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Whatever your query is I am certain I can help you, whether its love, business, careers, or money. From complicated situations to even the most simple ones I will do my very best for you. My process will lead with you giving a bit of information, first names of people involved, birthdates (if available), and maybe some picture, the nature of your problem and what you need. The more information you give me the better the results will be. We will then look into answers, circumstances and influe

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About me

Hello and welcome! If you're reading this then you've been guided here to me, there maybe an answer or a insight I may be able to provide for you. I'm a shaman of the Mi'kmaq first nation, a tribe in the eastern parts of Canada. I descend from an ancient line that goes back to times immemorial. Throughout my life I've explored my traditional spirituality and the traditions of countless more in an effort to enrich myself and distill the wisdom I found and distribute it to others. I have been

My method

A rough outline of the methods I use: Astrology, Numerology, I-Ching, Tibetan Mo, Cartomancy (tarot/oracle), Clairsentience/Clairvoyance, Runes, Spirit animal communication, Angelic/divine communication, Scrying, Palmistry, Practical and spiritual advising.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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112 reviews

Thanks again Shawn. I love our chats. You always make me feel more positive which is exactly what I need. xx

Claire - 1 Juli 2022

Thanks again Shawn. I love our chats. You always make me feel more positive which is exactly what I need. xx

Claire - 1 Juli 2022

Shawn - you are absolutely brilliant: TWO PREDICTIONS CAME TRUE!!! 1) Yesterday you said "I do feel like almost everything will go super well tomorrow, I feel you will mostly be at peace and you will be happy and content, even looking forward to the future!" Yes, yes ... and yes. It all came true at that event today. It WAS tricky with S right by my side and both of us getting lots of glowering looks from all sides judging us BUT I felt at peace. πŸ•Š The speech went very well as well. I noticed my voice had improved even more and I felt happy within myself. As a matter if fact, I am totally and utterly over the moon. Not felt so good in such a long time!!! Now I can go into the holidays with a good feeling. 2) The other prediction was from a while back... I had been feeling drained and you had said it was because of the work situation and not the medication being too weak as I had thought. A recent blood test proved my health was perfectly fine and I am full of energy these days!!! β™‘

Heather - 30 Juni 2022

Thank you Shawn for another lovely chat. Feeling happy and like I can take on what the next 4 weeks has to bring. I hope there will be a nice reward for my patience. Xx

Claire - 30 Juni 2022

Thank you Shawn. I've sent the text. Update you when I hear back. xx

Claire - 27 Juni 2022

Thanks heaps for yet another top-notch reading, Shawn! As always I enjoyed all your insights which highly resonated with me β™‘

Heather - 25 Juni 2022

wonderful insightful and really attentive

Elisa - 25 Juni 2022

Thank you Shawn. I appreciate all of your advice. It seems to be working. Xx

Claire - 24 Juni 2022

I can't say thank you enough for all that you have done to help me! Such a kind man with a sweet heart who has a God given talent that he uses for good! A true blessing! I am going to take your advice and start sending those healing and loving manifestations this evening when I light my candles. Thank you, Shawn! You are a very wise man!

Amanda - 23 Juni 2022

Thank you Shawn. I'm still feeling upbeat and just going with the flow. So for now everything is OK. I really enjoyed this reading. Xx

Claire - 23 Juni 2022

Thanks again Shawn. I really appreciated the pm too. You always make me feel upbeat after our chats. xx

Claire - 22 Juni 2022

Thanks for yet another brill reading. Also for your valuabke tips, Shawn You recently recommended I should get a selenite crystal....Yesterday I twisted ny foot and could not even stand, let alone walk. On a whim, I put the chunk of selenite into my sock (also during the night) β˜†Hey prestoβ˜† Literally woke up with a spring in my step. There is just a teensy-weensy twinge but amazingly today I can walk perfectly well β™‘

Heather - 22 Juni 2022

This man is a true angel...can't say enough about him!!

