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Gifts and methods:
  • Tarot cards
  • Lenormand cards
  • Cognitive therapist
  • Psychic
  • Relationship coach
  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Detailed
  • With humor where possible

What can I do for you?
Do you feel like you've hit a brick wall and don't know which way out or, what to expect? Maybe you just need some insight or advice? By connecting to your personal energy I am able to get to the crux of your problem/s and get the clarification you need. My emphatic ability allows me to really feel which way to go in getting you the insight you need to move along if you feel stuck in a situation. Sometimes I may use the tarot or Lenormand cards as tools but, I am open and very straightforward.

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Nothing you ask can or will upset or surprise me so, anything goes. I always try to give you as much as I can get and may at times, ask for a photo of yourself and anyone else involved in the question (if needed). In the Mediumchat system, it is very easy to upload photos that I can see in real time. To ensure a quick reply to you, I type as fast as I can and according to the amount of immediate information I get. Leaving a review will help me provide a better service to you after a reading xx

About me

I was born into a family with a great grandmother that was very well known as psychic but, where the men were mostly the ones with the gift to see and talk to spirit. My own path to realizing that I too have gifts, came to me after having been in an accident and then one day noticing that I pick up on energy from people close to me and even objects with remnant energies still on them. At first, I thought I was crazy but that piqued my interest in the world of spirit and psychics and, the more I

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Gifts and methods:

  • Tarot cards
  • Lenormand cards
  • Cognitive therapist
  • Psychic
  • Relationship coach


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Detailed
  • With humor where possible
Do you feel like you've hit a brick wall and don't know which way out or, what to expect? Maybe you just need some insight or advice? By connecting to your personal energy I am able to get to the crux of your problem/s and get the clarification you need. My emphatic ability allows me to really feel which way to go in getting you the insight you need to move along if you feel stuck in a situation. Sometimes I may use the tarot or Lenormand cards as tools but, I am open and very straightforward.
Nothing you ask can or will upset or surprise me so, anything goes. I always try to give you as much as I can get and may at times, ask for a photo of yourself and anyone else involved in the question (if needed). In the Mediumchat system, it is very easy to upload photos that I can see in real time. To ensure a quick reply to you, I type as fast as I can and according to the amount of immediate information I get. Leaving a review will help me provide a better service to you after a reading xx
I was born into a family with a great grandmother that was very well known as psychic but, where the men were mostly the ones with the gift to see and talk to spirit. My own path to realizing that I too have gifts, came to me after having been in an accident and then one day noticing that I pick up on energy from people close to me and even objects with remnant energies still on them. At first, I thought I was crazy but that piqued my interest in the world of spirit and psychics and, the more I
English speaking psychic US psychic South Africa psychic

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324 reviews

Great reading.I feel like i have known her for years.Shame time in here is way too short but Carol is one of the best need to try

Nora - 29 September 2023

Great reading as usual, really easy to talk to and encouraging, just missed your last comment Would you be able to just send me your last comment via email if possible, it would be much appreciated

Kevin - 27 September 2023

Love this read,thanks a lot Carol

Barbara - 25 September 2023

Blown away from my reading off Carol , amazing insight and clarity, had a laugh as well , definitely recommend, Carol is a lovely person and how she relays the messages to you is wonderful, Thanks Karen

Karen - 22 September 2023

Love chatting with carol Like talking to a old friend She remembers previous conversations and gives good advice Fingers crossed

Toni - 17 September 2023

Loved this read. Thank you so much

Dena - 12 September 2023

Lots of info hope comes true !! Can you send through your last reply pleasev

Toni - 11 September 2023

Great reading Gave lots of positive news

Toni - 9 September 2023

Very accurate with my situation and honest reading!!!

Michael - 5 September 2023

Very kind and accurate sorry we did not have enough time thankyou for your guidance very grateful x

Nicky - 2 September 2023

Always amazing

Dena - 29 Augustus 2023

Thank you so much. I always love our readings. You give me hope. Love you

Dena - 21 Augustus 2023

Carol says it how it is ,no sugar coat.100%accurate

Nora - 4 Augustus 2023

Carol was really friendly, accurate and honest, will definitely be back and would reccomend

Charlotte - 4 Augustus 2023

GOD BLESS YOU BEAUTIFUL. thank you for all of your wisdom.

Dena - 4 Augustus 2023

Very intuitive.. accurate reading. Recommend Carol, had a great reading!

Lula - 2 Augustus 2023

Amazing chat! It’s been great to be able to chat with you. Thank you for your help. Will definitely come back

Michelle - 19 Juli 2023

Thank you!😊

Pretty - 9 Juli 2023

Amazing chat! Truly a blessing to have been able to chat with you and will definitely be back! Your really are amazing 🤩

Liz - 9 Juli 2023

She’s good

Amelia - 8 Juli 2023

Always love our readings. My daughter got engaged yesterday! So the wedding thing came true

Dena - 3 Juli 2023

One of my best reads ever. Thank you sweetheart. Love u

Dena - 30 Juni 2023

Very nice person, great avice ,accurate

Nora - 29 Juni 2023

Very kind, funny and beautiful as usual. Carol is really lovely to speak with. A few readings have come to make perfect sense as predictions pass. :) I’m sorry I couldn’t come back tonight my love. But you know why x

Laura - 26 Juni 2023

Sorry I ran out of $. So now I wait... love u

Dena - 25 Juni 2023

I'm excited. Ty so much! U always brighten my day

Dena - 23 Juni 2023

Thank you so much. Can you send me a private message to answer the last question?

Elina - 22 Juni 2023

Very good, very quick at responding thank you

Nia - 20 Juni 2023

Very good reading, can you please send me the last you were texting before we got disconnected please ran out of time

William - 20 Juni 2023

Very understanding and empathetic honest and fair bless you always for your thoughtfulness and kindness x

Nicky - 7 Juni 2023

Carol is sooo good! So kind and gentle and everything she said just resonated a LOT! Sorry that I run out of credits, but I will surely come back ❤️ thank you so much

Madduu - 6 Juni 2023

Always amazing. Never a dissapointmrnt

Dena - 28 Mei 2023

Carol is amazing. Thank you for your insites. I appreciate you so much. I love u

Dena - 20 Mei 2023

Thank you for your advice xx

Ceri - 17 Mei 2023

Thank you so much. I love our chats

Dena - 13 Mei 2023

I love you Carol. And I love your honesty. Thank you

Dena - 10 Mei 2023

Good clarification with my doubts

Natalia - 9 Mei 2023

My readings are always amazing. I love everyone of them. I think Scott left 4 good. I can't wait to talk to you again. Lots of love beautiful.. God Bless you! :)

Dena - 7 Mei 2023

Thank you so much beautiful. I hope things happen soon. I will keep you posted. Always amazing.

