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Gifts and methods:
  • Hypno / Regression therapy
  • Astrology
  • Life coach
  • Inner child
  • Psychologist
  • Empathetic and insightful
  • With humor where possible
  • Straightforward and practical

What can I do for you?
Hey, I appreciate it if you say "please" and 'thank you". A few people forget about respect when they come here! The energy works both ways! If you give positive energy you get that in return. I am a specialist in relationships, mostly love. I am highly intuitive and I can feel the energy both good and bad. I am using cards as well. I am not judgemental but I am quite fair and unbiased. I will tell you how it is. Please, remember to leave a review. Thanks!

My method

I am specialized in relationships, breakups/divorces, soul traps, and reincarnation. You can always ask me anything about these things. If you have been through a dark night of the soul and many traumas in life and you want to talk about that you are welcome! I am very blunt and unbiased but I never judge.

About me

Thank you for your interest in me. I appreciate it if you say "please" and "thank you" and please remember to leave a review! The energy exchange is key! I am highly intuitive and I am also very perceptive. I can feel the energy from afar. For the past 3 years I have been working solely for Mediumchat it is simply the best all around. I also have my own business in which, in addition to spiritual consultation, I also help people on their deathbeds to cross the other side.

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English speaking psychic

Gifts and methods:

  • Hypno / Regression therapy
  • Astrology
  • Life coach
  • Inner child
  • Psychologist


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • With humor where possible
  • Straightforward and practical
Hey, I appreciate it if you say "please" and 'thank you". A few people forget about respect when they come here! The energy works both ways! If you give positive energy you get that in return. I am a specialist in relationships, mostly love. I am highly intuitive and I can feel the energy both good and bad. I am using cards as well. I am not judgemental but I am quite fair and unbiased. I will tell you how it is. Please, remember to leave a review. Thanks!
I am specialized in relationships, breakups/divorces, soul traps, and reincarnation. You can always ask me anything about these things. If you have been through a dark night of the soul and many traumas in life and you want to talk about that you are welcome! I am very blunt and unbiased but I never judge.
Thank you for your interest in me. I appreciate it if you say "please" and "thank you" and please remember to leave a review! The energy exchange is key! I am highly intuitive and I am also very perceptive. I can feel the energy from afar. For the past 3 years I have been working solely for Mediumchat it is simply the best all around. I also have my own business in which, in addition to spiritual consultation, I also help people on their deathbeds to cross the other side.
English speaking psychic

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Honestly, I’ve been in a bit of a situation the month. I have a few on speed chat that I’m constantly harassing! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ This lovely being one of them. I swear she’s a close friend now, sure I pay but you get the point. Super super fast, insightful, witty, and very very accurate. It’s an adventure doing a reading w her! Love you, Mihaela!

Synthia - 11 Maart 2023

Thank u xxx U are the best I feel at ease now only found out as all tagged on social media younger dark hair u were right xxx

Sarah - 5 Maart 2023

Found out everything now. The dark haired girl. I will get back in contact when I get paid. Thank you xxx

Sarah - 2 Maart 2023

Love her honesty and the way she works with you to get the best result. Thank you for you advice. I will follow through. xxx

JJ - 27 Februari 2023

She is amazing, always on point, tells it like it is, I feel a great connection with her, very understanding

Amy - 22 Februari 2023

So glad I found you to talk to. From the first messages it's like she already had in depth knowledge of who I was talking to her about. Fast picked up on things, honest, accurate. You make me laugh too it's not all serious chat!! Thanks for listening, me going on and on haha but thankyou so much and will be in touch soonπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Lindsey - 21 Februari 2023

She is amazing and could give great detail without much information. Very accurate in all her descriptions and advice. Followed up last thoughts with a pm. Amazing and cannot wait to talk to her again. Thank you so much! I hope it all comes to fruition very soon. You are very gifted.

Toby - 20 Februari 2023

Thanks so much ❀️...I'll be back!!

Michael - 19 Februari 2023

Very helpful!!!! Thanks so much ❀️

Michael - 18 Februari 2023

So he was away for the weekend! Just got the fine coming back on the Monday πŸ˜‚ I will be back at some point this week for my weekly check in πŸ˜‚ u are brilliant. I need ur help on another question πŸ˜‚ xxx

Sarah - 18 Februari 2023

Hahahaha trust the legal letter to come todayπŸ˜‚ it’s actually in my favour of what I offered ❀️ So I am agreeing to it but I have 10 days to respond and will on day 9 😝 xxx

Sarah - 14 Februari 2023

So far so good, the answers were the same as my previous reader... which makes me believe she's precise. I'm happy and satisfied 😌

Joy - 14 Februari 2023

This lady is the best had a few readings now. Every question I have asked has came to pass like she said. I never write reviews until things come to pass. No letter it’s been two weeks (bluffing u said) all I can say is ask the question and get the answer ❀️ And I’m a step ahead of his little game playing xxx

Sarah - 11 Februari 2023

She is very good 😊 please forget Michael! It was a pity I didn’t receive the last message ….

