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Gifts and methods:
  • Tarot cards
  • Astrology
  • Psychic
  • Narcissism
  • Meditation
  • No sugarcoating
  • I feel your energy
  • Provide practical help

What can I do for you?
If you have questions about love/relationships/break ups, friendships, money, family, career? Or would you like guidance on personal development? I can help answer these for you. In my readings I use my inner knowing, feeling and hearing and Tarot cards to confirm and to receive the information you are needing to hear. I am a no nonsense type of reader and I will work with you and for you all in accordance with working towards healing, success and overall happiness and well being.

My method

I work closely with Astrology as well as Tarot so I do like to have your date of birth and if you feel comfortable to share a photo of yourself I can work with that and will get a stronger feeling, but at your discretion. You may ask me almost anything! However I will not answer questions about when either you will die or someone else. Other than that no question is too ‘out there’ for me.

About me

I appreciate you taking an interest in me. As a child I suffered very deeply on an internal level and never knew why. The pain progressed as my life span out of control. Until I connected to the psychic gift I had within in me all a long that I could no longer repress. Through pain I have grown and in turn I have helped countless others to find the light in their situation, to give them the answers they didn't know consciously. I am also qualified in teaching Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga and Meditation.

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English speaking psychic

Gifts and methods:

  • Tarot cards
  • Astrology
  • Psychic
  • Narcissism
  • Meditation


  • No sugarcoating
  • I feel your energy
  • Provide practical help
If you have questions about love/relationships/break ups, friendships, money, family, career? Or would you like guidance on personal development? I can help answer these for you. In my readings I use my inner knowing, feeling and hearing and Tarot cards to confirm and to receive the information you are needing to hear. I am a no nonsense type of reader and I will work with you and for you all in accordance with working towards healing, success and overall happiness and well being.
I work closely with Astrology as well as Tarot so I do like to have your date of birth and if you feel comfortable to share a photo of yourself I can work with that and will get a stronger feeling, but at your discretion. You may ask me almost anything! However I will not answer questions about when either you will die or someone else. Other than that no question is too ‘out there’ for me.
I appreciate you taking an interest in me. As a child I suffered very deeply on an internal level and never knew why. The pain progressed as my life span out of control. Until I connected to the psychic gift I had within in me all a long that I could no longer repress. Through pain I have grown and in turn I have helped countless others to find the light in their situation, to give them the answers they didn't know consciously. I am also qualified in teaching Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga and Meditation.
English speaking psychic

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I have been consulting Sophia for about 2.5 years now. She has never been wrong with her reading. Her ability is uncanny. I spoke to her for a very little time today and amazing she gave me spot on reading. Love this beautiful girl! Catch you for longer next time Sophia. Thank you!

Anuradha - 7 Februari 2023

Love her. Please complete the thought 🤎✨ thanks sm for today.

Sharifa - 2 Februari 2023

Thank you Sofia for your reading, I m glad I did . It was on spot like always , you are amazing . Thanks again, you have a good xx

Manpreet - 16 Januari 2023

She’s honestly amazing. 🤎✨

Sharifa - 3 Januari 2023

Made me feel very relaxed

Marcia - 13 November 2022

Good to speak with Sofia, it was my first reading with her. I’ll speak to you again soon many thanks 🙏🏼

Kio - 11 November 2022

I am so crazy about this intuned lady. She has been not only a great advisor but a great friend during my darkest periods. So happy to have updated her today and to get her input.

