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What can I do for you?
I am here to answer any question you may have, I can restore peace of mind, uplift you and guide you. I am a very popular and trusted medium with a unique and accurate style of working. I have a huge following and an exceptional reputation for accuracy and honesty. I Specialise in love and relationships and am also a dream analyst, I can cover every aspect of your life journey. I am here to guide you, and answer your questions with guidance, clarity and direction.

My method

My method of working is tuning into your own energy, or the person who you are asking me about. I prefer to work with a photo and a photo of someone who is involved in the question (when this is the case). In the Mediumchat system you can easily upload photos that I can see in real time. Most of the time, insights and answers are immediately brought up that you can move forward with. To ensure a quick reply I answer as quickly as I can type.

About me

I am professional Psychic Medium and spirit artist, I have been working as a medium for over twenty years. I come from a long line of mediums in my family, and discovered my wonderful gift at an early age, I have worked live on platform, and also one to one. I am also a Reiki healer and Spirit Artist.

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Gifts and methods:

  • Dream analysis
  • Contact with animals
  • Photo reading
  • Love coach
  • Relationship coach


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I give advice
  • For a proper chat
I am here to answer any question you may have, I can restore peace of mind, uplift you and guide you. I am a very popular and trusted medium with a unique and accurate style of working. I have a huge following and an exceptional reputation for accuracy and honesty. I Specialise in love and relationships and am also a dream analyst, I can cover every aspect of your life journey. I am here to guide you, and answer your questions with guidance, clarity and direction.
My method of working is tuning into your own energy, or the person who you are asking me about. I prefer to work with a photo and a photo of someone who is involved in the question (when this is the case). In the Mediumchat system you can easily upload photos that I can see in real time. Most of the time, insights and answers are immediately brought up that you can move forward with. To ensure a quick reply I answer as quickly as I can type.
I am professional Psychic Medium and spirit artist, I have been working as a medium for over twenty years. I come from a long line of mediums in my family, and discovered my wonderful gift at an early age, I have worked live on platform, and also one to one. I am also a Reiki healer and Spirit Artist.
English speaking psychic US psychic Canadian psychic

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220 reviews

Was definitely on point!

Crystal - 22 September 2023

Omg. She told me what I needed to hear! Things I knew to my core but couldn’t prove but she said it all. Everything I was feeling and what those people closest to me were trying to tell me. She is really good! Thank you Andrea 🙏🏼

Ann - 16 September 2023

She was spot on without me saying too much, quite scary!! I tried to come back but couldn’t.

Barbi - 15 September 2023

Amanda, you have been my absolute guiding light through this emotional turmoil..... thank you..... I'm continuing to learn so much about myself.....

Emma - 12 September 2023

She is always amazing

Daniela - 8 September 2023

Thanks Andrea... sorry got distracted but will come back🙂

Evelyn* - 7 September 2023

Thank you again for the insight and guidance!!

Rachael - 27 Augustus 2023

Absolutely incredible. She was on point without a doubt. And very encouraging and insightful. I will definitely come back in the future to Andrea for more insight as she is extremely amazing at what she does! Very in touch

Rachael - 24 Augustus 2023

Andrea, you have been spot on every single time and thank you for helping me navigate this very emotional and difficult time..... so interesting what you sense and what you know.....

Emma - 20 Augustus 2023

Andrea was amazing! Spot on with everything and got to the point to answer the questions I needed clarification on. I am so grateful. Kind and compassionate, clear and direct. I’m so pleased I chose her. Can’t recommend highly enough xxx

Cheree - 20 Augustus 2023

Really listened to me, got me to get out what's been going on, and helped me realize, what I can do for myself and not to be afraid, thanks

Jai - 13 Augustus 2023

Thank you Andrea... somethings that Andrea has picked up over the past weeks about my love has been cofirmed by them today... just goes to show Andrea knows exactly what she talking about. Thank you again 100% trust in you🙂

Evelyn* - 12 Augustus 2023

Thank you Andrea. Always kind and empathetic x

Holz - 8 Augustus 2023

Thank you Andrea... chat is never long enough but i know you are always there and i appreciate the time we do have.

Evelyn* - 4 Augustus 2023

Was very accurate

Angelique - 2 Augustus 2023

Love speaking to Andrea! Lovey woman. Easy to tlk to! And spot on

Amy - 1 Augustus 2023

Andrea by far is my favourite reader I always come to her with accurate readings.

Rozina - 31 Juli 2023

she is really honest and quickly response. Somtimes hurt my heart but make me move on and positve thanks a lot!!!!!