Daniela - 8 Februari 2023

She is the best

Daniela - 30 Januari 2023

Thank you Mihaela for you reading and also following up with a pm. I believe your predictions are already coming to pass πŸ™πŸΎ

Sam - 29 Januari 2023

Best reader on this app, and I have tried many. I will be back .she nailed my poi down to a T . Thank you darling . You are amazing .anna

Anna - 20 Januari 2023

This woman is brilliant at what she does. I was confused in first chat but all relates this week. Had a few consults on here and she is the one that doesn’t sugar coat will ask cards for her answers and did not fail. If u can will u send me the last bit. I will be back ❀️ Really sorry for confusion in first bit but all related now xx

Sarah - 13 Januari 2023

She is sweet and accurate

Daniela - 13 Januari 2023

Ty so very much πŸ’“

Jody - 7 Januari 2023

Accurate reading

Latesharwilliams - 3 Januari 2023

Seriously love talking to Mihaela. Its like talking to a close friend I can just tell her everything and she listens and gives insights to my current situation! ❀️

Liz - 2 Januari 2023

Very good reading, learnt a lot thank you , can you send me the last part before I got cut off Many thanks

Karen - 26 December 2022

Such a beautiful person! Gave me clarity and hope and I felt she genuinely had interest in my situation and confirmed what I was feeling. Will be back for sure! Highly recommend.

Liz - 25 December 2022

I love her so honestly

Renee - 11 December 2022

Beautiful soul very understanding and insightful πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œβ€οΈβ€οΈ

Asma - 1 December 2022

Michaela was spot on and made a lot of sense! I will definitely use her again for a reading xx

Andrea - 30 November 2022

Thank you

Pretty - 29 November 2022

Thank you so much for the message. I really appreciate it. I will always follow my gut feelings and my heart. And that you for all of your insights it really means alot to me

Dena - 10 November 2022

L9ve her so much . Brought out things that should of been. Everything was spot on. Love u lady

Dena - 9 November 2022

Always great to connect with Mihaela. She is very open and honest. You can ask her anything and she never judges. We always have a good laugh. Don’t ever change lovely. Highly recommend πŸ’™πŸ’•

Justine - 6 November 2022

Mihaela is kind, accurate and quick in responding. She is extremely psychic and seemed to know my situation dynamics instantly. She has a great sense of humor and said exactly the right things to me. She seemed to know how to connect with me. Highly recommended! Mihaela is hands down one of the best on this platform. β€πŸ’•πŸ™

Holly - 4 November 2022

Direct, honest, and badass, Mihaela is super psychic. She read the dynamics of my issue instantly. Very highly recommended! Thank you for your beautiful work with me Mihaela!!! β€πŸ’•πŸ™

Holly - 4 November 2022

Mihaela Is Amazing - she is to the point no sugar coating -very honest and we connected well -she has a good heart and is an amazing ing reader ♥️I have a couple of people on here I connect with and she’s one of them . You won’t be disappointed ♥️

Melissa - 3 November 2022

Mihaela is wonderful! She's extremely accurate and provides great details! She genuinely cares and somehow manages to naturaly build connection with the other person..When she says 7 days that truly means 7 days. No joke here! Love you Mihaela!

Manuela - 30 Oktober 2022

Very direct and to the point. Extremely helpful. Would definitely get another reading!

Amanda - 26 Oktober 2022

Mihaela thank you for giving a detailed, accurate and honest reading. I will appreciate it if you can send me a private message.

Binty - 16 Oktober 2022

Very patient and kind.

AAK - 13 Oktober 2022

Thank you Mihaela for the help again πŸ’—πŸ’— you're so quick and accurate it's crazy! You always help me to gain clarity and your delivery is always relaxed & doesn't make me feel anxious at all & is why I keep coming backπŸ’“

Ashley - 9 Oktober 2022

thank you for always being there for me and telling me the truth no matter what it is. i recommend u to anyone who wants to know the truth.

