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Accurate Medium, Tarot & Clairvoyant for 30+ years

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  • Clairvoyant
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  • Tarot cards
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  • Empathetic and insightful
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  • I feel your energy

What can I do for you?
Do you have questions about your relationship, love life, or are you at a crossroads at this moment in time? I can help guide you through any present situation if you can provide a photo, with my insight, clear vision and awareness to aid this insight I also use the tarot and crystals to focus to help you resolve any issue. that way we can help you through step by step to enable you to make the best outcomes for you.

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You can ask me any question. If you can send me a photo it can help me focus, it is really easy to do this on Mediumchat system. Although I can also work without one, as my intuition and energy can bring the answer quickly and accurately.

About me

For the last 30 years, I have used my abilities to help people to help find the solutions to their issues.I have always had spiritual abilities for as long as I can remember. As far as I know, I'm 3rd generation clairvoyant, I have travelled throughout the U.K., delivering workshops and demonstrations on crystal clairvoyance.

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Schotisch psychic

Gifts and methods:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Reader
  • Tarot cards
  • Psychic
  • Medium


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Detailed
  • I feel your energy
Do you have questions about your relationship, love life, or are you at a crossroads at this moment in time? I can help guide you through any present situation if you can provide a photo, with my insight, clear vision and awareness to aid this insight I also use the tarot and crystals to focus to help you resolve any issue. that way we can help you through step by step to enable you to make the best outcomes for you.
You can ask me any question. If you can send me a photo it can help me focus, it is really easy to do this on Mediumchat system. Although I can also work without one, as my intuition and energy can bring the answer quickly and accurately.
For the last 30 years, I have used my abilities to help people to help find the solutions to their issues.I have always had spiritual abilities for as long as I can remember. As far as I know, I'm 3rd generation clairvoyant, I have travelled throughout the U.K., delivering workshops and demonstrations on crystal clairvoyance.
Schotisch psychic

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454 reviews

Ena Marie was really lovely and helpful. I'll chat for sure with her again.

Giada - 25 September 2023

She was very sweet. Was aware of things on my heart without me giving lots of background. Supportive and validating. I’ll be back ♥️.

Denni - 24 September 2023

Thank you so much Ena. Ena is great without asking anything. I love her. She was fast and accurate. I feel sure her prediction will come true. I will definitely be back

Cathykgeorge07 - 23 September 2023

So lovely!! Put my mind at ease very quickly, keeping strong and positive 💚💚

Karen - 20 September 2023

Ena Marie was fantastic. Quick in responding, very kind, clear and not judgemental. She gave me the clarity that I needed. I high recommend her and will surely be coming back in the future

Stuti - 20 September 2023

This lady makes me feel so content once we spoken she is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul ❤️

Jacqueline - 10 September 2023

Been getting readings by Ena Marie for couple years off on ..she details accurate..not alot prompts needed ..Very recommended 10 stars 🌟 Thank you

Jody - 16 Augustus 2023

Ena Marie has always been spot on with issues. So when I'm in a confusion I find her guidance trusting. Thank you.

Louise - 6 Augustus 2023

Thank you ENA you made me feel at ease again it’s always great to speak to you ❤️

Jacqueline - 5 Augustus 2023

Thank you for your reading, I will take a step back as you advised, you were spot on about us!

Kyle - 31 Juli 2023

Thank you Ena. She is pretty quick when it comes to channeling & her into is pretty accurate.

LaToya - 31 Juli 2023

She is a Excellent Reader. She picked up up on my situation right away. I have so much Clarity now.

Elisia3333 - 30 Juli 2023

Very spot in and informative. Ty very much.

Dena - 7 Juli 2023

she was Sweet and comforting, and ran out of time. will contact soon.

Dayana - 4 Juli 2023

I enjoyed my chat with ena Marie she was very informative and I will definitely keep coming back to her . Polite friendly and quick Typer I appreciate you ena

Anne - 20 Juni 2023

Ena Is a wonderful kind soul she offered warmth love and compassion her honesty will never be forgotten throughout hard times . A very gifted soul bless you always 🙏

Nicky - 7 Juni 2023

Ena is amazing, she answered questions with honesty and understanding. She is sympathetic to my situation and had answers right away some before I even asked the question. Ena was added to my favorites, I will definitely speak again soon.

Brenda - 24 Mei 2023

I was blown away with how accurate ena was and how bang on she was about everything, it was so lovely to hear about the future with my little family and I will definitely be coming back to chat again soon, thank you ena it means a lot

Bethany - 15 Mei 2023

Very insightful. She has such a lovely energy about her. She picked up on things that I did not mention and she put my mind at ease and I can now focus on other things as I trust her instinct and her insight. Will definitely be using Ena Marie again

Gamze - 15 Mei 2023

Ena Marie was amazing. She confirmed what I have been told In the past. And what I do feel myself to be true. She helped me to feel better and even tho I of course am still upset and worried her guidance is helping remind me to relax when I get worried. Thank you so much for your time.

Kandace - 13 Mei 2023

Very accurate reading.

Annoniem - 2 April 2023

Shes sensational and kind and honest. xx

T - 29 Maart 2023

Put me at ease

Gary - 21 Maart 2023

Very clear and helpful. She was correct in 2020, so I felt I could trust her advice this time. Am pleased 😀

Louise - 15 Maart 2023

Thank you Ena for your gentle reassurance and guidance.

Vicky - 15 Maart 2023

This lady is absolutely amazing true and honest I can only say if you need guidance and advise Ena is fantastic ❤️

Jacqueline - 1 Maart 2023

Great reading that really resonated and gave clarity on the future.

Jamil - 25 Februari 2023

Straightforward and honest!!!

Maria - 10 Februari 2023

Thanks so much for your guidance Ena. As it happened, I decided to go to my local coffee van after our reading and bumped into him. I'll have to see what else comes but thank you for giving me some hope x

Vicky - 9 Februari 2023

Amazing lady has again put my mind at ease ❤️

Jacqueline - 5 Februari 2023

Thanks for being so kind and compassionate at all times Ena Marie. I will inform you if anything comes to light from your predictions. Thank you for the reading, very insightful and accurate

Natalie - 24 Januari 2023

Always a calming and insightful read with Ena. Thank you so much for helping me

Annabelle - 24 Januari 2023

Always kind and empathetic. Ena picks up on small details which lets me know she is accurate and reliable. Will always be my go-to.

Annabelle - 17 Januari 2023

Amazing reading Left me with a sense of peace during.uncertain times So happy with Ena Marie she gets right tot he point and doesn't mix words

Annoniem - 11 Januari 2023

Thank you Ena as always you are truly amazing ❤️

Jacqueline - 11 Januari 2023

Ena never seems to tire of reassuring me and she is honest, caring and compassionate in her approach to a reading. She reminds me of what I deserve but also respects my choices and tries to gently steer me in the right direction. I'm very grateful to her and so many of her readings have come true. She is empathetic towards me and my POI and I'm really grateful to her.

Victoria - 3 Januari 2023

One of the best and most accurate readers I have come across. Thank you Ena Marie for giving me the strength and encouragement to move forward. Can’t wait to chat again soon. Xx

Natalie - 2 Januari 2023

Accurate xx

Michellelishman1966 - 2 Januari 2023

Amazing reading, lovely person, got good insight thank you

Karen - 30 December 2022

Very accurate account thanks for your help

Senga - 30 December 2022

Dear Ena Marie, I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I wish you a prosperous and peaceful New Year 2023.

Deepa - 27 December 2022

Wonderful lady I can only recommend to have a reading with this beautiful lady thank you Ena ❤️

Jacqueline - 26 December 2022

On point and so true. Thank you again Ena for the insight.