Dena - 1 Mei 2023

I loved this reading. ( as usual) but this one was very special. Thank you Carol.. your amazing.

Dena - 30 April 2023

lovely lady, accurate and straight out of the point, spoke with care. Thank you Carol x

Denise - 29 April 2023

Excellent Reader. She picked up on my situation right away. I have so much Clarity now.

Elisia3333 - 26 April 2023

Always a treat when I get to connect with Carol. Thank you for your insights. We will chat again soon. Love u

Dena - 24 April 2023

Carol was straight to the point n direct. Chat finished mid convo as signsl was bad and was using mobile. Id really appreciated if you message me and finish up what you were saying to me as that would amazing. Thank you

Tendai - 22 April 2023

Thank you so much, I love my readings & chat with you but sadly I got kicked out of our chat & when I came back I got no more credit & I miss the last conversation we have. Can you please please. Private message it to me. Will chat with you again soon 😘

Jaidee - 20 April 2023

Thank you so much. I love you reading & your the best. I will wait for your predictions to happen. Love you 😘

Jaidee - 15 April 2023

She’s so wise and wisdom. Thanks for your help!

Queenie - 8 April 2023

On the spot for answers

Sherey - 2 April 2023

Thank u Carol. Excellent advise xxx

Julie - 31 Maart 2023

Thank you again Carol. Always amazing :) one of my favourites for a reason. Please dm me the last part of the reading. 🙏🏼 I was a touch confused with that. Other than that absolutely gifted 🙂 xo

Laura - 30 Maart 2023

My reader was very to the point and honest. Quick with her reply very good and I will use her again. Had to leave chat as I needed to start work 😞

Sara - 30 Maart 2023

Thank you sosososo much for doing this for me today. It really means alot to me. I cannot get him outta my head. I wish we would of had more time to talk. I'm still wondering how he new about that 1 thing. And the guy that was messaging me pretending to be him.. tried to friend me on Facebook again today. That was so weird. I blocked his profile again. I don't even know how he got through to me. Anyway. Thank you again 4 everything. God Bless you. I love you!

Dena - 29 Maart 2023

Not enough credits for me to find out what I needed. ( my fault) NOT Carol's. She's amazing. And we will connect again when I have more time and money. Thank you for the info you did give me. :).... I'll be back. Lol

Dena - 28 Maart 2023

Carol made a prediction months ago that came to pass! She is actually a really lovely person! Accurate, very gifted and doesn’t waste your credits. Worth every penny. My lovely carol if you could please message me what you were typing when we got cut off I’d be so grateful 🙏🏼.

Laura - 26 Maart 2023

I love Carol. Spot on! So sweet and kind.

Melissa - 25 Maart 2023

I love Carol. She is spot on! I would recommend her to anyone. I never do this! Use a medium!

Melissa - 25 Maart 2023

Just time will tell if everythink she told me come true and it would be so great.... but I am a bit sceptic because what she told me is completely different than everything else that others advisors here told me...

Julie - 23 Maart 2023

Thank you so much for this reading luv. I'm very happy again. I love you. God Bless You.

Dena - 15 Maart 2023


Anne - 4 Maart 2023

i just want to let you know that when i first connected with Carol the send button wouldnt work - so i had to reload the chat and try again this lost me 5 credits due to the button not working correctly !

Lydia - 1 Maart 2023

Thank you again for the chat :) apologies I couldn’t continue. Would recommend Carol to other users, she helps you see sense and definitely helps me to ask myself the right questions.

Amy - 22 Februari 2023

Carol is always so up beat and a joy to chat with. She’s been through my journey with me the past few years and has always given spot on advice and guidance in my situation

Lucy - 19 Februari 2023

I was expecting to hear it's over..... but my instinct was feeling it wasn't. Carol was precise and to the point.

Louise - 18 Februari 2023

Always caring and totally intuned on me every time. Spot on and full of happiness. Thank you so much Carol! God Bless You!♡♡♡♡♡

Dena - 18 Februari 2023

Thank you Carol, I took your advice and sent a message. Fingers crossed haha. Even if i don’t get a response, I apologised :) Hit home when you said why make things MORE difficult! You’re so right. Take care x

Amy - 12 Februari 2023

Read my guy very well. Predicts our reunion. Hoping it's correct!

Diane - 10 Februari 2023

So I waited until now to make my review. I had a reading with Carol approximately 3 wks ago asking general what will happen this year especially with love. Carol identified a poi that I had broken up with 2 wks prior, she said he will return. At the time I was not at all in believing this as it was a dramatic break up. Upon showing Carol a pic of my POI, she confirmed it was him - carol did not see a photo when she made this prediction. Carol explained it won't happen immediately but she was definitely certain and gave a rough time line of when it should all happen. And we discussed the importance of me to continue life as normal however hard it was at the time. Fast forward 3wks on - low and behold, my poi unexpectedly reached out to me! I asked for another reading of course to give me clarity and insight moving forward, as our break up was so dramatic - it was like a Bold and the Beautiful episode .. I have used quite afew readers and trusted ones, and all confirmed that my poi was to return. But what Carol didn't know initially is I was already aware. And the fact she picked up on it, and I played it so cool just wanting a general reading - literally gave me shivers down my spine. I did express I was told this already to Carol at some point of the reading. But she picked up on my poi without no photo to begin with and she was very certain it was going to happen. Definitely Carol is on my favourite list, and I will take her advise soundly. I look forward to her latest predictions as it does seem promising and I will be super positive about it moving forward.

Haneefa - 6 Februari 2023

Dear Carol, thank you for your wonderful advise. I felt much better after our chat.

Deepa - 6 Februari 2023

I made an appointment for what we talked about. Thank you for your advice. I'll let you know what happens.

Dena - 3 Februari 2023

I love u Carol. Thank you for making me feel better about the job situation.

Dena - 2 Februari 2023

Loved this reading very on point and friendly. Cannot wait to reconnect

Carolynne - 1 Februari 2023

Bless so kind and caring . Very honest and accurate xx

Nicky - 1 Februari 2023

Carol is great! Her readings are so accurate and detailed. She describes situations so well and her predictions are very direct. Thank you so much Carol, can’t wait to chat again soon and hopefully some things have come true xx

Natalie - 27 Januari 2023

I'm always amazed. Carol has helped me in so many ways. I thank you so much. Always honest, spot on, and straight forward. Love ya hunny

Dena - 26 Januari 2023

Carol was informative and encouraged a focus on myself

Aharding77 - 24 Januari 2023

Spot on, hit the nail on the head with predictions and insights. Thank you Carol

Natalie - 20 Januari 2023

I got the job we talked about! Your so awesome! Thank you for all of your advice. I love it! Blessings to you beautiful.