Angela - 4 Oktober 2022

Love talking with Mihaela so easy to talk to. She read for me afew months back and which I forgot to tell her, that her prediction was correct even though at the time I was on the fence. Now waiting to see if what she read today will come true xx

Haneefa - 27 September 2022

Both of the ladies i chad we’re really good

Annoniem - 23 September 2022

Thank you again, Mihaela for helping confirm my gut feelings. I'll be back soon to chat, always love speaking with you :)

Sarah - 16 September 2022

Thank you

Maria - 2 September 2022

Thank you so much for all the clarity and insight as it was very helpful and I really appreciate it❀️❀️ So quick, detailed and caring as usual. Amazing and I highly recommend! πŸ₯°β€οΈ

Ashley - 25 Augustus 2022

she is a great read. she is going to tell you exactly what it is. I loved my read. I will have to contact her again!!!

Ebonique - 22 Augustus 2022

Thank you mihaela I shall wait for your private message hun❀️

PATTINA - 11 Augustus 2022

Thank you for the reading πŸ™πŸ»

Jaidee - 11 Augustus 2022

Thank you for talking to me & having a nice conversation πŸ™πŸ»

Jaidee - 9 Augustus 2022

Mihaela was so kind and welcoming. A lovely vibe❀️

Liz - 9 Augustus 2022

Like always. The best πŸ™πŸ» Thanks for the reading & clarifying things again ❀️😘 Chat to you soon

Jaidee - 8 Augustus 2022

Mihaela your the best. You’re prediction is actually spot on that’s why I keep coming to you as you notice. I always seek for your guidance & reading. I also love that she does a follow up private message. She’s also got good sense of humour & straight forward. Keep helping more people. Thank you once again πŸ™πŸ» Chat to you again soon.

Jaidee - 8 Augustus 2022

Enjoyed my reading everything was on point. She answered everything I ask. She really good

Lydia - 7 Augustus 2022

Once again thank you for a nice reading. He just told me his coming back Monday morning from Scotland πŸ˜” so there’s no way he will come & see me this weekend. But thank you for your comfort reading. Chat to you again soon.

Jaidee - 5 Augustus 2022

Thanks once again. 😘 Hope he do see me & his communication with me will be there when he goes.πŸ₯Ί Thank you for being there & giving me good reading all the time ❀️

Jaidee - 4 Augustus 2022

Shame you don’t have an awesome button to click on eh

Marc - 3 Augustus 2022

Like always, spot on & good reading. Always making me feel good after the reading. Easy to talk to & spot on. Also thank you so much for the private message, I super appreciate it. If you do see & private message me again. I will always comes back to talk to you all the time. Thank you once again ❀️

Jaidee - 31 Juli 2022

I loved chatting with Mihaela! I gained more clarity and feel at ease after our conversation. I look forward to chatting again to discover more about my love life and soulmate πŸ’•

Sarah - 31 Juli 2022

Thank you once again to a great reading. Lovely person to talk to. To bad my credit is not enough. I will speak to you again soon. Recommend 100%

Jaidee - 30 Juli 2022

Mihaela is always on point, she says it as it is, never wrong.

Amy - 28 Juli 2022

Said what I needed to hear

June - 27 Juli 2022

I feel at ease talking to you & the reading is actually spot on. I let her read to me first before I say everything. I am really shocked that she is spot on, the reading is so assuring & I recommend her 100%. I will chat with you again soon, if there’s any changes in my situation & advice I needed. Thank you

Jaidee - 24 Juli 2022

She’s always a pleasure to talk too.

Danielle - 19 Juli 2022

Very nice and gave good information

Alissa - 15 Juli 2022

Very insightful and honest, she is quick is reply and really explains things in details, the best

Charlotte - 12 Juli 2022

The thing I love about Mihaela is she genuinely cares for her clients. She will work in the background even after the reading. She always does her best to make sense of a confusing situation and help . Xx thank you Mihaela

Jennifer - 3 Juli 2022

Quick, precise, and nice lady

Julie - 26 Juni 2022

Awesome reading.. I'm sorry I ran out of credits Michaela.. was awesome and very I will speak to her again 😁

Linda - 24 Juni 2022

She was amazing. She made me very happy and was able to read everything so accurately. Thank you so much

Jennifer - 19 Juni 2022

She is amazing. I really wish that I could have direct access to her because she caring and sincere. Her visions are efficient and affective! She’s amazing.