Lanny - 10 December 2022

Thank you. She get it right about me. Very good insight. Fast and strait forward.

Lanny - 7 December 2022

Thank you so much for the insight.

Lanny - 7 December 2022

Thank you so much Ena Marie. Your reading gave me hope and helped me with a difficult journey. Thank you xx

Elizabeth - 16 November 2022

She was precise and excellent.

Atif - 14 November 2022

Thanks Ena, just to update you. It went as well as can be expected. We're still on a break but I'll try not to worry and to take your advice. x

Victoria - 9 November 2022

She is amazing a star!!!

Judy - 31 Oktober 2022

Fab reading Ena bless ux

Julie - 22 Oktober 2022

Thank you so much for your insight. I appreciated what you picked up on and helped me with. Thank you so much.

Dena - 22 Oktober 2022

Accurate and insightful reading. Pretty spot on!

Michaela - 20 Oktober 2022

Ena Marie, an accurate reading and picked up on my situation right away. Will definitely chat again. Thank you Ena Marie x

Christine - 18 Oktober 2022

It was lovely to speak with Ena she’s so calm, reply’s back quick, I wish I had more time to find out the last bit of our conversation, thank you 🙏🏼

Kio - 16 Oktober 2022

Ena is fabulous love this lady I had a lot of readings but Ena and Susan are the best love them both amazing readings and lots have come to pass beautiful lady ❤️

Jacqueline - 15 Oktober 2022

Thank you 🙏 so much for the clarification everything you said it correct and it give strength you’re special 👍👏👏👌

Lydia - 6 Oktober 2022

Love talking with Ena, wish the credits didn’t run out so fast when talking with her. Very helpful and insightful

Laura - 29 September 2022

Thank you so much xx

Claire - 29 September 2022

Thank you so much. x

Claire - 15 September 2022

I liked my reading very much but the free 3 minutes went way to fast to find out what I wanted xxxx

Joanne - 14 September 2022

Thank you so much for the advice Ena, I feel like you go the extra mile to help and are always really accurate. Hope you have a lovely week 🤗

Victoria - 7 September 2022

Thank you sooooo much Ena I needed your guidance today you are amazing I can’t say that enough , shame we got cut of due to time but I’ll be back you helped me through so much you are truly my angel ❤️ Thank you ❤️

Jacqueline - 4 September 2022

Thank you so much for your message I always enjoy my readings with you you picked up I'm sorry I was having trouble with my device when I was speaking to you but I will have another meeting soon thank you so much

Jody - 2 September 2022

Ena always gives you direct answers to your questions and everything she has told me so far has come true :)

Sara - 14 Augustus 2022

Thank you for the reading

Anil - 11 Augustus 2022

A very lovely lady. Actuate and precise details were given from Ena Marie. She was fast and straight to the point in a very caring manner. I would definitely recommend her.

Emma - 9 Augustus 2022

Talking to Ena feels like talking to a relative. She's so down to earth and grounded and always puts me on the right track. Her advice and predictions are always accurate and invaluable.

Victoria - 6 Augustus 2022

Very good

Alex - 1 Augustus 2022

Thank you. I really appreciate your insight and advice

Claire - 27 Juli 2022

Thank you so much for reassuring me & the spot on reading. I love the way you talk to me & made me happy & assured. I will chat to you again soon. If you feel anymore energy please let me know. Thank you ❤️

Jaidee - 26 Juli 2022

Ena Marie, gave insightful helpful advice. She read into my situation and gave me lots of hope for the future. She was kind and gave me reasurance when I needed it. Thank you Ena. I was lovely speaking with you

Elizabeth - 24 Juli 2022

Ena makes me feel calm and I trust her insights. thank you Ena for helping me with a difficult situation.

Annoniem - 24 Juli 2022


Alex - 23 Juli 2022

Helped me so much in my time of need. Right on the spot

Elise - 20 Juli 2022

Helped me so much in my time of need. Right on the spot

Elise - 20 Juli 2022

Thanks again. You are so kind and lovely to chat to. I appreciate your advice. Xx

Claire - 19 Juli 2022

Very very good

Alex - 18 Juli 2022

Thank you. Xx

Claire - 15 Juli 2022

Thanks again Ena Marie. Xx

Claire - 15 Juli 2022

Thanks again Ena Marie. You pick up on the situation very accurately. xx

Claire - 14 Juli 2022

Thank you. Lovely reading. Xx

Claire - 13 Juli 2022

Thank you Ena Marie. You picked up on the situation very well. This was a lovely reading which left me feeling hopeful. Xx

Claire - 11 Juli 2022

Great as usual

Alex - 10 Juli 2022

thank you so much for clarifying and depending the view you have of my situation. It really helped me a lot. Kind regards. E x

Elisa - 27 Juni 2022

Ena my angel , thank you so much for making me feel at ease . Ena is amazing just love her ❤️

Jacqueline - 26 Juni 2022

Awesome reader

Alex - 23 Juni 2022

Ena Marie has helped me through so much, reassuring me and giving me great advice. Accurate and a good listener, best reader. Thankyou so much!

Lindsey - 20 Juni 2022

Very accurate and patient.

Latesharwilliams - 20 Juni 2022


Alex - 19 Juni 2022


Alex - 18 Juni 2022

Thank you

Silvia - 18 Juni 2022

Very accurate

Mushfika - 18 Juni 2022

Very good reader and understood my situation thanks for the help

Susanne - 17 Juni 2022

Her answer was very accurate 🥰🥰thank you so much

Lakisha - 16 Juni 2022

She was very on point and resonated with me situation. Thanks Ena x

Racquel - 16 Juni 2022

Absolutely incredible!! I will DEFINITELY be consulting her again 😊 thank you!!!

Linah - 16 Juni 2022

Again, excellent!

Linah - 16 Juni 2022

Thank you

Pretty - 14 Juni 2022

Always listens even when I’m grumpy ..,gives great advise

Alex - 12 Juni 2022

Ena is amazing I always feel at ease speaking to her , fantastic lady ❤️

Jacqueline - 12 Juni 2022

Wow, I was so impressed and happy with my reading. Ena Marie is kind, compassionate, thoughtful and a powerful medium. She gave me life-changing messages. She was very helpful and patient, I really appreciate you so much thank you.

Annoniem - 11 Juni 2022

Such a beautiful women ☺️. I have been on a huge journey and Ena has given me guidance, perspective and has helped calm my soul.

Kathleen - 10 Juni 2022

Very good

Alex - 7 Juni 2022

She is very good and will contact her again in the future!

Holly - 3 Juni 2022

This lady is amazing 😍. Absolutely love how clearly she explains things and with details. Thank you so much beautiful lady for your time help and support. If you could possibly answer my last question the credits ran out. Will wait for your prediction and come back to you. Stay blessed.

Lily - 2 Juni 2022

Very good

Alex - 1 Juni 2022

Again excellent Ena is fantastic love her ❤️

Jacqueline - 30 Mei 2022

Thanks ena , I wish Australian dollars were not so expensive right now but I feel this has helped me lift spirits up and to focus!! I will touch base in a month Lots of love to you x

Stacey - 30 Mei 2022


Alex - 28 Mei 2022

She is great, it help me a lot, got my answer.

Maria Julia - 27 Mei 2022

Ena Marie was very comforting. She made me feel a lot better and gave me assurance for my future. Thank you so much for being there ❤️

Kandace - 26 Mei 2022

She picked up on things that were so true. Very good reading.

