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Gifts and methods:
  • Dream analysis
  • Tarot cards
  • Numerology
  • Meditation
  • Angel cards
  • Many insights
  • I feel your energy
  • Straightforward and practical

What can I do for you?
Are you tired of the situation you're in? Are you afraid, insecure, and have no idea what the future holds? If doubts and uncertainties are making your life harder, then Said is the reader for you. No matter what the issue you are overcoming don't hesitate to ask me any question crosses your mind , I do have the answer!
My mission is to enlighten your way.

My method

I use tarot cards , picture tool to connect to your energy and I read your palm for future prediction and love compatibility.Accurate predictions, no turning around, no mysteriousness. At the end of my spiritual journey , you will be given clear answers to your situation.

About me

Thank your for your interest in me.I have been healing people who are seeking for clarity and guidance while they are lost with doubts and questions.I have discovered my gift since my childhood.I have developed my intuitive skills and spiritual energies for more than a decade. I found out that unblocking people critical situation is bringing me relief , blessing and happiness.

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English speaking psychic

Gifts and methods:

  • Dream analysis
  • Tarot cards
  • Numerology
  • Meditation
  • Angel cards


  • Many insights
  • I feel your energy
  • Straightforward and practical
Are you tired of the situation you're in? Are you afraid, insecure, and have no idea what the future holds? If doubts and uncertainties are making your life harder, then Said is the reader for you. No matter what the issue you are overcoming don't hesitate to ask me any question crosses your mind , I do have the answer!
My mission is to enlighten your way.
I use tarot cards , picture tool to connect to your energy and I read your palm for future prediction and love compatibility.Accurate predictions, no turning around, no mysteriousness. At the end of my spiritual journey , you will be given clear answers to your situation.
Thank your for your interest in me.I have been healing people who are seeking for clarity and guidance while they are lost with doubts and questions.I have discovered my gift since my childhood.I have developed my intuitive skills and spiritual energies for more than a decade. I found out that unblocking people critical situation is bringing me relief , blessing and happiness.
English speaking psychic

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230 reviews

Thank you Said.

Susan - 20 September 2023

Thank you Said xxx

Karen - 16 September 2023

Thank you Said, so lovely to connect with you again. Always very insightful and genuinely caring - I missed that last message you were typing though if you would be into send it. Thanks

Greta - 16 September 2023

Thank you Said, as always you are a blessing ❀️

Maria - 11 September 2023

I feel Said was accurate with Whst he’d read through his cards . A little few things were off but thst maybe he received the communication. I will definitely be contacting him again.

Liz - 10 September 2023

Thank you very much for everything! πŸ™β€οΈ Said sees my situation very accurately and clearly. I wanted to come back to the chat, but due to some technical problem it didn't let me pay. I'll try again tomorrow.

Viktoria - 6 September 2023

Fast response and right on!!!! Thank u

Charles - 1 September 2023

Answered my questions quickly in the short amount of time I had. Thank you Said.

Lesley - 30 Augustus 2023

Thank you Said. I will be always genuine with him, I dont know how to be any other way, he is my life ❀️ thank you ❀️

Maria - 29 Augustus 2023

The reading was on point.

Tiffany - 26 Augustus 2023

What very lovely man Said is,so kind

Michelle - 26 Augustus 2023

Thank you for your reading Said. It was good and gave me clarity. Can you please send me a private message on what you were last saying?

Sneha - 25 Augustus 2023

Thank you Said, I run out of credits I will be back ♥️

Maria - 25 Augustus 2023

Thank you so much

Fabi - 23 Augustus 2023

Very good fast accurate detailed not alot prompts needed.. Thank you ..SAID

Jody - 16 Augustus 2023

Thank you so much Said ❀️

Maria - 14 Augustus 2023

He picked up on my energy without me saying anything to him. He made me feel much better after the conversation. Thank you Said xx

N - 13 Augustus 2023

Said is an amazing psychic. We have been speaking for over a year and he always gives great advice. He is a good listener and compassionate as well. Highly recommended πŸ’œ

Mani - 11 Augustus 2023

Spot on, great energy helped me lots. Thanks again so much

Kelli - 6 Augustus 2023

super intuitive

Jaclyn - 5 Augustus 2023

super intuitive

Jaclyn - 5 Augustus 2023

Hi Said We were chatting and run out of credit while you were typing. Please let me know in private what you were typing. Thanks

Barbara - 5 Augustus 2023

Thank you Said ❀️

Maria - 5 Augustus 2023

Thank you Said, I do have believe I will be with him, of everyone I am the one that always say that I will be with him forever, because deep down I feel it. If I didn't have faith that I was going to be with him, I wouldn't be here already and I am because I do love him and I want to be with him, grow old with him, and I know it will happen. Thank you.