MEGUMI - 28 Juli 2023

Thank you Andrea... you confirm so much of how i feel about things. Good or bad i 100% trust your insight you pick up on things no one else can... again thank you

Evelyn* - 27 Juli 2023


Jennifer - 24 Juli 2023

Very spot on and lovely read. Thank you. I will definitely be back. :)

Dena - 21 Juli 2023

Sorry I ran out of credits just as you were typing something but thank you..... Very thorough..... Thank you

Emma - 17 Juli 2023

Was so lovely :) and helpful thank you x

Amy - 13 Juli 2023

Sorry i ran out of credit but i will come back to continue our chat 😊

Evelyn* - 13 Juli 2023

Thank you Andrea. You confirmed what I already knew deep down. Thank you for your kind words and honesty. I will continue my healing journey and keep moving forward 💜

Kirsten - 8 Juli 2023

Again as always have enjoyed my talk with Andrea... thank you.

Evelyn* - 5 Juli 2023

A beautiful reading, Andrea is an amazing and spot on. I would definitely be back. Once again, thank you! 🥰

Barbara - 4 Juli 2023


Rachel - 29 Juni 2023

Excellent! Could not be happier with the outcome of my experience. Will definitely be back to follow up with Andrea!

Brooke - 29 Juni 2023

Pick up on my energy real quick knew things before we I asked very good thank you for your help

Kendra - 29 Juni 2023

Thank you Andrea 😊... although tough every word was true... from the beginning yrs ago, I kinda knew but refused to look at the truth . Cuz his wounded soul kept bringing me back to what didn't belong to me. He chose his life... and emotionally brought me into his when he wanted or needed something... thank you so much for letting me get back to my soul... that what was what ppl get attracted to, cuz they want something they can't have... and don't realize what they do... I heard you. I tried to tell him that yrs ago... yes... it's his time. As it will be my time. Thank you so much Andrea. I can truly step back now. Peace... that I didn't do much wrong.. lol 💕

Wendy - 21 Juni 2023

Excellent reading, everything that was said was spot on

Liam - 18 Juni 2023

I am so happy we are both on the same page again because i never want to loose the friendship and connection i have towards Andrea... she is one i very much trust and always will even with things i may not want to hear lol, she is genuine with her gift. Thankyou Andrea. 💜

Evelyn* - 16 Juni 2023

Honest, straight-forward and friendly. Tells you how it is and doesn't sugar-coat it! Thanks so much, it's refreshing!

AMY JO - 29 Mei 2023

Andrea , is so caring and supportive .. I have always felt calm after speaking to her. Thank you Andrea for always listening out to me and guiding me .. ❤️

AS - 24 Mei 2023

Hope she's right

Amanda - 11 Mei 2023

Very honest with what she said and I appreciated that. Shame i couldn't talk longer with her. Definitely recommend.

Kellie - 10 Mei 2023

She is one of the best !

Daniela - 4 Mei 2023

I reached out to Andrea again after loving our chat the other day. I wanted to get some more insight into my poi. She was kind, honest, quick and very accurate with her reading. Gave me the hope I wanted to keep going on this path I'm on. Thank you Andrea💜 I definitely recommend !

Diane - 26 April 2023

I reached out to Andrea again after loving our chat the other day. I wanted to get some more insight into my poi. She was kind, honest, quick and very accurate with her reading. Gave me the hope I wanted to keep going on this path I'm on. Thank you Andrea💜 I definitely recommend !

Diane - 26 April 2023

Andrea was great. Quick to respond, very empathetic and gave me great hope💜

Diane - 24 April 2023


Deepa - 15 April 2023

Dear Andrea, thank you for sharing your insights. You are exceptionally intuitive with a very accurate perception, and it comes through quickly. Your words gave me a lot of strength, and I felt better that things will get better in my life. Thank you! God bless!

Deepa - 15 April 2023

Andrea is amazing. My husband came through and everything she said was spot and she would never have know the things that came across Just gutted that I lost the transcript for my chat this morning I was going to treasure it Thank you xxx

Clairelv4 - 14 April 2023

Thank you again, Andrea. I value our chats so much and you are so incredibly thoughtful with your answers and very very accurate. So many things you have said over the past months have come true. You have been such a trusted advisor and I appreciate all of your kindness and wisdom.

Sea - 14 April 2023

I am absolutely speechless by Andrea gift. She had someone very special who had passed many years ago to let me know that i was on the right path and had their love support and guidance. I have never felt this much at peace with myself in a very long time. Thank you Andrea and our special visitor, i will always be grateful. and exited for the future.😇🥰💜

Evelyn C - 13 April 2023

Very honest straight forward reading knew the situation well before I could say much xx if you could pm on the last bit you were typing I would appreciate it thanks xx ❤️

Jean - 10 April 2023

Absoultely good. Feeling better after having a nice reading.