Danielle - 14 Juni 2022

Very nice and very spiritual respectful and spot on

Amn - 13 Juni 2022

Very good she was right on point

Bpulli1968 - 13 Juni 2022

She said how she saw things and I appreciate it.

Lily - 7 Juni 2022

She was very helpful and gave me a lot of clarity on my POI. She was very quick too. Overall, I recommend ☺️

Ashley - 2 Juni 2022

I loved my readin thank you

Elaine - 29 Mei 2022

She is the most amazing woman, she helped me understand the deep reasoning with her readings. She got to the core of the problems and she did with such a sweetness that I could hear the angels talking through her message. She of a kind person.

Carl - 25 Mei 2022

Love her readings and she doesn't waist time and goes straight to the point. She is my favorite reader I only want her for all my readings❀

Margina - 13 Mei 2022

The reading was accurate

Michelle - 9 Mei 2022

Wish I had more time lol

Margina - 7 Mei 2022

Loving the conversation it was everything I hope for a will continue until the conversation

Johnsonshalanda84 - 30 April 2022

She was amazing not only help read the situation but she was cool to talk too. Made me feel good about it and gave a lot of helpful advice!!!!

Carlito - 18 April 2022

Spot on reading on my partner profile; Have to wait and see if what she shared regaridng the future will now come true and happen

Pauline - 14 April 2022

Very knowledgeable and helpful absolutely will come back to her!!

Teresa - 12 April 2022

Insightful and compassionate thank you x

Sabine - 7 April 2022

Mihaela reading was spot on. I was told I would have someone contact me in 5 weeks and that person contacted 5 weeks from the day she told me would happen. Highly recommended. Definitely one of my favourite readers

Tanya - 7 April 2022

One of the best readings I have had. I really enjoyed her insight.

Allison - 7 April 2022

Excellent reading! Spot on with many questions :)

Marine - 6 April 2022

Lovely reading. Very helpful and puts things into perspective. Mihaela helped me make sense of things I'm going through. Overall, I'm very happy with it :)

Marine - 6 April 2022

I didn’t get very long with Mihaela about 15min but she was spot on!! I have never had a reading before and I am hooked! She was sweet, caring, funny, and is good at what she does. I want to thank you Mihaela, you helped me a lot & I appreciate you!! Stay blessed and beautiful

Fredda - 25 Maart 2022

Thanks Mihaela , it was very nice talking to you! Very insightful and accurate :)

Maria - 1 Maart 2022

Mihaela was absolutely amazing! She answered a lot of my questions and was spot on everything I was going through. This is the fourth time I have had a reading with her. Quite a break through. :) Thank you Mihaela :D

Marine - 18 Februari 2022

Very gifted ❀

Laura - 14 Februari 2022

Mihaela was spot on with what she saw she also tells u like it whilst being compassionate. Thsnk you . Ill be back to update you Mihaela and let you know how things turned out.

Moji - 12 Februari 2022

Best consult ..she is very accurate about my feeling n what i desire..recommend herπŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Diana - 9 Februari 2022

Amazing reading definitely would recommend x

Julie - 23 Januari 2022

Mihaela could reveal exactly what going on with my relationship. She is soft n direct .love her

Diana - 21 Januari 2022

Loved talking to her. She made me feel better

VLORA - 6 Januari 2022

Amazingly kind and accurate. Honest and gave me good guidance xx

Nesha - 2 Januari 2022

Amazing ❀❀❀

Toniya - 2 Januari 2022

Mihaela, she is amazing, I've been reaching out to her for months, always on point, tells it how it is, never failed

Amy - 1 Januari 2022

Good.couldnt afford to stay on

Tanya - 31 December 2021

Good reading, everything made perfect sense.

Sharon - 26 December 2021

Absolutely amazing and so easy to chat with. I will only be searching for her when I come online now.

Cara - 11 December 2021

dear Mihaela what a wonderful chat😊 so short pleass if possible inbox me anything else you can regarding everything about our reunion and project. So appreciate your warm caring readings. much love and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 3 December 2021

Straight to the point and honest

Julie Ann - 23 November 2021

She was very accurate with the reading Will be going back again πŸ˜„

Mel - 19 November 2021

Very intuitive and have some beautiful hopeful predictions x

Nesha - 14 November 2021

Cool sassy lady. Fab insights. Detailed answer. Thanks again.

