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  • Clairvoyant
  • Tarot cards
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  • Autism coach
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What can I do for you?
Do you have questions about relationships, love, work, money, situations and people around you in your life? Your reading will give you a general idea of where you are, where you are going, (if you stay on the current path) and the people and situations you need to be aware of. We will also look at the past, present and future for the coming year You will be given guidance on what is ahead if you stay on the current path. It is always your choice to make changes in your life’s path. I use two

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You can ask me any question. If you send me a photo it helps me to focus on your energy which will give me more information for your reading. In the medium chat system you can easily upload a photo that I can see straight away. I can also work accurately without one but you may receive more information with the photograph included. I will use two sets of tarot cards to carry out your reading.I use two sets of tarot cards. One that gives you a full reading, the other will answer questions.

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Thank you for choosing me to read for you. From a very young age, I knew that I was a little bit different from others. I could tune into others and many strangers would “open up” to me. I could always read people. I thought everyone could do this and that it was normal. Many strangers have told me very personal things. When I worked with adults with learning difficulties, in a college environment, I would always be able to communicate with students with poor communication skills. It wasn’

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Gifts and methods:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Tarot cards
  • Psychic
  • Medium
  • Autism coach


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I feel your energy
  • Giving practical tips
Do you have questions about relationships, love, work, money, situations and people around you in your life? Your reading will give you a general idea of where you are, where you are going, (if you stay on the current path) and the people and situations you need to be aware of. We will also look at the past, present and future for the coming year You will be given guidance on what is ahead if you stay on the current path. It is always your choice to make changes in your life’s path. I use two
You can ask me any question. If you send me a photo it helps me to focus on your energy which will give me more information for your reading. In the medium chat system you can easily upload a photo that I can see straight away. I can also work accurately without one but you may receive more information with the photograph included. I will use two sets of tarot cards to carry out your reading.I use two sets of tarot cards. One that gives you a full reading, the other will answer questions.
Thank you for choosing me to read for you. From a very young age, I knew that I was a little bit different from others. I could tune into others and many strangers would “open up” to me. I could always read people. I thought everyone could do this and that it was normal. Many strangers have told me very personal things. When I worked with adults with learning difficulties, in a college environment, I would always be able to communicate with students with poor communication skills. It wasn’
English speaking psychic US psychic Canadian psychic Schotisch psychic

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342 reviews

Susan started the chat by explaining my situation in great detail! I found her to be so accurate with details and things that I was contemplating during a highly emotional time. I found Susan to be so genuine, it didn’t feel as though she was telling me what she thought I wanted to hear.. instead exactly what she could see is how she told me, but also in a kind manor. I will without a doubt be staying in contact with Susan x

Amy - 13 Maart 2023

Susan is excellent, you don’t need to say a word to her, she picks everything up straight away! Fast with the typing, accurate, down to earth… would definitely recommend.

Amy - 11 Maart 2023

Amazing reading from Susan!! Thank you so much xx

Nicole - 8 Maart 2023

Loved her ! Answered all my question directly !! Can’t wait to see what the future holds after this conversation. Thanks again 🙏🏽

Anastasia - 23 Februari 2023

I can’t praise Susan enough today. She helped me massively to get my thoughts straight in my head about a situation and gave me the courage to face it head on. The reading was phenomenal, she picked up on everything perfectly; thoughts and feelings. I honestly can’t put into words what a helpful and constructive reading this was. Thank you x

Amy - 16 Februari 2023

Hi Susan and other viewer's. I had received several readings from Susan late last year regarding a roller coaster relationship I had with my poi. I don't do reviews until things happen or as we say, come to past. As I believe it is much better to give an accurate account of the readers overall ability - not just being able to pin point energies and current events at the time. At the time of my readings, I understood what Susan was saying but I couldn't put the peaces together to what the reading was about, because my relationship was forever changing - hot and cold. But one thing Susan always pin pointed on was my poi being unsettled and she kept on talking about a change that will happen on him which will make him better, and my poi "pulling back" - but not to worry, because he would come back .. At the time I thought Susan ment pulling back because there was a distance between us in communication although we were still together - I never thought of it as a complete break up! At the time it felt all so confusing trying to put together my reading. Unfortunately my poi had broken up afew days after New Years and we were in NO CONTACT for a whole month, total ghosting! - To my dismay I had thought the relationship was totally over!!! And as a normal response - I disregarded my readings from Susan, feeling like disappointment and I waisted my money - being honest! So I did my best to move on with my life, as Susan had advised on my readings, which at the time I didn't understand, because she said my poi would come back at the point where I am living my life. Fast forward now exactly a month after my break up - my poi had came back with a better mind frame and different feel to him. Right on que - my poi came back just when I was ready to mentally let him go after a month of hoping and doing my best to move on with life!!! Exactly how Susan saw it!!! - unbelievable!! Susan also pin pointed other things happening with my poi in travel with work and change in work - which at the time I couldn't understand, but upon learning again of my POIs current activities - it's exactly how Susan saw it!!!! It is still early days and today I read back my readings from Susan back in November/December 2022, and I will adhere to Susan's advise to take things slow as she predicted my relationship would develop in how I wanted it to, in time. It definitely shows even though at the time I couldn't understand my readings, when I look back at them. Parts of them come to light exactly how Susan saw it - I say parts of it, because, my relationship is now yet to re-develop again as how Susan saw it and has predicted. I had since had other readings from other trusted readers on here - 2 readers specifically said by November/December 2023 my relationship will be serious/proposal level .. what does this have to do with Susan, you ask? - Well Susan saw this first and was specific at the time frame and the level of the relationship would be at. The other readers in my mind were just a confirmation to what Susan had already saw, but at the time of their readings, I didn't realise or thought about it! It's only now that I am reflecting on my recents events, that I remember Susan's reading!! I definitely recommend Susan and hopefully with my in-depth review, other viewer's can see Susan's ability and my delight to my readings from her. I am looking forward and feeling hopeful to seeing how my relationship with my poi now develops. Thank you Susan , I hope you will be here again soon so I can catch up with you!

Haneefa - 10 Februari 2023

Amazing again wonderful person ❤️

Jacqueline - 5 Februari 2023

Great reading , put my mind at ease with everything. Thank you

Hayley - 4 Februari 2023

I'm very happy with the out put I was given and alot makes sense I shall come back if I need more help

Amy - 27 Januari 2023

I have had a few readings from medium chat and Susan by far gave me the most accurate information about my situation. I will definitely be contacting Susan again if I need further reading 😊

Maddison - 25 Januari 2023

Excellent reading.. spot on and quick typing.. no sugar coating.. Bless You Dear. very honest and direct. Will definitely go for another reading. Thank you, Susan. Please pm me if there is any pending message.

Rekha - 19 Januari 2023

Susan’s accuracy is alway spot on with every reading I’ve had. Such an amazing reader.