Kelly - 22 Juni 2022

Thank you Shawn. I'm still feeling happy. Xx

Claire - 21 Juni 2022

Thank you Shawn. I really enjoyed this reading xx

Claire - 19 Juni 2022

Very helpful and accurateπŸ€—Thank you

Silvia - 18 Juni 2022

Wow!!! I am absolutely flabbergasted at the precise insights Shawn gave on a family member - he got her astrological details and some characteristics down to a tee without any prompting from me! In recent months, I have tried out quite a few readers here and can highly recommend Shawn who is exceedingly good at what he does, very compassionate, easy-going, witty and absolutely lovely. His typing skills are also very impressive! β™‘

Heather - 18 Juni 2022

Thanks Shawn. I'm feeling a lot better about things xx

Claire - 16 Juni 2022

Thank you Shawn. You always make me feel better. I really appreciated the pm. Xx

Claire - 13 Juni 2022

Thanks for yet another wonderful reading, Shawn! I am diligently trying out all your tips and feel sooooo much better already. You are simply the bees knees! Speak soon dear friend β™‘

Heather - 13 Juni 2022

Thank you for this nice reading and cheering me up. xx

Claire - 11 Juni 2022

Thanks for yet another fab reading, Shawn and thank you ( as always) for the extremely detailed reading as well as the lovely private message. What you said deeply resonated with me. And I appreciate the fact that you are one fast typer. Lol! I appreciate you guiding me on my journey and wish I could talk to you all day long! You feel like a very special friend! I will try out your tips re the books etc. Speak soon β™‘

Heather - 10 Juni 2022

Thank you Shawn. Helping me see the positives again xx

Claire - 10 Juni 2022

Very accurate! He knew things without me giving much info! Thank you for all of your clarity on my situation!

Amanda - 10 Juni 2022

Thank you Shawn ... Your last message brought a tear to my eye. I appreciate you being there during this hard journey. You have the patience of a saint. I shall do my best to trust that everything will work out fine and I will continue to do "my homework" β™‘

Heather - 8 Juni 2022

Thanks Shawn. Sorry I had to go. Xx

Claire - 8 Juni 2022

Thanks heaps for yet another fantastic session, Shawn. YET ANOTHER PREDICTION CAME TRUE - things at work are getting better and easier!!! I also appreciate your tips on how to feel empowered and how to energetically ease the situation. And I absolutely loved talking about spiritual things with you. It is great to feel understood about my unusual experiences that I shared with you. Your nuggets of wisdom now go into a little notebook. We shall speak again soon. Today I realise i did not ask " How is S feeling about me?" Thanks for helping me get over him. You are simply amazing 😘. People - choose Shawn; he is worth every cent. One of the very best here!!!

Heather - 7 Juni 2022

Thank you Shawn for helping me to see things more clearly and for the reassurance. Xx

Claire - 6 Juni 2022

This man is just the best. Accurate, insightful, kind, patient, honest even when it hurts. Thank you Shawn!

Kelly - 6 Juni 2022

Thank you Shawn. Felt really happy after our chat. No response to my text yet but I'm sure there will be later. Xx

Claire - 5 Juni 2022

I just want to say thanks to Shawn once again for all your support and the great insights. The "big day" came and went and YOUR PREDICTION CAME TRUE - you had said "I can see you walking away from them all together but it seems to end very well for you." I finally feel good within myself and empowered. We came to the agreement that further meetings are not nexessary which they respected and I said if I need their "help", I will approach them. But I don't intend to!

Heather - 5 Juni 2022

This gem continues to amaze and calm me with his gifts, his patience, his kindness and his genuine desire to help. πŸ™β€οΈ

Kelly - 3 Juni 2022

I have been coming to Shawn for a while now and appreciate his patience, open-mindness, expertise, fast typing, occasional free private message, healing vibes and prayers. An amazing thing: Shawn kindly offered to send healing and prayers for my vocal cords which were affected after some recent surgery and an hour later, I noticed a vast improvement! Thank you Shawn. You are amazing, good-humoured, knowlegable, eloquent and very good at what you do. I don't want to give you a "big head" here - stay your modest self - but just let others be encouraged to try your services. I will keep you posted on the "other thing"... β™‘

Heather - 2 Juni 2022

Thank you Shawn. So glad I got the rose quartz as you suggested. Feeling really happy at the moment. Chat soon. xx

Claire - 2 Juni 2022

Yet another excellent reading! β™‘

Heather - 1 Juni 2022


Heather - 1 Juni 2022

Can't say enough about this man!! A true angel and a blessing.