Jennifer - 22 Mei 2022


Alex - 21 Mei 2022


Alex - 16 Mei 2022

Very good as usual

Alex - 15 Mei 2022

Ena Marie I can’t thank you enough for your perspective and just reassurance to my situation. Your kind and seem to really tap into what’s going on and give solid advice

Melissa - 13 Mei 2022

Wonderful lady and always reading ❤️

Jacqueline - 12 Mei 2022

Ena thank you so much for this reading it gave me a sense of calmness and you are always so right.

Francine - 10 Mei 2022

Excellent as usual

Alex - 9 Mei 2022


LaToya - 8 Mei 2022


Alex - 5 Mei 2022

I liked Ena Marie interaction. She was so quick responding to my questions and I love that. Thank you Ena Marie!

Yawa - 2 Mei 2022

What can I say again this lady is amazing ❤️

Jacqueline - 2 Mei 2022

She’s very good …she takes the time to Message you privately if she hasn’t answered a concern in the reading

Alex - 1 Mei 2022

A wonderful lady who I recommend highly Ena is amazing I really think if you want clarity speak to Ena ❤️

Jacqueline - 29 April 2022

I love her readings

Alex - 29 April 2022

Very accurate thank you

Haneefa - 29 April 2022

Very accurate thank you

Haneefa - 29 April 2022

Ena Marie always gives amazing advice, she's incredibly accurate and talking to her has helped me bring some much needed balance into my life. I recommend her to anyone looking for someone kind and reassuring to talk to.

Victoria - 26 April 2022

Great reader …A1

Alex - 25 April 2022

Very good

Alex - 24 April 2022

I like her readings

Alex - 24 April 2022

Superb reader .. honest and accurate Sent me a very nice private message too ( thank you )

Alex - 19 April 2022

Thank you Ena.. I'm sorry we ran out of time I am happy that you agreed with me I believe the outcome will be positive I appreciate you so much you're wonderful

Linda - 18 April 2022


Alex - 8 April 2022

I loved everything that got told to me and it was the truth

Amanda - 7 April 2022

Ena is such a wonderful person and really taps into the situation clearly. I always trust her advice and recommend her to others seeking guidance.

Victoria - 2 April 2022


Alex - 1 April 2022

so nice connecting with her, thank you so much

Elisa - 1 April 2022

Thank you Ena time goes by so quick but as usual you are fab and you make me feel at ease every time ❤️

Jacqueline - 1 April 2022

She’s awesome

Alex - 30 Maart 2022

Seem good

Alex - 29 Maart 2022

The best reading so far. So accurate. So much into detail! She's a lovely lady that can uplift your spirit!

Nina - 24 Maart 2022

Grate to talk to very understand

Sam - 22 Maart 2022

Love this lady .quick spot on..amazing ..thank you . Things come to pass ..❤

Jody - 19 Maart 2022

Just love speaking to this lady she is amazing ❤️

Jacqueline - 13 Maart 2022

Thank you

Marcia - 7 Maart 2022

Ena is the best love talking to her she has been on my path for a while now highly recommended ❤️

Jacqueline - 28 Februari 2022

Had my first reading with Ena, she picked up on the person in my life very well with no information, and I was shocked when my nan come through in the reading which I had not spoke to Ena about. Will definitely be back for another reading.

Francine - 25 Februari 2022

Ena has been such a lifeline to me over the last few years, I go to her quite often for advice and bit of perspective which she is really good at providing. Her readings are always incredibly accurate and I really recommend her to anyone needing a little bit of a nudge in the right direction. Thank you Ena.

Victoria - 21 Februari 2022

This lady is amazing she never steers me wrong very accurate things have come to pass with what she has told me thank you so much for your time for your beautiful readings

Jody - 19 Februari 2022

Thankyou as always for the chats. Such a great listener and giving advice. Ena helps to guide me through the tough times and puts my mind at ease, truthful and is accurate in the readings even when I think it sounds impossible. Thankyou❤

Lindsey - 19 Februari 2022

Ena was very spot on and accurate ❤️👌👌👌

Asma - 14 Februari 2022

Yet another fantastic reading! Thanks ♡

Heather - 11 Februari 2022

Amazing lady love talking to Ena she is absolutely fab highly recommend her ❤️

Jacqueline - 11 Februari 2022

She is very good thanks so much again

Mi’Lecia - 11 Februari 2022

This Lady true Gem.. direct no sugar coating ..honest..very gifted thank you 💕

Jody - 10 Februari 2022

Had a very good reading with Ena Marie She was on point from the beginning

Shelter - 9 Februari 2022

Spoton thanks for clarity, I have been so confused.

Christina - 7 Februari 2022

Really nice, understanding of my situation and gave me some positive hope for the future.

Sarah - 2 Februari 2022

Dear Ena, it was lovely consulting you and reading your take on my issue at hand. It made lots of sense, and you also told me what I also felt. Blessings to you and yours.

Deepa - 23 Januari 2022

Thanks again for your words and wisdom Ena-Marie. Sorry we got cut off :)

Louisa - 22 Januari 2022

I really enjoy chatting with Ena and wish I had the money to chat for longer. I trust what Ena tells me and there was no one else I wanted to discuss a certain person with. The fact she is Scottish also makes me more drawn to her 😆 Lovely lady who I truly believe has a spiritual gift in helping others find more inner peace. ♡

Sara - 16 Januari 2022

Very good and honest amazing lady ❤️

Jacqueline - 13 Januari 2022

Ena Marie is a really wonderful guide to talk to. She has always been accurate and has helped ground me whenever I've been panicking or worrying too much about things which really don't need worrying about. Talking to Ena on here feels like sitting down for a tea with an older and wiser friend. She gives solid advice, says things how they are, is balanced and non judgemental. I really value our chats and recommend her to anyone going through a tough time in need of some subtle guidance.

Victoria - 10 Januari 2022

She was quick with answers and not wasting time point on I think

Wylene - 9 Januari 2022

Her reading was excellent. She was kind and compassionate. I would use her again.

Helen - 8 Januari 2022

Great reader. Highly recommended

Joyce - 7 Januari 2022

Amazing spot on

Julie - 5 Januari 2022

Very reassuring amazing lovely lady love her ❤️

Jacqueline - 30 December 2021

Amazing 👏 lady . Spot on..quick love her readings ty so much ❤

Jody - 25 December 2021

Absolute star of a lady , highly recommended she helps me to be calm love her ❤️

Jacqueline - 24 December 2021

Ena is my go to love her guidance ..kindness ...has helped me through 2021.Doest judge ...One of the best on here ..merry christmas to you my go to guru TY xx

Sarah - 22 December 2021

Thank you, Ena! One of the best readings I’ve ever had!

Ashley - 22 December 2021

Ena made me feel at ease and less anxious. Very sweet to talk too!

Danielle - 17 December 2021

I enjoyed my reading with Ena. I am very hopeful of the events to come, but time will tell ehh. She picked up quite quickly and very accurately on my P.O.I. What was said described him to a T. I recommend her to anyone considering a consult. Thank you🙂

Lemz - 15 December 2021

Thank you again Ena , you are amazing my favourite yet , shame I couldn’t see you’re last typing as time ended but I will be back just love talking to you could go on for hours lol ❤️

Jacqueline - 11 December 2021

coming to have chats with this lady for some time amazing amazing She picks up fast very detailed Thank you so much

Jody - 10 December 2021

Ena Marie is so lovely and comforting to talk to. I trust her insight and recommend her for readings. She is always accurate.

Victoria - 5 December 2021

Thank you Ena you are amazing I highly recommended this lady ❤️

Jacqueline - 5 December 2021

Thank you Ena for always giving me good advice and for your accuracy.