Savannah - 18 Januari 2023

Susan reading was always consistent. Another things she picked up on the person was correct and I get to know about it today when the person tell me. Spot on and accurate. Thanks Susan :-)

AT - 18 Januari 2023

Always cheerful having a reading with Susan, she picks up situations so well and her insights are helpful a lot to navigate forward xx

Hlalala - 13 Januari 2023

Thank you again Susan you truly have a gift and you’re amazing. I really hope the predictions come to light and I will most definitely keep you posted. Thanks so much for the PM too, really appreciated it x

Natalie - 11 Januari 2023

Thank you so much for your insight Susan, I hope that it works itself out. It cut off as you were typing so if there was anything else important please do let me know. Thanks again, you’re amazing 🫶🏼

Natalie - 10 Januari 2023

Straight to the point

Nora - 3 Januari 2023

Happy new year. Thank you for everything you do. BLESS You

Dena - 1 Januari 2023

I was really impressed with my reading again. I l9ve the fact that I get truth . I'm getting closer to moving on to the next chapter in my life. And my readings really are helping that. Thank you so much. God Bless.

Dena - 28 December 2022

Susan can see straight trough me as soon I said hello she can reading me and giving the insight. Thank you Susan

Lanny - 27 December 2022

Thank you so much Susan for the great insight.

Lanny - 27 December 2022

Thank you Susan you are wonderful , honestly if you need someone this lady is it she is fantastic my Angel ❤️

Jacqueline - 26 December 2022

Susan was warm friendly and sensitive in her discussion. Thankyou

Aharding77 - 25 December 2022

Thanks Susan :-) You're always spot on and accurate about the situations. Prediction came to pass for one and I'm sure others will happen as well. Appreciate your insight and always connected very well especially today we are thinking of each other :-) If we didn't talk, I wish you a Very Merry Xmas and Happy Near Year! :-)

AT - 13 December 2022

Susan always gives me an accurate and in-depth reading about every situation

G - 10 December 2022

Hi Susan, thanks for the readings. Your prediction about we will meet each other before I'm away has came to pass. I can't wait for others to unfold too. Thanks a lot 😊😍

AT - 9 December 2022

On point...thank you Susan!

Dayna - 9 December 2022

One of my best readings yet in the little time we had. I wish I could of talked longer. Susan is spot on and I didn't have to say anything to bring up different subjects. She just new. I will be back for more. Most deffinetly.thank you so much! ♡

Dena - 23 November 2022

How refreshing catching up with Susan, always encouraging and funny too, I enjoy our readings so much. Xx

Hlalala - 15 November 2022

The best reader on this site honestly if you need advise guidance etc Susan is amazing ❤️

Jacqueline - 6 November 2022

I love her. She's very accurate.

Paulette - 2 November 2022

So helpful talking to Susan when I’m in a delicate situation. Thanks so much for being attentive in the matter and guiding me the best way possible lovely Susan. Much love xx

Hlalala - 28 Oktober 2022

It was very helpful Susan. Thanks so much!!!

Michael - 26 Oktober 2022

Susan you are a beautiful soul thank you for my reading . This did bring me some extra clarity regarding my situation. Would have loved talking to u more regarding all the spiritual. Many thanks. God bless

Wendy - 24 Oktober 2022

Simply the best ❤️ Who ever needs clarification or just support go and try Susan she is amazing love her ❤️

Jacqueline - 24 Oktober 2022

Thank you so much Susan for your time.I read your message carefuly and I do understand I will leave the past in the past and focus only in the present.Thank you and many blessings🤗🙏🏽

Silvia - 17 Oktober 2022

Amazing , Susan is absolutely the best she helps me through all and lots have come to pass she is a beautiful person I feel I have a great friend in her just love her ❤️

Jacqueline - 15 Oktober 2022

I will ask him thank you soooooo much it’s always great talking to you lots have come true you are amazing ❤️

Jacqueline - 6 Oktober 2022

Always makes my day. Thank you 😊

Stacey - 3 Oktober 2022

Always amazing talking with Susan, I know I can count on her predictions, she’s listening and gives the best advices. Thanks always lovely Susan xx

Hlalala - 27 September 2022

Thank you again Susan you are the best 🥰

Jacqueline - 24 September 2022

Sorry I dashed off Susan. Thank you for your help. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I will be ok xx

Lesley - 15 September 2022

Hi lovely Susan, please come online. Need your advice. Xx

Hlalala - 14 September 2022

Again you fill me with confidence and peace ….. my angel thank you so much ❤️ For me Susan is outstanding i trust her completely and she will tell you the truth and not what you want to hear amazing lady just love her ❤️

Jacqueline - 11 September 2022

Great to have another reading ...xx You as always are so accurate..esp today . Bf called 1 hr after chat with you .. Everything you said with myself and my friend was spot on .. a big hug and thank you always xx🙃

Maggi - 26 Augustus 2022

Absolutely amazing lady! Speaking to Susan tonight just made me smile. Look forward to all her predictions coming to pass. So kind and such a great humour, just like talking to a friend. Some of her predictions have come true. Xxx look forward to keeping you up to date.

Carmel - 18 Augustus 2022

Susan prediction came to pass, her guidance always helped me navigate forward. Thank you lovely Susan. Xx

Hlalala - 12 Augustus 2022

Awesome amazing wonderful lady the best for me . I can only again strongly recommend Susan to everyone . Susan has given me strength she is my angel a beautiful angel ❤️ Thank you Susan ❤️

Jacqueline - 9 Augustus 2022

As always the best . Anyone who needs advice guiding anything susan is amazing true honest and accurate . Fabulous lady my angel . I will persevere and ask Thank you Susan again for a great reading I’ll be back soon lol ❤️

Jacqueline - 31 Juli 2022

She is awesome. She tells you how it is not how you want it to go. I enjoyed my reading.

Tina - 27 Juli 2022

Susan has given me hope in the darkest days. Spot on accurate each and every time. I'll be back. I'm sure. Thank you.

Catriona - 26 Juli 2022

Thank you Susan. Lot of information from you today and reassurance of my life etc. I will update you once everything unfolds. Thanks

AT - 24 Juli 2022

Susan pick up the person's plan and what he is thinking. This is spot on without me asking and tell. She pick up all these info accurately. Brilliant! Thanks Susan

AT - 24 Juli 2022

Thanks for providing lot of insight and information to me. The person you pick up is accurate too. Your support and confirmations are very helpful :) I will update you once it unfold.