Kelly - 1 Juni 2022

Thanks Shawn. Holding my Rose Quartz stone Just now. xx

Claire - 31 Mei 2022

There are just not enough words, or the right words, to explain this man's gifts and rock, truly.

Kelly - 31 Mei 2022

Shawn is Awesome! He gave me great insight and was spot on! He is patient and very Empathetic. Thank you for the advice, guidance, and clarity......

Sarah - 30 Mei 2022

Thanks again for YET ANOTHER TOP-NOTCH READING, Shawn. I really appreciate your many insights, tips (also outlined in the complimentary PM you kindly sent me) as well as more pearls of wisdom. You gave me a lot for my humble 10 minutes. It is a tough time for me atm but comforting to know you are there with your thoughts and prayers. I will incorporate more of your "spiritual tools" to alleviate the storm of negativity I expect to face this upcoming week too. Untrue slander is an awful thing when you are on the receiving end... Yet things are already feeling a little lighter (within myself) and I am hopeful as you say that the whole situation will eventually get better. Oh yes... a lovely lady reader here I sometimes go to here also said the EXACT SAME as you... that this experience is all about getting stronger spiritually and emotionally. Customers... CHOOSE SHAWN, he is FABβ™‘

Heather - 29 Mei 2022

This gem is my rock and is genuine, sincere, kind and honest. Shawn, THANK YOU for ALL you do.

Kelly - 27 Mei 2022

Shawn was very quick and gave a lot of information in the time. He was sot on and I would highly recommend him. He also left me private messages when we ran out of time on a question

Trudi - 27 Mei 2022

Thanks for all you do. You are a godsend β™‘

Heather - 27 Mei 2022

Shawn is the real deal. I have tried out a few other readers here and come to the conclusion that he is by far one of the very best. Go to him and see for yourself. Shawn thanks again for your lovely message, prayers and tips. You are a blessing. We shall speak sometime soonβ™‘

Heather - 26 Mei 2022

Thanks again Shawn. Keeping my chin up. Oh, also booked a trip to Majorca for later in the year. Xx

Claire - 26 Mei 2022

Thanks again for your invaluable insights, keeping me in your prayers and your lovely private message, Shawn. It is hard right now - this nightmarish situation I am currently in - but I am hopeful this big snowball will eventually melt. I will do my best to try out your tipsβ™‘

Heather - 26 Mei 2022

Thanks Shawn. All looking very positive. Thanks for the insight and advice. Xx

Claire - 25 Mei 2022

First time having a reading with my new Favourite...very kind .informative with messages and lots of info ..really enjoyed the reading from start to finish...i ran out of money so next time ill have longer 😊...but I then recieved an inbox msg πŸ€©πŸ‘ŒπŸ₯°πŸ™πŸ»

Sarah - 25 Mei 2022

Yet another top- notch reading which totally resonates with me. Accurate and insightful. Shawn - my favourite reader here- is extremely patient, supportive and understanding regarding my tricky situation. Thanks for all the tips and for keeping me in your prayers. I shall keep you posted β™‘

Heather - 24 Mei 2022

Thanks Shawn. You were right about arranging a meeting. Xx

Claire - 24 Mei 2022

Thanks Shawn. He surprised me and responded to my text on Saturday which was nice. Xx

Claire - 23 Mei 2022

Yet another fab reading. I have tried out a few readers here but I especially like Shawn's approach. Added bonus - he types extremely quickly!