Racquel - 8 November 2022

Great reading, answered my question perfectly. Thank you

Monique - 31 Oktober 2022

Absolutely awesome reading Sophia. I will definitely take your advice.. your words made a lot of sense.. thank you

Linda - 28 Oktober 2022

I found Sofia responsive and honest. Will use again

Aharding77 - 25 Oktober 2022

Thank you Sofia for your insight, it’s always helpful and you always manage to put my mind at peace. Would you please dm me the last answer you were typing, I would really appreciate it. Thanks again Sofia xxx

Manpreet - 2 Oktober 2022

Thank you Sofia ,i was so scared to have reading this morning about the situation but I m glad I did . You always mange to put my mind at ease and tge reading was on spot like usual. Thanks again xx

Manpreet - 28 September 2022

I cannot thank Sofia enough. She picked up on my situation with very little guidance from me. I’ve been having a really hard time recently and she helped me work through this so I can see the long term, not the in the right now. Thank you so much I feel very blessed after that reading 💛.

Nikola - 28 September 2022

Thank you Sofia , for putting my mimed at ease xx .sorry I could not finish the reading as I was at work , will come back to finish the reading xx

Manpreet - 18 September 2022

She is very! Give her a try!

Kerry - 15 September 2022

Thank you sweet , for the great reading.always on spot , it was worth having reading with you this morning. You made my day , looking forward to get the good news and will update you. Thanks again Sofia xx

Manpreet - 8 September 2022

I've had several Readings by this beautiful lady and I thank you so much for your time she's very quick accurate she doesn't sugar coat I will be back

Jody - 29 Augustus 2022

Thank you so much to this beautiful star. Always a pleasure to speak to you and for giving me true insight. As credits ran out please could you send me a message with my last answer that I am seeking. Really grateful to you ❤️

Kamaldip - 21 Augustus 2022

Thank you for always being so efficient and spot on. Chant with you again soon.

Anuradha - 24 Juli 2022

Thank you so much Sofia,you have put my mind at ease and made my day.I can look for positively outcome of the situation and thank you for the private message, I really appreciate it 🙏🏻😘😘

Manpreet - 24 Juli 2022

Thank you sofia can you please PM me my last question xx

Rebecca - 16 Juli 2022

The best reader on this site. So accurate and so patient and kind. Predictions always manifest and she takes her time unlike other readers who rush and you can tell it’s a totally genuine reading. Well worth it (please PM me my last question if you’ve got the chance ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️)

Rebecca - 15 Juli 2022

Thank you

Pretty - 2 Juli 2022

Thank you much❤️

Silvia - 20 Juni 2022

Wish I had longer to chat with her but run out of funds. She has given me insight to my feelings about my ex. Hoping I move on very soon from him in a emotional way.

Annette - 13 Juni 2022

Thank you for the eading. she described the person in question very well..Thank you 😊

Debbie - 12 Juni 2022

Thank you Sofia, very straightforward message

Lorraine - 28 Mei 2022

she is mind blowing and accurate! I have taken her reading since 2020 and she was never wrong. Awesome Sofia.. see you again soon.

Anuradha - 28 Mei 2022

Thank you Sofia for your insight , they always work for me 😊. I got slot for 23rd ,I really hope it will go well this time .I will let you know how it goes , you have a good day xxx

Manpreet - 26 Mei 2022

She's always accurate and on point. Thanks Sofia!

Racquel - 23 Mei 2022

Wow what can I say, Sofia never fails to confirm, validate, give you direction and help you to find your path. Try her, she's epic!

Racquel - 22 Mei 2022

Awesome help as always... I also forgot to tell Sofia the job requested for a follow up for me. So let's hope I'll hear some more ❤️.

Racquel - 14 Mei 2022

Sofia is quick when it came to connecting to my situation. Most importantly she was accurate. She didn’t waste credits by asking questions.

LaToya - 13 Mei 2022

Sofia was very helpful. We connected right away and I could feel her beautiful energy. She gave me self assurance and I received lot's of love and beautiful energy. Thank you for everything

Luisa - 29 April 2022

Thank you so much Sofia. Your reading brought me clarity and peace. Apologies for cutting it short but I will be back with a couple of questions on the matter. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Leilani - 22 April 2022

Sofia you are super amazing, things exactly happened how you predicted, your readings never disappoint me . I m glad I found you in this medium chat . You are the best . Thank you again xxx

Manpreet - 21 April 2022

Thank you Sofia 🙏♥️

Danielle - 19 April 2022

I only had a short chat with Sofia and I'll definitely speak to her again. I felt a strong need to speak to her and I'm glad I did. She was speedy with her responses and got straight to the point.