AT - 21 Juli 2022

Absolutely wonderful as usual I love this lady and I would recommended Susan to anyone she is amazing ❤️ It’s never long enough Susan I could speak to you for hours on end I always want to know how you are you keep cool in this heat ❤️

Jacqueline - 19 Juli 2022

Absolutely wonderful as usual I love this lady and I would recommended Susan to anyone she is amazing ❤️ It’s never long enough Susan I could speak to you for hours on end I always want to know how you are you keep cool in this heat ❤️

Jacqueline - 19 Juli 2022

Very easy to talk to and she responds quickly to you. Answered all my questions and helped guide me in the right directions

Laura - 18 Juli 2022

Thank you soooo much 😊

Stacey - 17 Juli 2022

Absolutely amazing thank you Susan very fast in replying. Can't wait to see what happens. I will be getting another reading done by Susan bless 🙏 thank you 😊

Debbie - 12 Juli 2022

Thank you so much for your guidance

Silvia - 11 Juli 2022

Susan was very understanding, helpful and easy to chat to on the chat line. She helped me understand a few things. Thank you so much. :)

Joy - 11 Juli 2022

Got cut off 😥 answer to last question is yes and no not totally blunt like me but in a roundabout way yes , does that make sense It’s never long enough and speaking to this lady is amazing she is great and accurate . I really say if you need comfort answers anything susan is wonderful ❤️

Jacqueline - 5 Juli 2022

Always amazing talking with Susan. I know I can count on her insights and guidance. Thank you lovely Susan xx

Hlalala - 27 Juni 2022

Susan makes me feel at ease every time . She is my angel honest accurate just plain fantastic Thank you very much Susan ❤️

Jacqueline - 25 Juni 2022

I can only say this lady is amazing very caring and accurate just wonderful love her thank you so very much Susan 🥰❤️

Jacqueline - 24 Juni 2022

Straight away Susan got to the point. She was spot on and after my free min I paid and went back to her for more reading. Finally I feel someone is telling me the truth. 5 stars for susan. I'll gonna come back one day. 🙏

Kiran - 6 Juni 2022

Thank you very much Susan , it does all make so much sense now I understand why I feel the way I do . You are amazing ❤️

Jacqueline - 5 Juni 2022

Susan gave me great clarity and was on par with other mediums about what's coming. Like another confirmation . she was lovely

Momosha - 23 Mei 2022

The only feed back I have is you don't get much for $30,a bit disappointing

Suecrawford64 - 23 Mei 2022

Susan is amazing, like talking to an old friend, give great advice. Hope she is right and it all works out. Have a reading you will be glad you did. ❤

Carmel - 16 Mei 2022

Wonderful amazing lady a true star and angel ❤️

Jacqueline - 12 Mei 2022

It’s always great speaking to Susan . Thank you so so much Susan you are my star could speak to you more and longer ❤️

Jacqueline - 9 Mei 2022

We connected very well. She was really sweet also.

Bri - 29 April 2022

This lady is a star an angel , she is really very good had many readings and they don’t change absolutely the best very quick with answers , if you are looking for answers or or guidance I can only recommend ❤️

Jacqueline - 24 April 2022

Had a lot of readings with this lovely lady and she is fantastic highly recommend she is certainly one of the best ❤️ Thank you Susan

Jacqueline - 17 April 2022

I felt Susan was a reader I really connected with she was kind and looked at the situation with no judgement on either side. Thanks for making feel uplifted

Susanne - 12 April 2022

Highly recommended. She tuned in really well and connected and gave amazing reading.

Michael - 11 April 2022

She was good. Could have been better though

Mashfika - 7 April 2022

Amazing lady I could talk to Susan for hours it’s just not long enough and the time just flys . Susan is wonderful and I would recommend her to everyone ❤️

Jacqueline - 5 April 2022

Thank you Susan …. I will be patient ❤️

Jacqueline - 5 April 2022

Thank you for always being truthful and compassionate Susan, I know I can always count your insights xx

Hlalala - 30 Maart 2022

Had the most amazing talk to Susan she is really great and she makes me feel better . I recommend Susan to everyone she is one in a million and I’m glad I found her here she be my go to every time ❤️

Jacqueline - 28 Maart 2022

Few readings with Susan. She's always right. I recommend.

Kayleigh - 23 Maart 2022

She was great listen to what i need answers too and told me everything i need to know

Laura - 21 Maart 2022

Absolutely amazing . Susan is great with lots of information accurate wonderful lady ❤️ Thank you

Jacqueline - 15 Maart 2022

Wow, what a lady!! I’ve never added credits usually to an ongoing chat but Susan makes you feel so upbeat and she is so clear and precise; she doesn’t sugar coat her answers nor does she give you false hope. She knew of my situation before I even had chance to mention I’d been emotionally struggling lately; she said some lovely things about my partner and didn’t put 2+2 together and make 6 and blame him for our situation. It’s made me feel so happy I not only got a honest reading but that the hard work we have put into our relationship is noticed and will improve dramatically once it’s our time to shine!! My intuition is never wrong and Susan clarified that without again a word out of my mouth! Thank you Susan ☀️🫒

Olivia - 28 Februari 2022

Always a pressure to chat, accurate, kind reader

K - 21 Februari 2022

Susan is a very accurate and her predictions have come true. Highly recommend her!

Pamela - 20 Februari 2022

Susan was amazing she been there every step of the way in my journey thanks Susan!!!

Shauntae - 16 Februari 2022

Amazing lady and amazing reading ❤️

Jacqueline - 15 Februari 2022

Susan is definitely one of the best here on medium chat. Sweet Lady, I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you again.

Charlene - 14 Februari 2022

I have been on this site a lot, I can honestly tell you that Susan is one of the best on site, she was extremely accurate without telling her anything, absolutely incredible , if you pick Susan you will not be disappointed. Stay blessed Susan , thanks for being so amazing, u really gifted loved my reading 🤗😊

Michelle - 10 Februari 2022

Always reassuring and quick to pick up situations. Thank you so much for being an amazing reader Susan xx

Hlalala - 8 Februari 2022

Thank you for following up with the email message after getting cut off. I shall look forward to what the future holds with this man 😀

Kathleen - 8 Februari 2022

Thanks Susan for the message and reassurance, you are such an accurate and excellent reader!

Pamela - 7 Februari 2022

I find Susan to be very intuitive and caring when it comes to my concerns. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking answers to the questions they have

James - 2 Februari 2022

Amazing reader, accurate and kind. Lots of information shared.

K - 19 Januari 2022

Fantastic reading very accurate highly recommended 😊

Julie - 17 Januari 2022

Thank you for giving me the most out of our time, I really did appreciate your kind words and relations.

ReAnn - 9 Januari 2022

Susan is really amazing, everytime I have a reading I leave our chat feeling uplifted and ready to take on any challenges coming my way. I rarely ask any questions, Susan just comes forward with every detail regarding any situation in my life, work or love it’s all there and Susan can see it. Thank you again :)

Louise - 4 Januari 2022

Shes brilliant at her job and kind. Definitely recommend!!

Taj - 4 Januari 2022

Excellent- very talented and sound advice. Thank you Susan x

Misty - 2 Januari 2022

Susan was great

Sam - 29 December 2021

I read the cards myself and have done many reading, Susan is pretty good and straight forward.

Maria Julia - 18 December 2021

Susan is amazing, very precise and is also gentle with delivering her answers.

Savannah - 17 December 2021

Excellent read. My go to on this site. Thank you as always and i will be back

Catriona - 14 December 2021

Susan had some great insights and was very kind and helpful!