Ethel - 10 April 2023

My fav as always! Thank you my dear. Sorry I couldn’t say bye to you. Waiting for the exciting challenges ahead! ❤️

Sara - 8 April 2023

She is adorable ! 5 🌟

Daniela - 4 April 2023

She was amazing. Nonjudgmental, honest and direct. Great reading. Will be back again.

Toby - 23 Maart 2023

I had to end the chat (interrupted) but i am thankful to your helpand will be back Andrea. 🙂

Evelyn C - 23 Maart 2023

Thank you so much for the reading, it's helped so much Sorry credit went as you were typing the last message reply x

Clare - 14 Maart 2023

It was nice talking to Andrea..she was so accurate and to the point.she was quick in replying msgs.thanks

Raveena - 14 Maart 2023

Lovely & very understanding

Jay - 4 Maart 2023

Lovely & very understanding

Jay - 4 Maart 2023

Wonderful first reading thank you ✨️💫

Sarah - 3 Maart 2023

Andrea was very kind and precise with me, answering all my questions. Thank you

Sara - 27 Februari 2023

Thank you so so much Andrea:):)

Akheel - 21 Februari 2023

Just love my readings and chats with Andrea. She is such a kind, wise lady. I always feel calm once we’ve spoken. Thank you as always Andrea xx

Louisa - 18 Februari 2023


Cathy - 15 Februari 2023

Amazing I just can’t afford to keep chatting sadly 😩 xxxx

Jessica - 27 Januari 2023

Amazing as always!! Thank you Andrea 🌹

SK - 21 Januari 2023

Andrea is great, I will most definitely be coming back to her for more guidance. I got the answers I needed and my thoughts were confirmed. Thank you Andrea 💗

Tania - 18 Januari 2023

I’ve been coming to Andrea for nearly a year. It’s like talking to your inner friend. Kind, honest and able to give messages from beyond. I can’t quite believe that you got my perfume tonight. Wow! Thanks so much Andrea and sorry for dropping off, kids wanted a story 🤦🏻‍♀️😘 xxxx

Louisa - 15 Januari 2023

Andrea was amazing :) thank you so much for checking everything for me in so much detail

Maria - 15 Januari 2023

Absolutely amazing, very insightful, definitely recommend Andrea, I got my answers , I love how Andrea is very truthful and tells you so , I wanted the truth , straight to the point of your question, thank you so much x🙏🫶🏻

Karen - 10 Januari 2023

Very good reading and very accurate.

Latesharwilliams - 9 Januari 2023

Thank you Anread for your patience and kindness no matter what!! ❤️ Your predictions started to u fold 🤞🤞

SK - 8 Januari 2023

Sadly ran out of credit again lol... thank you Andrea for your time. I hope things progress further.

Evelyn - 8 Januari 2023

Thank you so much Andrea for your reading, your a very lovely person and you were point on in the situations and character of the persons i asked about. Thank you so much. I will return for sure for another reading ❤ Xx

Barbara - 5 Januari 2023

Long time since last chat but very positive thank you

Evelyn - 5 Januari 2023

Thank you for your guidance and patience Andrea🌹

SK - 1 Januari 2023

100% accurate, with fine details. Highly recommended x

Andrea - 31 December 2022

I love Andrea! She tuned into exactly what was happening in my life. I appreciate everything that you said. Simply amazing. I really hope he straightens out and changes his mind. I'm totally in love and that will never change. Thank you so much. Happy holidays!

Dena - 20 December 2022

Thank you for great insight much needed at this point 💕💯

Cathy - 20 December 2022

So accurate I feel that she would have given so much more insight had I had a longer reading

Shelley - 14 November 2022

Andrea was just absolutely amazing! She amazed me with some of the things she picked up! She’s really gave me a boost in what I needed to hear. Look forward to talking again soon ❤️

Kelly - 13 November 2022

Andrea is such a warm and understanding person. She makes sure you understand her point even if you are upset. She is very accurate and she when she gives you timeline she is on point. Thanks again friend!