Nicola - 5 April 2022

Thank you Sofia,you manged to bring smile on my face again today, i would finish my reading with you soon as I can’t afford to get more credits at the moment.. thank you again , you have a good day xx

Manpreet - 3 April 2022

Had another reading with Sofia today, it was aacurate like always. Sorry Sofia I couldn’t finish my reading as I was at work , will be back soon to finish the reading. Have a great day and thank you for the reading xx

Manpreet - 31 Maart 2022

Sofia amazing ty so 💓 very much ..quick spot on she picked up on things I didn't tell her ..great reader ..

Jody - 19 Maart 2022

Great connection. Thank you 😊 xxx

Nicky - 6 Maart 2022

I like Sophie a lot and she gave me good advice

Susanne - 19 Februari 2022

I truly wish I was able to know everytime Sophia came online. She is and was fantastic, she put my mind at ease right away and gave me the tools to keep going, I will use your amazing advice Sophia and continue to not be the drain but be the radiator…I truly hope I have that strength to get through this. Thank you so much ♥️

Olivia - 19 Februari 2022

Dear Sofia, consulting you was very beneficial. All your insights were spot on, and I feel you honestly speak from the heart, which really resonates through your communication. I love that you expressed your thoughts with much clarity and detail. This gave me a feeling of reassurance and peace. Thank you as always. I am sending you love and light....

Deepa - 6 Februari 2022

Sofia always bring smile on my face with her amazing and accurate readings and they always come to pass . Had another wonderful reading with her today and like always she was on point ,I have been having readings with her for a year and they always come to pass.thank you Sofia you have a wonderful day and looking for to have another refining with you soon xxx

Manpreet - 5 Februari 2022

I had another reading with Sofia and She was spot on like every time 💯 accurate.she is very kind and sweet ,thank you Sofia and thank you for the private message I really appreciate it 🙏🏻😊😘

Manpreet - 31 Januari 2022

Absolutely amazing. I feel like the only one who has actually given me a straight answer and went more in detail. I promise you want be disappointed. My new go to :)

Tracy - 30 Januari 2022

Such a beautiful person god bless reading on point

Mandeep - 28 Januari 2022

She's such a wonderful intuit and very sweet at the same time. I got the clarity I needed ♥️.

Racquel - 27 Januari 2022

Sofia just amazes me every time I have reading with her,she is 💯 sugar coating,she just tell you what she sees.I do recommend her to everyone,please have reading with her and you won’t disappointed. Thank you Sofia xx

Manpreet - 23 Januari 2022

What I can say about Sofia ,she is just amazing,her all predictions have come to pass for me .she is my favourite person on this medium chat. I had another very positive reading with Sofia today and I just hope it comes to as well . Thank you so much Sofia xxxxx

Manpreet - 22 Januari 2022

Highly recommended reading was really positive fast and accurate thank you Sofia xx

Fatima - 12 December 2021

Thank you for your reading! You were on point for everything and I appreciate all the information you gave me.

Jennifer - 1 December 2021

Dear Sofia, thank you for sharing your insights.

Deepa - 27 November 2021

Brilliant! Thanks very much!

Heather - 14 November 2021

Sofia is my favourite reader, she is just so genuine and healing, thank you so much for everything you are an angel x

Stacie - 3 November 2021

Thanks so much - has been correct in past. Last year she thought it would take 6 weeks to get back with my bf. It was 6 months so I’ll give her that as timeframes are a funny one. Other things have been right too. This time she said 6 again- I’m assuming it will be 6 months again. I’ll keep you posted! X

Kanoie - 3 November 2021

Thank you Sofia for an another positive reading, and hope it will come true like previous readings. You made my day,thanks again xxxxx

Preet - 28 September 2021

Thank you Sofia your second reading has came true, it exactly happened as you predicted. You are 100% accurate ,best and honest reader on medium chat .Will have another reading soon with you. 😘😘

Preet - 25 September 2021

Dear Sophia, thank you for sharing your insights.