Kelly - 9 December 2021

Susan, thank you for your guidance. Your reading was/is spot on. Can’t wait to talk again. Sorry I got called away from our conversation, I had the small people with me x

Louisa - 24 November 2021

Spot on with things she couldn't have just...guessed. very kind and encouraging. Will definitely be back to chat with Susan.

Kelly - 22 November 2021

A prediction made by Susan came to pass as she predicted it, I couldn’t be happier! Her guidance been helping me a lot xx

Hlalala - 19 November 2021

She's lovely and helpful

Kristina - 8 November 2021

Susan is nothing but incredibly accurate and so beyond gifted. She picks up on things that she would only know if she knew me personally. She’s amazing. I’v gone back to her time and time again. And I will again.

Laura - 8 November 2021

One thing about Susan - she picks up energies and situations real quick. I connect well with her and it’s so easy and talking with her like our chats could keep going. Xx

Hlalala - 8 November 2021

I found Susan to be very accurate in her predictions and also considerate. I would highly recommend her to anyone

James - 5 November 2021

Susan was sensational. Kind. Accurate. And fun to talk to.

Taj - 4 November 2021

Sorry it couldn't top up thank you so much for your kindness and reading xxxxxx

Stacie - 3 November 2021

Thank you for your private message susan and Being so kind and supportive I really appreciate it you really ground me and i will reflect anr take time out like you said thank you for being an angel xxxx

Stacie - 3 November 2021

Hey susan thank you so much for my reading, sorry i meant i was struggling with the decision because i ask guides if im good enough, so when they say changes does that mean i shouldnt apply for my nursing that's what im confused about if they mean i should or shouldn't work with people xxxxxxxx

Stacie - 3 November 2021

As always, Susan was extremely helpful! Thank you for your kindness, I will keep you updated! ❤️

Lee - 2 November 2021

As always Susan’s reading was amazing xx

Sarah - 25 Oktober 2021

Susan answered all my questions and was very honest and typed fast. She gave me a lot of information and I am grateful- thank you so much!

Lee - 25 Oktober 2021

Another reading session with Susan, amazing reading as usual❤️. Thank you Susan for highlighting the main areas of my life and for sharing your insights on the up coming events. I would definitely be returning for more sessions. Bless you ❤️

Hina - 17 Oktober 2021

Amazing reader, as always, accurate, kind and to the point.

K - 12 Oktober 2021

I LOVE SUSAN! She is such a positive light and so incredibly gifted. Everything that came up in the reading was ACCURATE. I could chat and giggle with her all day (if I didn't have to pay haha!). She guides you with her insights with grace & love and genuinely wants the best for you. I feel heard and held when I speak with her in such a safe & loving space. I cannot wait to see the rest of her predictions unfold xxxxx

Niki - 4 Oktober 2021

Great communication, very fast an efficient, spot on with my reading, felt so much better after hearing what I needed to hear🙏Thank You Susan you are a gem❤️ I could have talked all night so interesting🤗

Annoniem - 26 September 2021

I wish I could keep going but I didn't have enough credit to go on. But Susan was amazing. She's the quickest reader I've come across on this platform and she is constantly typing and giving me information so I know I'm getting my moneys worth. She confirmed a lot of things and gave me hope and guidance for the future and I look forward to it

Sharon - 25 September 2021

Susan was very quick and spot on with my present situation. She knew things without any indication from me. I hope she is right about the future

Lynn - 25 September 2021

what an amazing reading I had with Susan, It resonated so well. she picks up quickly and type fast. thank you xx

Hlalala - 22 September 2021

Susan 8s mind blowingly amazing! She picked up on so many things with nothing from me. She's definitely a go to and I will check back in with her on an update 💜

Melissa - 21 September 2021

Dear Susan, thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge. You are incredibly good at your work. Thank you!

Deepa - 19 September 2021

Susan was a nice and informative, left feeling so much more positive than when I started the chat xx

Hayley - 13 September 2021

Really nice vibe in the way Susan comes across . Fast at replying and makes sense . Looking forward to see how things turn out :)

Bonniece - 9 September 2021

Susan was great she was so quick typing and answered questions so quickly, I would recommend her 100% .

Alison - 22 Augustus 2021

Thank you . You helped me visualize what I need to do to move ahead

Mary Jane - 22 Augustus 2021

Susan is so wonderful, she was so calm when i was so anxious and with the questions i asked she put me at ease! Thank you Susan, will catch up with you soon xxx

Simerjeet - 16 Augustus 2021

She's always right on with all of it

Candi - 15 Augustus 2021

So very amazing ! Answered questions even before I asked. Thank you so much !

Mary Jane - 12 Augustus 2021

Susan is extremely kind and is such a pleasure to talk to. I highly recommend a reading from her. ❤️

Ashleigh - 8 Augustus 2021

I felt that Susan really tuned in well to my life and situation and I found it very helpful

James - 7 Augustus 2021

Susan me and boyfriend talk about moving last night if we get some funds going! You are correct love……

Shauntae - 5 Augustus 2021

She is so incredible!!❤️❤️❤️

Shauntae - 5 Augustus 2021

Loved her. Really quick. Didn’t sugar coat. Will be back beautiful. I hate that it ended when it did!!! But I will be back x

Laura - 5 Augustus 2021

Thank you for your messages and guidance and kindness you are very genuine and i really really appreciate your time thank you you are very warm xxxxx

Annoniem - 4 Augustus 2021

Gave me positive replies to questions

Bebe - 23 Juli 2021

Susan I have had many reading with over the last year and found to me very informative and accurate , so much so I set my clock by her lol sues a lovely empathic reader , and will be having more readings . thank you

Maggi - 23 Juli 2021

Susan told me things before i even gave her a question and her predications come to pass. She is amazing. She also is encouraging while speaking the truth

Dionne - 15 Juli 2021

I really wish I could have finished our chat😔 I hope to talk to you again soon..I thank you so much

Brooke - 8 Juli 2021

Susan was great, very easy to connect with and fun of insights. thank you so much!

Elisa - 5 Juli 2021

Thank you soooo much Susan xx

Stacey - 2 Juli 2021

She is truthful and a quick typer-no sugar coating and is on point on everything ❤️Thank you 🙏

Melissa - 2 Juli 2021

Amazing Amazing lady -I felt so connected with her -I have 3 favorites on here and she’s one -always on point and so honest ❤️Thank you

Melissa - 2 Juli 2021

such a beautiful insightful reading, feeling very blessed to be able to connect with Susan, i absolutely recommend her, fast and insightful, love love love.

Rachel - 1 Juli 2021

She was very in tune with her abilities Thank you

Vanessa - 27 Juni 2021

Awesome some of what she said came to pass!

Shauntae - 22 Juni 2021

Honest and clear ... gentle and kind ... would read with her again !!

Debbie - 13 Juni 2021

Susan is a lovely reader who I connected with straight away. So accurate and intuitive. Read my situation so well and gave me hope.

Judith - 10 Juni 2021

I asked for like a general love reading. She picked up on my situation quickly with no information. Felt like she knew both my poi and myself. She’s definitely one of the best on this site. Thank you Susan.