Maria - 3 Augustus 2023


Helen - 2 Augustus 2023

Said is wonderful. To the point, concise, caring and very kind. I will contact him again.

Carol - 31 Juli 2023

Thank you Said ❀️ I try to come back but you were gone. I am not leaving him, I love him to much for that ❀️

Maria - 31 Juli 2023

Well he answers correct

Sivadharshini - 24 Juli 2023

Thank you Said.

Maria - 23 Juli 2023

I really feel good thanku so much

Mandeep - 20 Juli 2023

Very good reading, just waiting for everything to unfold, Said got cut off when you were typing last sentence can you please message me privately

William - 10 Juli 2023

Thank you Said ❀️ you are the best as always ❀️

Maria - 22 Juni 2023

Thank you Said. Sorry I had to go. But I felt a lot better after the readings. A lot of clarity. Everything on point, Im really glad i spoke with you. Thanks again.

Ayo - 14 Juni 2023

Thank you so much for the clarity have a lovely dayπŸ™πŸΌ

Silvia - 13 Juni 2023

Thank you for the reading great as always

Clare - 9 Juni 2023

I didn't know what to ask but what I ask I was very happy

Allykool - 8 Juni 2023

Thank you Said ❀️ please if you have final thoughts email me. Please and thank you ❀️

Maria - 8 Juni 2023

He’s good. Waiting to see if it comes true. I wish the times weren’t so short. Seems like the questions take time to answer to make you pay more.

Alecia - 5 Juni 2023

Thank you Said ❀️

Maria - 4 Juni 2023

Said feels everything so good. 10 stars. Thank you.

Elina - 4 Juni 2023

Thank you Said, he is not going anywhere, neither am I. I love him. ❀️

Maria - 31 Mei 2023

Thank you Said. I think that reading helped me to reflect a lot and reground myself.

Vicky - 30 Mei 2023

Barely told him anything but he picked up on things I’d only just been told, hoping that what he sees happening does so soon as happy future ahead

Sharron - 26 Mei 2023

Thank you Said. I will give updates if I can get anywhere. Thank you ❀️

Maria - 26 Mei 2023

Thank you Said ❀️

Maria - 26 Mei 2023

Feel very good after speaking

Leanne - 10 Mei 2023

Thank you Said ❀️

Maria - 6 Mei 2023

He sees clearly everything. I am very grateful. It confirmed everything I was thinking.

Viktoria - 3 Mei 2023

Thank you! I lost connection but I appreciate your response; I’ll try to contact you when online again. πŸ₯°

Synthia - 25 April 2023

Thank you, I know sometimes we do not want to hear negative things, but I was looking for some clarity to move forward and my reading has reassured me, to give me confidence and understanding in a sensitive situation. Thank you so much

Lorraine - 24 April 2023

Thank you.

CONSTANTINA - 20 April 2023

Was clear on his answers, would have loved to chat more but sadly I couldn't afford longer, I do hope that what I was informed is true. I would like to chat again, just wish it was a little cheaper.

Kellie - 20 April 2023

Good reading πŸ™

Vicky - 15 April 2023

Hi Said, it cut out but please message and let me know if he'll overcome this.

Vicky - 14 April 2023

Hi said I’m not able to get a session right now but if you could, could you please send me a private message the girl that I live with Said that she saw Daniel with a girl unloading the car at his house I don’t think it is his girlfriend, but she dies for some apparent reason I think she’s assuming because he was staring at me last night and it look like he was taking pictures through his window at me

Megan - 13 April 2023

Thanks Said. You were so kind to message. I hope he'll stop being stubborn soon

Vicky - 10 April 2023

Let me know when u are available I need to talk to u said it says your on but u are busy please don’t get off I need to talk to u I seen him getting ready to pull out of his driveway last night wen I was in the car On my way! Home from work with the ppl I live with but did he see me in the front seat wen I looked up again he was gone before he left out the driveway he gad his brights on his headlights

Megan - 10 April 2023

Said was great. Really in tune with the energy and helpful with his guidance with my situation πŸ™