Dena - 12 Januari 2023

I REALLY needed the info I got today. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are amazing. Love ya

Dena - 11 Januari 2023

I love getting a readings from Carol, no sugar coating. I had a reading done from a lady in person about a year ago, and Carol has said the same thing. ❤️ She's straight up and the real deal 100% I recommend her to anyone that would like an honest reading📖. Once again thanks Carol. 😍

Krystle - 11 Januari 2023

Absolutely awesome. I always learn so much. Love you girl. You are truly a gem. Very gifted.

Dena - 8 Januari 2023

If you need answers speak to carol she is brilliant something she told me months ago has came to pass

Gareth - 6 Januari 2023

Always amazing. I learn something new every time. Love u carol

Dena - 5 Januari 2023

I have my favorites but was in a state in which i needed a reading asap. Carol told me something that NO OTHER READER HAS EVER MENTIONED. I don't know if true, but if so, it will make my decision and next stage of my life so much easier. I am shocked. I don't know if I feel better but I am distracted--ha ha ha. I will follow up with the aftermath in a few months and will tell you if predictions came true.

Synthia - 4 Januari 2023

Wishing you a very happy new year. Can't wait to connect with you again for another perfect reading. Bless You beautiful.

Dena - 1 Januari 2023

My lovely Carol. Never a disappointment. Thank you for making me feel better once again. Always a blessing when we connect

Dena - 27 December 2022

Hi beautiful. So I sent him a text telling him I had a dream that he was dating a girl with a pretty smile, great attitude and funny named Michelle. And I told him he needs to make up his mind, weather it beme, her, or someone elese.ofcourse no respo se. Buti amfollowing your advice. I appreciate your input. ARE u sure he's not planning on asking her to marry him?. Lol. Hopefully talk soon. I love u girl

Dena - 23 December 2022

Very good and clear answers. Helped a lot. Thank you.

Katarzyna - 22 December 2022

I l9ve Carol. Do u think the proposal is for Michelle? I'm just worried. I think he's in love with her. Just my opinion

Dena - 22 December 2022

Got to finish our conversation. Now I'm happy. Thank you Carol! You are simply amazing. And thank you for being patient with me. Love you

Dena - 21 December 2022

You are absolutely amazing. I'm sorry we got cut off. I hope everything we talked about comes true. You are so intuned to everything it amazes me. Love you hun. Have a great holiday

Dena - 20 December 2022

Always amazing. Merry Christmas sweetie. No being lonely. Love you

Dena - 19 December 2022

Thanks carol great as always. So sorry to read the last message 😭 you are loved so very much. 🥰💕💕💕

Nicky - 11 December 2022

Very good

Katie - 9 December 2022

Thank you Carol for your reading 💓 very helpful

Jaroslav - 4 December 2022

Thank you Carol. I hope to speak to you again soon with good news ❤️

Amy - 3 December 2022

Carol was intuitive and receptive. I felt like what she stated was accurate and I’ll read with her again. Very happy I chose her 😊

Mani - 27 November 2022

Very clearly message that opened my eyes thank carol🙏👍⭐️

Lydia - 20 November 2022


Coral - 17 November 2022

I was very impressed with Carol. And I am happy that I chose her for a reading. Everything made 100% sense. And she gave me much inside of how to handle and cope with some things . Thank you for your spit on reading. I enjoyed my time with you. Bless you

Dena - 12 November 2022

Carol is a fantastic reader, she is honest and sincere and gifted, will be back definitely 🌻

Laura - 11 November 2022

Thank you I can’t afford to speak again sorry. I’m desperate for my life with him. I had to medically retire part of the reason I’d my situation. But I’ll try hard to be patient and get my man . ❤️

Annoniem - 11 November 2022

Thank you

Annoniem - 10 November 2022

She was great patient and helped me a lot .

Reena - 5 November 2022

Thank you for the reading and giving me advice. I will take it all on board. I can't wait to see how the future pans out .

Julia - 31 Oktober 2022

You are absolutely awesome Carol I'll be talking to you again soon about this you my go to person thank you so much.. and thank you I got your last message that you would probably message me if you find anything thank you so much!!

Linda - 17 September 2022

Thanks Carol, you really cheered me up. I was feeling so low about this situation. I’m glad you saw something positive :)

Amy - 15 September 2022

Carol is lovely and very supportive ❤️ can you please send me the message to my last question.xx

Marianna - 15 September 2022

Carol was brilliant. Very quick to tune into the situation. And gave advice! She expressed things I wasn’t aware of which helped! Worth the credits! If you could plz dm what you were typing when we got cut off id be so grateful lovely. Xx

Laura - 27 Augustus 2022

Not sure yet but she was right about one issue , I will c if anything happens

Sally - 26 Augustus 2022

Lovely lady, keeps saying the same things and never falters but it hasn’t happened yet. Hoping it will all turn out how she says it will ❤️

Grace - 22 Augustus 2022

You are awesome Carol

Linda - 19 Augustus 2022

Had accurate info with having bn given detail.

Joan - 17 Augustus 2022

Very good thank you

Tina - 11 Augustus 2022

On point 🖤🖤🖤

Jayshon - 8 Augustus 2022

Thank you Carol for everything I could not get back on but I will be contacting you again and I'll talk to you about that young girl thank you so much you're awesome amazing

Linda - 5 Augustus 2022

Was one of the best readings i have had thabk you so much

Victoriabray82 - 3 Augustus 2022

I absolutely love Carol. She tells me how it is and gives me the clarity i need. I am hoping all that she has said comes true and that my patience (some times lack of) pays off :) x

Mital - 27 Juli 2022

Carol you are absolutely awesome and picked up straight away yes please keep me in your prayers I'm certainly going to be praying for the situation

Linda - 25 Juli 2022

thank you for the help today it is appreciated

Susan - 23 Juli 2022

Carol is very funny! Great personality 🤣 some lovely predications to look forward to with very precise details 😊

Lauren - 23 Juli 2022

Carol is great. So reassuring

Carole - 22 Juli 2022

I love Carol her readings are brilliant and good of humour. She’s my number 1 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nicky - 21 Juli 2022

Carol thanks for your reading I have the connection with the ex and child now, will pop by and fill you in. Love you 😘

Nicky - 28 Juni 2022

Thank you so much. Carol was lovely and picked up on my situation well. Thank you

Amanda - 24 Juni 2022

Oh Carol, you are out of this world. Very gifted and because of your experiences and your gift, you are helping so many of us. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul 💚

Laura - 16 Juni 2022

Hey Carol we are making progress !! I had a text and a visit from him today!! Xx

Nicky - 11 Juni 2022

Love Carol! Straight to the point ! No messing and always spot on she understands me and love our chats xxx

Stacey - 26 Mei 2022

Told me the honest truth. Very good would go to her again. Thank you Carol

Shona - 26 Mei 2022

I love this woman. Carol has been with me through all my crap and happiness in life for the past 2 years. I class her as a great friend and she always tells me the truth and I love her for it. She has guided me so much and when I'm low she knows xx

Sasha - 20 Mei 2022

It was nice talking to her. She is really good and so nice. I'd love chatting with her again !