LaToya - 1 November 2022

Another awesome chat with Andrea. Very open and honest with her reading and great that my gut feeling matches what she sees regarding my POI. I will be back to let you know how the work function goes. LOL 💙💙

Justine - 31 Oktober 2022

She knew what she was talking about before I even asked her she was absolutely amazing I trust a believer

Alexzandria - 24 Oktober 2022

As always, Andrea provided me with clarity and some real truths. I love that she also gives me practical advice! On another note, a month ago she predicted something for me with respect to my career that came true ☺️

Annabelle - 16 Oktober 2022

I love speaking to Andrea. She's a beautiful soul that is so compassionate and warm. She provides clarification and advice that I really value. The time ran out on my last question if it's possible could you reply to that. I didn't even have time to tell you how thankful I am for being so supportive and kind. Sending you much love and respect ❤️

Ruhena/Lily - 14 Oktober 2022

I was cut off from my last chat with Andrea, and will be continuing my conversation with her soon, but I wanted to take the time to thank her so much for her time, energy and perspective, but most of all her patience. I’ve been speaking to Andrea for a good five months now and she has been an amazing guide; I simply can’t thank her enough. She has told me some truths that I wasn’t necessarily ready to hear, but why that does tell me is that she’s honest and there’s no BS in her readings. Two things she’s predicted have now materialised and I’m currently going through another life situation, which means that she is of course my go to person. I know I will receive honest and accurate advice/predictions, all whilst feeling heard. Highly recommend!

Annabelle - 5 Oktober 2022

Im learning alot more regarding the one i love through my chats with Andrea. Very much what i feel and see, she confirms. Thank you

Evelyn - 1 Oktober 2022

What can I say about Andrea. She has been a rock to me for the past 15 months or so. I have tried many mediums on here and she is by FAR one of the best and accurate. She has been kind, non-judgemental, truthful and so spot on about people's energies and characters. She read my ex to a T as if she personally knew him like she now knows me. Andrea, I don't know what I would do without you and so grateful to of found you. I'm going to do the cord cutting this week. Will let you know how I get on. xx

Holz - 24 September 2022

Will definitely follow her advice...

Evelyn - 24 September 2022

Amazing... Andrea picked up on the name of who was in the way of myself and my POI i have never had that detail from anyone before. I can't even describe my experience with her. Andrea and her guides are amazing so gifted. Thank you💜

Evelyn - 24 September 2022

Thankyou 💖 will be back💕

Cathy - 20 September 2022

Thank you Andrea. Sorry, run out of credit. It would be great if you can private message me the last question. Thanks

Adelyn - 15 September 2022

Thanks for the advice and guidance. Are you able to finish off what you were saying in a private message please? Thanks again:)

Sarah - 2 September 2022

Andrea. Since we spoke this morning I have discovered he has reverted back to old ways and seeking attention elsewhere. Heartbroken to say the least. Speak soon lovely

Holz - 1 September 2022

Very good thank you Andrea

Evelyn - 24 Augustus 2022

Thank you so much for your reading I have had a couple readings very spot on fast I will be back thank you again

Jody - 22 Augustus 2022

Gave me a lot of really helpful insight into how to improve my current relationship. Didn’t sugar coat things and told me things as they are. Will definitely be following her advice and hope for a positive outcome. Thank you

Sarah - 19 Augustus 2022

First time chatting with Andrea, a very lovely lady. She shared alot that made alotbof sense. I will come back and chat more. Thank you Andrea 🙂

Evelyn - 17 Augustus 2022

Hi Andrea it was lovely speaking to you as always. Please could you give me the last answer you were typing away I would greatly appreciate it. As always you were brilliant. Looking forward to chatting soon. Sending you love and respect.

Lily - 16 Augustus 2022

Andrea has helped me in trouble times with prediction and good advice. I recommend her. She's brilliant

Ruhena - 14 Augustus 2022

Andrea❤️❤️❤️ I'm lost for words. What would I do without you? Fantastic reading, guidance and advice. Waiting for prediction to come pass.

Ruhena - 11 Augustus 2022

Amazing So accurate about the man we were discussing and so helpful

Sue - 10 Augustus 2022

I couldn't have found peace and clarity without Andrea😭 Thank you so much for being a blessing in disguise

Ruhena - 4 Augustus 2022

thank you so much, Andrea, for your continued guidance and support. You are always so accurate and get the situation amazingly quick. I also appreciate how kind and patient you are you. I will always come back!

Seea - 3 Augustus 2022

Awesome job

Annika - 1 Augustus 2022

What would I do without Andrea? She's been kind supportive and a pillar of strength. Always came away with peace and clarity after a conversation with Andrea.

Ruhena - 27 Juli 2022

Another reading with Andrea, and it’s honestly amazing how she does what she does. She’s been working with me for some time now and she’s been a trusted guide and counsellor. Very accurate from what I’ve seen so far and highly recommend!

Annabelle - 22 Juli 2022

Andrea is probably the best medium on here. I value her honesty and her empathy; couldn’t ask for anything more!