Tina - 5 Juni 2021

Amazing reader, accurate kind and friendly. Lots of valuable info

K - 3 Juni 2021

I appreciate the positivity and kind words!

Mary Jane - 22 Mei 2021

She told me things that I really want to be true.

Carol - 15 Mei 2021

Always a pleasure to have a reading with Susan. Accurate, kind reader.

K - 13 Mei 2021

Thank you for being so well connected to my situation again Susan! Sorry that’s all the funds I had for today. I’ll be back when there will be updates xx

G - 13 Mei 2021

there needs to be an awesome rating ... aww Susan you just are so spot on , you no you have converted a non believer in my friend .. thank you .... xx

Maggi - 6 Mei 2021

Hi Susan, thank you as always! You are amazing and been there with me for so long through this traumatic situation. I received my report from the O.H. this morning which, as you said it would be is very supportive of me and the situation and therefore hopefully will help with delaying that meeting. Feel much better after reading that! Hopefully some more positive will come in on the back of this! Thanks for everything - I will try to stay positive - had a rocky morning so far and look forward to speaking very soon... D

Darren - 4 Mei 2021

Thank you susan for lovely reading. Spot on 👏. U have very positive and kind energy. You gave me hope and clarity for my future. I would definitely come back for another reading🥰☺️

Hina - 1 Mei 2021

I would highly recommend Susan, shes very kind and accurate, a pleasure to talk to. Xx

Stacey - 1 Mei 2021

Susan is an amazing phychic and a lovely person who is genuine and caring but always tell it like it is for better or for worse she gives the information as she sees it and is usually very accurate I would advise anyone looking for a phychic reading to try Susan you won’t be disappointed thanks Jonathan

Jonathan - 28 April 2021

Thank you for another great reading Susan. You are always so right on and I pray all of the outcomes you predict come true. I will definitely be back soon for another reading. No other is like Susan.

Lauren - 28 April 2021

Susan is not only incredibly accurate , she is alsk fast and answers all ur questions. Everything she said resonated with me. Thank you Susan

Mashfika - 19 April 2021

Always accurate ! Thank you

Jennifer - 17 April 2021

Ms. Susan is truly amazing. Her insights are very accurate, which she expresses very clearly. I thoroughly enjoyed having a consultation with her due of the accuracy of her words. but also because I received more clarity regarding the issue at hand. Thank you Ms Susan! You are really spot on and very kind as well. I wish you all the best!

Deepa - 15 April 2021

Absolutely outstanding! So kind yet so accurate. I believe all her predictions will come to pass. Will be back! Give this out standing lady a go ! You won't be disappointed. Xxx thankyou for all your support. Look forward to coming back to you with great news. X❤

Carmel - 12 April 2021

The best, I want to give her %1000, very accurate

Benedicta - 11 April 2021

Very eye opening, can't wait to chat again

Patricia - 11 April 2021

Susan is amazing... definitely recommend her.

Laura - 5 April 2021

I've had a few readings with Susan. She is kind and accurate always. Many thanks.

Catriona - 30 Maart 2021

Susan is fantastic.. i had few readings with her she is always point on and very accurate. Thank you Susan for another wonderful reading xx .

Manpreet - 27 Maart 2021

Thank you so much. Sorry I did not get a chance to thank you. Very accurate and connected fast. I will negatively be back, you won’t go wrong choosing Susan

Fatima - 27 Maart 2021

Always accurate and no sugarcoating. Thank you!!

SK - 25 Maart 2021

My reading with Susan was absolutely amazing and I’m still amazed at how she could feel what has happened within a relationship. I 100% trust everything she says. Thankyou so much and I really hope to chat again soon xx

Hollie - 24 Maart 2021

Thank you Susan for the Reading it was a pleasure to discuss with you and for Sending a pm to clarify my question that needed answered 😊

Katrina - 22 Maart 2021

Susan is absolutely fantastic, he was spot on with my reading today. Thank you for being so great and kind Susan and looking forward to more readings from you. You gave me peace of mind today. Much love ♥️

Antonela - 21 Maart 2021

Hi Susan it’s jonathan I have so much to tell you can’t wait to end of month for a session .i would recommend you to anyone as you been fantastic in reading for me see you on the 27 th if you available thanks again for all your help

Jonathan - 18 Maart 2021

Susan is truly gifted . Every reading is accurate , very warm person to speak too.

Maggi - 17 Maart 2021

She is accurate and pick up a lot! On point with everything

Shauntae - 17 Maart 2021

Thank you my darling ! Ill try and be positive

Jennifer - 13 Maart 2021

Thankyou so much lots of info and details great reading ♥️

Cathy - 13 Maart 2021

Thank you so much for your help. I was astonished that you immediately picked up on people trying to worm their way back into my life and how hard I'm working to keep them out. Sometimes the hardest journey is pushing those out who no longer serve you, but it had to be done. Thank you for your advice, I think like you said I'm tired and feeling run down but need to push forward. Much love to you. Xxx

Lesley - 5 Maart 2021

Thank you so much for your help. I was astonished that you immediately picked up on people trying to worm their way back into my life and how hard I'm working to keep them out. Sometimes the hardest journey is pushing those out who no longer serve you, but it had to be done. Thank you for your advice, I think like you said I'm tired and feeling run down but need to push forward. Much love to you. Xxx

Lesley - 5 Maart 2021

I enjoyed my reading with Susan. She came across as warm and gave me an example of a personal experience of what I am currently going through. Thank you Susan. I am very optimistic about what is to come.

LaToya - 1 Maart 2021

It was relaxed and helpful guidance again. Thank you for opening new doors and hopes. I will follow and understand it.

Richa - 28 Februari 2021

Absolutely amazing thank you so so much for the reading its helping me to make sense of what's happening at the minute and what is going to happen in my future thankfully its the avenue and ending I want xx

Julie - 24 Februari 2021

I really enjoyed her reading. It was spot on! i’ve already added her to my favorites.

Denise - 23 Februari 2021

Susan is absolutely lovely. One of the most empathetic and honest readers. I would gladly speak to her everyday if I had endless funds. She always answers all of my questions and is super positive. She is highly accurate also. Thank you Susan for being so reassuring! 💕

Ashleigh - 22 Februari 2021

Susan was so warm and I connected with her right away. She was very accurate about the details of my reading and I hope the outcome she gave me to my situation comes true. I’ll definitely be back for another reading with her soon.

Lauren - 18 Februari 2021

Such warmth, and love. thank you so much for the clarity and kind words Susan. Much appreciated Love and light and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 15 Februari 2021

Very accurate and friendly reader. She gave me hope for future and put my mind on ease. Susan you are a true blessing🙏❤️

Hina - 15 Februari 2021

She was wonderful and her flow is beautiful! I recommend her!

Shauntae - 14 Februari 2021

Thank you Susan, a very professional, friendly, accurate reader. Goodness me, straight on the issues with no promptiing. Wow, brilliant.