Victoria - 2 December 2021

I felt she connected very well with me. She is definitely very insightful, so I would recommend a reading with her. Her energy was very positive and helped me feeling more hopeful. I hope her predictions come to pass.

Anna - 29 November 2021

As always amazing lady ❤️

Jacqueline - 22 November 2021

Ena was correct about the personality and other qualities, as for the future, I will have to wait and see. I would recommend Ena to anyone thinking about getting a reading x

Stacy - 13 November 2021

Ena Marie is one amazing lady , I recommend her highly ❤️

Jacqueline - 11 November 2021

ena marie has a true gift. its like she knows the people she is talking about. I cannot recommend her enough. I have come back many times for advice on a difficult situation and she has been like a guardian angel.

Jackie - 8 November 2021

Very straightforward snd gives clarity to current situation thanks Ena

Maria - 1 November 2021

Ena was spot on with What she said and gave me great comfort - highly recommend

Lee - 28 Oktober 2021

I have contacted ena a few times recently over relationship issues and she has honestly been like a guardian angel. telling me things no one else could like she is seeing my life thro a mirror. she is an angel giving honest and amazing answers. I wish I could have her with me all day. couldn't recommend her any more. xx

Jackie - 21 Oktober 2021

Made me feel at ease and untangle my feelings in the time I had with her

Saima.allee - 20 Oktober 2021

If Ena Marie says that something is 'on track' then it is on track. Ena has really helped guide / comfort me a lot over the last year and I am so grateful to her. She has also helped me to figure out when I might be reacting to something because of my own fear and also when it might be my intuition. I would always recommend her guidance, she is accurate and truly insightful.

Victoria - 11 Oktober 2021

Dear Ena Maria, Thank you, for sharing your insights. You expressed yourself very clearly and you were spot on. I felt a calmness and truth coming through your words, which gave an assurity and made me calm. Thank you...

Deepa - 11 Oktober 2021

had an amazing reading it was like she could see my situation first hand. she gave me a positive and very uplifting reading when l was in a bit of a bad place. her insight into my situation was amazing. definitely be back xx

Jackie - 10 Oktober 2021

Thank you again Ena. Your awesome 😊

Evelyn - 8 Oktober 2021

Ena Marie was spot on and gave a very good reading I hope she is correct in what she has said will be. I can’t wait to find out 🤞

Di - 7 Oktober 2021

It gives me hope for the future. Would definitely recommend using her again.

Carol - 6 Oktober 2021

I will be contacting her again tomorrow for another chat xx

Lynda - 6 Oktober 2021

Ena Marie has been a really reassuring presence in my life over the past few years. She gives really good guidance and has been very supportive and highly accurate. I really recommend her for a reading.

Victoria - 1 Oktober 2021

Thank you Ena 😊

Evelyn - 29 September 2021

Ena was amazing … so spot on and direct from the word go .. almost eerily .. straight to the point and the heart of the matter .. she said things to me just before I was going to tell her the exact thing word for word. Thank you so much Ena 🙏💕 can’t recommend enough xx

Samantha - 23 September 2021

Unfortunately ran out of time. Hope to finish chat when add credit.

Evelyn - 23 September 2021

After a few cryptic messages I think we got there in the end lol Thank you Ena

Evelyn - 22 September 2021

Ena is always honest and does not sugarcoat things. Fortunately things have been going well, and I keep on looking for Ena's readings.

Sara - 21 September 2021

Ena's predictions have always been really accurate. She's really calming and has been able to connect with my person even though their energy can be confusing at times. I trust her insight and although I'm not always good at following advice, I do always appreciate what she has to offer. She has helped calm me down many times over the last year and I feel that if I can learn to follow her advice then my situation will continue to improve. Ena is truly a gifted psychic and a wonderful person to talk to. I can't recommend a reading with her enough. She's a quick typist and will always do her best to reassure you, even if the situation you're asking about is the same.

Victoria - 20 September 2021

Sorry Ena poor connection cut our chat short but what you saw made sense to me can't wait to here more

Evelyn - 15 September 2021

Thanks Ena for your accurate reading... pretty much nailed it all on the head with my situation. I highly recommend

Brenda - 11 September 2021

Very reassuring and a good listener

Rebecca - 10 September 2021

She is know well about ppl past before we speak out and give a good advise to us also.. Good physcis

Yee Wen - 9 September 2021

Such a lovely Lady 😍

Madi - 9 September 2021

Ena was spot on in area ms of my life

Mel - 8 September 2021

Wish I had more credit to keep chatting made alot of sense to me what Ena had picked up on. But I will come back for sure

Evelyn - 5 September 2021

Ena Marie has always been accurate in her predictions and guidance and gives a really good overview of a situation. I'm really grateful to her and recommend her to others.

Victoria - 5 September 2021

Ena Marie was right on with her answers to my questions. Thank you so much!

Aspen_circle - 5 September 2021

Beautiful Enamarie. You have the name of an angel and it suits you. Your private message made my eyes fill with tears and my heart fill with joy. I appreciate your time and most of all the private message. She is amazing guys. She speaks from the heart, you can tell, because she gives you angel messages you didn’t ask for but you needed to hear. I’ll be back x

Laura - 31 Augustus 2021

The best chat I've had thus far. Felt really connected, and she confirmed my intuition on everything. Prior to speaking to her (10 minutes prior) I ended a relationship that drained me. And she confirmed that I needed too, and I didn't even tell her about that. Fantastic lady. I don't feel so lost anymore. Xxx Thank you.

Janis - 24 Augustus 2021

Lovely reading - thank you xxx

Angela - 22 Augustus 2021

Thank you so much for another lovely reading. Very intuitive and spot on. I will come back soon with updates! Xxx

Louise - 19 Augustus 2021

Thank you Ena, for giving my some clarity and hope in my current situation. I really want to recommend you to anyone looking for really accurate guidance. You have really helped me. Thank you.

Victoria - 17 Augustus 2021

She wowed me and gives so much detail!! Will definitely be back!

Anita - 13 Augustus 2021

Thank you for your reading Ena, I found it comforting and insightful. I really appreciate your input in my situation. I will try and concentrate on myself and hope he may make his way back to me again,

Victoria - 9 Augustus 2021

She was beautiful. Quick. Intuitive! Picked up on situations quickly. Lovely lady and genuinely hope she is right. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear. It was beautiful to hear tho and what I needed. You’ll enjoy her reading. Xx

Laura - 9 Augustus 2021

Thank you so much for calming me Ena and making me feel better. You're so insightful and I recommend you highly.

Victoria - 8 Augustus 2021

Excellent insight I loved the understanding that would otherwise not be known. I loved by reading, thank you!!

Melinda - 4 Augustus 2021

Ena is amazing!! Always there when I need guidance or some reassurance. Thank you

Holly - 28 Juli 2021

Always on point and makes me feel so much better about my situation

Anne-marie - 23 Juli 2021

Wow! What a great reading thank you so much !

Erin - 20 Juli 2021

Ena Marie was lovely and spot on! Left me feeling good 👍

Meg - 4 Juli 2021

Very pleased with Ena Marie, fast replies and very accurate

Sandeep - 27 Juni 2021

Excellent - Ena Marie was able to feel the connection that was needed- highly recommend

Jane - 19 Juni 2021

Ena.Marie was accurate last Sept. Try not to contact unless I'm about to make a decision that may be wrong. She has surprised me again. If ever in doubt, will always ask Ena Marie. Thank you. Dont know how she does it,

Louise - 18 Juni 2021

Ena is gentle, patient and analyses your situation really well. I am pleased.