Heather - 22 Mei 2022

A brillant reading. Really resonated with me and gave me hope. Shawn is spot on, empathic, lovely and a very fast typer. Thank you ,β™‘

H - 21 Mei 2022

Thank you Shawn for helping me see things clearly. Xx

Claire - 21 Mei 2022

Thank you Shawn for helping me see the positives again. Xx

Claire - 21 Mei 2022

Shawn is an amazing reader! He is accurate and now I’m waiting for his predictions to come to pass within the next 4 weeks. I will definitely return.

LaToya - 18 Mei 2022

Thanks Shawn. Xx

Claire - 18 Mei 2022

Nice, sincere, gave facts with no sugar-coating.

Julie - 18 Mei 2022

Thanks Shawn. Excited to see what happens next, if anything!! Xx

Claire - 18 Mei 2022

Very accurate. Picked up on the stress. Glad I could update you on what caused that. Thanks again. Xx

Claire - 15 Mei 2022

Very accurate. Picked up on the stress. Glad I could update you on what caused that. Thanks again. Xx

Claire - 15 Mei 2022

Very nice reading. Thanks. Xx

Claire - 15 Mei 2022

Thank you for the great advice. I really enjoyed this reading. I also really appreciated the pm. Very excited to see what big changes are in store. Xx

Claire - 15 Mei 2022

Thank you 😊

Shauntae - 13 Mei 2022

Thankyou πŸ™‚

Cathy - 8 Mei 2022

Thank you soo much Shawn. It is good to know where each path could lead. I have lots of thinking to do. Xx

Claire - 8 Mei 2022

Thank you for helping me see things more clearly. xx

Claire - 8 Mei 2022

There should be an EXCELLENT or AMAZING or INCREDIBLE rating for this gentleman. He is the real deal and has helped restore peace and calm to my situation, and he is the only one to offer actual helpful help. His insights are spot on and I appreciate him so very much!

Kelly - 5 Mei 2022

He’s a great reader try him

Shauntae - 3 Mei 2022

Thanks Shawn. Great reading. Xx

Claire - 1 Mei 2022

Thanks Shawn. I felt positive and happy after this reading. Xx

Claire - 1 Mei 2022

Thanks Shawn. I'm feeling so much happier and relaxed with the situation. Xx

Claire - 1 Mei 2022

I will most likely chat with Shawn again once finances permit; he had valuable insight into my questions regarding spiritual blocks and past lives. Thank you!

Jessica - 29 April 2022

Thank you Shawn. You have reassured me as always. I also really appreciated you sharing your own experience with me. Great reading. Xx

Claire - 28 April 2022

Thanks Shawn. Feeling positive and trying to remain patient. xx

Claire - 27 April 2022

Thanks Shawn. I felt really positive after our chat. And I didn't need to wait as long as Wednesday as I first thought. Got a text first thing, enquiring as you said so that has brightened up my day. Xx

Claire - 26 April 2022

Thanks for this reading Shawn. It's good to know I'm doing the right thing giving him space. Xx

Claire - 24 April 2022

Thanks for the encouragement and reassurance xx

Claire - 24 April 2022

Thanks again Shawn. I really appreciate your opinion and insight. Always feel reassured after speaking with you. Xx

Claire - 24 April 2022

Thanks Shawn. You really are helping me through this challenging time. Xx

Claire - 21 April 2022

Thanks for this insight. Really helpful. Xx

Claire - 21 April 2022

Thanks again for another positive reading and for keeping me grounded. Im learning to be patient. Xx

Claire - 21 April 2022

Thanks again for the encouragement, insight, honest opinions and good advice. I really appreciate your PMs too. Xx

Claire - 21 April 2022

Shawn is amazing. His predictions are spot on, but insights into momentary feelings are spot on, and his over all loyalty to whatever situation you approach him with is lovely. Always my go too. 🧑

Olivia - 15 April 2022

Hi Shawn. Thanks for this. You made me feel better. Feeling much happier today and cough is so much better too. Hopefully it stays that way. Xx

Claire - 15 April 2022

Thanks for this very positive reading Shawn. Xx

Claire - 14 April 2022

Wonderful. Glad to have spoken with u

Dean - 13 April 2022

Thanks for the great advice and insight. Thanks also for the job reading. Felt good after our chat and really appreciated the pm. Xx

Claire - 12 April 2022

Shawn I believe he is gifted!!!