Dave - 11 Februari 2021

Susan is a very intuitive and accurate reader!! She picked up on every detail without me telling her. She is a fast typer, empathic but without sugarcoating. Thank you tons Susan!!

SK - 10 Februari 2021

Thank you again so much. I always feel better after taking to you xx

Stacey - 10 Februari 2021

Accurate friendly quick connection

K - 5 Februari 2021

Thanks Susan for the reading you definitely knew what was going on without any questions I'm going to focus on me like you said and let fate do the rest hopefully il chat with you again in the future take care x

Rachel - 1 Februari 2021

Hi Susan I got a new phone now so can’t wait to talk to you As you was so right about everything since we last spoke I would recommend you to anyone a very skilled reader thanks again

Jonathan - 1 Februari 2021

Always a pleasure to speak to Susan. She has been with me through a very hard issue and remembers well. It is like she is a good friend through all this. I appreciate all the readings and the predictions. I know I need to believe in myself and believe in the positivity for the future. It is my own self holding me in a negative thoughts. I will be back soon, thank you so much Susan :)

Darren - 31 Januari 2021

Susan is beautiful and calming and really reads into the situation. Picked up on a couple of things I didn’t ask about or mention and a previous matter which she has the same outlook on it as before. Will update with how things turn out. Thanks again Susan. Your just gorgeous and I truly appreciate you. X

Meghan - 30 Januari 2021

Susan is an awesome reader very talented and experienced in her craft. For me she is the best reader on here and totally worth your time and energy. Outstanding experience 💓 Love your energy. Love and hugs to you 🙏❤️

Jewel - 29 Januari 2021

Lovely honest and reassuring xxx

Cheryl - 28 Januari 2021

Thank you for your guidance as always. It's partly my own fault for telling him to delete me and not contact but I was fed up with feeling used. I will let you know what happens ❤️ much love to you xx

Lesley - 28 Januari 2021

She was great n thank u!

Shauntae - 26 Januari 2021

she is very good, accurate, and compassionate. Surely will be in touch

Katy - 25 Januari 2021

Quite accurate with my reading with the issue surrounding it

Kelly - 21 Januari 2021

Very clear in her reading I will definitely be back for another reading thank you so much really appreciate it x

Gemma - 19 Januari 2021

Susan you gave me the goosebumps today loool thats all i can say.I am still at a loss of words.iYou said exactly the same words as i was informed also this evening ,i dont know how to describe it .thank you ,thank you

Sharon - 16 Januari 2021

Very kind and positive

G - 14 Januari 2021

She was compassionate and tried very hard to make sense of what is happening in my life.

Susanne - 13 Januari 2021

Susan has stuck by me from day one, shes so lovely its like talking to a family member. Such a beautiful heart. Have a read with Susan she will not disappoint you. I feel very emotional today and she has eased my heart. I truly hope this comes around and works out for me thank you susan ♡

Francesca ♡♡ - 12 Januari 2021

Susan is just lovely, very friendly and straight up about what she reads. Will definitely be my go to reader 🙂

Georgia - 12 Januari 2021

Thank you so much as always, you're always spot on. I'm sorry I never got chance to thank you properly. I will come and chat to you again at the end of the month when I've got some money. I'm just frustrated with him. The more we talk, the clearer it is how suited we are but like you say he only gets it on the level of not wanting to give me up but not committing either. I'm following my dreams but I've asked the universe to intervene with him now and give him a kick up the ass. Neither of us really want to let go. So if it's meant to be hopefully it will click with him. I will let you know in a few weeks. Xxx

Lesley - 11 Januari 2021

Hi Susan your reading are great I really get comfort from our sessions your a great psychic I would recommend you to anyone 

Jonathan - 11 Januari 2021

Susan is just beautiful and so reassuring to talk too. thank you so much susan i will keep you posted on progress and i truly hope for the outcome you have stuck by. :) xx

Meghan - 6 Januari 2021

Thank you very much for your accurate and lovely reading. Im sorry to become so heavy, i feel abit Lost and struggling with this, i just feel abit lonely inside so i get too desperate for messages, thank you so much for being a kind and sincere reader and person, have a lovely new year xxxxxx

Stacie - 1 Januari 2021

Thank you so much for your accurate and reassuring advice. I DO need this time to grow and I am ready to move ahead. Everything you said was absolutely on point and you described him to a t! Much love to you xxxx

Lesley - 31 December 2020

Susan is absolutely amazing. I will definitely be back to chat with her in the future. Super grateful that she is sharing her gift with the world. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Carol - 29 December 2020

Absolutely amazed at Susan's accuracy and her first prediction came true! Was also spot on in the accuracy of my poi.

Lesley - 27 December 2020

I have had a couple of readings done my Susan now, and I feel that she is very positive yet tells you exactly what she sees. She is very kind to talk to, and I do hope that what she has predicted will come to pass!

Ashleigh - 26 December 2020

Accurate and easy to talk to :)

Dakota - 23 December 2020

I have worked Susan quite a lot and she is the best I have seen on this site ..She is very accurate and I would defiantly recommend her

Jonathan - 18 December 2020

I feel she gave me a real view of the matter at hand. I appreciate her work thank you

Ana - 17 December 2020

She told me many things that were so true and eased me through the Christmas chaos. Hoping my man will finally come 🤗

Yvonne - 16 December 2020

Susan,  am coming back we chat more and you advise me further. You are amazing and you connected to me very well. Thank you so much

Racheal - 13 December 2020

As always such a wonderfull reading .very insiteful and accurate readings . Susan your a wonderful warm person . Have a merry christmas and happy new year . Maggi

Maggi - 13 December 2020

Susan you were just so spot on and amazing. I’m truly blown away. I will definitely return to update you and I appreciate your message afterwards. It’s my first time on here and I instantly felt drawn to you and no one else. Must have meant to be. Thank you so much.

Meghan - 10 December 2020

Thank you for you advice yesterday it was reassuring. Be happy to come to you again xx

Charlotte - 9 December 2020

She knew exactly what is going on. I am very impressed with her. And next time I seek a reading I will be making with her.

Teresa - 8 December 2020

This is the second reading I have had from Susan she has always been on point and insightful.

Emma - 7 December 2020

Susan was very nice. The reading was great. Now i am waiting for the positive changes.

Tamara - 6 December 2020

Susan was lovely. Lots of what she said did resonate so I’ll have to wait and see! She also sent a private message after my credits ran out finishing the reading which was nice 😊

Hannah - 3 December 2020

Susan is a very kind and gifted lady. She hit some really important points in a short time and saw the situation exactly as it stands right now. She gave me some peace of mind and hope in my heart. I hope her predictions come true. So blessed to have found her and will definitely chat with her again soon.