Rakhee - 8 April 2023

Said my credits ended if you can please email me your last thoughts and thank you so much ❀️

Maria - 7 April 2023

Said thank you ❀️ I will not abandon him ❀️

Maria - 6 April 2023

I lost connection with Said, I didn't get to read or respond fast enough. Not cool, how am i supposed to feel comfortable or even know if I can relate to the person, before I give my credit card info away? Look I'm a strong believer in many I have met, but online its completely different, you can give us seconds, then expect others or myself to be convinced enough to pay. If I can get a text or email back thats longer then 100 seconds missing vastly, while waiting on there response, then trying to read it, then bam it's gone. Come on you gotta meet us more then half way to gain our attention let alone are trust, and connect with that person.

Michele - 6 April 2023

Thanks Said. Please message the rest of what you were going to say as it cut off.

Vicky - 3 April 2023

Said was very good and accurate, looking forward to speaking to him again

Lindsey - 3 April 2023

Said is a godsend. He taps into the energy of my poi and is always spot on about his feelings. He is a good listener, compassionate and calms me down. Said will always be the person I speak with. Choose him and you’ll be happy too 😊

Mani - 2 April 2023

Said is very easy to chat with and explains in detail what is going on. Definitely recommend him.

Kristen - 30 Maart 2023

I have been speaking with Said for a while now. He is intuitive, fast and very accurate. Reassures me all the time that I am headed for happiness with my poi and that makes me calm and happy. I will always speak with him. I would highly recommend him πŸ’œ

Mani - 27 Maart 2023

Said, credit finished, please send me the last part of our conversation in private. Thanks dear

Barbara - 25 Maart 2023

He is very easy to connect with zones right into my questions and answers quickly helped me to understand things and guide me on the right way will becoming back to Said again and again

Laura - 19 Maart 2023

Awesome as usual! It seems to be spot on, hope everything will come true... I would like to have more credit to have an answer about my last question. The chat with Said are always to short!!!!

Julie - 16 Maart 2023

Thank you Said. You've picked up on my poi well. Hopefully he reaches out soon.

Vicky - 15 Maart 2023

Tuned in straight away in the situation was happy with the information he gave

Jacqueline - 12 Maart 2023

Thank you so much for the reading sorry my credit ran out just as you were finishing a text - 9 Maart 2023

Said is amazing. Knows me and my poi very well and taps into his energy perfectly every time. I highly recommend him πŸ’œ will always speak with him 😊

Mani - 7 Maart 2023

Very accurate, really enjoy talking with Said such a nice person and very calming. My poi did contact me just like he said

Danyelle - 1 Maart 2023

He was easy to talk. Also gave great advice

Donna - 27 Februari 2023

I enjoy said advice very good and accurate

Danyelle - 27 Februari 2023

Said is very good and accurate some things he mentioned was spot on because I witnessed these things in past. My favorite advisor

Danyelle - 26 Februari 2023

Thank you Said ❀️ my credits ended❀️ I will keep on being here for him ❀️ thank you

Maria - 24 Februari 2023

He was right on it. I wish I was able to get more info

Stacey - 24 Februari 2023

Said is a godsend. I’ve been speaking with him for a while. He knows my situation with my poi and puts my mind at ease all the time. I will always speak with him. I highly recommend him πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Mani - 23 Februari 2023

Amazing reader gives a lot of clarity. Best reader I ever had

Danyelle - 23 Februari 2023

I really enjoys the reads I have with Said. He is very detailed and accurate he told me my poi would reach out soon and he did. Thanks I really enjoy speaking you! Highly recommended

Danyelle - 23 Februari 2023

He hit it on a nail thank you sooo much

Juanita - 23 Februari 2023

Me and Daniel had a fight tonight πŸ˜₯πŸ˜” he said if i dnt Quit blowing his phone up he’s gna block me he’s at work I got really upset n mad at him sent him a really long reply I was so mad den I felt bad a few hrs later n wrote him a apology telling him he can’t say or do that it triggers me do u think hel really block me I dnt wanna check n see if he really did bc if he didn’t that’ll upset him if I call to see I’m so upset please send me a private message said I hope he still loves me n wants me I’ve been so upset with him I hope he’s not to mad