Chantelle - 16 Juni 2021

There were things that she couldn't have known but confirmed for me. I will just have to wait and see if it plays out the way she said it would. I pray that it does. Definitely go back to her

Lorna - 15 Juni 2021

Ena is such a kind soul and I really recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and clarity. She's very quick to respond and puts her heart into the reading. Thank you xx

Victoria - 10 Juni 2021

Thank you Ena Marie!! You was absolutely accurate and I hope your prediction will come true soon! You give me a hope🙏

Tatiana - 10 Juni 2021

Wonderful chat with Ena Marie today. Picked up on my energy immediately and my situation. She's so accurate and types quickly. But more importantly. I left the chat feeling so much more positive and reassured. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cheryl - 4 Juni 2021

Loved my reading with Ena. Very fast at typing. Lots of things to look forward to and said a lot in line with other psychics ✨

Lauren - 2 Juni 2021

I will hold my hands up and say I have a few favourites on here, and that I go to them for different things. I feel as though Ena offers a maternal perspective in her readings that I find really comforting when I'm feeling particularly anxious or in need of reassurance. Ena brings a personal approach to readings that feel like you're really being guided and I feel as though I could tell her anything. She has been incredibly accurate in her predictions for me and I really enjoy talking to her. Thank you so much Ena for all you do! x

Victoria - 1 Juni 2021

Ena Marie is the best she always helps me a lot. Thank you

Magdalena - 24 Mei 2021

Very spot on, gives charity and direction I’ll contact her again thanks Ena

Maria - 16 Mei 2021

Thank you so much I wish I could of chat more but Ena was pretty spot on this was my second chat but the last person was pretty good too a couple of things came up from both Ena and the other person so will see thanks again I can now fell more at ease

Lisa - 12 Mei 2021

Amazing as always always come way felling better, felling like an on the right track

Gemma - 1 Mei 2021

Ena Marie is a lovely lady. You can feel her warmth coming through. She was very fast and kept typing before I even had a chance to type my next question. The conversation was flowing and she never stopped typing. She answered my question straight away and gave accurate information about my POI. Her predictions are for the next few weeks, which ties in with her previous reading a few months ago. She said then it would be in spring and here we are in spring. Now it’s just a few weeks away for the predictions to pass. I will be back with good news!!! Thank you Ena Marie. Xxxxx

Louise - 29 April 2021

Lovely reader very genuine ❤️

Trixieodonoghue - 27 April 2021

Amazing !!!

Naomi - 26 April 2021

I really got positive energy from her and gave positive feelings.

Swatee - 25 April 2021

She was very accurate and gave helpful insights. I highly recommend her.

Christine - 24 April 2021

VERY accurate, no sugar coating and straight to the point. Thank you!

Fatima - 23 April 2021

Picked up on POI energy accurately. Hope predictions come to pass

Amy - 22 April 2021

Dear Ena Marie, Thank you for sharing your insights on my issue at hand. I feel more clarity now.

Deepa - 22 April 2021

Ena is in my top 5 best reading

Yatim - 21 April 2021

Very accurate

Gayle - 18 April 2021

Thank you it was good reading

Tosha - 18 April 2021

Awesome reading as always, thanks Ena!

Racquel - 17 April 2021

thank you so much Ena Marie😊 please if possible inbox me the very last message you were typing to me beforw chat ended. Will really appreciate it. Regarding things she wants me to hear. much warmth and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 17 April 2021

Ena Marie answered all my questions and shed light on a few things. Will wait for the predictions to pass and definitely come back

Ruhena - 17 April 2021

Ena is such a lovely lady to talk to, really empathetic and insightful. I enjoy talking to her and find her really reassuring and comforting.

Victoria - 13 April 2021

Thank you for your insights. They made my issue at hand much clearer.

Deepa - 12 April 2021

Ena Marie, was very good and able to advise and comfort me with the questions I had. Thank you

Sara - 10 April 2021

Fabulous reading answering all my questions - thank you so much!

Angela - 9 April 2021
Thank you so much
Carmen - 6 April 2021

Thank you. Such a lovely lady ☺️

Banu - 2 April 2021

Kind hearted and delightful

Sarisha - 29 Maart 2021

Extremely accurate would strongly recommend, thanks Ena

Racquel - 21 Maart 2021

Connected wonderfully 💓 Thank you so much. I'm going continue my reading soon!

Annoniem - 20 Maart 2021

Always lovely to speak to this lady , genuine caring person , Thank you Ena

GRAHAM - 20 Maart 2021

Thank you so much 💖 you are an angel you knew exactly what was happening and put me at ease. One of my favourite readers xxx

Stacie - 17 Maart 2021

Very comforting

Michelle - 12 Maart 2021

Amazing! Thank you, full of gratitude every time for very your accurate and very clear readings. Very genuine, thank you

Ingrid - 12 Maart 2021

Told me what i needed to hear. Feel much better.

Hayley - 9 Maart 2021

Accurate, kind and connected fast. Thank you 🤍

Fatima - 3 Maart 2021

Thank you Ena for always being there

Evelyn - 3 Maart 2021

Ena Marie is so gifted

Jane - 28 Februari 2021

Always there for me your awesome xoxo

Evelyn - 24 Februari 2021

Thank you for being a kind, genuine and comforting reader, really lovely

Stacie - 22 Februari 2021

She was very kind and understanding and was bang on.

Liz - 19 Februari 2021

Ena yet again has given me hope. She is so kind, my go to person. Thank you Ena, can't say that enough xoxo

Evelyn - 17 Februari 2021

Really got a good positive feel from the reading, very accurate.

Vicky - 13 Februari 2021

lovely lady, will be back again very soon xx

Karen - 11 Februari 2021

Thank you Ena, you are so positive towards my situation I appreciate you so much

Evelyn - 10 Februari 2021

Thank you for being there when I need you.

Carmen - 9 Februari 2021

Thanks Ena marie😘🙏for another amazing chat for guidance and for watching out for me, my situation is a complicated one and I struggle with making the right choices and decisions most times but chatting to you helped me understand what I need to do moving forward. I wish we had more time but credits run out so fast. Will be back soon. Take care dear Ena marie❤️😘💐love and light to you always. Stay safe

Kalaivani - 8 Februari 2021

Thanku it was great!

Cathy - 7 Februari 2021

Ena Marie is always a very calming person to talk to. I always appreciate her advice and would recommend her to anyone feeling lost and in need of extremely accurate guidance and insight.

Victoria - 6 Februari 2021

Ena Marie, thank you. You helped alot. Glad I picked you.

Laura - 6 Februari 2021

Thank you for being so quick

Carmen - 6 Februari 2021

I am grateful for people like you that could help many of us out there

Carmen - 6 Februari 2021

I pray this is true. I just want this resolved thank you

Carmen - 5 Februari 2021

What more can I say about this lady, she has again kept my spirits up with her insight. Thank you Ena 😊

Evelyn - 4 Februari 2021

Ena has such a sweet energy I love chatting with her. I'll be back to her again soon. She calms me down without giving me false hope. Thank you Ena. xoxoxo

Anuradha - 29 Januari 2021

Again thank you so much Ena Marie, and just on that last response from you I am so happy ànd relieved they are helping us on both sides. Can't thank you enough you have no idea how much you have lifted me. I so appreciate you.💜

Evelyn - 27 Januari 2021

Thank you ena Marie you have put me at ease time will tell 🤞hopefully we'll speak again soon x

Lisa - 26 Januari 2021

I’m always happy with the reading than you

Karen - 25 Januari 2021

She’s is very good caring and has a lovely aura very easy to talk to would recommend to everyone .if they are struggling in any areas.