Heather - 13 November 2021

lovely chat with Mihaela today, sweet and really empathic, but also precise and 'up-beat'! thanks

Elisa - 12 November 2021

It was very good and accurate reading. I feel confident about the future

Lynn - 12 November 2021

I had a very positive reading with mihaela, she was spot on and accurate. She is very sweet and caring .thank you mihaela for your insight πŸ™

Manpreet - 9 November 2021

Amazing!!! So lovely, and I felt she genuinely cared. Explained the situation so accurate. And has made me feel so much better about the situation. Thank you so much!!

Emma - 17 Oktober 2021

She is very good.

Stevanovic - 13 Oktober 2021

Mihaela was amazing and talked with me about my very complicated situation. She was honest and sympathetic towards my feelings and situation, but she did not give me false hope.....I really appreciate all her advice and time she spent with me. Now all I can do is just wait to see what happens.

Brenda - 8 Oktober 2021

Amazing lady thank you so much 😊 you have put my mind at ease

Janene - 3 Oktober 2021

She is the best everπŸ₯° predictions have come true and always honest!! My favourite and go to always xxxx

Rosie - 1 Oktober 2021

Mihaela is so easy to chat to and helps you explore all angles in a situation - thank you. And thank you for the follow-up message... really appreciated that.

Tammy - 27 September 2021


Cheryl - 26 September 2021

UM WOWOWOWOW - on all levels - SO MANY WOWS!! xxxx

Niki - 26 September 2021

Excellent reading so caring and very spot on with everything, will live to connect again with this lovely soul❀️

Annoniem - 24 September 2021

I’ve never been a one to believe in psychic or mediums! When I met Mihaela she was warm and kind. Things that she told me came true and I was so stunned. She is a beautiful person and I wish that we were bffs! I encourage anyone to talk to her because she seems to be on point with her readings! Thank you so much you are a gem! πŸ™πŸ½

Danielle - 24 September 2021

This woman is amazing! I've had a gut feeling about some things and she confirmed my gut feelings are right! God bless you! I can't wait to talk to you again ❀️

Kayla - 20 September 2021

Super friendly thank you hun! And super hopeful

Duha - 11 September 2021

What a lovely lady, really lifted my spirts and very accurate with your comments , I will come back soon to see if my path stays on track , Thank you

Samantha - 27 Augustus 2021

She’s very good thank you

Justice - 6 Augustus 2021

Great reading thanks

Nicola - 4 Augustus 2021

Hi Am travelling tonight Let’s see what’s gonna happening Hope you will be online sometimes the next days,will catch you to make me an update! Thank you to be with me!❀️❀️❀️

Alexandra - 27 Juli 2021

She was very good and straight to the point.. I enjoyed my chat.

Soy - 27 Juli 2021

Thank you again for your time my sweetheart! Will come back within few days,because I like to talk to you!As a said you are my psychologist!❀️❀️❀️

Alexandra - 25 Juli 2021

OMG!!! I wish I had more time. She was so honest and I just got what she was saying. I didn’t have to give her much information. I will definitely be back. Thank you

Lilly - 23 Juli 2021

Mihaela is awesomeβš˜πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ’‹πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€žπŸ½πŸ€žπŸ½πŸ€žπŸ½ book her she is on point and accurate and very intuitive and on point everything she told me has came true so far and more unraveling!!!

Nicole - 19 Juli 2021

Thank you for your help! Will come back to you!

Alexandra - 18 Juli 2021

She is very accurate and awesome and she always bring everything to life and the light highly recommend

Nicole - 17 Juli 2021

Amazing reading and lovely lady, thank you so much, would have kept chatting if I could have. Just to let you know I have heard from the person we were chatting about tonight and I do believe my intuition is right πŸ˜ƒ xx

Gail - 13 Juli 2021

Always on point and very accurate! Love speaking with her and getting advice. I always feel so much better after our chats!

Dee - 12 Juli 2021

On point!

Amy - 11 Juli 2021

Amazing and awesome. Saw things so clearly and described them spot on. A favorite I will come back to

Valerie - 11 Juli 2021

So easy to talk to and very reassuring with her guidance. She definitely picked my mood up with her advice and made me feel comfortable about what I need to do! Definitely recommend ❀️❀️❀️

Sibel - 8 Juli 2021

Once again, you have really looked after me and shown genuine concern/care. No sugarcoating which is great. Thank you so much my lovely, I will definitely be back with more news as it unfolds. You are an Angel πŸ˜‡ xxx

Louise - 5 Juli 2021

Lovely reading very quick and spot on with it all. I will have another soon. Thank you

Claire - 4 Juli 2021

Very friendly and chatty. Got my person of interest straight away and helped give me advice about my situation. Feel better about it. Thank you :)

Katie - 26 Juni 2021

She was helpful

Cindy - 20 Juni 2021

Thank you am just going to wait and see ❀️

Yatim - 15 Juni 2021

Mihaela, you are seriously the best. I love our chats and your message after is so thoughtful and kind. In my extremely difficult situation you always manage to make me laugh and give me hope, in what I feel is sometimes a bit of a lost cause. I will be in touch soon to give you an update. Take care beautiful πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Justine - 13 Juni 2021

Very accurate and honest!! Highly recommended! Thank you Mihaela.