Megan - 22 Februari 2023

Run out of credit. Please send me your last sentence in private. Thanks

Barbara - 21 Februari 2023

Thanks again for the thoughtful reading. Put my mind at ease

Roxanne - 20 Februari 2023

Plz stay on I got 10 mins said I need to talk to u n update that wasn’t him I don’t think on the Snapchat but still let them know I wasn’t interested jus in case cuz they sent a pic of someone that was soupposely them anyway I need to talk to u found out few things

Megan - 18 Februari 2023

Said always gives me honest and open insights and I trust what he sees, I just wish I had the willpower to carry on waiting for his visions to come to pass. Always grateful for you Said 🀍 ur kindness is a blessing πŸ™ I wish u welπŸ™

Cassie - 15 Februari 2023

Very good patient and to the point. Thank you so much for you special abilities, time and reading. πŸ™β€οΈ

AAK - 9 Februari 2023

Hi said if u could can u please send me a private message I’m loseing hope I did hear from him today but only to tell me he’s at work cuz I needed to ask him a question so I called then he texted he said he was at work ik he is it’s jus feels like he isn’t gonna contact me on his own or give me any reinsurance n I need it it feels like I’m jus messing everything up with me n him please help 😭😭😭😭

Megan - 7 Februari 2023

Said please let me know when u are on he hasn’t texted or called or seen me n I am growing inpatient again so many things are happening n alls I want is to talk to him but feels like he dosnt want to idk what to do

Megan - 4 Februari 2023

Thank you for our talk today Said, please private message me the last thing u where about to say to help me with my last question and clarity Appreciate ur time as always πŸ™

Cassie - 3 Februari 2023

Said please send me last reading in private. My credit run out. Thanks

Barbara - 29 Januari 2023

Update said so I was wrong he didn’t see me last night but Saturday morning he did to pick that up n wen he was getting ready to leave I leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek and he said love you or love ya first which ever terms he said πŸ˜‚ same difference πŸ˜‚ so i looked at him n blushed for a sec then leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek and I swear he had to be thinking oh hell nah not my cheek πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cuz as soon as I leaned in by his cheek he turned his head to kiss my lips but I didn’t realize so he got like a side lip kiss πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ then he said he would text later he didn’t get the chance to text first tho I texted him something about work n he said lmfao and that was the last I heard from him so I hope we actually text or talk soon but anyway wanted to give you a update private message me if you can

Megan - 29 Januari 2023

Once free can we chat before you go offline

Barbara - 28 Januari 2023

Sorry Said my credits ended. ❀️ thank you it felt good talking to you and yes I am going to be here ❀️

Maria - 28 Januari 2023

Thank you for your overview Said. Hopefully what you said will come to pass.

Vicky - 27 Januari 2023

Said please help I can’t get a reading till Thursday night please help I’ve been so impatient I think he’s mad at me he doesn’t show me any type of signal weather me n him will get back together or not he’s been so confusing and he knows I’m confused he’s driving me into insanity I love him so much I messaged him that I’m in the area but idk weather hel respond or not I’m so confused on what he’s thinking or what he wants I’m so lost in everything wen I ask if he’s mad or just busy or anything he just says he’s doing something like talking to his uncle wen I tell told him I needed to know weather he wanted me or not that I need to know he said he was at work and that he was sorry fr fr but he was busy n I get that but he’s been spacy won’t even answer my calls or vid chats please send me a private message to help me he hardly even texts back

Megan - 25 Januari 2023

Very good when u use the word manipulative you was on point! It’s crazy it was good it ended ……he’s very good!!! A+

Shauntae - 24 Januari 2023

Whatever said told me came to pass. I was going for a job asked him if I would get the job. He told me I had high chances I would get the job compared to other jobs I had applied for and I was indeed offered the job. Then also my love life all is getting in shape as he predicted it. He is the real reader here. Thanks Said

Barbara - 23 Januari 2023

Thank u Said, a LOT of information shared. I really really would appreciate if u could give me the answer to the last question in a private msg as u were about to let me know and time ran out. Thank you x

Cassie - 21 Januari 2023

Thank you

Silvia - 20 Januari 2023

Thank u for ur time Said as always if u can can u private message me the rest of that chat u said… despite ….and never got the end also if there are any changes can u let me know I will come on and chat, thank u x

Cassie - 19 Januari 2023

Said please please send me the last message in private chat so I get that answer I really need it please πŸ™ Thank you for our talk today

Cassie - 18 Januari 2023

Thank you for the chat Said. If there is anything new in my situation please private message me and I will come to chat πŸ™‚ appreciate ur help always πŸ™ŒπŸ™

Cassie - 17 Januari 2023

Thank you Said for picking up on my situation so quickly. I feel like putting 'patience' and 'faith' in capitals was necessary because I have been hyper focused on the situation and I know I should take a step back, focus on myself and let things unfold. Your reading really resonated because I do feel like pride gets in his way, but at the same time, neither of us will ever know how he really feels about me if I don't take a step back and trust that the best outcome will unfold. You made me feel like things are going to be ok and that hopefully they will go the way I want them to go. Thank you.