Trixieodonoghue - 20 Januari 2021

Thank you to the lovely Ena Marie. My email was answered promptly and with love. She told me very similar predictions to others on medium chat with a similar timeframe. I chose her because other reviews state her predictions have come to pass. I’m not sorry I chose her and would not hesitate in coming back in the future. 😊😘😘😘

Louise - 13 Januari 2021

Again Ena Marie has help me through. I should know better to save more credit to carry on with my chat lol. She is 100% the real deal ... love her to bits. 💜💜

Evelyn - 12 Januari 2021

I love talking to Ena... I can’t wait to hopefully come back and tell her she was right . Thank you x

Nikki - 9 Januari 2021

Very intuitive, it was honest and I know what to do.

Nesha - 7 Januari 2021

Ena Marie is insightful and honest I do believe in her 100%. She will always be my go to person As always thank you Ena xoxo

Evelyn - 7 Januari 2021

Ena is such a lovely woman. Had a few readings now and always feel a good connection. Fast at responding, honest answers. Thanks Ena x

Laura - 5 Januari 2021

Thank you so much for your further reassurance. I will try to stay strong and wait it out.

Vicky - 4 Januari 2021

Spot and i would recomend

Maxine - 4 Januari 2021

Ena Marie was very good. She gave me helpful information to navigate through my love life, work, and just life itself. She was a fast typer and very engaging. I’ve experienced boring readings but she made my reading very interesting.

LaToya - 4 Januari 2021

Thank you Ena Marie. I have had a few readings with her. She put my mind at ease a bit. Just have to hope that the predictions come true.

Elaine - 2 Januari 2021

She was amaxing lovely lady would recommend definitely.Very easy to talk to. Xx

Trixieodonoghue - 31 December 2020

Very good is the very least I can say about Ena Marie this lady is genuine and so kind. I wish there was an "Amazing" rating.🥰

Evelyn - 28 December 2020

Ena is always calm and inciteful and I'm always touched by the advice she gives and by what she shares with me. Thank you Ena

Victoria - 27 December 2020

What a wonderful reader. I was drawn to her for weeks and finally got hold of her and never regretted my reading. Ena hit every spot and curve in my love life. Never missed a thing. She's recommended indeed.

Racquel - 24 December 2020

Ena was amazing. She was spot on with things in my life and around me. Ill def have another reading with Ena

Jade - 21 December 2020

Accurate and straight to the point. Thank you!

Fatima - 20 December 2020

Picked up on my question quickly, hope she’s right

Susan - 20 December 2020

I honestly hope everything Ena Marie has said comes true. She is fast in her responses and so calm. I’ll definitely be back on to chat with her soon x

Nikki - 19 December 2020

Ena was a fantastic reader who for me was very accurate. She seemed extremely friendly and gave me great guidance and advice. I will be back for another reading soon with her.

Siobhan - 19 December 2020

She was amazingly accurate!! Given vague responses and questions, she was amazingly accurate in conveying my situation and described everything (without any cues) exactly my situation!!

Maganda - 19 December 2020

Ena never fails to set my mind at ease She always reads the situation accurately and makes me feel a lot calmer.

Victoria - 15 December 2020

Ena Marie is such a kind and honest soul. Very clear and gave me answers and much-needed closure. I have been through an horrendous time this past year personally, so the news that better things are coming is more than welcome! Thank you.

Rachael - 13 December 2020

She was amazing! I was having doubts today but she gave me hope and relief at the same time. I would definitely recommend her! She picks up on the situation very fast and she gave me her prediction and I pray that it comes true! I’ll check back after the day she gave me.

Jennifer - 13 December 2020

So very accurate and really insightful.

Judith - 8 December 2020

Thank you Ena Marie for my reading. There were a few things in there a wasn't expecting to hear but am very happy that you've put my mind at rest and given me a new incentive. I have no hesitation in recommending you. Best wishes Ian

Ian - 7 December 2020

Ena Marie was lovely and told me things that were very true. She reaffirmed what I had been told which filled me with hope. Thank you 🙂

Elaine - 5 December 2020

Is always a pleasure to talk with Ena. So honest and right to the point, been talking with her often and always she is so precise and everything she says to me. I only can say thank you so much for our conversations.

Susana - 3 December 2020

Thank you so much. You have helped me to believe it what I felt was true. I will endeavour to stay strong and look into what we talked about. Thank you so much again

Vicky - 3 December 2020

Thank you Ena. Nice to talk to you, you really got in tune with what's gone on for me/us. I hope things change for my daughter sake esp. I have been for a while now wanting to put my personal experiences to good use to help others, I hope my direction jumps out at me to grab with both hands 💕

Joanna - 1 December 2020

She is always very good and honest. Her last prediction came to pass so I yeah I came back to her again this time and I am glad I did. Thanks for your support and belssings Ena. You are an angel! Sorry my credit is finished but I'll chat with you again xoxo

Anuradha - 1 December 2020

I feel so blessed to have found Ena Marie. Spoken to her a few times now and each time she’s very accurate and sees the situation exactly and it stands. Even thou it’s hard to be patient sometimes when things aren’t going the way you want them to, she gives me some peace of mind and hope each time we speak. She’s very kind and empathetic. I love talking to her and I hope her predictions come true. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Vanessa - 29 November 2020

Ena reminds me of an angel, i feel her warmth and genuine guidance and ability every reading we've had. She is accurate and so kind. I really appreciate all your guidance.

Anastasia - 27 November 2020

Thank you for your email Ena. I always enjoy talking to you and you always make me feel more relaxed and settled. Thank you

Victoria - 27 November 2020

I'm sorry my phone got cut, i couldn't get back to you, thank you so so much, you are a beautiful person and reader x

Anastasia - 26 November 2020

Sorry, didn't get a chance to say thank you. Thank you very much :) I hope everything becomes fine!

Annoniem - 24 November 2020

Lovely lady, very empathetic. Would definitely use again, gave hope and light to a dark path

Lindsey - 19 November 2020

I felt very comfortable with Ena Marie from the second she started typing, I got a sense that she is someone who is is friendly and her typing speed was good. She mentioned a few things that resonated with me and I would have chatted to her longer but unfortunately my credit ran out. I would recommend her to others.

Gavin - 17 November 2020

This is my 2nd time chatting with Ena now and every time she has been absolutely amazing. She gives me clarity and reassurance while being empathetic towards my feelings. During my 1st reading she predicted something to happen regarding a friend and it came true. She has been accurate thus far and I look forward to see if everything else she said will come true. Thank you again Ena for a wonderful reading.

Shirley - 11 November 2020

Ena gave me goosebumps, there's somethings she said that I had discussed with my Therapist last week Monday. She picked up that I have a daughter and that she is spiritual, we always shy away from talking about this, but she picked it up. She gave me great insights about what I needed guidance on, strangely our birthday is 2 days apart 😍😍. Thank you Ena🤗

Portia - 9 November 2020

Seemed to know me well, I have not done this before so was impressed

Michelle - 5 November 2020

Ena Marie has been right for me before so I have come back to her for further guidance. She gives plenty in a short time and is always lovely to talk to.

Amy - 2 November 2020

Thank you very much! I really hope he comes back.

Annoniem - 1 November 2020

I was happy with the advice I received, it came quickly thank you!

Krista - 30 Oktober 2020

I found her very good she gave me information fast and was online for 20 minutes. Please god it will come true but she said a lot similar to other fortune tellers I was at lately so I will come back when results reveal.

Sandra - 29 Oktober 2020

100% accurate very good psychic definitely recommend.