SK - 11 Juni 2021

Spot on!! I am returning client and Would highly recommend Mihaela!

SK - 11 Juni 2021

Very good and accurate. Thank you for the much needed advice.

Dee - 10 Juni 2021

Mihaela is truly impressive!! Accurate, detailed, no sugarcoating!! Thank you so much 🌹

SK - 8 Juni 2021

Just amazing!! Highly recommended!!!

SK - 8 Juni 2021

Amazing! Will definitely be back when more funds are there 😘

Melissa - 5 Juni 2021

Mihaela is one of the best here. She is very friendly, and bubbly! Her readings are accurate, deep, honest and without sugar coating. Highly recommended.

Masliza - 3 Juni 2021

Spot on as always!!! Thank you so much Mihaela!

SK - 30 Mei 2021

Very detailed reading without sugarcoating and accurate too. Mihaela is indeed gifted. Thank you Mihaela, you’re simply the best! God bless you

Masliza - 29 Mei 2021

Mihaela is AMAZING! Very accurate and friendly

Rachel - 29 Mei 2021

Very detailed and accurate. Kind and patient. A very gifted psychic!!!

SK - 27 Mei 2021

She is so friendly, open and free. I really opened up to her and I am glad. She is a very good and I feel she does not sugar coat at all. She is on point.

Sharon - 26 Mei 2021

Mihaela is a real deal! Says what she sees, no sugarcoating and every detail is spot on (checked many times)! Thank you!!

SK - 25 Mei 2021

Beautiful Reading

Mo - 23 Mei 2021

Always the best. One of my go tos. Connects fast and ALWAYS accurate with her predictions. Sorry I ran out of credits but I will be back. Thank you again for everything 🀍

Fatima - 23 Mei 2021

Very informative and accurate! Thank you!!

SK - 22 Mei 2021

Jaw dropping accurate of a previous problem πŸ™€πŸ˜±

Laurie - 22 Mei 2021

Honest, quick typer, detailed and empathetic. Thank you!!!

SK - 20 Mei 2021

Awesome... spot on

Debbie - 20 Mei 2021

Always accurate and truthful!! Would highly recommend!!

SK - 18 Mei 2021

Always spot on and honest!!!

SK - 15 Mei 2021

Extremely accurate and truly the best. Sorry I did not get a chance to thank you. I will be back 🀍

Fatima - 15 Mei 2021

I am a returning customer and can only give the best recommendation to Mihaela. She is very intuitive and accurate! Thank you!

SK - 12 Mei 2021

Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Mihaela!

Masliza - 12 Mei 2021

Very accurate and on point! No sugarcoating or unnecessary questions. Thank you Mihaela for the detailed and valuable private message!!

SK - 11 Mei 2021

Very accurate and connects very fast. Also very kind lady. Thank you for everything 🀍

Fatima - 11 Mei 2021

Very clear and accurate! Highly recommended!!

SK - 10 Mei 2021

Mihaela is so gifted. She’s warm and friendly. Her readings are accurate without sugarcoating. It was thoughtful of her to email me her answers to my questions too. I can only say thank you Mihaela!! Bless you!

Masliza - 8 Mei 2021

Mihaela is spot on with the predictions and every detail! Highly recommended! Thank you for your private message - this is very kind xx

SK - 8 Mei 2021

My darling Mihaela. Thank you so much for your support. I love chatting with you and trust your intuition!! You’re so caring , sending me 2 private messages to check in and to add more information after my readings. I will always come back to you. You’re a rock! β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜˜

Louise - 6 Mei 2021

Very accurate and no sugarcoating! Thank you

SK - 3 Mei 2021

Thank you. Xxxxx❀️

JJ - 3 Mei 2021

Thank you my darling, for another great chat. You make me laugh, so funny! I feel like you care and want the best possible outcome for me. I will be in touch soon again. Fingers crossed that things turn out on he way I hope 🀞. You’ve certainly made me believe they can. Xxxxx 😘

Louise - 3 Mei 2021

Answered questions quickly and without hesitation. Today is my first day using this site.... and I will be back. THANK YOU

Lori - 3 Mei 2021

Dear Mihaela, thank you for sharing your insights with me. They opened my mind to new aspects about my issue at hand. I have a gained a greater sense of clarity and confidence. Thank you!