Vicky - 16 Januari 2023

Said is amazing, intuitive and accurate. Spot on with information about my current relationship and insight about me. Highly recommended! We’ll chat again!

Mani - 16 Januari 2023

Hey said it says ur busy but have a update please let me know wen ur available please πŸ™

Megan - 14 Januari 2023

As I don’t have any more credits ugh which sucks πŸ˜‚ cuz I love talking to you I wanted to say n please send me a private message said but wanted to say ya ik I shouldn’t tell him why n why I shouldn’t cuz it would piss him off very much n have a question I asked in the chat but we were so busy I might of not caught it does he know my post are about him ? There’s so many hints that give it away and I mean so many

Megan - 14 Januari 2023

Thank you Said please inbox me the answer to that last question I would be very grateful, thank you πŸ™ x

Cassie - 12 Januari 2023

Sorry Said ❀️ this time I run out, if you would be so kind to send me your last thoughts I would appreciate it. ❀️ thank you so much, wonderful reading ❀️ will keep you posted ❀️

Maria - 12 Januari 2023

Hey said thank you n could u please look n see if he is mad for me telling Michelle I like him even tho she won’t say anything about it I didn’t tell her are covos tho n wen she picked him up I told her to tell him hi n to message me he said hi and that he will he was just tired that was Saturday night I believe and check when he will message me please please private message me back I’m going alil stir crazy here πŸ˜‚ n can’t buy a session till Thursday night so please to calm my nerves

Megan - 9 Januari 2023

Thank you for ur time again today Said, always so polite and kind, we got a bit muddled up at the end and I am sorry if I seemed off. Trying so hard in my situation but always appreciate ur help, thank you, if u could private message what exactly it is u meant by the end of our chat with the concepts, that would be great hopefully speak again soon πŸ™‚

Cassie - 9 Januari 2023

Spot on and the predictions started to unfold:) thank you Said!!❀️

SK - 9 Januari 2023

I hope to talk to him soon hope he seen I’m still the same bc I was feeling some type of way so I did get shy a bit but he brought me out of it hooked me again with every word he said especially wen he called me baby his hooks went in in deep after that n he could tell he had me feeling some type of way

Megan - 6 Januari 2023

WOW, JUST WOW, I have had several readings with Said! There is so much information with him! Also, and spot on! Ty so much, much!!!

Jody - 5 Januari 2023

Very lovely reading.. I meant to extend it to continue but the connection went. Id love to talk again, very accurate

Kay - 4 Januari 2023

Said was incredible. All I did was say I was there to see what he had to tell me and he starting telling me all about me and what I was going through. Highly recommend!

Beth - 2 Januari 2023

Said, I really really need ur help

Cassie - 31 December 2022

Hey said let me know when ur available please

Megan - 31 December 2022

Hey said let me know when ur available please

Megan - 31 December 2022

Thank you Said. You make sense of everything I can’t, I appreciate ur kind words and understanding, ur help is everything to me at this very confusing time πŸ™ #forevergrateful

Cassie - 29 December 2022

Hey said I did have any other way to reach u got updates He messaged me on Snapchat off his new account he added me a couple months ago but I didn’t know it was him till last night wen he sent a pic n asked for 1of me but after I sent dat he left me on read n didn’t reply The last message I sent he hasn’t seen yet but we’re still friends on Snapchat I’m so completely confused on what he was trying to do especially cuz he stopped texting back n left me on read last night n hasn’t messaged back sence then I don’t get paid till late tommarrow night but I wanted to give u an update to maybe look into bc I’m all over the place kinda wandering weather he ment to text me or if he thought he was talking to someone else bc he hasn’t texted back sence n I also wen we have a session I have the pic he sent me saved he knows I saved it cuz it notified him please if u can send me a private message wen ur ur on to calm down some of my nerves and overthinking untill I can get a reading