Deepa - 21 September 2021

Dear Sofia, it was very enlightening to consult you. I always trust your judgement and insights. I feel you were spot on. Thanks for share your honest impressions.

Deepa - 9 September 2021

The reader was good and answered my question directly.

Sereta - 3 September 2021

Dear Sofia, it is lovely consulting you. You are spot on and express your insights with kindness, which is very nice.

Deepa - 30 Augustus 2021

Sofia is amazing, her prediction came true on exact date and how she predicted. She is 100% accurate. Thank you so much sofia xxxxx

Preet - 26 Augustus 2021

Reader resonated with me! Tuned in quickly and responded in a timely manner. She really helped me out today and was very nice and compassionate!

Jessica - 21 Augustus 2021

Thank you Sofia! Reading back on our chats, 3 things that you said would happen have happened at the exact time as predicted...always a pleasure chatting to you 😄 xx

Elaine - 14 Augustus 2021

I hope everything comes true! Thank you agin.

Nikki - 13 Augustus 2021

Hey Sofia, thank you for being awesome. You are truly gifted. ❤

Laura - 9 Augustus 2021

Very good and in detail thank you

Natalie - 25 Juli 2021

I loved my time with Sofia!!! She gave amazing insights for a love reading! Highly recommended!!!

Konstantina - 23 Juli 2021

Thanks Sofia, really appreciate your reading x

Amy - 4 Juli 2021

Thank you so much sofia you are an angel and a top reader x

Annoniem - 16 Juni 2021

Thank you so much angel sofia i really appreciate your patience kindness and support, im sorry for being over emotional im all lost in my own head not seeing Clear but thank you so much ❤️

Stacie - 11 Juni 2021

Thank u again for clarification on the matter I've been wundering about wud definitely recommend xx

Claire - 21 Mei 2021

Always accurate and the best. Thank you Sofia 🤍

Fatima - 16 Mei 2021

Always a pleasure to talk to you Sofia, you absolutely understand my situation. Will always come back to you xx

Elaine - 7 Mei 2021

Sofia is wonderful very honest. She said my ex would contact me the number 8 was important at at 8.03pm that night he contacted me. I have had several reading from Sofia and when she has said the ex will contact he did on that day. Her predictions come true. She’s fabulous. Thank you so much Sofia.

Clair - 1 Mei 2021

Sofia is amazing.I had lots of reading with Sofia and they always came to pass .she is always spot on very accurate. Thank you Sofia for inboxig me the last answer to my my last question, I really appreciate it xx

Manpreet - 25 April 2021

Thank you so much Sofia. You were very detailed and spot on. l'll certainly come back to you again ❤ worth every cent

Bridget - 24 April 2021

Sofia you are totally awesome never forget that❤️ I will practice it and thank you for your wisdom and knowledge.

Gira - 18 April 2021

Sofia is really amazing. She sees what is really going on and can express it clearly so that the recipient can understand. Consulting her was very powerful and beneficial. I understand more now and feel clarity. Thank you!

Deepa - 18 April 2021

She was very spot on, I want to get another reading to see what else she has to say

Christina - 16 April 2021

Quite accurate as to what is going on in my current relationship at the moment. Would highly recommend.

Janine - 14 April 2021

She is so polite and sweet. Loved interacting her.

Nashaka - 12 April 2021

Sofia has a very good heart, sweet and is one of the best here 😘 blessings to you

Lucia - 11 April 2021

Completely accurate, amazing!

Nicola - 5 April 2021

Thank you very much for looking xxx

Dillo - 4 April 2021

Sofia was amazing and so accurate! She has given me some great advice and made my situation so much clearer. Thank you so much for your help!