Kayla - 25 Oktober 2020

Amazing wish I had more time hopefully everything comes true she knew things without me saying to much will be back xxxx

Nicole Wyllie - 23 Oktober 2020

I timed out at the end but as usual Ena was accurate, concise and supportive. I enjoy talking to her on here and will always recommend her.

Victoria - 22 Oktober 2020

She is a very accurate psychic, although I ran out of credit on the session. Best Whishes

Raul - 15 Oktober 2020

This lady was spot on with everything she said to me I feel more relaxed about things now and would highly recommend thank you Ena.

Claire - 13 Oktober 2020

Ens Maria was so accurate on my free reading that I didn’t hesitate to get more minutes. She was brilliant and straight to the point of everything with great accuracy

Michelle - 13 Oktober 2020

Had a few problems with my phone, cutting out, though just waitied for my return. Which was really kind. No prompting, very straight down the line, no personal opinions. Caring, professional, and to the point. I had very limited imput, and the reading was lovely. So thank you!

Stephanie - 13 Oktober 2020

I think she is very good. the first day I started using Medium Chat, I used my first 3 mins with Ena.and today she told me exactly the same. Her reading is constant. She is fast and doesn't waste time. She doesn't even ask. She pours out information. I like her :)

Sharon - 9 Oktober 2020

Seemed to be right on most things, I will wait see if her predictions come true.

Caroline - 9 Oktober 2020

Ena is one of my favourite mediums on here. She is always such a comfort to talk to and I really appreciate her advice. I'm on here a lot less than I was at the beginning because the things I was focused on that she was predicting all came true. She read the situation so clearly and what she said about the person I was focused on later turned out to be what they had been thinking. I feel lucky to have found her on here and would definitely recommend her if you're someone who was in the same 'lost' place that I was.

Victoria - 9 Oktober 2020

Quick, accurate, patient

Kiran - 8 Oktober 2020

Lovely lady, very empathic. Was so accurate. Would definately recommend Ena Maria. Thankyou for your reading x

Denise - 5 Oktober 2020

Ena was so sweet and compassionate with my reading. She was spot on with describing my partner. I hope she is right about everything and I will definitely be back.

Erica - 4 Oktober 2020

Accurate, truthful and gave me strength to continue to follow my instinct on the two major life changes I am currently experiencing.

Jo - 29 September 2020

Loved chatting with Ena Marie, she did instantly connect with a few things I asked about.

Trish - 29 September 2020

Fantastically calm reading ..felt at ease ..and great communication from the start ..thank you

Cheryl - 28 September 2020

Thank you Ena Marie, once again you have put my mind at rest and made me feel so much better . Will talk again soon. x

Monique - 27 September 2020

My reading was very good. I'm impressed about everything. Thank u

Ethel - 23 September 2020

Sorry my cards ran out but thank you so much!!’ So accurate and a very nice person. Will definitely be back! ♥️

Tyma - 19 September 2020

Excellent excellent intuitive caring wonderful

Jane - 16 September 2020

Good reading and lovely women.

Jade - 16 September 2020

Very good spot on I’m just gutted that I run out of credits I could have gone on forever

Abby - 13 September 2020

Consulting Ms Ena Marie is very beneficial. She shares her knowledge by interpreting the cards and expressing her insights with accuracy and focus. Overall, I have had a very good experience.

Deepa - 8 September 2020

Within those free 3 min, I was able to get a good solid answer to my question. I have much more closure now about my future love life, knowing that there is someone out there for me and very soon. I'm glad I spoke to Ena Marie as she was very helpful and straight to the point. She responds quickly and has a keen understanding to your situation. She knows what's most important to say and does not waste your time. I recommend Ena Marie for sure! :)

Daniela - 7 September 2020

Very insightful.

Amanda - 6 September 2020

This reader responded well to my questions and gave direct answers to my questions in a short space of time, I would definitely use her again, thank you x

Lesley - 2 September 2020


Natalie - 31 Augustus 2020

Ena was very specific during our short conversation. She answered all the questions that I had. She could even foresee what I am planning to do and the results of those actions!

Ly - 30 Augustus 2020

Thank you so much for your help today it’s very much appreciated xx

Marilyn - 30 Augustus 2020

Woww! She is very wonderful! She gave me much information in short time and it is actually very correct. The process is exactly what is going on like she told. She put my mind at ease also. I would recommend her!

Mona - 28 Augustus 2020

Straightforward and honest. Thank you. Will call again x

Uzma - 27 Augustus 2020

Loved her. Provided great insight into my spiritual journey.

Dakota - 25 Augustus 2020

Very helpful in answering my questions and giving me comfort.

Loz - 22 Augustus 2020

Once again Ena Marie has come to my help. Very positive reading just hope it all come's true. I can't thank you enough. Will talk soon.

Monique - 16 Augustus 2020

I feel as though Ena Marie has a very clear understanding of my situation and has really helped me in this past month. I really value her input and this site for helping my through what has been a very tough time.

Victoria - 16 Augustus 2020

Today is 10 years since my mum passed away and I honestly find it a comfort to be able to talk to Ena. I have messaged her a lot lately as times have been quite tough (for a lot of people) and find her insight to be a comfort, like talking to a friend. I hope others can find the same and really wish Mediumchat would include an option for Excellent. Thank you as usual Ena. I wish you the best x

Victoria - 13 Augustus 2020

Thank you so very much Ena Marie❤️you helped me with this reading and I'm so sorry we couldn't finish it due to credits but you where very quick with answering my questions and gave me answers I've been searching for. I wish we could have went on for longer but I will definitely be back soon🤗thank you again. Lots of love❤️

Kalaivani - 13 Augustus 2020

Communicating with Ms Ena Marie was very assuring. It gave me peace and hope. Thank you!

Deepa - 12 Augustus 2020

She’s compassionate and honest. She gave me peace of mind and clarity

Hlalala Octovias Mputswana - 11 Augustus 2020

Ms Ena Marie is very gifted. She was able to tune into me and my friend and give me accurate answers. This helped me understand the whole situation, which gave me a feeling of peace and joy,

Deepa - 10 Augustus 2020

Ena Marie was very good, she made me feel very relaxed and knew exactly what is going on in my life at the moment. Thank you

Emma - 9 Augustus 2020

Thank you Ena Marie you make me feel so much better. Just hope it all happens. Thank you.

Monique - 9 Augustus 2020

Thank you so much 🥰

Chinnie - 5 Augustus 2020

Thank you Ena. You always give me so much comfort. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Victoria - 5 Augustus 2020

thank you for putting my mind at ease x

Jiya - 2 Augustus 2020

Thank you once again you have helped me hope it all comes true. Talk soon.

Monique - 27 Juli 2020

She was very clear and concise, and made me feel at ease with my current situation.

Natasha - 26 Juli 2020
I felt a weight lifted when l read your response to my questions. Thank you
Ibitola - 24 Juli 2020

Very good and spot on with things.

Tony - 23 Juli 2020

Thank you to Ena for her insight into an issue very close to my heart. She is very to the point and supportive. I would definitely recommend her.

Victoria - 23 Juli 2020

Once again you have helped me Thank you so much Will talk again soon.

Monique - 22 Juli 2020

Ens Marie is wonderful! MANY of the things she told me came true and her information was completely accurate. I will absolutely use her again in the future when I need help!!!

Donna - 20 Juli 2020

Ms Ena Marie is very insightful, to the point, and you know she is not making it up. She seems to really see and her predictions appear very authentic, honest, and real. They come from a higher level of consciousness that is full of knowledge and empathy. Thank you !

