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Meditation, the act of periodically emptying the mind of frustrating thoughts to provoke some sort of inner peace is a process which dates back centuries but it still proves to be practical and worthwhile in our time.

We all deal with some sort of anxiety, especially those who live in major cities, we rise up early to catch the early bus in order to beat traffic, work round the clock to fulfill tasks, study for several hours to pass exams as the case may be or perhaps we may be dealing with illnesses. This can all be exhausting yet we still put up cheerful disposition, while this is great it is imperative for us to realize we have a breaking point no matter our level of perseverance.

Meditation helps in this regard; some might dismiss meditation as some invention of ancient bound practice but they should do well to realize that some medical practitioners have recommended it as a form of therapy for their patients, the benefit far outweighs the pain. Aside from those several individuals who have tried meditation attests to the powerful relief it brings to their lives. These include super successful business moguls such as Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and award-winning athlete Michael Jordan and lot more. Below few benefits of meditation are highlighted:

1.    Self-Discovery: This is the primary reason for meditation. No form of problems can be solved without identifying the problem. Meditation helps individuals discern what their biggest problem may be. While emptying the mind is challenging, it is, in fact, a process in meditation. If during meditation, you observe that a particular issue keeps crossing your mind you certainly should take note of it because solving it brings tremendous relief to your inner person.

2.    Increases Concentration: We all agree that concentration is greatly needed to attain success in any field we are engaged in. Meditation aids individuals with the short attention span to learn the ability to focus for long periods. Emptying your mind definitely is not an easy task but if it is attained, definitely a huge improvement would be noticed in your attentiveness. This is a necessity for students and workers.

3.    Addiction Control: We all have some form of negative behavior we definitely want to do away with. Whether we are trying to break free from smoking, binge drinking or any bad habits, meditating makes it easier to do so. Meditation arms you with the mental discipline required to build self-control to deal with addiction as well as unhealthful craving and habits. Aside from that it also gives you motivation which boosts your determination to break free from any addiction.

4.    Healthy Lifestyle: From physical health to mental wellbeing meditation plays a vital role in our health. When we take time out to calmly meditate, our blood pressure decreases and also our cognitive ability is at its peak. The mind is left to work while our hearts are less vulnerable to diseases triggered by increased blood pressure.

5.    Stress Reduction: Taking time out daily to can help rejuvenate the mind. It enables you to be more open-minded, possesses a positive outlook and keeps a cheerful disposition. Patients experiencing Post Traumatic Disorders (PTSD), Depression and any other stress disorder are encouraged to try it out. Specifically, Open Monitoring Meditation is recommended. It awakens your sense of awareness while placing emphasis on emotional and cognitive patterns. It is a simple process which takes a few seconds in a day to put into practice. Being conscious of breathing, heartbeat rate, body warmth and lots more are just a few aspects of this sort of meditation.

6.    Effective Pain Control: While we all process information differently, the same is true of pain. Our current state of mind plays a large factor in how we percept pain. An individual in a healthy state of mind will manage pain effectively compared to individuals in a confused or discouraged state of mind. Pain triggered by emotional or health issues can be effectively managed by the use of any form of meditation. This thus makes it a vital tool for patients suffering from chronic illnesses whether terminal or not. It also reduces your sensitivity to pain.

7.    Improved Emotional Wellbeing: Some individual perception of themselves are really discouraging, Individuals as such tend to be vulnerable to depression, possess low self-esteem and lack self-confidence. With meditation these ones can be able to have a better self-image of themselves, possess a positive outlook on trivial matters in life. Optimism will be a characteristic frequently exhibited by such ones. A lot of problems we face as individuals can be abated or effectively managed with meditation. It also widens the secluded emotional space these ones have confined themselves into. With the absence of virtually any major problems, these individuals have a better outlook on life.

8.    Improved Relationship: Meditation removes barriers and constraints in relationships of any sort be it romantic, business or platonic. Individuals with a healthy mindset will respond wisely to harsh words, choose words carefully, pay close attention to other peoples behaviors and other nonverbal communications. Communication techniques are improved, cognitive abilities are increased and less friction and verbal arguments are part of the lives of those who make meditation a part of their lives. Married couples, business moguls as well as students will greatly benefit from the wide range of benefits meditation presents aside this.

We 've discussed some of the benefits meditation presents, these really is one which no doubt will benefit you. But some may wonder that meditation takes a great deal of time. It is necessary for such ones to know that meditation is in different forms, while some require you taking time to engage in them others can be done in few seconds even while you are involved in other activities. Meditation such as open monitoring meditation which includes being conscious of a pace of breathing, heartbeat rate and lot more can be done while reading, typing or walking. For you to succeed, build a long-lasting relationship, Cope with significant illnesses, improve your grades, make though business decision meditation will definitely be necessary.

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