Lucy - 4 April 2021

Thanku great reading very helpful

Cathy - 3 April 2021

One of my go tos. Accurate and fast to resonate and gives great advice. Thank you 🤍

Fatima - 3 April 2021

Friendly and easy to chat too. Tells it how it is with her predictions.

Brendan - 1 April 2021

Sorry I did not get a chance to thank you. One of my go tos. Accurate, fast and so kind. Thank you !

Fatima - 27 Maart 2021

Lovely Sofia, thank you! speak soon again xx

Jasmine - 26 Maart 2021

Sorry Sofia got cut due to the lack of credit, thank you so much for the lovely reading, will come back for more! xx

Jasmine - 26 Maart 2021

Always such great guidance

Jenna - 24 Maart 2021

Very accurate, resonated fast, kind and patient. Definitely will be back. Thank you 🤍

Fatima - 21 Maart 2021

Thank u I will update , love

F - 19 Maart 2021

Thank you again for your help & support! Sofia is the best & picks up on everything so well! She is wonderful!

Jess - 19 Maart 2021

I only had a few credits- I really wish we could have finished the reading. You were truly amazing tho. Xx

Kajal - 18 Maart 2021

Thank you for your efficient reading. I wish I could get more. I have more questions, therefore, I'll return to you soon.

Anuradha - 18 Maart 2021

She is very good!!!

IZABELLA - 15 Maart 2021

Thank you, Sofia! I appreciate your advice & hopefully things will work out. You made me feel a little more at ease.

Jess - 12 Maart 2021

Amazing thank you 😘❤️

Nikki - 9 Maart 2021

Very accurate, kind and resonated and answered my questions fast. Thank you 🤍

Fatima - 7 Maart 2021

Thank you babe ❤️💙💗🌷

Amaret - 7 Maart 2021

Thank you, Sofia! The email reading was more in depth than I expected. Nice surprise! Hopefully things will work out!

Jess - 3 Maart 2021

Thank you Sofia for an another amazing reading ,this was my 3rd reading with you today and first 2 came to pass already xx .hope this comes too .you are always on point ,very accurate and lovely to talk xx

Manpreet - 27 Februari 2021

Thank you Sofia, you are a very intuitive and insightful reader and can tune in to a persons situation very clearly without sugar coating the message! It has been very enlightening and helpful in making the decisions I need to make to move forward in my life - Thank you again! You are truly gifted.

Jeremy - 26 Februari 2021

I truly enjoyed my reading with Sofia. She was spot on and confirmed all of what my gut was telling me. She was also able to pick up on what I was experiencing at that point in time. I will definitely return. You will not be disappointed at all!!

LaToya - 22 Februari 2021

Spot on she got the whole situation right and gave such good advice 🙏 feel so much better after talking to her ❤️

Vanessa - 17 Februari 2021

Definitely gave me clear insight into a situation.

Lilly - 15 Februari 2021

Oh Sofia, what a good laugh that I've had with you 😃 it completely made sense 😂😂 thank you for looking.  You're awesome!

Sandy - 14 Februari 2021

Sofia was great! I feel she was accurate and hit the nail in the head with the limited information I provided to her

Tina - 13 Februari 2021

Thank you Sofia, it's always a pleasure speaking to you as you tell it like it is. Hence why I keep coming back to you for readings. Would definitely recommend xx

Elaine - 31 Januari 2021

Thank you Sofia for your reading, in fact one of your predictions has now come to pass 🙂 I look forward to the others now coming true. I will definitely keep you updated xx

Elaine - 23 Januari 2021

Thank you ever so much Sofia for your in-depth reading. It was so helpful! Also your private message. I'll come back again tomorrow to know what exactly is being revealed between him and his ex, if you could see anything. I can't wait to chat with you again. xoxoxo

Anuradha - 19 Januari 2021


Raya - 18 Januari 2021

Always a pleasure to chat with you. I'll be back tonight or tomorrow morning for sure Sophia. xoxo Lovely reading , thank you.