Sandra.m75 - 19 Mei 2022

I’ve been talking to Carole since Feb and everything she’s said so far has been spot it. Tonight’s reading was way beyond what I was expecting! Wow Carole, like I said, I’m holding you to that beautiful prediction. Thank you so much. You’ve made my decade! Xx

Louisa - 17 Mei 2022

I love Carol she’s humorous and has me down to a tee!! Xx

Nicky - 15 Mei 2022

she was spot on, and very supportive and i felt at ease and camfort having to chart with her.

Melba - 1 Mei 2022

There are no words to describe how this beautiful women has helped me even though I’m living I’m at the bottom of the world. I have been on an emotional roller coaster and this lovely lady has been my go to during some challenging times. It’s not even the reading that matters when you connect with Carol, it’s the care and heart she puts into you that I appreciate. Love this lady xxx

Kathleen - 29 April 2022

Amazing She told me my poi had a health issue and that's why he had gone quiet This was spot on he did have a health issue!

Kate - 27 April 2022

Excellent as usual! Love you Carol xx

Nicky - 27 April 2022

Very helpful and. Interesting

Laura - 21 April 2022

Thanks for everything Carol, I hope 🤞 it goes well. Sorry I ran out of credit but I’m happy if you want to dm the last bit. Lots of love to you xx

Nicky - 3 April 2022

While others on this site were telling me that my relationship was stagnant but it would change for better , this lady was no sugar coating me and told me that my relationship might be over for good , and have to thank her for the good advices . Much appreciated Carol , hope she can come back but I will not stop living .

Anibal - 2 April 2022

I was super happy with Carol’s reading. Very enlightening 😍. She also made a right prediction in the previous reading. Thank you Carol for your kind words and also always be supportive

Masliza - 1 April 2022

I LOVE Carol. She has been by my side for about a year now and has always been so incredibly accurate. She is honest and sometimes delivers the " mum " speech because she cares. It's not about what you want to hear but what you need to hear even if it's means calling you out on your own nonsense

Holly - 30 Maart 2022

Very precise! Many thanks

Pretty - 24 Maart 2022

Thanks again sorry I ran out of credit xxx

Nicky - 24 Maart 2022

CAROL I can not rave enough about this lady on fantastic reader she puts my mind at ease go too! Ty ❤️

Jody - 23 Maart 2022

She's no sugar coating but so lovely. Correct so far with things and says it how it is. I recommend.

Kayleigh - 23 Maart 2022

I love Carol her sense of humour and witty personality, very fast and direct straight talking I love ❤️ her xx

Nicky - 22 Maart 2022

I can't say enough about this beautiful lady she is helping me in so many ways I am still grateful for her so grateful for her beautiful readings she's on point things have come to pass with her love this Lady ;) dearly thank you so much

Jody - 9 Maart 2022

Very sweet ! Very reassuring 🖤 thank you carol

Danielle - 5 Maart 2022

I love Carol it's like talking to a friend she's amazing Dean things have come to pass with what she has told me I will keep coming back thank you so much and many blessings to you .

Jody - 3 Maart 2022

Thank's so much beautiful Carol was so happy for my reading may the good Lord bless you always

Dawn - 1 Maart 2022

What a lovely lady. I had been waiting for some time to connect with her as I was drawn to her profile but my timing wasn’t in sync to catch her the first few times. So I was so happy she was available today especially as my heart was very heavy from my situation. Carol was very warm, and gave me so much hope and possible great news. I can’t wait to reconnect next time I need some much needed guidance. Thank you xx

Michelle - 14 Februari 2022

She's very accurate I'd say. I'll place her on my favorites list ♥️

Racquel - 27 Januari 2022

The conversation was ok.. more girl advice than answering what I was hoping for.

Catalina - 22 Januari 2022

I adore Carol 💗 she has really been there for me, and I really appreciate her

Haley - 22 Januari 2022

A couple of months ago I spoke to Carol. She saw me meeting a married man, I told her I would never get involved with a married man. Well, I meet him quite by accident and in the time frame Carol predicted. He has an open marriage and we had a brief relationship. Omg Carol you were spot on. I can't wait for the next prediction to come true. A much nicer and happier prediction.

Heather - 6 Januari 2022

No extra comments necessary overall very good

Helen - 6 Januari 2022

Not sure what happened but lost connection 😕 Happy with our chat definitely. Hope to get back in touch soon

Evelyn - 31 December 2021

Thanks again Carol... will try again once i ha e credit, would really want to see more 😀

Evelyn - 23 December 2021

Thank you Carol for another engaging and enlightening chat, you have certainly had me thinking about a few things for my own personal growth and it's much appreciated. I highly recommend Carol, I instantly felt connected to her and it feels like I'm chatting to a long term friend. She is absolutely delightful, has been on point with my situation and given me a lot of guidance!!

Kathleen - 20 December 2021

Was a very good positive chat but lost connection. Hope to continue.

Evelyn - 18 December 2021

Thank you again Carol very positive things for me to look forward to much appreciated 😀

Evelyn - 12 December 2021

Amazing lady! Tells you the truth and tells it like it is but from a place of comfort and love! Very intune with situations & energies !! Do not hesitate! Contact carol she amazing! X

Grace - 10 December 2021

I had an amazing chat with Carol today :) She connected quickly and was extremely understanding with the situation I was in. I feel super confident that my situation will shift with a bit more time and patience from myself. Thank you Carol xx

Kathleen - 8 December 2021

Thank you Carol very much appreciate and very hopeful ☺

Evelyn - 8 December 2021

I love speaking to Carol. She's honest and says it how it is. No sugar coating. It is hard when you get told something you don't like to hear but I'd rather be told the truth than lied to and given high hopes. Carol is definitely honest

Roze - 6 December 2021

Was really good to touch base with Carol again she came up with alot of interesting things for me to think about. Thank you Carol.