Vanessa - 29 November 2020

Very clear. Brilliant reading. Hit a few raw spots in terms of feelings. Thank you so much

Reagan - 26 November 2020

I have been chatting with Susan for months now , she is very accurate and what Susan tells me does ring true ... for myself and my friends . really lovely lady very gifted . thank you Susan . im sure we will chat before but in case have a beautiful Christmas and even better new year looking forward .xx

Maggi - 26 November 2020

Susan was fantastic and multiple times answered a question as I was typing it to ask... she is kind and has such positive energy. Put my anxious heart at ease.

Elizabeth - 25 November 2020

I feel at comfort and ease with Susan. She knows what I'm going through and this helps me So Thankyou

Hannah - 23 November 2020

Everything she said was in line with what I thought.

Maria - 22 November 2020

It was nice to get some good info, thank you for your time.

Vicki - 19 November 2020

Absolutely brilliant. I just wish i could have had more time 😊

Claire - 19 November 2020

Very empathic and understanding. Related to my situation without being judgemental. I even got sent a message afterwards because we got cut off. 💜Thank you Susan, you have given me something to think about

Caryn - 19 November 2020

She helped me so much

Sarah - 14 November 2020

Susan is a wonderful person. She try to make sure that you are understanding her statements and read your questions properly. A wise help. Thank you.

Richa - 14 November 2020

Thank you so much Susan x

Stacey - 11 November 2020

Thanks 👍 for your time

Billie - 10 November 2020

Susan was extremely helpful and insightful, I will most definitely speak with Susan again

Toni - 9 November 2020

Susan knew exactly what was going on in my life and gave me some great advice and stuff to look forward too. Felt like I was talking to a friend thank you Susan

Jess - 7 November 2020

Susan is a very gifted phychic and was very accurate . I am very pleased with the reading and will return in the future for more work with her .thank you

Jonathan - 5 November 2020

It was great talking to ya. I'd like to come back. Thanks x.

MEGHANA - 5 November 2020

Thank you very much. I am sorry that my free credits ran out and I am not sure if I can contact you otherwise due to some financial restrictions. I wish I had a longer conversation with you.

Annoniem - 1 November 2020

Susan has given me some great confidence in what is to come in the future. Thank you

Jenna - 1 November 2020

Susan was amazing. Spot on with what she said. Ill def get another reading from her next month.

Jade - 1 November 2020

Susan was attentive, caring and informative. In the short amount of time we had the opportunity to chat, she helped give me some peace for the struggles I am facing.

Jessica - 27 Oktober 2020

I always enjoy receiving my readings from Susan. I feel that she is very open and honest and gets right to the point. I value the input I receive from her and will choose to contact her again, even if its just to update her on the events.

Joyce - 25 Oktober 2020

Susan was fantastic and has put me at ease xxx

Emily - 22 Oktober 2020

Susan is very accurate. She is very quick to pick up on minute details that no one could have known. She even emailed me to give me encouragement because of my situation. Bless you Susan!

Kim - 19 Oktober 2020

Very supportive and got some things right I will be bk when I can with a update

Caroline - 16 Oktober 2020

20 mins Flew by , but Susan was spot on and helped me massively with some choices I’ve got to make thankyou and I’ll defo be coming back to chat with her xx

Laura - 15 Oktober 2020

Great and caring advise given, appreciate it. Very good

Pooja - 15 Oktober 2020

Patient, caring and accurate. Good reading.

Kiran - 13 Oktober 2020

I absolutely loved talking to Susan, I felt as though the one question that I needed an answer to was answered however we weren't able to finish off our conversation because my time had run out but I will definitely be chatting to Susan a bit more very soon for more guidance in my life. So grateful!

Ijeoma - 12 Oktober 2020

Sweet and informative, look forward to talking to you again. Thanks!

Kay - 12 Oktober 2020

Susan is so lovely. She was very accurate, gave me lots of insight and to the point. I only wish I had more time with her. I definitely will be back

Rhiia - 10 Oktober 2020

Thank you so much for your help. You are kind, caring and a lovely person. My fingers are crossed that things will get better 🙏 xx

Stacey - 6 Oktober 2020

Thank you for putting me at ease. I know I'm in a transitional period and it's hard but it's nice know good things are coming xx

Lesley - 4 Oktober 2020

Susan has been extraordinarily comforting to my situation and explaining everything in a way she felt i can take and sink in.. she gave me hope for the future yet opened me and my thinking to the reality. I have a much better understanding of life and how it works and i have gained alot of courage to take the burden of the issues in my life. Thank you susan for taking time out to talk to me.. i will definitely reach out to you again xx

Neelofer - 2 Oktober 2020

Susan picked up on my current situation quickly, was quick with her answers, and she is very kind. She even sent me an e-mail afterwards wishing me luck with my situation. Lovely lady.

Haley - 2 Oktober 2020

Really enjoyed talking to Susan xxx, she was amazing ,such a lovely gifted lady, will come back for another chat soon, thank you so much Susan, lots of love :) xx

Inga - 1 Oktober 2020

Nice Lady, thank you so much! Hope to hear again about you soon! 🌹

Madduu - 1 Oktober 2020

Was absolutely spot on without even having to explain anything, such a lovely caring women made me feel instantly comfortable, her messages were fast and detailed straight away and waited for me to add a few more credit and was so nice when I had to end the conversation when my daughter woke, deffo will be speaking to her again and highly recommend

Charlotte - 29 September 2020

We ran out of time but Susan picked up on my concern... and gave me some information which I hope is correct... so I will let you know Susan if that comes into being. Thank you

Susan - 27 September 2020

always a pleasure to have a reading from Susan , very accurate and a really nice person to chat with . thank you xx

Maggi - 27 September 2020

Absolutely lovely every time xx

Crisstell - 26 September 2020

Thank you again for the gull email reading.. it was good and just your words make feel better.

Kawtar - 22 September 2020

Susan is literally AMAZING 😊

Stephanie - 22 September 2020

Lovely reading woth Susan, and positive vibes. Thank you

Kawtar - 22 September 2020

Lovely reading.

Kawtar - 22 September 2020

Accurate reading! Thank you very much :)

Jessica - 21 September 2020

Susan is lovely and very gifted. My reading was so on point. Susan picked up on certain issues of my life that are happening at this present time. I could easily relate to everything that was mentioned. I will be contacting susan again for further readings. Thank you so much Susan!! I am so thankful for your advice xx

Danielle - 19 September 2020

I love speaking to Susan she is definitely one of my favourite Mediums. Susan is very intuitive and has a true gift. I will definitely be speaking to Susan again soon 😊

Stephanie - 19 September 2020

I felt comforted and reassured that things will get better. Very kind gave me a lot of hope, thank you for the private message after we cut off that was nice. Will be back for another chat soon x

Lauren - 18 September 2020

Loved Susan

Chantel - 18 September 2020

Susan has always been good for me and very polite and friendly. She is patient and really connects very fast and is accurate too. She is one of my best.

Sharon - 16 September 2020

Everything Susan said made perfect sense to me. She managed to clear up some confusion I was feeling about certain situations. Amazing!! Thank you.

