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What can I do for you?
What is on your mind right now? Do you have any questions you want to share? You need to know what is really going on around you? Love, career, life path, what the future holds… Anything. You are here for a reason. We can have a session and search for the answers through my sensibility and the Tarot. Let's find out together now.

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You can share everything, any question, or any doubt that is on your mind right now. We are here to help. Insights and answers can be shown to me through the energy and the cards, and I will make sure the whole picture is brought to you. My answers are always quick and direct and you will see everything clearly.

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Hello! It's good to have you here. I've come to realize my psychic abilities at the young age of 7, and a few years later I have decided to use my gifts to help others. I have 5 years of experience and I also use the Tarot as a tool for a better experience during the session. It is my pleasure to be part of Mediumchat, the best allround.

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Gifts and methods:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Tarot cards
  • Coaching
  • Psychic
  • Psychologist


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Listen well
  • Strong to the touch and practical
What is on your mind right now? Do you have any questions you want to share? You need to know what is really going on around you? Love, career, life path, what the future holds… Anything. You are here for a reason. We can have a session and search for the answers through my sensibility and the Tarot. Let's find out together now.
You can share everything, any question, or any doubt that is on your mind right now. We are here to help. Insights and answers can be shown to me through the energy and the cards, and I will make sure the whole picture is brought to you. My answers are always quick and direct and you will see everything clearly.
Hello! It's good to have you here. I've come to realize my psychic abilities at the young age of 7, and a few years later I have decided to use my gifts to help others. I have 5 years of experience and I also use the Tarot as a tool for a better experience during the session. It is my pleasure to be part of Mediumchat, the best allround.
English speaking psychic US psychic Brazilaanse waarzegster

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Denis, thank you for such a positive reading. You confirmed everything which my gut feeling was telling me. It is such a messy situation but hopefully it all works out. I have been so positive and patient. Let’s hope it pays off. I’ll be back for more soon 🩡

Justine - 1 Oktober 2023

Like my online bestie πŸ’“ he amazing been reading with Denis for bit..He don't sugarcoat But he very caring & many things come past with our readings Ty hun 😘

Jody - 29 September 2023

Thank you Denis. Picked up on POI so accurately and helped me understand things better. I appreciate you. Will be calling back.

Tana - 26 September 2023

You really helped put me at peace.

Annoniem - 26 September 2023

Denis thankyou so much for the incredible chat. You were so kind and detailed. And honestly things you said to me were words used literally the next day from my person. Couldn't believe it as I was hearing it. So grateful and look forward to speaking to you again. Amazing reader xx

Binisha - 20 September 2023

Thank you so much Dennis πŸ’“ you are amazing ❀️ thank you

Maria - 8 September 2023

Thank you Denis, I was very sad and overwhelmed and with your help today I feel so calm and not so sad anymore. I am feeling better. You are so nice and your have an energy that is so peaceful and contagious. God blessed you friend.

Carla - 8 September 2023

Sorry for not being able to say thanks but I really loved the chat! You are so quick and kind! And everything you said resonated.

Gayathri - 6 September 2023

Very detailed and great advices!!

Michael - 1 September 2023

What a great, uplifting reading! If Denis is free, JUST CHAT WITH HIM! You won’t regret it! Thank you so much.

Kathy - 26 Augustus 2023

Thanks so much for the message Denis. It means a lot and you're right about taking a step back. I will see what happens next.

Vicky - 23 Augustus 2023

Thank you Denis. This reading was good but also tricky because of the choice I will have to make. Perhaps I should have tried to be more patient and waited for him to return instead. However it's hard because there was anxiety and codependency there.

Vicky - 22 Augustus 2023

Denis, thank you so much for the reading. I paid for more time but must have missed you. Hopefully we can continue soon.

Vicky - 21 Augustus 2023

My #1 on MC! My cheerleader, coach, advisor, comedian, friend. Love, love, love Denis. ❀️

Synthia - 20 Augustus 2023

Thank you Denis. Thank you so much. I blocked him. If he truly loves me he will find a way through but until then I am doing what you say and closing the door ❀️

Lesley - 17 Augustus 2023

Thank you so much Denis πŸ’“

Maria - 16 Augustus 2023

Denis is like my online bestie..he direct but caring way..He Saud My poi would reach out few days And prediction came true ..Many have ..Ty for listening means alot ..

Jody - 14 Augustus 2023

Great listener, patient in answering your questions and on to the point. Fast typing skills. Thank you for your time Denis !

Akshaya - 11 Augustus 2023

Thank you Denis for your heart warming and accurate reading. I will try to follow your advice.