Evelyn - 24 November 2021

Very helpful in understanding my question Thank you 😊

Jacque - 19 Oktober 2021

It was like carol could read my thoughts and knew what I was going through

Wilmayoung13 - 17 Oktober 2021

Fantastic medium. Spot on with her predictions. Gave me the clarity I was looking for regarding relationships. I strongly recommend this lady. Keep up the good work Carol. Best wishes. Jasmine

JazzyB - 12 Oktober 2021

Honest accurate and kind

Nesha - 11 Oktober 2021

Carol connected with me and showed me where I had gone wrong in my recently failed relationship

Wilmayoung13 - 9 Oktober 2021

Carol made me feel calm and I do hope everything she says works out. Definitely would have a reading from her again.

Carol - 29 September 2021

Carol is a lovely soul. Her reading is very informative, honest and no sugar coating. I look forward to her predictions coming to pass.

Masliza - 26 September 2021

Carol helped me to understand some things that could be going on in my relationship and what the outcome appears to be. I will definitely talk to her again. And I hope what she saw in the reading comes true because this is very difficult for me right now.

Anna - 20 September 2021

Lovely lady not spoke to her but told me few things already new about wud definitely recommend

Claire - 20 September 2021

Really positive and after asking my last question I realized I don't actually care what the answer was because Carol gave me so much to look forward too. Like a future with my love. Thank you Carol. 😊 ps squash that last question it really doesn't matter hehehe.

Evelyn - 17 September 2021

Lovely, sincere and to the point. Told me things i really needed to hear and be reminded of. Gave me the kick up the arse i needed to sort myself out. Would for sure use again for future readings. Thank you Carol x

Danijela - 16 September 2021

Thank you Carol. You’re simply brilliant! There’s so much clarity and depth. Highly recommended!

Masliza - 14 September 2021
Carol is truly gifted and accurate every detail!!! Always honest and no sugarcoating. Thank you🙏
SK - 14 September 2021

Just amazing!!!! Highly recommended 🌸🌸🌸

SK - 14 September 2021

Carol is incredibly spot on with the situation and predictions! Will be back again soon🙏🙏🙏

SK - 14 September 2021

Dear Carol, it was very enlightening to consult you. I trust your judgement and insights and feel you were spot on. Thanks for share your honest impressions.

Deepa - 9 September 2021

Have been on a emotional rollercoaster the last few days and for the first time I feel at peace, after speaking with Carol like I can finally put my head down after not sleeping for 3 days. I have had possitive great readings from others however I needed to come back to her as I have always trusted Carol from our very first contact weather good or bad I will always 100% trust her. I very much do appreciate you Carol 🙏

Evelyn - 9 September 2021

Very reassuring, honest, empathetic and accurate!! Highly recommended! ⭐️

SK - 6 September 2021

Wonderful lady helped me a lot

Kim - 6 September 2021

Wonderful lady helped me a lot

Kim - 6 September 2021

I cried. The help and the empathy pouring from tbis woman is amazing. Came for general but she knew what I had in my mind and heart. Bless u

Dean - 3 September 2021

Very insightful, honest and empathetic! Highly recommended!!! Thank you Carol 🌸🌸🌸

SK - 3 September 2021

Spot on and no sugarcoating. Thank you Carol!!

SK - 26 Augustus 2021

Just wanted to say Carol, I will be ok and move on from this eventually. Thank you xx

Amy - 25 Augustus 2021

Amazing women, thank you! ❤️

Barbara - 23 Augustus 2021

Brilliant!! Thank you Carol🌸

SK - 22 Augustus 2021

Absolutely lovely lady and very accurate and so reassuring thank u carol x

Carly - 17 Augustus 2021

Dear Carol, it was truly lovely consulting you. You confirmed all that what I felt, and this gave me a very positive feeling to move forward with my goals. Thank you so much for sharing your insights.

Deepa - 9 Augustus 2021

The reading was exceptional. I strongly recommend as it is a great experience

Anna - 27 Juli 2021

Lovely to chat to Carol. Pleasant and reassuring. Wish I had more time. Thanks, Carol for the message.

Abi - 24 Juli 2021

Carol was lovely and gave me very specific feedback on my situation that I was NOT specific about at first, she came on already feeling the situation and gave me real possibilities . Thank you carol

Bianca - 22 Juli 2021

Great, straight to the point, very good advice

Jane - 22 Juli 2021

Amazing lady and was very nice even when ot wasn't what I was expecting

Shelley-199518 - 22 Juli 2021

Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy with me, Carol. Sweet, kind, relatable & accurate. You gave me hope for the future. Can't wait to chat again when I have more time to talk! I highly recommend this advisor!!! ❤🔥🌹

Holly - 15 Juli 2021

Carol has a very calming approach and even though I wanted immediate answer she predicted things for months to come and sure enough those predictions are coming true. Thank you so much for your patience, support and guidance.

Kelly - 14 Juli 2021

If there was an ‘AMAZING’ option I’d have selected that!

Gosia - 9 Juli 2021

Amazing!!!! 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

Louise - 8 Juli 2021

Accurate, confident, fast and empathetic. Highly recommended!!

SK - 8 Juli 2021

My dear carol, I’m sending love and I’m here if you need anything, as you are for me. X Yes, is the answer to the questions you asked. It’s all good. Speak to you tomorrow when you’re online. But I’m out for the afternoon so probably in the evening if you’re available. I will check in and try then. Speak soon. Xxxx

Louise - 3 Juli 2021

Absolutely amazing and such a great support. Will you regret a reading from Carol....aikona!!! Absolutely not, she is truly a wonderful person and a very gifted psychic. I’m so glad I’ve found her. Xxx

Louise - 30 Juni 2021

You are such a huge support for me right now. Thank you for going above and beyond to help me through this awful time. X One thing... his status says engaged but doesn’t say who to... it doesn’t say engaged to me. He just has an old post about me saying yes on his wall from 2017 and photos of me with my engagement ring. Not sure if I was clear about that. Anyway, I’m so grateful I found you and I will be in touch again soon. Blessings to you. 🙏❤️Xxx

Louise - 27 Juni 2021

There needs to be an excellent rating. Thank you.. just thank you so much. I’ll be in touch soon. 🙏❤️Xx

Louise - 16 Juni 2021

Oh my God. I’ve been using mediumchat for over 6 months and had lots of great readings. But Carol is in another league. She goes into so much detail, everything she says resonates-even when you don’t want it to (no sugarcoating) and she has such a kind heart. One of her predictions came to pass just days after my last reading with her even though I didn’t think it would be possible. She said my ex was on the brink of doing something irrational like getting married and 3 days later he announced he got engaged. But I’ve had more email readings since and she really is amazing and goes above and beyond to help. I consider her a friend and I’m most definitely going to be chatting with her lots over the next few months. Thank you so much Carol, for your insights and support. You are the best!!!! Expect an email request from me later. Xxx🙏❤️

Louise - 16 Juni 2021

Wow. What a wonderful email reading. Lots of information and food for thought here. I’m going to do another email reading tonight as I know there is more information to come. Thank you Carol. Sincerely, thank you so much. One of your predictions the other day has already happened when I thought it was never possible, and something so bizarre it couldn’t happen... yet it has. So, I completely trust in you and know you don’t give the answers you think I want to hear, more so you say what you see. 🙏❤️

Louise - 14 Juni 2021

Thank you my dear, you do not sugar-coat you say as it is I appreciate, you told me I will be disappointed well he did , thanks for the honesty .