Annabelle - 18 Juli 2022

Another wonderful reading,I've no words how lovely she is,honest and things she has said have come to pass. I love speaking to Andrea I always feel better, she doesn't sugar coat too but gives honest advice. Thank you so much as always, I always look forward to speaking. Im definitely on the right track now thanks to her xx

Danni - 18 Juli 2022

Thank you so much. I'm feeling really happy and hopeful after out chat. Xx

Claire - 17 Juli 2022

She was right on the money....AGAIN. she told me how my partner would feel about my unexpected news and it was bang on. Andrea, he couldnt hide his happiness and I am still in shock at the news, his recation and the fact you keep prediciting correcrly for me and him 😂 will talk to you very soon x

Holz - 17 Juli 2022

I just love Andrea! She is one of the best here! She's kind, emphatic and explains situations with much clarity! I come away from my chat with Andrea with peace and a big smile. Thank you Andrea. You deserve to be praised much much more. Sending you love.

Lily - 16 Juli 2022

Comforting and truthful reading from Andrea. I really appreciate it. Andrea, you asked me why am I the way I am at the moment....well....after our chat I found out why my hormones are all over the place these past couple weeks.... Will talk to you soon lovely x

Holz - 15 Juli 2022

What a wonderful chat i had with andrea very straight forward and got me to the place i need to be in my heart and in my mind i can not thank her enough

Laura - 15 Juli 2022

Andrea is a voice of reason in a sea of mess. She is able to calmly and respectfully work with you to help you through your issues. She’s picked up on so many things that are true or become true. I keep coming back to her because she truly provides clarity and insight. The best person on here!

Annabelle - 13 Juli 2022

Another wonderful reading honestly I don't know what I'd do without speaking to Andrea. My go to for a read and always there when I need. So much of what she's said has come to pass and been true without me saying anything. Please have a read with her you won't be disappointed. Thank you Andrea, since us chatting you've been amazing to me you've brought me much peace and happiness. Thank you and its good to know I'm on the right track Much love , Danni xx

Danni - 12 Juli 2022

Andrea was right in what I was thinking I need to chat to her soon she is a lovely lady glad to have come across her she’s

PATTINA - 11 Juli 2022

Spot on again, honestly don't know what I'd do without Andrea always gives me clarity and makes me feel better. Definitely speak to her you won't be disappointed currently trying to catch up with her again now xx much love to you Andrea and thanks so much, not only do you help me i feel ive made a friend.

Danni - 5 Juli 2022

Andrea has been the most accurate medium on here for me. Not only accurate but also kind, non judgemental and honest. For the past 12 months, she has been by my side and never made me feel uncomfortable or silly when I have my emotional relapses. From someone who has had readings for 18 months from multiple people on this website, I can honestly say to please give Andrea a go , she is a real gem and non generic and I'm so glad to of met her❤️

Holz - 5 Juli 2022

Why isn't there a excellent option or out of this world brilliant option because that's what this lady is!!! I simply love her! She brings you peace gives you advice and listens to understand what is it that you are wanting to find out. Sending you positive vibes Andrea.❤️❤️

Ruhena - 4 Juli 2022

Andrea is more than a medium. She is a coach and a guide and does what she does with so much care and compassion. Highly highly recommend a reading with her!

Annabelle - 3 Juli 2022

Andrea is the most incredible, honest, open, loveable, talented, forgiving, approachable, sympathetic, empathetic, nonjudgemental, heartfelt, kindest, funny, very funny at times, understanding, philosophical, genuine, very talented, non egotistic, humanistic, loveable, passionate, giving, sensitive and loving person you are going to meet on this platform. She's not just for Christmas she's here for you almost every day. Your money will not be wasted, I promise you, it will be the most uplifting experience of your week, year or life. She's so lovely and she knows how I feel about her, read above. She's a very special person x

Stephen - 1 Juli 2022

Andrea is just amazing full stop! 🧡

Holly - 28 Juni 2022

Amazing Andrea shared very important information made my mind at ease

Deborah - 26 Juni 2022

I love this lady! So compassionate and kind. Her conversations bring you peace and clarity. She knows stuff you haven't said. Please try Andrea you won't be disappointed, you'll go back to your daily life with peace and clarity.

Ruhena - 25 Juni 2022

Had to come back to Andrea she is absolutely amazing! If you want peace and clarity Andrea is the person you need. The reading was clear with compassion and explanation. Good advice given which I will follow through. Waiting for all your predictions to come pass. Thank you Andrea from the bottom of my heart. I'm feeling so overwhelmed with emotions it means alot to hear word's of compassion from someone. God bless you. Sending you positive vibes.