Deepa - 19 Juli 2020

She was pretty spot on. I appreciate your reading!

Alli - 17 Juli 2020

Thank you one more time, Ena Marie for my reading. Amazing as always!! Xx

Claudia - 16 Juli 2020

I like how detailed she is.

Shaikha - 16 Juli 2020

Thank you Ena Marie you have helped me alot over the past weeks. Ireally hope it all comes true. Thank you.

Monique - 13 Juli 2020

She is one of my favorite readers by far! Very accurate and thorough.

Donna - 12 Juli 2020

Thank you x

Veronika - 9 Juli 2020

Ena was very kind & understanding.

Becca - 9 Juli 2020

Ena was absolutely lovely. Straight to the point and made me feel so much happier. Thanks hope to speak soon x

Sasha - 7 Juli 2020

Thanks you so much for such wonderful news! I can only hope and pray everything will come true! Will always come back to you Ena Marie! Amazing reading as usual! X

Claudia - 6 Juli 2020

Another lovely chat with Ena Marie , helped me once more focus on the good things. . . thank you

GRAHAM - 30 Juni 2020

She was very accurate with her information.

Joanne - 28 Juni 2020

Ena Marie seemed to pick up on things really well. She spoke with confidence and certainty. I hope what she said comes to pass!

Amy - 28 Juni 2020

Thank you so much, Ena Marie for such an amazing reading. As always, spot on! Will definitely come back. Hoping this will come true now! X

Claudia - 27 Juni 2020

So kind, and answered every question that’s been on my mind! Thank you x

Becky - 25 Juni 2020

Was great getting to no a little bit and she told me what i actually needed to hear

Storm - 24 Juni 2020

Very happy would. Love to use again.

Claudia - 24 Juni 2020

Just had a chat with Ena Marie and she was great put my mind at ease, and made me feel so much better within myself . Just hope what was said happens now all good . Thank you. x

Monique - 23 Juni 2020

Excellent reading, very honest and interesting to read. I would recommend her to anyone.

Ellen - 22 Juni 2020

Ena Marie , eased my mind , with a lovely reading, I've came back to her several times now as she is always helpful with insight , thank you so so much

GRAHAM - 20 Juni 2020

Ena Marie is absolutely brilliant. Spot on and providing clarity where I struggle to understand. She’s always able to put my worries to rest and giving the best advice you would only give to a close friend. I will always get back to her for further readings. Thank you so much! X

Claudia - 19 Juni 2020

Thanks a lot.

Van - 17 Juni 2020

Ena Marie was very straight forward with what I asked her and answered promptly and was right on point with my reading. I was very anxious but after reading she made me feel less stressed and more calm. Thank you Ena x :)

Maryanne - 15 Juni 2020

I love Ena Marie. She resonates with my situation.

Cornell - 14 Juni 2020

She answer for all my question And been realy supportive. She did not try extend time like my previous expirience with other person. I’m Realy happy with Ena reading. Thank You

Magdalena - 12 Juni 2020

Thank you so much, Ena Marie! You managed to calm my nerves as I was so worried. I tend to overthink and that makes me agitated but you gave me hope. As always! Thank you a million times! Xx

Claudia - 10 Juni 2020

Fast. Very accurate. Confirmed what i was feeling. Waiting for prediction to come true.

Marta - 10 Juni 2020

Ena Marie is absolutely amazing! Spot on without sugar coating. So far I’ve had 3 readings from her and she was absolutely right in all of them. The description of the situations is very accurate and it gives you clarity and peace of mind. Now I can only hope the predictions will come true. Thank you so much! Will definitely return! X

Claudia - 9 Juni 2020

Thank you hunnie for my reading stay safe bless xx

Samantha - 7 Juni 2020

Thank you for your consultation

Jan - 6 Juni 2020

It's definitely true.

Shannon - 5 Juni 2020

I really enjoyed my reading thanku x

Shirlene - 2 Juni 2020

Ena Marie described the person in question completely. Lots of positives that I can take away from my reading. She was honest in her answers to me and gave me direction. Now I need to wait and see if her reading is going to be correct,

Ann - 2 Juni 2020

Ena was good and knew what to say.

Annoniem - 29 Mei 2020

Well nothing specific but all positivity and hope so we shall see.

Karen - 27 Mei 2020

Got straight to the answer of my question and gave me confidence to trust my instincts. Would definitely use again!

Rachel - 26 Mei 2020

Good advice

Debra Wilkinson - 19 Mei 2020

Ena is very calming whilst I’m going through a very difficult time. She is helping me remain positive with her readings. My problem is I want things to happen quickly but have to try and wait which is really hard. Definitely recommend Ena

Suzanne - 17 Mei 2020

Ena Marie was very sympathetic to what I’m going through and was able to offer comfort with where my life is going. Definitely recommend and wouldn’t hesitate going back to her 🙏

Suzanne - 15 Mei 2020

really nice chatting so positive will definitely come back

Fatima - 14 Mei 2020

I was very impressed gave me hope and reassurance.

Juliette - 14 Mei 2020

She was spot on. Am very grateful for her insight and advice. God bless her loving heart.

Nashaka - 13 Mei 2020

once again , this lovely lady has eased my issues, thank you

GRAHAM - 9 Mei 2020

Just love this lady. Thank you Ena Marie. Grateful.

Cornell - 9 Mei 2020

The lady was very pleasant and helpful, gave me something positive to look forward to, would recommend, thank you.

GRAHAM - 4 Mei 2020

Ena Marie is the real deal! She knew the name of my ex and got him spot on even though i wasn't there to talk about him. Her reading has helped me feel more positive and hopeful about the situation I contacted her about, she just knew...

Mary - 2 Mei 2020

My reading was about my future so how accurate it was is yet to be determined, however, the information she gave me about the build up was spot on.

Lorna - 27 April 2020

Lovely reading with a very nice lady.

Claire - 27 April 2020

It was my first time using this and I was very sceptical but after our chat I was very impressed

Sarah - 26 April 2020

Ena Marie is very good at what she’s sensing and very straight forward. She is offering an honest advice, matching the reality almost perfectly without sugar coating it and with minimal information. I will definitely come back to chatting with her. Thank you! Xx

Claudia - 24 April 2020

It was really nice chatting with ena Marie I will definitely come back

Angela - 23 April 2020

Good advice full of positivity

Manisha - 20 April 2020

Having a reading i didnt think i would have a proper reading . I asked my question . Spot on with all that was,said . I needed confirmation on the question and recieved it . Worth the extra 10 credits . And will use again . Thank you x

Maggi - 20 April 2020

Lovely lady and helpful my only hope is she is right!x

Amanda - 16 April 2020

She’s amazing n spot on 👌

Claire - 12 April 2020
Very accurate and thank you very much
Odette - 11 April 2020

Ena Marie was very polite,acurate,an empath..gave me hope and somerhing to look foward to!!

María - 7 April 2020

Very good quick to reply and answer any questions asked

Salvina - 1 April 2020

Made me feel much better already ..Thank you

Dawn - 29 Maart 2020

Calming nature , hoping what i was told comes forwards,

Kayla - 24 Maart 2020

Said what i wanted to hear,very accurate& she has left me feeling so much better.

Susan - 13 Maart 2020

It was good for the short time it lasted I didn’t get to see my full answer and im sorry but I’m on benefits and cant afford to pay.

Donna - 8 Maart 2020

Thank you for a lovely reading, given me the nudge I needed x

Emma - 4 Maart 2020

Thank you so much ♡♡♡

Rakshitha - 2 Maart 2020

Nice very good

Hakim - 29 Februari 2020