Lucy - 10 Juni 2021

Thank u carol greatvinsight

Vincenza - 30 Mei 2021

very kind and perceptive, I had little time unfortunately, but I'll call her again. thanks!

Elisa - 24 Mei 2021

Carol was amazing. Was like talking to a friend this morning. She didn’t sugar coat things and definitely helped me get my thoughts together. Thank you so much Carol xx

Katie - 24 Mei 2021

Thank you Carol. Much love to you xx

Lesley - 17 Mei 2021

Kind and straight to the point

Vickie - 13 Mei 2021

I felt she got to the bottom of my situation will connect again

Joyce - 10 Mei 2021

Dear Carol, thank you for your clarifying insights. You are always spoton.

Deepa - 9 Mei 2021

I had a good laugh with Carol. She is amazing! I got advice from her and insights of value. Thanks muchs. Highly recommended.

Starlene - 6 Mei 2021

Consulting you has always been great. You are spot on with your insights. Thank you so much. I wish you a wonderful day.

Deepa - 3 Mei 2021

Just wanna say I massive thank u very much for our chat only spike to this lady once and wud definitely speak again wud def recommend thank u again xx

Claire - 1 Mei 2021

Absolutely amazing, straight to the point, Highly Recommended, Gave me a few home truths, will contact her again soon. With my outcome.

Mairi Ann - 26 April 2021

Consulting Carol was wonderful. In regard to my issue at hand, she was spot on, and discussing it was very beneficial and enlightening. Thank you so much.

Deepa - 18 April 2021

Thank you so much for looking ❤️ appreciated and you are right Carol!

Lina - 17 April 2021

Carol was very lovely - gave me a good insight into things - thankyou x

Claire - 2 April 2021

Kind caring ,helpful and understanding. A truly beautiful soul

Sarisha - 1 April 2021

The minute didn’t last long enough to thank you there , I will be back and I was very confused lol but u are on point to be honest . I will be back my darling thank you so so much xxx

Leanne - 27 Maart 2021

Very honest and quick, thank you!

Sascha - 27 Maart 2021

Thank you Carol. Your reading was astoundingly accurate. Gave details without me even saying. Only one other ready picked up on this major issue. And you got it. An honest reading with definitely no sugarcoating. It’s what I need. I didn’t want the issue to be dressed up as a fairytale and it wasn’t. And the details truly resonated. It helped to really clear my head. Thank you ❤️

Lilly - 27 Maart 2021

Went to carol as I am on edge about stuff she really was straight and honest and accurate ! She is amazing I have to say . Thank you carol for clearing everything up for me ❤️❤️❤️

Leanne - 26 Maart 2021

Thank you for you in depth reading (as usual) but today's reading blew my mind! Carol, happy birthday once again. I feel you care for me so much, thank you and respect. I had low credit today but I'll chat with you again on Friday evening. Love and respect!

Anuradha - 21 Maart 2021

Always a pleasure to chat with Carol as she has guided me with her honest insights and never gave me false hope. I truly believe each and every word she writes to me because she is not sugarcoating or telling you what you want to hear. Amazing! Waiting for more insights from her.

Anuradha - 20 Maart 2021

She gave me the answers I needed thank u god!! I recommend her!!! She is accurate

Shauntae - 19 Maart 2021

She gave me the answers I needed thank u god!! I recommend her!!! She is accurate

Shauntae - 19 Maart 2021

Carol was lovely to talk to and gave me some really good advice and perspective to my situation. She also knew things that were going on and has been very accurate in her predictions. I would love to chat all day if I could! Thank you.

Rachel - 7 Maart 2021

Carol has such an amazing soul, such a lovely lady, very honest and tells ypu how it is, but can feel that care aswell. Carol has helped me see things more positively and a step in the right direction to what's going to help me. 10/10

Jaime - 4 Maart 2021

Very a very thorough Reading, expect ex husband . Thank you.

Mo - 1 Maart 2021

She is wonderful and she says the point. Thank you

IZABELLA - 28 Februari 2021

I love Carol and her advice worked magic for me. Her predictions came to pass too. She cares for me genuinely and she spreads so much warmth to me that I feel she is like my aunt or something haha. Thank you Carol, my POI wishes to meet me tonight for a movie. Lets see how it goes and then I'll update you again. Love and respect. xoxoxo

Anuradha - 27 Februari 2021

Such a pleasure to talk to Carol really made me feel at Ease and happy to look forward so thank you 😊 x

Katrina - 27 Februari 2021

She was very pleasant to chat with

LaChun - 23 Februari 2021

Thanks for you guidance Carol. The connection was funny and it disconnected, but I will wait to chat with you more. Got a notification about your private message but when I click its not opening I am afraid. Could be another IT issue? Thanks for kindly reaching out to me anyway.

Anuradha - 19 Februari 2021

She was right in one thing my partner is very grumpy but didn’t have much time to go further

Maria - 19 Februari 2021

She was very sweet and nice and made me feel a lot better about a situation during hard times...thanks a lot I will update you soon

Geri - 9 Februari 2021

She’s very heartwarming. I feel good inside talking to her.

Carol - 6 Februari 2021

Carol was the best. She was warm but yet gave a very accurate reading regarding what I am going through. Thank you Carol!

LaToya - 5 Februari 2021

Happy to chat more but my phone cut out.

Leander - 1 Februari 2021

A beautiful reading from a beautiful soul. Thank you!

Liz - 31 Januari 2021

thank you so much for your clarity and warm, loving energy Carol. I completeley understand and take what you said to heart and mind, i love the angels, guides and the Universe and am grateful for all that The Universe is doing. I look forward to the new chapter. I shall just keep on track , thank you for clarity and guidence. i learn so much everyday. Love and light and gratitude. Akheel

Akheel - 22 Januari 2021

Wow Carol!!! What an enlightening session was that! You are absolutely right and its very kind of you to guide me to the right direction and offer help and support. You walk extra mile for your clients! To be honest, I have no family in the UK and I see angels like you are caring for me makes me emotional. I feel blessed! I'll come to get more update from you. Thanks and *hugs* to you. xoxoxo

Anuradha - 21 Januari 2021

Thank you for your lovely reading! You are absolutely spot on! xoxox I'll reach out again soon.