Lily - 23 Juni 2022

Thank you so much Andrea,You really understand me adn gave me good advices.Many blessings

Silvia - 22 Juni 2022

She is outstanding! A brilliant reading I had with her. She's really compassionate and caring. I loved talking to her. My credit ran out I had a lot more to ask. She's the real deal. Waiting and hoping for the prediction to pass. Sending you love beautiful lady. Thank you again for your kindness.

Lily - 22 Juni 2022

I am writing this review with the hope that if you are using this platform for the first time and you are looking at who to chat with, please search no more and start your conversation with the lovely Andrea. I promise you this will have such an impact on your life. I know you are not here to meet lovely people but Andrea is so lovely, talented and so empathetic it will leave you with so much comfort within yourself. Andrea told me things, without promoting, that left me speechless. Her approach to you as a person is one of harmony and heartfelt. She is the most extraordinary person I've never met with incredible ability and aura. Take a breath, don't be nervous, let Andrea feel your energy and let her guide you. Just go with it and you will be. so relieved you found someone that understands what your going through. Thank you Andrea for being the loveliest person and offering so much guidance and comfort through this difficult time. You have changed my perspective on life and most importantly the person that I love and will be eternally grateful for that. God bless you and we will talk soon☘️ x

Stephen - 22 Juni 2022

The secession brought insight to my life

Jacky - 8 Juni 2022

I have had multiple conversations with Andrea about an ongoing situation. I have no idea how things are going to play out, but Andrea’s advice and counsel are the only things that are getting me through it. She’s genuinely lovely and very quick at responding. My go to person on here!

Annabelle - 7 Juni 2022

Andrea is very kind and honest

Kiran - 22 Mei 2022

Always a pleasure to speak with Andrea. She’s so wonderfully gifted, kind and patient. Her help for my situation has been remarkable, thank you so much! Let’s hope things keep going the way you’ve predicted xx

Louisa - 20 Mei 2022

I really loved it,I feel more motivated and positive🙏🏽Thank you

Silvia - 20 Mei 2022

Always a pleasure to speak to Andrea xx

Nicky - 15 Mei 2022

Excellent reading thank you xx

Nicky - 13 Mei 2022

Would love to know more very good

Carly - 8 Mei 2022

LOVE Andrea. Today I had a conversation with my POI who said Andrea's exact words in regards to needing to make room for his " Holly Time ". He also confirmed everything else that Andrea had reassured me about that had me worried. When it comes to reading people Andrea is so so good...even when you don't want her to be right, she is. She helped me see the light on a toxic person in my life and given me strength. Thank you so much ❤️

Holly - 3 Mei 2022

Thanks Andrea, another excellent reading. You are amazing at making me feel much better xx

Nicky - 29 April 2022

Thanks Andrea. Shame we got cut off at the end due to my credits running out. Interesting that you picked up on my partner's mental health and his mother. I'm really hoping he will return to me and our baby. Shame I didn't get to see all if your advice at the end . I would like to talk again soon once I can afford to add more credits.

Emilywalker81 - 21 April 2022

Another great read, spot on again and gave me clarity on my qs. Fast typer and things said have come to pass. Blew me away with the things she knew that were true...down the line they were exactly what happened. Speak to Andrea you won't be disappointed. Shes amazing, I really enjoy our chats they help me alot. Thank you Andrea xx

Danni - 16 April 2022

Andrea clarified a few things and made me feel alot happier I hope she's right in what she said 🙏

Samanthabarker1977 - 14 April 2022

Lovely lady wish I had more time with her ☹️

Samanthabarker1977 - 14 April 2022

Just a lovely lady

Paula - 7 April 2022

Amazing read, spot on and told me things that she would not have known. Didn't sugar-coat and gave me great advice. Highly recommended, also what she said came to pass too! Absolutely brilliant read,so kind and would definitely be back and highly recommend x thanks so much Andrea!

Danni - 31 Maart 2022

Andrea was awesome. She made me feel at ease and picked up on my partner straight away.

Joy - 30 Maart 2022

Loved her

Latanyasmithreed - 22 Maart 2022

I really enjoyed my reading. Many things rang true!

Heather - 18 Maart 2022

Wow! Andrea picked up on my current situation without me saying a word. Thank you so much, you’ve given me the insight I was missing and I can now see where I’ve gone wrong Amazing and gifted lady xx ❤️

Gail - 17 Maart 2022

Andrea, you are awesome. I can relate to everything that you say. You have got all the issues and relevant people spot on. All my gut feelings about my POI you have clarified and confirmed. It is a really hard situation but I will keep being patient and see what eventuates. Talk soon 💕💕💕

Justine - 5 Maart 2022

Absolutely Amazing - Now my Favorite - I went in with a specific question that was answer, but Andrea is so amazing we actually got down to the real reason of my question. Truly amazing!!!!!