Vicky - 3 Augustus 2023

Thank you as always my friend for reassuring me, and all the love you send. Sending it right back to you πŸ’›

Nikki - 29 Juli 2023

Denis I'm sorry didn't tell you ..But you know how I love my poi ..Unconditionally and I wanted you to look at him the same way ..anyway Thank you I feel like I'm talking to real friend ...Thank you for ❀️ everything..Talk soon

Jody - 28 Juli 2023

Denis thank you so much for your insights, today you helped me so much ❀️ thank you for your help ❀️

Maria - 21 Juli 2023

Denis is very good,good comunications and details.

Barbara - 20 Juli 2023

Thank you Denis ❀️

Maria - 19 Juli 2023

He is an amazing reader and I felt very assured in the situation I am in. Needed some direction which I got. Thank you. Pls message me as I could not get the last answer as time was up.

Rekha - 12 Juli 2023

Denis is really good at what he does. I love chatting with him. He is the best one. I can't wait to see what happens in the next week.

Melissa - 12 Juli 2023

Amazing… would talk to him again

Rosemary - 8 Juli 2023

Denis is spot on 100% recommend.

Sarah - 1 Juli 2023

Hey psychic bestie! Thanks for the private message. You’re a saint! I agree that my worries stem from a place of fear. And that’s because there’s a lot of uncertainties in many areas of my life right now. But thank you for reassuring me that in due time everything will fall into place. I’ll be taking your advice and allow things to materialize as time progresses. And as always, I’ll keep you posted on what transpires. Thank you again πŸ™πŸΌπŸ€

Samantha - 29 Juni 2023

Denis is my psychic bestie lol πŸ’•

Samantha - 23 Juni 2023

Denis is straightforward, gives a ton of details, doesn’t b.s. you, honest about what he sees, fast typist, and everything he has ever told me resonates. Talking to Denis is like talking to a good friend. He also incorporates his own advice after sharing what he sees and would not steer you in the wrong direction. He has a great personality and just knows his shit! He’s so confident and knows how to read the tarot cards without question. He doesn’t prompt you. All he asks for is your name and the question you have. I’ve been so vague with him asking general questions and he was still able to provide a lot of details. Denis above all other advisors on here never ceases to amaze me. He’s so thoughtful and considerate that he even asks how you’re feeling about everything he’s shared with you just to ensure you’re okay. Thank you Denis for all that you do. You’re amazing at this! I appreciate you and will continue to seek answers and advisement from you. You’re a true gem! πŸ’Ž

Samantha - 22 Juni 2023

Thanks Denis. Your advice was excellent and made me feel a lot calmer. I really need to pull my focus and energy back onto myself and not be so freaked out about things which may or may not happen. I'd really like to just learn to concentrate on what feels good now instead of worrying or stressing about the future.

Vicky - 14 Juni 2023

Denis is a true friend, he supports me and helps me see the best in me. As well as this he is a very talented reader, and every prediction he has made has come true for me. I really enjoy connecting with him and always come away feeling better, Thank you so much Denis πŸ’›

Nikola - 13 Juni 2023

Denis, was on point with everything the question I asked him about my situation he gave me the best answer and I thank him so much for praying for my recovery I was in a bad car accident and he made my night. ❀️😊

Katrina - 10 Juni 2023

Honest Fast typer Empathetic Accurate

Samantha - 5 Juni 2023

Very insightful. Very loving, and honest!

Amy - 1 Juni 2023

Denis is lovely, he picked up on energies that surrounded me and gave some great advice and confirmation that I needed Thank you 😘

Gail - 31 Mei 2023

Wow!! So.. accurate and told some real stuff πŸ™πŸΎ Denis you was so point !! Will be talking soon !

Claribelmoreno1 - 31 Mei 2023

Dennis was very kind and gave me the clarity that I needed about the situation.

Laura - 31 Mei 2023

I always love chatting with Denis. He's so hilarious and makes me laugh so hard at certain things. I will check back in with you later on and give you updates on things we talked about. I rest hope it goes the way we talked about πŸ’™

Melissa - 30 Mei 2023

Another great prediction! Denis .. you was right again "S" found a way to contact me and we had a big talk!! You will be amazed of what happened even I am amazed!! I am shocked actually... I will be InTouch this week to tell you the tea!!! Denis is an absolute great reader!! He is exact with his predictions and when you have formed a rapor with Denis, I believe he is able to predict accuracy in timelines and situations once Denis is very familiar with your energy. Denis has not gotten anything wrong so far with my POI and I get readings almost weekly with Denis and his insight's have always come to light!!! Only 3 main readers I go to and Denis is one of them, that I trust. Thank you

Haneefa - 28 Mei 2023

Thank you Dennis ❀️

Maria - 19 Mei 2023

Denis ty for everything..Denis is honest, direct reader..there are predictions that have come to pass with him ..blessings πŸ˜‰

Jody - 18 Mei 2023

Lovely to chat to you I'm sorry my credits ran out n we didn't get to chat for longer but I will be back. Thank you x

Ceri - 17 Mei 2023

Straight on point and very honest. He tells you like it is... he doesn't justify things just to make you feel good. I'm very satisfied 😌 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Joy - 17 Mei 2023

😊 πŸ™ true blessing top reader..

