6 Signs its Real Love

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I’ve got some great and not so great news. First, the great news is that the first signs of falling in love are easy to identify. The not so great news is that those first signs are not often real, and many of us must have realised this. However, you don’t always have to be caught in this river of doubt if you can tell when its real and when it’s just make believe.
If you ask 80 people who are currently in a relationship what the most important part of it was, a good number of them will echo sex with their partner. And most of the time, such people are usually just new partners, where the feelings can be very misleading, where jealousy is rife, butterflies are cool and often-obsessive thinking. But that is only their body saying they have found a compatible sexual partner. However, sex is a terrible metric for true love. Below are six signs that can tell you if you’re just lovestruck or if it’s true love.

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1. It Gets Better and Easier
At first, it’s a lot of work, but the good thing is that love gets easier as the days go by. This doesn’t mean that both of you will have it easy happily ever after, but that you’ll reach a point where you will find that you know each other well. At this point, your communication will be much better, you both will learn how to shift grounds, and there will be a real sense of contentment, happiness and security. Once you get to this point, life becomes easier and better for both of you.

2. The Early Lustful Feelings Morph into Contentment
Compared to the lustful and passionate days, being content in love might seem less appealing. But that lust and passion in the early days were not accurate indicators for love. It was merely a fleeting moment of pleasure that was bound to always pass. On the other hand, one of the real signs of true love is that you feel happiness, contentment and well-being. This is the actual gratifying stage of true love, and at this point, you can delve even deeper into each other to explore other parts of your relationship.

3. The Future Feels Decided
One sure real sign of true love is when you find yourself imagining a future with your partner. For instance, when you both plan for trips that are months away, going on long trips together and conversing about where you would both like to live in the future. Also, you see arguments and misunderstandings as something that will eventually be talked over and settled. You and your partner have this inherent understanding that whatever issues you face today will pass away soon, and your love will even grow stronger after every setback.

4. You’re Dedicated to The Other Person’s Happiness
Its real love when you can put aside your own joy and happiness for that of your partner. This is far from the deceitful act that some partners resort to in order to take advantage of the other person. Instead, this is a willing and conscious effort to unconditionally sacrifice your own pleasure in exchange for the happiness of the other person.

5. Your Love is Unconditional
Once the love or passion shared between two people is unconditional, then its real love. Thus, the love is not defined by money, looks or any other superficial factor. True love should be unconditional not deserved.

6. You’re Living “Happily Ever After”
Some people go scouting for a “happily ever after” kind of love. However, if you find yourself scrambling for articles on how to have better sex, how to ensure your partner remains loyal, or how to rekindle the passion in your five-year-old relationship, then these are major indicators that either or both of you have not gone past those young and lustful days.

True love is the kind that grows with time. True Love is the kind that transcends past the lustful first days and weeks into real contentment and security that brings months and years of real happiness. The signs to know if it’s real are not farfetched. However, the real question here is, are they present in your current relationship?

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33,333 reviews

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33,333 reviews

33,333 reviews