Anuradha - 19 Januari 2021

She was AMAZING!! thank you!!! =)

Vienna - 19 Januari 2021

Excellent practical reading from a very experienced, lovely lady.

Dave - 11 Januari 2021

Carol was an excellent reader, lovely to chat with whilst getting straight to the point. Thoroughly recommended.

Dave - 11 Januari 2021

This woman is brilliant. She’s a lot of fun to talk to and she’s really helped me. 100% recommend !

Monika - 29 December 2020

I found Carol easy to talk to and very accurate. I would recommend to anyone seeking guidance and clarity.

Dakota - 23 December 2020

She’s wonderful!

Tammy - 16 December 2020

I’ve been waiting so long to speak with Carol and today I finally got the chance but our conversation ended about 10 mins in due to my connection. I have had a chat with Carol before and she is 10 stars, picks up on so many things without and questions and makes to feel so much better about everything. I can’t wait to continue my chat, hopefully I don’t lose connection next time as Carol is such a big support

Louise - 4 December 2020

My new found friend from another part of the world ❤️❤️Love her she’s gifted and totally amazing thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world Carol❤️

Carol - 3 December 2020

Very sweet and very direct.

Michelle - 1 December 2020

Thank you very much Carol :) I would love to get back to you as soon as I could purchase the credits! Thank you for the guidance, I will definitely ensure that all problems are sorted out before that could lead into any complications!

Annoniem - 27 November 2020

Quick typing, accurate, patient

Kiran - 22 November 2020

Carol is always to the point and speaks from the heart, which makes her comments very authentic.Thank you for your input Carol.

Deepa - 13 November 2020

Carol is a very compassionate and highly talented in reading the cards or telling about issues affecting your life. She is very accurate and can share her insights quickly. It has always been very beneficial to connect with her. Thank you, Deepa

Deepa - 12 November 2020

Thank you, quick to answer my questions and very positive!

Krista - 10 November 2020

I was thinking a lot about what to write to not duplicate other reviews!! Simply because of how impressed and grateful I am for this beautiful lady!! From my experience I can tell that Carol is the only person I keep coming back to (and I’ve tried quite few on here).I found myself in a emotionally exhausting situation and Carol is the only person that I actually feel is putting her heart out to help me get through this. And I’m not talking sugar coating.. I’m talking real, honest and caring, like truly caring advice and help. I highly recommend an email reading.. Carol, I trust you 100%.. much much love❤️

Anna - 2 November 2020

Amazing!! I got so emotional after my email reading from my dear Carol!! I value every advice I get from this wonderful, loving lady. She is so spot on on everything that’s going on in my life. I feel determined and motivated, and hopefully I find the strength that I need to deal with my problems. My dearest Carol, I will be back in a week or so. Much much love ❤️

Anna - 2 November 2020

Thank you Carol, you are always so spot on and accurate! 💞 Thanks for being honest to us instead of telling made-up fairytale stories or tragedies. You don't ask irrelevant questions but you DARE to tell the truth for or own well-being and for us to be certain. That's what we need! For example, one time I have asked what my POI was thinking of what I did. You told it didn't affect my POI at all because there was a stressfull time. So a few days after I came to know that this was true! Highly recommended! She is caring and you can have a good laugh with her as well❤️

Ashra - 2 November 2020

Very good is not high enough for this lady, it may not always be what I want to hear I still absolutely trust her 100% and highly recommend her, she is definitely the real deal.🥰💜

Evelyn - 22 Oktober 2020

Very good connection! Thank you for your help

Miriam - 18 Oktober 2020

Carol is unbelievably accurate and is able to give you the information you need to hear. She has gotten me through some pretty hard times and has given me the direction I needed so that I didn’t feel so lost. I consider Carol to be a friend now and feel I will always talk to her in some capacity. I hope to invite her to my wedding one day. 💕

Donna - 12 Oktober 2020

Another reading from my wonderful (I consider her friend) Carol. I can’t praise her enough. Such wonderful gift, used to help others. She must be fed up with my little troubles, but I can’t explain how much her readings put me at ease. She doesn’t sugar coat, but gives very detailed facts and wonderful advice. She definitely knows what she’s doing. I trust her and her amazing abilities 100%. I’m so thankful for her. Much much love❤️

Anna - 26 September 2020

Thank you my dear Carol for your email reading. I am so thankful for having you here. You’re truly gifted and such beautiful and sensitive person. Looking forward to your next reading in near future. Much much love❤️

Anna - 18 September 2020

Sorry since I ran out of funds I couldn’t thank you for the reading. I’m keeping my hopes up high.

G - 17 September 2020

I just love Carol! It’s like talking to best friend!! She not only gives facts but also an honest advice. And now that I found myself in a situation I would’ve never imagine myself in, I have very important decision to make. Love and relationships are not simple and I’m very thankful for Carol and the light she’s put on me. I will definitely come back for more soon my dear Carol❤️

Anna - 15 September 2020

Omg I love carol. She was 100% right about my ex back in May and yesterday EVERYTHING she told me about him was confirmed by a friend I hadn’t spoken to in 15 years and randomly got back in contact with. I’ve woken up as light as a feather. A number of mediums have said tall and dark, loving and caring for my future man recently including carol so I truly believe now he’s coming. Thank you so much Carol xxxx

Lesley - 31 Augustus 2020

Not what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. I think she maybe right. Thank you Ms Carol.

Banma - 25 Augustus 2020

I found Carol to be Friendly, patient and a good listener.She gives very good advice and values the truth.she does not sugar coat.she will tell you as it is, I like such people because they will tell you exactly how things are. She has confirmed what other readers HV been saying to me and she went an extra mile to explain something that got me really thinking.

Sharon - 25 Augustus 2020

I have no words for the peace I’ve been given in this reading with Carol. Peace, some understanding, and patience to move forward in a situation that is ultimately the greatest love story I’ve ever been blessed to experience. I have no doubt she can do exactly what she says she can. There aren’t enough wonderful things I could say about her. ❤️

Donna - 24 Augustus 2020


LARONDA - 22 Augustus 2020

How I wish there was an excellent button. Carol, thank you for your honesty. I have had a few reading on here from others. What they told me was great. A lot has come to fruition. But only Carol picked up and told me that it was actually ME that was causing most of the issues. We talked and I now know that I can fix this and this has also been a massive learning curve for me. I had to open my own eyes. Carol you are bloody fantastic. You are a breathe of fresh air. You are truly gifted. I can’t recommend you enough. I will be back to up date you. Going to Tesco to but those white candles. 😉 thank you thank you thank you xxxxxx

Jane - 20 Augustus 2020

Excellent caring and intuitive.