Samantha - 16 September 2020

Omg Susan was amazing she could really feel my struggle she knew exactly what I was going through. She also talked to someone who was very dear to me to to let me know that I was not seeing the signs that this person was listening to me and I was to look for them I would recommend Susan highly.

Emma - 15 September 2020

Very kind and intuitive! Thank you.

Holly - 15 September 2020

I am amazed how this works but i must say it is really great. What i love the most is they are so kind.

Niska - 13 September 2020

She was caring and understanding, I felt some common connections to her and she put me more at ease.

Sonia - 12 September 2020

Very special lady. Thank you so much Susan. You helped me a lot with letting go of a person that's not good for me. In short time she gave me a lot of answers. Highly recommended!

Mara - 12 September 2020

Susan was very kind and straightforward! Would love to chat with her again for another reading.

Meilani - 11 September 2020

Very excellent reading love it!!

Anita - 9 September 2020

Susan was accurate very reassuring. Straight forward.i enjoyed talkingvto her

Joycelyn - 8 September 2020

I find Susan to be brilliant, she gets straight to the point and by the end of my readings I always feel loved. I will always choose Susan because she is the right fit for me and I would highly recommend her to all.

JOYCE - 8 September 2020

Great reading, spot on. Was all i need it. I will came back to talk to Susan again.

Susana - 4 September 2020

Susan was wonderful very spot on and caring , I really enjoyed her reading left feeling positive.

Rana - 1 September 2020

Such a lovely reading by Susan today, such a genuine and heartwarming person! Resonated with what she was saying. Very accurate. Would highly recommend. I will update on everything. Thanks Susan xx

Lisa - 31 Augustus 2020

Really enjoyed talking to Susan, she was amazing and spot on with everything, so hope what she said comes true, such a lovely gifted lady, will come back for another chat soon, thank you so much Susan, lots of love xxxxx

Joanne - 31 Augustus 2020

Absolutely love my chats with susan.. She always goes above and beyond I will always keep you updated susan Much love 😘😘

Sasha - 31 Augustus 2020

Excellent listener and very helpful

Jane - 31 Augustus 2020

Open and honest hopefully she is spot on

Sandra - 30 Augustus 2020

Straightforward and honest. Thank you. Will call again x

Uzma - 27 Augustus 2020

Susan went over and beyond my expections. Thank u Susan

Lungile - 26 Augustus 2020

Feeling low today so spoken to susan and her inspiration has picked me up.. Thanks again susan 😘😘

Sasha - 26 Augustus 2020

Had another Fantastic chat with susan. She was absolutely spot on with everything she said... How cards can change in a couple of days 😁😘😘

Sasha - 22 Augustus 2020

She was able to pick up about my past and future relationship without me telling her anything.

Molly - 19 Augustus 2020

A lovely reading from Susan, she connected immediately and was very helpful addressing my issues and seeing what the future had in store, she has made me feel a lot lighter and excited to what lays ahead. Thank you Susan x

Georgina - 16 Augustus 2020

Felt quite low when i started my chat with susan. But she made everything so much better and i appreciated this. She showed me what the future golds for me and made me more confident that all this feeling low wasn't me.. Love chatting to you susan i will be back.. And slowly slowly catches the monkey 🙉😘

Sasha - 14 Augustus 2020

Susan is lovely, I have had two readings with her now And she instantly puts me at ease... she also took the time to email Me after our conversation . Thank you

Rebecca - 10 Augustus 2020

Really enjoyed my chat with Susan and was made to feel at ease. Would have loved to talk for longer. Hopefully I’ve got some things to look forward to in the future and was helped to see that there is a new cycle set to begin with positive things in the new year. Appreciated the conversation from Susan and would love to chat again

Darren - 10 Augustus 2020

She is so welcoming and full of empathy.i felt so much at ease talking to her as i poured my hear out.she has this motherly nature and feels for ypu and even explains in detail what she sees and goes further to ask if she can look the otehr side.i will come back to you Susan

Sharon - 8 Augustus 2020

You cant get much more acurate than susan in the time frame given . Thank you . My 2nd read

Maggi - 5 Augustus 2020

She is very straight forward and everything she has sent to me has been true. She very good at her job great advice and reading.

Candi - 3 Augustus 2020

Susan was a delight to talk an old friend who cares about giving you a genuine reading. Quick connection and Very uplifting even about painful topics. Xx

G - 31 Juli 2020

it was very close and spot on important themes

Ana - 30 Juli 2020

Susan is wonderful and caring. She provides very detailed information and really helped me in a time of need. I will definitely speak with her again!

Donna - 29 Juli 2020

Susan put my mind at rest quit. She told me about some good news i can look forward to. Thank you so much xx

Sasha - 23 Juli 2020

She was right on compared ot other reading i had ans she make ypu feel very comfortable and straight forward

Candi - 21 Juli 2020

I am getting more clarity and I am happy with my readings

Olga - 20 Juli 2020

Susan was clear and gave me the strength to take risks. She gave me the strength and knowledge that i needed to survive a hard situation. Thank you x

Mandeep - 19 Juli 2020

Susan is the real deal, knows what she is talking about and wants to look deeper in the question.

S. - 14 Juli 2020

Susan was lovely the first person who given me a reading quickly and acutely she was very caring too. Thank you Susan

Sarah - 14 Juli 2020

Very accurate👌👌👌

Kale - 11 Juli 2020

Susan is so warm and understanding. She really helped my situation and made me feel safe.

Michaela - 11 Juli 2020

So glad I chose Susan to give me my reading today. She was very compassionate and understanding plus gave me lots of insight to my questions. I definitely recommend her and will speak to her again soon xx thank you x

Jo - 10 Juli 2020

Susan is a lovely lady and gave a very positive reading. Didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear...she told me what I needed to hear! I would recommend Susan. Thank you x

Amy - 9 Juli 2020

Am hpy that his in peace ....Thank you SO much for helping me with that minute

Mihloti - 8 Juli 2020

Absolutely loved her she helped me feel calm about my life

Joyce - 7 Juli 2020

I was impressed by Susan. She was very thorough. I will definitely be getting another reading.

Androulla - 4 Juli 2020

She was just great.

Tamaira - 2 Juli 2020

Spot on and one of the best on here!

Lien - 1 Juli 2020

Thank you for guidance such a relatable reading

Chelsea - 23 Juni 2020

Susan was pretty accurate. Got me thinking.

Patricia - 20 Juni 2020

I feel like I have gained a lot of clarity and had my mind put greatly at ease, thank you. Just what I needed in the moment of my life.

Rebecca - 18 Juni 2020

I felt the connection with Susan and it was a great experience. I wish I could have more time and it would be great if somehow it could be voice reading rather than texting. She certainly is very talented and I am happy to give her the best feedback. Thank you kindly for your service

Elizabeth - 14 Juni 2020

Susan is lovely and really reassuring. A lovely breath of fresh air from my bad experience before. Thank you for a lovely reading. :)

Dawn - 9 Juni 2020

Honest and insightful. Thank you for your time and patience with me

Gabriella - 4 Juni 2020