Anuradha - 18 Januari 2021

Oh Sophia, what you predicted in November is happening now. You are an angel. I am floored by your reading. Can't wait to connect with you again as I really need clarity and your kind advice again. I'll reach out to you soon. xoxo

Anuradha - 18 Januari 2021

Accurate, fast typer and very kind. Thank you 🤍

Fatima - 17 Januari 2021

Thank you very much for the clear insights. You were quick also. Hugs xx

Ran - 16 Januari 2021

Thank you very much❤️💙💞💝

Faroek - 14 Januari 2021

Sofia is just the best, she really says the truth and some of her predictions already came to pass 😍 thank you dear ❤️

Naomie - 10 Januari 2021

It was wonderful connecting with you Sofia. Thank you so much for the clarity. I shall do more healing meditation for her. I care a great deal about her as you know.

Akheel - 9 Januari 2021

One word. WOW! Sofia really hit the nail on the head, very honest and kind. Thank you so much as I now know what to do. Thank you once again xx

Elaine - 9 Januari 2021

Just wanted to Thank you Sofia. You gave me the answers that I needed to hear for me. Picked up on a separate POI and gave me much reassurance on that too. You have read for me before and helped me then also. You are an incredibly talented lady. Thank you xx

JJ - 3 Januari 2021

Sofia was very helpful and has helped me to calm my mind x

Sara - 1 Januari 2021

Sofia was brilliant! She gave me the answers i have been looking for.. and they're positive, so even better. Highly recommended sofia to anyone who is looking for straight to the point answers. Absolutely amazing at what she does!!!

Michelle - 30 December 2020

Sofia hit the nail on the head... Will be back!

Racquel - 30 December 2020

Sofia was very good gave me peace of mind wish we could of talked longer thou,as I no have a clear path ahead of as what I should do 😊

Katie - 13 December 2020

Oh she gave me much info and typed fast.

Maya - 11 December 2020

Wow she was good, she knew things that I already knew about! Definetly  recommend she’s a genuine reader☺️

Kirsten - 11 December 2020

Her prediction has come to pass, so now I'm writing the review. She was absolutely right a month ago and this is now happening in my life. My POI has indeed fallen for me, expressed his feelings for me, I am over my ex and I am over the moon! Thank you for being such an angle dear Sofia. I'll see you again soon.xx

Anuradha - 9 December 2020

Very quick at replying

Sara - 1 December 2020

Sofia is great, very spot on and didn’t sugarcoat anything. Told me the truth. I will go back to get again

Kay - 29 November 2020

Friendly, accurate, quick typing. Amazing

Kiran - 29 November 2020

Sofia knew exactly what my problem was and was able to give me a clear outcome to the problem!

Amy - 27 November 2020

Very fast with responses and picked on on past situations well and current emotions.

Lilly - 27 November 2020

Love her reading as always. Again today she said something about me which she was not suppose to know. What an angel!! What a seer! I truly believe in her. :* Love her. Thanks angel!

Anuradha - 21 November 2020

Highly recommended!

Millie - 19 November 2020

She is very gifted, empathetic and spot on! Understands me very well. Would like to chat longer, hopefully the next time. Blessings x

R. - 19 November 2020

Thank you Sofia 💞

Lydia - 15 November 2020

I wish I could afford more but I want to say thank you this made me feel so much better

Rhonfa - 12 November 2020

Good messages! Surprising also! Thank you Sofia 💞

Sam - 10 November 2020

Sofia was so insightful and gave me the reassurance that I needed. x

Judith - 7 November 2020

You were to the point. I just wish I could have read the last message you were typing - maybe that might have been a hope me to deal my present situation! I feel unfortunate for not being able to continue this chat due to finance issues.

Annoniem - 2 November 2020

Sofia is my person. When I feel overwhelmed I seek her consult as she gives great advice and is usually very accurate. Thank you for being such a point of comfort for me.