Jody - 13 Mei 2023

OMG Denis!! Yet again, your right again!! "S" can't let go and came over today, as you said and predicted in last week's reading. He wants to be AROUND and won't leg go!! Denis, your really getting into my energy that your literally predicting things happening so fast and quick!!! I'm going to catch up with you this week for some "tea" As always, your the best!! Xxx

Haneefa - 8 Mei 2023

I absolutely love talking to Denis. It's good to see where things are going in my life. He's always on point and he always makes me smile an laugh. He is the only one I will talk to on here. He's amazing and a friend πŸ’™

Melissa - 3 Mei 2023

One of my favourite readers on here!! Always has been so accurate with his predictions to date!! And I get regular readings from Denis and I always get back to him when his predictions come to light!! From the start of the month reading he had predicted my situation with my poi that keeps coming and going and what he predicted has come to light we every week this month. Now I wait to see other things unfold with another poi that is new. Denis has predicted things yet to happen with both these POIs but so far everything is playing out just how Denis saw it. Omg Denis, I hope you read this .. I am now actually nervous as our religious duties officially finishes tonight and, I know you know what I mean! I literally have butterflies of nerves. Xx

Haneefa - 20 April 2023

Hi Denis. Hope you're keeping well. I think you were going to send me a message at the end of our last chat and I haven't recieved anything.

Vicky - 17 April 2023

Hi Denis. Thank you for your reading / honest assessment of what's happening at the moment. Please may you send me that message?

Vicky - 14 April 2023

Thank you for your guidance Denis. You're so lovely and kind and I will try to follow what you said. You have picked up on so much which has come to pwlass already. I will try and have some faith.

Vicky - 3 April 2023

Denis is primarily my friend that i check in, a friend with talent, wisdom and guidance--ha ha ha. He has not steered me wrong with my dilemmas. I bother him so often and he always cracks me up. Some readings are positive, some are not but I know he is being honest.

Synthia - 29 Maart 2023

He is amazing

Daniela - 23 Maart 2023

I love talking to Denis. He is fast with replying back. He always gives me positive vibes and thoughts. Cheers me up everytime. He is absolutely amazing.

Melissa - 22 Maart 2023

Somethings have again come to pass with Denis readings..ty so very much..amazing reader ..

Jody - 19 Maart 2023

Denis you're so kind hearted and intuitive. Thank you for your insight. I meant to finish by saying I will try to take your advice but one of the reasons I follow the pattern I do is because there's no substitute for talking to people who understand exactly what you're going through. If you can think of any suggestions please message me. I will try to get a stronger routine. Although I'm very lucky to have the people who I do have in my life - I don't always feel like they understand me or why I keep hoping for a different outcome after so many trials. πŸ™ thank you for your kind advice and for being so respectful of my situation and feelings.

Vicky - 18 Maart 2023

When you come Denis For reading ..He does not sugarcoat..He honest Best..doesn't need alot prompts..quick detailed ..Thank you for Listening ..Like a friend to me ..Ty Hugs

Jody - 15 Maart 2023

Reassuring but also realistic. Thank you Denis. Hopefully what you've said will come to pass even if it takes time.

Vicky - 15 Maart 2023

Thank you Denis. You were so positive and catching my vibe

Diane - 15 Maart 2023

Denis quickly read my poi. Fast replies and very caring. Hoping all he predicted comes trueπŸ’œ