Megan - 29 December 2022

Thank u said for all u do for me. I am most grateful! I wish u a very merry christmas, if there is anything else at all comes from our last chat, please please send me a private message to let me know. I will add more credits to speak xx

Cassie - 25 December 2022

Answering my questions

Anjali - 24 December 2022

Sorry Said I run out of credits ❀️ I am not giving up ever ❀️ thank you

Maria - 23 December 2022

Said if you could email me your answer I would appreciate it Thank you ❀️ Merry Christmas

Maria - 23 December 2022

Very helpful as always thank u Said, please msg me the last msg πŸ™

Cassie - 23 December 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New year dear. Hope the new year brings us both happiness, joy and wealth . Hope to talk again in the new year. It was nice chatting with you. Happy festival season to you and your family.

Barbara - 23 December 2022

Always very insightful, thank u Said, I just wish when time ran out u would send a private message to finish what was being said πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but thank u as always πŸ™πŸŒŸπŸ€

Cassie - 21 December 2022

Thank you Said as always, u make sense of my life, very Grateful, even if I do feel robbed of my last question due to the connection error and time ran out πŸ˜‚πŸ™πŸŒŸ

Cassie - 20 December 2022

My reading with "Said" was accurate and he connected to my POI instantly.

Tabata - 17 December 2022

Thank you Said. I feel at ease and hopeful

Amy - 13 December 2022

Hi please let me know when online. Thanks

Barbara - 12 December 2022

Amazing!!!! So accurate

Vanessa - 11 December 2022

Hi Said, please let me know when online. Thanks

Barbara - 8 December 2022

Very reassuring, non judgmental, calm, kind, accurate and honest!!

SK - 5 December 2022

Let me know wen ur back on please

Megan - 4 December 2022

Please let me know when free. Thanks

Barbara - 1 December 2022

Accurate, compassionate, reassuring and honest! πŸ™

SK - 29 November 2022

Please when online please let me know. Thanks Barbara

Barbara - 27 November 2022

Spot on!!! Thank you Said⭐️

SK - 26 November 2022

Please hurry back I got info I really need to talk to u about

Megan - 24 November 2022

Thank you for your reading. Your energy or you must of done something to make my energy at ease as I am feeling a little better and less anxious after our reading. You did clarify some things for me which helped to understand the situation, and now I wait to see if what was read will come to light. Very fast Typer and Said got straight to the point and reading, no time waisting which was great as credits go so quickly during the time. I felt a confidence coming from Said that he was sure of what he was reading in my situation which was probably what I needed to unburden my worries. Thank you

Haneefa - 22 November 2022

Thank you Said ❀️ and yes I want to hear what he has to say. ❀️

Maria - 20 November 2022

Said is spot on - always! Thank you β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

SK - 17 November 2022

Very reassuring, calm, empathetic, kind and no sugarcoating β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

SK - 16 November 2022

Waiting for you we chat. Got some updates. Thanks

Barbara - 10 November 2022

Said I run out of credits if you can please send me the last that you were saying. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❀️

Maria - 9 November 2022

Accurate and empathetic as always!! Highly recommended β˜€οΈ

SK - 8 November 2022

Spot on!! Highly recommended 🌹🌹

SK - 4 November 2022

I sometimes have no words for Said ❀️ he's become a true friend. Someone I can always speak to with my heart and who I feel speaking back from his heart. His insights guide me so perfectly and I'm so grateful to have met him. He's spent so much time talking to me and listening to me and guiding me on one topic for months. He is always so accurate, insightful, empathetic and comforting. His readings always come to pass. Trust him fully. Thankyou so much Said ❀️πŸ₯°

Binisha - 1 November 2022

Said is, one of the best, on this site. He knows intricate details of a situation to the point it feels like he is reciting conversations that was had. If you need answers, he is definitely a great go to!

LaToya - 1 November 2022

honest and very nice chatting, thanks!!

Lisa - 31 Oktober 2022

Always on point, empathetic and truthful. Highly recommended β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

SK - 30 Oktober 2022

Spot on with everything! Thank you Said β˜€οΈ

SK - 25 Oktober 2022

He has always been my best reader. Always there for me. The best on this platform. Thanks Said for listening to my problems. I really appreciate.

Barbara - 16 Oktober 2022

Excellent!! Highly recommended!!

SK - 16 Oktober 2022

Spot on!!

SK - 12 Oktober 2022

Said is AMAZING! It truly felt like he was a fly on the wall. I just hope his predictions come to pass.

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