Deepa - 1 Mei 2021

Thank you so much for being patient and truthful without sugarcoating! Highly recommended!

SK - 30 April 2021

Amazing reader!! Highly recommended!!

SK - 28 April 2021

This lovely lady always manages to bring a smile to my face. If you are interested in having a reading I strongly recommend a chat with Mihaela. You will not be disappointed. Hoping I can give a positive update when we next speak. πŸ˜‚πŸ’•

Justine - 28 April 2021


Tiffany - 24 April 2021

Wonderful chat with this lovely person, she helped me to clear up some confusion I had in my love life. She has great energy and it feels like you´re talking to an old friend. I highly recommend her!

Alexandra - 24 April 2021

Very intuitive and honest reader! Thank you so much for your private message with a lot of additional info!! This is very kind of you xx

SK - 24 April 2021

Fast to connect, EXTREMELY detailed and accurate I could not stop talking to her! You will not regret contacting her. Thank you!

Fatima - 23 April 2021

No sugarcoating. Always honest!! Thank you.

SK - 21 April 2021

Well she was very spot on... lovely to deal with that's for sure x

Nicole - 20 April 2021

Spot on!!! I’ll come back again

SK - 19 April 2021

Michaela is extremely accurate and empathetic!!! She picked up on so many details that she could have not known about!! Highly recommend.

SK - 14 April 2021

Very sweet! I'll be back to her for sure

Patricia - 11 April 2021

Awwww Mihaela I love chatting to you. You are so awesome at explaining what you see and always make me laugh when things are sometimes not as good as they could be. I will keep in touch and let you know how things develop 🀞🀞. Stay well x

Justine - 10 April 2021

I am soooooooo happy I chose to chat with Mihaela. She has such positive energy and she kept typing so much, so quickly. Everything she said about past and present was 100% spot on. Her predictions are very clear and I cannot wait to come back and tell her she was right. She even sent me a private email message afterwards to check in on me. I’d love to chat with her over a glass of wine.... I think we’d be chatting all night and laughing lots! Have a reading with her, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Mihaela. πŸ™β€οΈ I loved everything you said and I will definitely be back. Love and light to you. Speak soon. Xxxxx

Louise - 10 April 2021

Accurate and kind as always!! Would highly recommend.

SK - 9 April 2021

Amazing and accurate as always!

SK - 5 April 2021

Mihaela was very friendly and nice x and we even had some laughs. A few things i wanted to hear and others not so much but that’s what i came here for i guess x

Kimberley - 4 April 2021

She was easy to talked to and very kind. She really helped give me some Closure on a subject that’s been bothering me for two years. She got to the point and didn’t sugar coat it for my benefit. The one thing I would say is that I didn’t have enough time with her for the price.

Brooke - 3 April 2021

Mihaela was awesome. My situation is a very unusual and confusing one and I am currently struggling to piece it all together. Mihaela was so reassuring and not only provided me with a positive outcome in the not too distant future but gave me some advice to get me through the next few weeks. I will be back to chat again soon. Thanks xo

Justine - 3 April 2021

Thank you very much Mihaela for the comfort and insight. Much appreciate your time and your encouraging chat. Recommended 100%

Tareta - 2 April 2021

She was honest and kind and her reading was very accurate

Tamara - 1 April 2021

you are an amazing reader lovely, I did go to the website and look into the astrology you told me too, my intuition was telling me, that this transit is to my benefit, and after reading about it, i have gained confirmation and clarity, this is not a burden on my path but a blessing as it has helped me to become my authentic self, and now I have a time frame so that I know to make the most of this energy within the next 4 years, I am so very grateful to you for sharing this information with me, thank you so much, sending you light love and blessings beautiful lady :)

Rachel - 30 Maart 2021

Had a great reading with Mihaela. She was just like talking to a friend. She answered all my questions and put me at ease. Will definitely use her again in the future

Janene - 28 Maart 2021

Amazing everything she said I felt was very true

Sherey - 26 Maart 2021

A very gifted and intuitive psychic! Thank you πŸ™

SK - 24 Maart 2021

Very pleasant to chat with. She was very understanding of my situation and gave me direct answers to all of my questions. I have been given clarity in what I need in my life and how I can overcome the difficult situation I am in. Very intuitive and empathetic. Mihaela is a wonderfully beautiful soul.

