationship, why didn’t they keep the promises they made. But it is important to realize that blaming yourself is not a solution. Every person has the unique beautiful personality that makes them stand out from the rest. Your perfect person is waiting somewhere desperately to meet you at the right time. You broke up for some or the other reasons because you weren’t meant for each other and it is completely okay.

Love yourself 

Although time and life will heal all your scars, you can still fasten it by self-care. Love yourself first before thinking about others. They can only love you once you love yourself. It is okay to realize that you are not a perfect human being and there is no one such perfect person in this world. Listen to your thoughts, give your choices preferences. Do not blame yourself for any of the happenings. Change your daily routine and start fresh. It was just another bad choice of yours.
Enlighten your every day; help yourself to recover from the experience. To begin with, start talking to someone close or start writing your thoughts in a dairy. Don’t be judgmental about yourself. Do what you feel and do not suppress our emotions. If you feel to break down, have a cry. If you feel to have a long alone walk, then have it. Have ice-cream of your favorite flavor. Listen and speak to your heart. Think of all the good times of your life without your former partner. Practice gratitude for whatever is happening in your life. Make yourself believe that something better is going to happen in your life.

Go active with your daily life.

Try morning exercises or walks in the park. Make new friends, it is definitely not easy to move on that quick but start by taking small steps. At times breakups bring enormous energy among us to prove that you are better than the other. Use this energy at the maximum. Motivate yourself to work out or perform regular yoga to calm your mind. Involve your time with activities that will deviate your mind. Keep hard to track your calories intake. Although you can have your favorite food whenever you want but do not make eating food your coping mechanism over your breakup.
Start having quality time with your closed ones. Push yourself out of the closed room. Speak with your family, have picnics with them. Play games or have chitchats with friends. Allow your mind to be occupied with fun talks and happy moments. Check out some movies and at times treat yourself for the awesome person you are. Go shopping, make solo trips, and practice your hobbies. Read good novels, try some new recipes or mocktail drinks. Start having engagement with people and learn what you are missing outside.  Realize that you have learned something new in this relationship to make yourself a better person.

Get involved with a third person just to help you

There are numerous ways to move on but you also need to take care that you do not involve in practices that will devastate you. Breakups blow the worst out you and it is natural to take time focusing on life again but ensure that you do not get indulged in activities that will push you towards nowhere. Remember that having contact with your ex will never help you. Block your ex in every channel possible and do not have contact with him until you know you are out of his zone. Most of the time people decide to remain friends even after their breakup which is logically impossible. This will make you confused about yourself; you cannot think of a life without him or her and gradually never overcome him or her.
Also whenever you come across a topic related to him, its best you keep It short and smartly avoid the talk. It is never wise to talk shit about your ex because it does not reflect anything about your ex’s personality but describes your bad nature. If you are not comfortable speaking about him then avoid it smartly. Use the post-breakup time to know yourself. Although it will tough for you to lone and suddenly spending all time being alone. But to get involved with a third person just to help you forget being with your former ex. Even the dumbest person knows that you are just relying on the new person to forget your ex and it will make you more merciless in future. So remember do not drag anyone new until you are emotionally sorted and physically capable.

And last but not the least stay away from sedatives and drugs. Although you may love to dance all your way in any crazy song, you cannot rely on it as this you damage your confidence. Do not drug abuse yourself. You are a beautiful soul and you do not have to punish yourself for whatever happened in your life. Treat yourself with sudden surprises. Give yourself the majority of the time. Utilize your post-breakup life to understand your priorities. Raise your bar higher so that the next time a person will not even think of losing you. Be confident in yourself and understand that everyone does make bad choices and everybody learns from it. Never forget, the night does end and the sun do rises again.

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