Samantha - 1 Maart 2022

She hit everything on the head

Mary - 24 Februari 2022

I ran out of time and money and wanted to know more, she was very good and spot on.

Raegan - 24 Februari 2022

Andrea, thanks for your help yesterday, we were cut off in the end but You were right with what you said so far and I will be back to continue the chat. Thanks xx

Gosia - 21 Februari 2022

I've been coming to Andrea for some time she's amazing accurate doesn't take long to connect to the situation and things have come to pass with her lovely lady lovely lady thank you so much for your time💌💌

Jody - 20 Februari 2022

So happy with the reading, unfortunately the credits I had for the chat gone too fast. Will come back soon again to continue.

Nina - 18 Februari 2022

She was very polite and warm and welcoming

Donna - 15 Februari 2022

Thank you Andrea ❤️

Jacqueline - 15 Februari 2022

Thank you for the reading, im sorry that i ran out of time, i think u told me what i always knew n always ignored out of hope in my situation. U were quick to the point and honest i recommend u to anyone who wants answers

Angela - 1 Februari 2022

Incredible reading from Andrea! She had me in tears. Honest, genuine and caring. Couldn’t recommend this lovely lady enough xx

Louisa - 25 Januari 2022

Lovely to speak to and talk through what’s going on and was able to confirm what my gut was feeling as well as give hope in a very insightful way

Melissa - 23 Januari 2022

Thank you for the chat. Andrea confirmed my thoughts in a situation. Good to have peace of mind. Also hope for the future Xx thank you a lovely reading

Robyn - 22 Januari 2022

Dear Andrea, thank you for sharing your insights.

Deepa - 6 Januari 2022

Love every conversation we have together. She is very in tune to me and my POI. I appreciate all of our time together.

Rita - 2 Januari 2022

Andrea had a great understanding of my situation and gave brilliant insight and advice.. thank you! Xx

Dawn - 30 December 2021

Andrea gave me a good reading and everything made sense. Fingers crossed things will work out for the future.

Sharon - 16 December 2021

Thank you so much for the amazing chat and reading ! Evrything you said was spot.on ! And hope the future is all great ! Xo

Jessica Goh - 14 December 2021

Excellent reader! Always on point, kind, empathetic, accurate and reassuring. Thank you 🌸🌸

SK - 6 December 2021

Awesome and so sweet and thank u!!!!

Shauntae - 29 November 2021

Thank you so much Andrea. I feel everything you said you understood and helped me feel.

Danielle - 26 November 2021

Amazing and spot on as always! ☀️☀️☀️

SK - 25 November 2021

Hey Andrea thank you goes far to quick , I’m half English half German lol . Wish time could go on a bit longer chatting to Andrea she is wonderful ❤️

Jacqueline - 21 November 2021

Loving, honest and clear

Orla - 21 November 2021


Jacqueline - 21 November 2021

What can I say one amazing lady love her honest helpful etc etc ❤️

Jacqueline - 19 November 2021

Wonderful lady with great advice ❤️

Jacqueline - 18 November 2021

Andrea was lovely. Spot on, picked up on both of our energies and gave great advice. I did what she advised and so far it’s working… hopefully the rest falls into place x thanks Andrea!

Esther - 18 November 2021

amazing lady!! love her

Catherine - 18 November 2021

Honest, compassionate, accurate and understanding. Highly recommended!!

SK - 17 November 2021

I felt so much honestly with Andrea. I didn’t feel I was being told what I wanted to hear. I was being told what I needed to hear. Thank you so much. It’s helped me so much

Emma - 16 November 2021

I really highly recommend this lady she is wonderful and amazing ❤️

Jacqueline - 12 November 2021

Thank you Andrea I will get back to you soon for more info , could have carried on talking you are amazing 💕

Jacqueline - 4 November 2021

Thank you so much Andrea for your honesty and compassion! Xx

SK - 3 November 2021

Cheers Andrea, oh you are amazing, you literally picked up on our energies…and forth so more…in such a short time…Grateful for your gifted self, very talented.. II will be speaking to you, when timing is favorable…This is my first time speaking to you…You are so kind, lovely person…Open and straight forward…You are Wonderful!! Xoxo

Zita - 29 Oktober 2021

Andrea is the most amazing reader, i unloaded from my soul the deep issue and she helped me through it, she is so healing and genuine and is very kind. I am really sorry to put alot on to you from the past, but really grateful to talk to you, thank you for everything you are an angel xxxxxxxx

Annoniem - 29 Oktober 2021

Thank u!!!! 😚

Shauntae - 29 Oktober 2021

Loved her and the results needed to hear that info..