Diane - 15 Maart 2023

Very helpful and gave me clarity

Jacqueline - 10 Maart 2023

He is very accomodating and listen very careful to my questions

Jacqueline - 10 Maart 2023

Hi Denis, I wish I could communicate privately to you - but I guess this can be another review from me for other potential client's that want to seek your service can read. Do you remember the reading you did for me at the start of the year when I wanted you to see if I would find "love" this year? The reading was heavily about my career move's and you noted that "S" would return? Anyway, I read back the reading today as I remember you telling me that I will have acouple of small relationships but x1 serious one towards the end of the year - As you know new POI "E" has appeared, and it's been great so far!!! Anyway - YOU saw "E" in my reading and it only occured to me when I was thinking about that particular reading today!! You described him as someone VERY VERY VERY serious in business and as we are aware, he is an entrepreneur owns businesses. You described him as late 30s ( which he is 38yrs) and same mind set as me, and NEVER been married and no kids! Well guess what - you got it right again!!! This week every night "E" has called me and we talk to get to know each other more before our meet in the coming days. Everything that you described him in that reading is EXACTLY what you said he'd be!! We have the same mindset, similar passions and a straight shooter like me. And definitely very business oriented for the past 18yrs. He's focused on his business hence why he never married! EXACTLY how you described him to be!! He is a serious type as you said, exactly same mentality as me when he views relationships and family. The only discrepancy is that you said he'd come at the end of the year .. But, I like to see this as DIVINE INTERVENTION making things happen sooner so I don't get stuck with "S" - as we know that situation is becoming unhealthy .. EVERYTHING that you described about "S" in that reading also is happening - YOU said, he will try a little but soon AFTER get cold again! And low and behold he has gone cold again and disappeared and I have not heard from him - disappeared as in I think he has blocked me .. On another note "E" has uplifted me emotionally and I have taken steps to get back into my fitness and eat right again. He has so far made "efforts" in getting to know me and building a connection, and I am looking forward to finally meeting him in 3 days time. "E" also has said that he "can't wait till Sunday" - his exact words ☺️ I will speak with you soon again after my meet with "E" πŸ˜€

Haneefa - 9 Maart 2023

Hi Denis, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all the readings and support you have given me since late last year when I first came to you! What a whirlwind it has been with "S" and I know you have ALWAYS given me insights into my situation and I know deep down, it is only me who chooses the path that I walk on - nothing is set in stone, as they say! I genuinely feel so scared embarking on this new path with "E" - even though we are yet to meet, but there is a very strong pull between us and yet diving intervention has made things happen in this way!! Maybe for me to realise again no more "man child" as I was married to one for 7yrs, and as much as I want to believe "S" could potentially be the man I'd hope he'd turn out to be -eventually ... But I know deep down I don't have the patience to forlong another ride with a man child. As you have always adviced. He is a "man child" still going through his own journies. Maybe "E" will show me what a real man can offer and I will finally get to experience a real stable relationship finally?! Bitter sweet good bye's and walking into the unknown - is what I can see ahead of me! Time is yet still to tell, but I am greatfull that you have guided me throughout this process!

Haneefa - 7 Maart 2023

Denis, is so gifted, his insights and predictions are spot on. I 100% trust everything he has to tell me. On top of this he shows genuine kindness and empathy. He has supported me through some of the darkest months, and kept me positive, he is like a dear & trusted friend. Thank you Denis, for everything πŸ’›

Nikola - 4 Maart 2023

Denis thank you so much for your reading and accurate insight into my situation. Please send me a message to summarise your advise when you can πŸ™

Vicky - 1 Maart 2023

A lot of readings he very good..things have come to pass with readings :)

Jody - 25 Februari 2023

Denis is a really sincere and accurate reader. He's kindhearted and non judgemental and picked up on my situation quickly. His predictions have come true.

Vicky - 21 Februari 2023

A very sincere reader did a good job to clear my thoughts a lot. Thanks.

Irene - 17 Februari 2023

Thank you Denis ❀️

Haneefa - 16 Februari 2023

Thank you Denis ❀️

Maria - 15 Februari 2023

Dennis is a real deal..have had several readings .Something has already come to pass with readings..he not person who sugarcoat he very HONEST! TY ❀️

Jody - 11 Februari 2023

OMG Denis!!! You were right with your clarification of a love interest coming in and it was going to be a quick fire ... It just happened .. I received a call from someone whom I briefly met and went on x1 date with while I was in break up with "S" ... I saw the number on my phone and I ignored it .. I will block him since I no longer need to pursue!! I go to Denis for everything and yet another confirmation and prediction he did for me today and within acouple hours it literally happened!!! Denis is amazing, he is my GO TO !!

