How can a Psychic help you via a free chat?

Sometimes life gets confusing, we get taken off the path so to speak, or have difficulty seeing karmic lessons that can wreak havoc on our lives and cause detriment to us and those around us. And sometimes we are being affected by energies that we can’t see, for example our spirit guides and loved ones often put things in our lives as messages or give us opportunities to clear our karma and heal (these opportunities can feel like a curse and be incredibly painful as well as confusing). Other times, we may feel the direct energy of a spirit or loved one wanting to communicate.

It’s times like these that people often seek help from a Psychic/Medium.

What kinds of questions can you ask via an online Psychic chat reading?

A Psychic/Medium can add clarity to many situations and help you move with the best foot forward. Some common things that often asked of Psychics are:

A lot of people use psychic advice to help them with their romantic lives. They may want to know if a partner is being faithful, or if it is time to end a relationship that has stagnated. Some may want clarity on how to maintain an important relationship, or if THE ONE is going to enter their lives.

This is another hot topic for Psychics. Where is my career going to go? A client may ask, am I in the right job, or might want to substantiate the feeling that their boss/coworker is maybe trying to push them out. They might want to ask their spirit guides for a direct message about what direction would give them the best chance at success. Sometimes clients want to know what investment decision to make or what direction to go with their business.

Many people want to know how to attain more resources, and what a better way to find out than to gain insight through a Medium? A Psychic has a direct access to your guides and Angels who so badly want you to prosper and following their advice can boost your pocket book significantly.

Communication with deceased persons
Some clients want direct communication with their loved ones who’ve crossed over. They may want or need closure on a karmic issue, or simply need the comfort of knowing their loved one is still with them and they’re not alone.

Complex questions
There are many, many clients whose inquiries don’t fit into any category. They are more looking for guidance in complex situations and may be looking for healing or clearing of karmic cycles.

These are just a few examples of things you can ask a Psychic/Medium, and certainly does not cover all of the things that a Psychic can help with. That would be an exhausting list! The long and short of it is, they can help with a plethora of situations with many different kinds of readings and gifts.

Free Contact with a Psychic?

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​Is a free Psychic chat reading accurate?

Yes. A dedicated and spiritually disciplined Psychic will be able to communicate with the other side and use their clairs to give precise and accurate readings. There are different tools they may prefer to use to do their readings, as each Psychic is different. They can get direct messages from your loved ones, guides, angels, and spirit itself. When this information is shared and used correctly, this can have a profound impact on a client’s life.


What are the benefits of free psychic shat? 

When we ask why customers chat, we get the following answers:

  • Chatting from your safe environment,
  • You do not have to make an appointment in advance,
  • Only the best is good enough,
  • You can read the conversation afterwards,
  • No high phone bills, you decide in advance how many contact minutes you purchase.


Different kinds of psychic gifts

A Psychic’s gift can help you to clear karmic blockages, some can read Akashic Records and in doing so can gain insight into:

- What your karmic lesson pattern is
- The kinds of karmic energy you’ve been accumulating
- What your barriers to karmic healing are
- Your past lives and why you’re here
- How to overcome self-perpetuating karmic cycles

Another ability Psychics have is one of or a mix of the ‘claires’. Such as, clairaudience, clairvoyance, or clairsentience. These Psychics are perceiving that which is not tangibly there. They are using their sixth sense to feel/see/hear/taste/smell/perceive things like residual energies, or intelligent energies like spirits. They can use the claires to help you with:

- Connecting to your loved ones on the other side
- Bringing messages from spirit guides
- Gaining specific guidance from Guardians and Angels
- Cleanse of negative spirits or energies
- Cleanse of hexes and negative compounded intentions

Psychics also are mediums who are able to channel spirit energy. They can see and feel the constructs of it, recognize it and actively use it to help their clients achieve their goals. A psychic using this gift can help you by:

- Oracle readings
- Card readings
- Divination of all kinds
- Assisting you by using spells, or blessings
- Creating talismans for your specific need

All Psychic work is done on a different level/plane and requires spiritual dedication. Constant and on-going consecration of tools, as well as consecration of the Psychic/Medium is a discipline that is not for everyone. And the insight that can be gained from practicing also can be distracting and existential.