Shauntae - 12 April 2022

Between Shawn and Carmen I wouldn’t have gotten through the last week.!!! Predictions come to pass from both but also Insights too!! Super proud to call you my Friend x x TY ♥️

Olivia - 11 April 2022

Shawn put me at ease

Dianne - 11 April 2022

Thanks Shawn. Re the job. There is one that doesn't feel right and I actually said that to the recruitment agent today. Well I said another one looked more of interest to me so thanks for that reassurance. Xx

Claire - 8 April 2022

Thanks again Shawn. I really appreciated the pm. I'll update you. Xx

Claire - 8 April 2022

He was very clear and fast response

Jodie - 7 April 2022

He was very clear and fast response

Jodie - 7 April 2022

Sorry I didn't get to say thanks before time ran out. This was a very interesting reading and a lot of what you said made sense. Sounds like there are things to look forward to as well. Thank you. Xx

Claire - 7 April 2022

Amazing reading as usual from Shawn; he hits the nail on the right on the head! I didn’t have many credits due to them cutting out so I was unable to fill Shawn in or update before I asked my question yet Shawn told me things I Already knew and also things I was feeling! He’s been away all week Shawn and has made strong attempts to contact me each morning but also check in throughout the day and always before he goes to sleep, He’s discussed things (smoking) that almost give us something to work on together, I feel this is due to him wanting to have his son around me sooner rather than later and his son is young and does not like smoking at all (again due to the ex wife’s snobbery) So Alex asking me for us both to quit at the same time makes me feel we are both working on that for a reason: I’m hoping he will be back by Tuesday so he had a little While longer to gather his thoughts and I truly hope the time alone away is working! I’ll be back on Friday Shawn! Thank you ♥οΈβ˜€οΈπŸ«’

Olivia - 7 April 2022

Once again a beautiful reading from Shawn but also he clarified what I’ve been told as of late by a personal reader I had today, I hope the confusion Shawn picked up like my other reader is that it just confusion with my partner and we will be ok. I do feel it will take some time but I do feel it’s going to be ok In the end. I will keep you updated Shawn as soon as I have concrete evidence from him that he’s managed to stand up for us I will be elated to search for you and update you; Lots of love Olivia & Otis the puppy x

Olivia - 2 April 2022

Thank you for another great reading. Xx

Claire - 1 April 2022

Thanks Shawn. I appreciate everything you say. You seem to read the situation very well. xx

Claire - 1 April 2022

Another great reading. I really appreciate your advice, especially the PM. Very sensible suggestion, and I will take it on board. Thanks again. Xx

Claire - 1 April 2022

Shawn was absolutely amazing just brilliant very accurate and spot on πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

Asma - 1 April 2022

This was a very accurate reading Shawn, thank you. Xx

Claire - 30 Maart 2022

Hi Shawn. Thank you for the reading and sorry I got interrupted. Xx

Claire - 30 Maart 2022

I just had to come back to ask more. Again, very accurate. This reading left me feeling positive, hopeful and reassured. I really appreciated the private message too. I'll be back to ask more. Thanks again. Xx

Claire - 30 Maart 2022

Such a lovely gentleman with such empathy and heart. ♥️

Olivia - 28 Maart 2022

Awesome way of advising

Pauline - 28 Maart 2022

Ahhhhmazing!!!! πŸ’›

Melissa - 25 Maart 2022

Thank you for this beautiful reading. Highly recommended!!!

Hina - 23 Maart 2022

Shawn is quick to type and gave accurate and insightful information. He has a kind personable manner. Thank you

Katherine - 23 Maart 2022

Absolutely amazing and spot on very highly recommended 😊

Julie - 22 Maart 2022

Direct contact with Shawn