Ashley - 24 Maart 2021

Very accurate and kind! Highly recommend.

SK - 19 Maart 2021

Thank you! Spot on. Answered what I needed to know. Picked up on the situation and gave great reading! Very pleased and will talk with her again. πŸ™‚πŸ’—πŸ’—

Kim - 19 Maart 2021

Excellent reading! Spot on!!

SK - 15 Maart 2021

Fast and straight to the point

Celia - 15 Maart 2021


Sarisha - 4 Maart 2021

Really amazing lovely lady. Kind and sweet energy. I love her ❀️ highly recommended xxxx

Cheryl - 3 Maart 2021

Like talking to a good friend. Thank you so much. x

Tammy - 27 Februari 2021

Mihaela is an accurate and honest reader!! She types very fast and does not need prompting. I would highly recommend her!

SK - 21 Februari 2021

She was amazing , friendly , very accurate and lovely to talk to ! My credits ran out or I would be talking to her all day. Her predictions have given me hope and I will be back when they come to pass. Love her energy! 😊

Eden - 20 Februari 2021

Very nice reader thanks a lot

Geri - 20 Februari 2021

I have had a few readings and spot on a very lovely lovely person I will definitely be back amazing

Jody - 15 Februari 2021

Mihaela is the absolute best. It is obvious that she really cares about her clients. I always feel much better after having a reading with her. πŸ˜‡πŸ’œ

Stephine - 15 Februari 2021

You are just so so Lovely. And right on the nail. πŸ’œ Thank you

Nadia - 14 Februari 2021

Thank you so much for such a detailed reading! Mihaela was on point with my situation from the beginning. She gave so much clarity!

Ashley - 12 Februari 2021

I LOVED my experience ! I felt like I was chatting with a friend. I really enjoyed our chat and can’t wait to go back !

Denise - 12 Februari 2021

She actually gave me hope with love. I knew what she was saying. Thanks queen😊

Ashley - 10 Februari 2021

Mihaela is one of a kind. So inspiring and encouraging. I wouldn't go to another. I recommend as she is 100% correct, generous and kind hearted. I will be back indeed

Tareta - 9 Februari 2021

Mihaela is very sweet and I had different reading and they were the same. Very insightful and honest. Talks to you on personal level :)!

Madina - 9 Februari 2021

Thankyou very much Mihaela your such an inspiration. Thats why I keep coming back. Highly recommended love and light ✨

Tareta - 8 Februari 2021

Great reading again always truthful and understanding x

Sabine - 28 Januari 2021

She is god send. Very good at what she does, would like to speak with her again tomorrow.

Jacquella - 27 Januari 2021

Picks up on exactly what's going on straight away with no prompting, real advice and empathetic and amazing to chat to and do friendly! Would 1000% recommend x

Sabine - 25 Januari 2021

Fantastic she helped very well with what I needed

Jadebarnecutt - 20 Januari 2021

you are amazing. will definitely go back to chat with you soon

Patty - 19 Januari 2021

Thank you very much Mihaela for your helpful information and your understanding heart. πŸ’› πŸ’― thank you for your comfort, listening ear and your time appreciated much.

Tareta - 17 Januari 2021

You were absolutely amazing and I wish I could have talked for more. It was great hearing all those nice things after all the bar things I've been through so thankyou so much

Nikki - 14 Januari 2021

Mihaela was very accurate in her reading. Very responsive. Gave me hope of a future. I'll definitely be going back to her

Farrah - 13 Januari 2021

She is very helpful and considerate. Warm hearted chat made me feel everything was ok.

Tareta - 26 December 2020

Mihaela is lovely. I will certainly be back soon. She is very polite and quick with messaging. Thank you :)

Laura - 19 December 2020

I think Mihaela was spot on in alot of areas. There were very few she was off. My overall chat with her was very good. 

LaToya - 16 December 2020

Understanding and accurate good guidance too.

Natalie - 29 November 2020

Mihaela is right in what she feels. Enthousiastic, sweet reader

Avril - 17 November 2020

Thank you Mihaela, you answered my question straight away and gave me more information than I asked for. A real positive reading, hope it all come's true. xx

Monique - 10 November 2020

Was able to pick up on something that I hadn't given her any insight too πŸ‘

Haley - 10 November 2020