Sharifaaaaa - 1 November 2020

Thank you babe💞💪

S. - 29 Oktober 2020

Great I feel like I made a good connection with my medium and I will take everything she said on board. Hopefully all works out. Thank you

Jenna - 25 Oktober 2020

Thank you Sophia, for a very to the point and accurate reading. I feel you’ve given me some food for thought about my current situation. I now know what I need to do and hopefully I will get the results I want. Having a clear time frame also helps. Again, thank you. X

Louise - 23 Oktober 2020

Thank you so much Sofia, so sweet that you put energy in me❤️ Finally this will come true. The previous time you told me it would not, which you were right about. So let's see now😁❤️❤️❤️

Shana - 19 Oktober 2020

Incredible insight into situation!! Thank you so much for the help and clarity.

Miriam - 18 Oktober 2020

Sofia was amazingly accurate. I actually got chills during our chat. I would definitely recommend her.

Indinikka - 17 Oktober 2020

So good with sweet calm energy💜

M. - 14 Oktober 2020

Very accurate!

Jasmin - 13 Oktober 2020

Sofia, thank you very much 💚 the information you gave me was useful and enough.

Lien - 13 Oktober 2020

This lady is amazing the things she to me are things I would only know 💛

Lena - 12 Oktober 2020

She was spot on and could identify many things I also struggle with, a very warm spirit and caring Sofia. She has really put me at ease with no doubt. Excellent service.

Siphokazi Patricia Witbooi - 12 Oktober 2020

Great reading and very clear

Alana - 12 Oktober 2020

Amazing lady with an amazing gift. Thank you so much for your reading Sofia. I’ll definitely be back for more soon😊

Anna - 8 Oktober 2020

Sofia is lovely spoke to her a few times wud def recommend thank u again xx

Claire - 2 Oktober 2020

Hi Sofia, thank you very much! From the first minute, before the reading I instantly felt better❤️you were accurate also!

Latifa - 29 September 2020

You surprised me Sofia❤️

Lisa - 24 September 2020

I have consulted with Sofia for a few times. Her prediction and her reading is straight forward to the points and accuracy. She give me the advice is exactly what I am looking for and does helps me with.

Irene - 24 September 2020

Sofia, amazing, thank you so much.

Jatender - 22 September 2020

Thank you for all the advice and accurate readings. Also, a very fast Typer and nice person. Will definitely be back. ♥️

Tyma - 19 September 2020

Everything what Sofia told in the reading is true. Lovely lady!

Ramona - 19 September 2020

Spoke to Sofia at a time when i really needed some guidance and Sofia was amazing, very detailed in giving me the answers to my questions. I would definitely love to have another reading with her.

Aileen - 9 September 2020

Excellent Thankyou

Jane - 9 September 2020

Sofia is very insightful and told me everything I needed to hear 😊

Stephanie - 7 September 2020

Just wanna say massive thank u to sofia its the second time ave spoke with wud def recommend sofia told me some lovely stuff thank u again

Claire - 4 September 2020

Sofia's reading was very accurate. And she confirmed my inner thoughts. Many Thanks to Sofia x

Denise - 30 Augustus 2020

She's amazing.

Sharifaaaaa - 29 Augustus 2020

Sofia was really kind and picked up on exactly what I wanted and needed to know xx

Lynne - 29 Augustus 2020

Great reading from Sofia. She’s put lots of light into the situation. Thank you x

Anna - 28 Augustus 2020

Sofia picked up on the situation straight away without me having to tell her, fantastic! Thank you for an honest reading, I needed to have my thoughts confirmed and I feel much better. Thank you 💜

Dawn - 22 Augustus 2020

Sofia is so kind ❤️ this was so informative and it let me see the whole picture. I wish I could chat longer as this info was correct and she picked on really well!

R. - 22 Augustus 2020

I loved her spirit and energy! She was spot on!