Jane - 20 Augustus 2020

She was very accurate. Engaging and direct. Very happy thanks.

Joycelyn - 18 Augustus 2020

An absolute angel . Il certainly come back for another consultation with her.

Ntombizodwa - 16 Augustus 2020

Carol is so good. I’ve contacted her several times. She is compassionate and tells it like it is. She doesn’t waste your credits. She’s my fav reader

Jane - 16 Augustus 2020

Carol was honest and upfront about what I asked her. She came across as very concerned about my well-being and this was a comfort to me. I'm now going to contact her again as I feel she has genuine abilities. Thank you Carol. X

Androulla - 11 Augustus 2020

Carol expresses her insights with great precision accuracy, and you can feel her kindness shine through. I wish her much strength and joy. Here is an ancient Sanskrit verse that gives strength, wellbeing, and contentment, and joy to all beings in all worlds: It is chanted 3 times. Lokāḥ Samastāḥ Sukhino Bhavantu Lokāḥ Samastāḥ Sukhino Bhavantu Lokāḥ Samastāḥ Sukhino Bhavantu Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Deepa - 6 Augustus 2020

Without me saying or giving too much away, carol read me and my concerns like a book. I was quite surprised. I’m hoping I can check in with her again soon and confirm all she predicted would happen. Thanks Carol

Sharon - 5 Augustus 2020

Very friendly and straight to the point. Gave a lot of insight into what I can expect coming up very detailed and fast considering I only had 10 mins. Hopefully what she said will happen I’ll be back to update her

Lauren - 4 Augustus 2020

Carol was very reassuring

Audrey - 3 Augustus 2020

Thank you so much for your valuable guidance. It gave me lots of peace and strength. I wish you love, light, and divine power...

Deepa - 31 Juli 2020

Carol is phenomenal: She can communicate with her guides and get answers to look deeply and unravel reasons for the issue at hand. She also communicates with a lot of kindness, respect, and common sense. Thank you!

Deepa - 28 Juli 2020

Carol is very to the point but it was good to hear the truth, she delivers it in a good way, thank you.

Leigh - 27 Juli 2020

Thank you for being so lovely and giving me the clarification to move on and make me realise my worth.

Jess - 20 Juli 2020

Lovely lady with a true gift and has a wonderful energy about her 💕💕

Jo - 20 Juli 2020


Boon Sheng - 16 Juli 2020

Again Carol thank you from the bottom if my heart you have always left me feeling hopeful and positive and also a little spooked by what you have picked up around me 😁 again thank you so much 💜💜

Evelyn - 14 Juli 2020

She was on point and very positive.

Lara - 12 Juli 2020

Just needed more clarity but she is good

Julie - 12 Juli 2020

Carol was good in that she typed fast to come back to me and answered my main question. 10 minutes was long enough to get the answers that I needed and I think I will be back chatting again soon.

Sarah - 7 Juli 2020

Thank you Carol, You made me soooo happy with your reading, I just hope all will happen. I will talk soon. xxx

Monique - 7 Juli 2020

Carol is fantastic! She is quick with answers and has given me direction on a complex issue. I keep coming back to her with needs and she's now a friend to me. Great reader!

Dina - 1 Juli 2020

I am content and feel better. I will definitely chat with Ms. Carol in the near future. Thank you!

Juanette - 29 Juni 2020

Carol has helped me through one of the worst times in my life. She will always tell you the truth and what you NEED to hear. Thank you x

Lesley - 28 Juni 2020

Answers need to be a little quicker she spoke honestly its appreciated.

Parminder Sanghera - 28 Juni 2020

Carol was amazing She didn't need anything other than a name. Answered my question in detail with minimum information. My payment for credit wouldn't work otherwise I'd still be chatting with her now..I'll be back to chat as soon as I get my payment sorted

Angeline - 26 Juni 2020

Accurate lovely to talk too.

Victoria - 26 Juni 2020

Though i was not able to get my answer due to no credit. But i got really amazing vibes from Carol.. if i had money.. i would have consulted her about every problem. Thanks you.

Juhi - 25 Juni 2020

OMG. Just bloody fabulous. Hit the nail right in the head. Got right to the point of the problem. And helped me into the right road to sort it. Thank you . I’ll speak to you in the future xxxx

JJ - 20 Juni 2020

She was super nice and 100 percent honest. I wish I could have more time speaking with her but I'll just have to wait until I can buy some credits thank you Carol ❤️

Mackenzie - 20 Juni 2020

The reading was spot on and helped me to go forward.

Lynn - 20 Juni 2020

Very accurate.

Lynn - 20 Juni 2020

She was honest with me and I really needed to hear the truth. She was spot on about me already knowing the reason behind my walking away. It saddens me but have someone confirm it makes it easier for me.

Ashley - 19 Juni 2020

Carol was like talking to one of my homegirls,lol she was so down to earth real chique and I enjoyed every bit of our conversation hands🙌🏼Down... love her

Nikki - 16 Juni 2020

Thank you so much for being the kindest magical lady and reader xxx

Anastasia - 15 Juni 2020

Spot on accurate was shocked would definitely recommend.

Hayley - 14 Juni 2020

Took her time to answer but all of her feelings seems to be right. Very kind and understanding. Gave me so much needed peace and clarity.

Marta - 12 Juni 2020

Thank you for your honesty Carol. You told me exactly what I needed to hear in order to move on. Onwards and upwards.

Milly - 11 Juni 2020

Lifted a great weight off my shoulders and told me what I knew instinctively and needed to be confirmed. I've felt anxious and sick for days about my particular situation. Once I'd had this chat the sick feeling disappeared, almost like my intuition had been validated and could rest.

Lesley - 7 Juni 2020

Super fast in connecting and typing. very friendly. All my questions were answered and gave a lot of info. Happy with her work Iwill always come back to her. 👍👍

Salma - 5 Juni 2020

Absolutely outstanding!

Monica - 4 Juni 2020

She got a everything down to a t! I didn’t even have to say very much & my questions were answered! Thank you

Sara - 4 Juni 2020

Fantastic reading. Amazingly accurate. Thank you

Lucy - 4 Juni 2020

Carol was very nice and was intuitive with my answering questions!

Alice - 31 Mei 2020