Lara - 19 Oktober 2021

She was spot on and gonna confront my man today and I'll let you know more then

Jodyross32112 - 19 Oktober 2021

Thank you for wonderful reading Andrea please do kindly convey to my love that I love her deeply and I cant wait to be in her arms and that she must just stay very positive all is well and im with her and so happy and lu ky she wiith me. Take care Akheel

Akheel - 14 Oktober 2021

Spot on with everything!!! Thank you very much☀️☀️☀️

SK - 12 Oktober 2021

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Sahar - 12 Oktober 2021

One of the best and most accurate readings here … would definitely chat again !!

Debbie - 8 Oktober 2021

She made me feel at peace I love her for that❤️

Latoyakyles - 7 Oktober 2021

Thank you for sharing your insights. I realized that I asked you the same question may be a week ago. But you just responded to my questions. Thank you for your compassion and understanding.

Deepa - 3 Oktober 2021

Thanks Andrea for your insights and honest reading!! Much appreciated☀️

SK - 1 Oktober 2021

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Yazmin - 27 September 2021

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Hina - 25 September 2021

Dear Andrea, thank you for sharing your insights. I felt you were very honest, and your impressions were spot on. It gave me a sense of peace and confidence to stand up for myself in my own light. Blessings to you and your work...

Deepa - 25 September 2021

Dear Andrea, consulting you was very beneficial. All your insights were spot on, and I love that you expressed your thoughts with much clarity and detail. This gave me a feeling of reassurance and peace. Now I know how I can bring about balance and harmony in the whole situation. Thank you. Blessings to you and your work.....

Deepa - 19 September 2021

Thank you 😊 I needed them words!

Shauntae - 17 September 2021

Thank you so much beautiful, and I've reached out, with what you advised, cross fingers 😁

Rachel - 13 September 2021

Andrea makes me feel so much better and sees into my situation accurately.

Amy - 11 September 2021

Fabulous reading. 🙏

Madi - 9 September 2021

Was lovely speaking to Andrea today, she is a very genuine lady and she was reading from a photo of a poi and nailed her 100 percent. I appreciate your guidance and I've taken notes lol. Thanks again

Dean - 9 September 2021

Very good read and accurate fast typer too , very accurate about stuff without me saying...will definitely be back xx thanks

Danni - 5 September 2021

I have chills. She picked up on so many things. Definitely give her a chat. 💛

Melissa - 3 September 2021

What she said came to pass today the month she said it

Shauntae - 3 September 2021

She is a smart and intelligent lady. Talks positively and try to guide you in the best possible way. She knows the situation of the present and provides the information where a person can work and improve.

Richa - 1 September 2021

Thank you Andrea!! Spot on and no sugarcoating.

SK - 26 Augustus 2021

Thank you very much! I'm sorry that I had really so much to ask in the trial chat. Currently I'm unable to purchase credits, but will get back very soon :)

G - 22 Augustus 2021

Thank you you have given me much clarity while I had been clouded in my mind I now know what I have to do I will keep you in touch soon 💕😊

Travena - 18 Augustus 2021

Andrea is so kind and honest. I have anxiety and she made me feel alot better after our conversation that I'd been upset about for weeks.

Georgina - 17 Augustus 2021

Thank you for chatting again Andrea, and I apologise again for my rubbish memory lol. I suppose I will just have to see how things go :) Andrea is really nice and talks a lot of sense. Give her a go

Amy - 15 Augustus 2021


Aleksandra - 12 Augustus 2021

Great person to talk with. Really enjoyed my time with her.

Jenn - 10 Augustus 2021

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Vera - 9 Augustus 2021

Dear Andrea, consulting you was very beneficial. All your insights were spot on, and I love that you expressed your thoughts with much clarity and detail. This gave me a feeling of reassurance and peace. Thank you. Blessings to you and your work.....

Deepa - 6 Augustus 2021

She was great I’m happy

Shauntae - 3 Augustus 2021

She is amazing I had to go back to her I feel wonderful after I talk to her! Thank u so much!!! She can tell you about your dreams …….I knew I was close!! Thank u so much

Shauntae - 3 Augustus 2021

Thank you for being a lovely reader x

Annoniem - 29 Juli 2021


Kayci - 28 Juli 2021

Amazing reader and so lovely. Wish I could have carried on chatting. Thank you so much Andrea. Highly recommended and appreciated ❤️

Cheryl - 28 Juli 2021