Haneefa - 10 Februari 2023

I enjoyed my reading, he pick up on my situation , even made me laugh with some humorπŸ™‚ will be back

Kendra - 10 Februari 2023

I have had acouple of readings from Denis. He has always been able to pick up my situation with my poi. 3 wks ago I asked for a general reading .. I did not saying anything. Denis picked up about my work situation he felt something around business and new career path. After some time I said I was starting a business in March in a total different field to what I currently do. Which clarified everything Denis was picking up on. I did also wanted him to clarify a situation with my poi as we had been broken up at the time to which Denis was aware of. I expressed that other readers had picked up on this situation and Denis being so "on point" with picking up in things, his clarification was greatly needed. Denis clarified my poi was coming and 3 wks on, it's exactly what happened. I returned to Denis today to get further guidance of my situation with my poi as I'm abit unsure how to approach this situation. Denis gave me some predictions and insight to moving forward, not only as a reader and as a friend - someone I can trust in advice, being a male and not understanding how a males mind works hahahaha Denis is definitely on my favourites list and he is very frank about what he sees and tells you - good or bad. Sorry I cut off Denis but my last was - love you so much, thank you ❀️

Haneefa - 7 Februari 2023

Denis really accurately read my situation and was really kind and helpful in giving me perspective. I think what he predicted will happen.

Vicky - 5 Februari 2023

It's always great reading... No sugarcoat .. but no promises are needed .and some readings things came ro pass..ty

Jody - 5 Februari 2023

A very kind and wise man. He told me what I needed to know. Thank you

Annoniem - 1 Februari 2023

Love this reader..he very prompts are needed with him..amazing..Ty So very much..:)

Jody - 28 Januari 2023

I love chatting with Denis. He is the absolute best 😊

Melissa - 27 Januari 2023

Very fast and accurate reading about what is happening. Denis mentioned something wonderful that I do hope happens! He is the only psychic on this platform that has mentioned it so it will be interesting to see what transpires. I have been using many different people to see with whom i resonate. They have all been wonderful but i feel Denis is going to be in my favourites!

Synthia - 13 Januari 2023

He is great !

Daniela - 13 Januari 2023

Denis was so lovely and it felt like I was chatting to a friend I'd known for ages instead of someone new. I'll definitely come back to speak to him again.

Sarah - 10 Januari 2023

Very accurate

Daniela - 3 Januari 2023

I absolutely love talking to Denis. He gives me so much insight on things and give me answers to questions I doubt. I truly hope what we talked about happens. Makes my heart so happy πŸ’™

Melissa - 31 December 2022

Denis was very comforting. He told me what I knew but also told me it was worth it. And that helped a lot. Thank you so much.

Kandace - 20 December 2022

I've had several readings .he very fast..detailed. spot on..Ty So very much

Jody - 16 December 2022

Thank you Denis. You read into my situation really well, particular about me as a person. I gave you little clues and you were able to tell me things to keep me open minded with my situation. You must of given me some positive vibes, because I did feel more at peace after chatting to you.

Haneefa - 12 December 2022

Awesome positive reading hope it comes true

Emma - 9 December 2022

He was spot on and straight to the point

Mi’Lecia - 3 December 2022

Ty ❀️ he still not upbeat! Amazing reader ❀️ I thank you so very much .. YOU VERY GOOD! ILL be back ..blessings

Jody - 25 November 2022

Thank you so much Dennis ♥️

Maria - 25 November 2022

He was definitely on point with what he said. He was fast to respond and he's made my night a lot better. Told me things I didn't realize. I will be back to chat again

Melissa - 20 November 2022

Few readings very on Thank you so very many more readings..blessings to you

Jody - 19 November 2022

Thank you so much Denis

Claire - 16 November 2022

Very quick and courteous. He made me feel so at ease!

Danielle - 13 November 2022

DENIS was very spot on. And the whole reading resonated with me. I wish it could of been better news but I am glad I got the truth. Thank you so much. I am very happy to have met you. God Bless!

Dena - 12 November 2022

Wow good reading,We both have never met. It felt as if you knew me from somewhere. Reading message about what is only known by myself.

Mo - 9 November 2022

Thank you Denis ❀️

Maria - 3 November 2022


Essi - 3 November 2022

Accurate, kind, and a great sense of humor. This advisor really understood my situation and provided valuable insight. Thank you Denis! Highly recommended.

Holly - 2 November 2022

A great pleasure having a reading done by Denis.

AAK - 2 November 2022

Amazing, i wouldn’t recommend anyone else

Marie - 1 November 2022

Dear Denis, thank you for sharing your insights with me. I will see what God has in plan for my future.

Deepa - 29 Oktober 2022

Denis was kind explained what I already knew but it was so uplifting to know it wasn’t me at fault Denis is a Refreshing guy straight to the point which I totally like

Madelineabutler - 29 Oktober 2022

He was spot on...I ll highly recommend him

Afua - 29 Oktober 2022

Wow wow wow , picked up on my situation straight away without any clues , really out my mind at rest. I would highly recommend this reader x x

Julie - 27 Oktober 2022

Denis is truly great thank you for your awesome encouragement,thank you

Justice - 24 Oktober 2022