Alexus - 19 Augustus 2020

I really like speaking with Sofia, she's really cute. Sofia is someone I would like to be friends with. I also trust her.

Serena - 17 Augustus 2020

Just wanna say a massive thank u Sofia was spot on with everything will definitely chat again to her

Claire - 17 Augustus 2020

Thank you Sofia. You were very accurate and really helpful in what you said. I would definitely recommend you.

Victoria - 16 Augustus 2020

Than you SO much!!! You helped me to make a choice of 3 people for something really important. My intuition/thoughts told the same, thank you a lot💙💙💙💙

X - 14 Augustus 2020

Hands down they are on point

Tinashe - 11 Augustus 2020

she was very clear knew a lot was detailed definitely be back xx

Rachael - 10 Augustus 2020

I'll be back

Zoë - 9 Augustus 2020


Maya - 7 Augustus 2020

She was accurate about everything

Arti - 5 Augustus 2020

I adore Sofia. She's really just the best. Her readings have come to pass in the past. She's CONSISTENTLY correct and her way of communicating eases my mind when I'm angsty. I really appreciate her as a reader.

Shaaaarifaaa - 5 Augustus 2020

I am carm and I am happy with my reading

Jessica - 5 Augustus 2020

Thank you

Pam - 4 Augustus 2020

Sofia is very clear and informative in her reading. Thank you 💙 Wish you all the best too!

Sasha - 3 Augustus 2020

Enjoyed speaking with Sofia she picked up a lot regarding my last relationship it felt like I was talking to a close friend so spot on with everything. Lovely lady.

Lauren - 2 Augustus 2020

I love it. Spot on . I will came back to talk with Sofia again.

Susana - 2 Augustus 2020

I'll always turn to Sofia. Her readings have been accurate in the past and continue to be accurate. She really knows the ins and outs of my situation and treats me with compassion and understanding. She's the real deal.

Sharifa - 31 Juli 2020

Thank you Sofia, some things seem so much clearer when heard from someone else. You have an amazing gift!! I will definitely come back for another chat soon ☺️

Anna - 30 Juli 2020

Thank you Sofia You picked up very well on my situation and gave me good advice. Will chat again. Xx

Laura - 30 Juli 2020

Wooow the reading you gave me!! I really would like to chat longer next time.

Nina - 28 Juli 2020

She was accurate

Joycelyn - 27 Juli 2020

Very good

Vikas Kumar - 21 Juli 2020

Thank you for the quick lovely read. Got to the heart of the situation with very little input from me.

Gayathri - 15 Juli 2020

I feel so much better after chat with Sofia. I always try not to give out anything and let the cards speak out and I must say my reading was spot on. I will definitely seek her advice in future.

Anna - 13 Juli 2020

Thank you Sofia. You really have settled me greatly. Sorry I got cut off and couldn’t get back on. You have a lovely gift and I blessed to have spoken to you tonight xxx

Joyce - 13 Juli 2020

I feel she was very accurate just my connection with the site kept getting interupted so I couldn't hold as steady a converstation as i wanted. But I feel stronger and more relaxed now.

Zach - 12 Juli 2020

Thank you sweetheart💞

J - 10 Juli 2020

Was glad I had a chat with her.

Afua - 9 Juli 2020

Would absolutely speak with Sofia again. I didn't provide her any additional information other than a first name to see what she picked up on. I was impressed.

Nikki - 9 Juli 2020

One of Sofia's predictions came to pass within the timeframe indicated. She is the real deal.

Ya - 5 Juli 2020

Lovely person to chat to.

Nicholas - 5 Juli 2020

Sofia is very intune and talented reader who delivers insights and advice extremely well and is obviously very professional and warm. A compassionate soul with deep empathy and clarity. I would highly recommend her and will be back again for some more spiritual support and direction. Blessed to have read with her.

Deborah - 5 Juli 2020

Thanks for a reading x

Veronika - 5 Juli 2020

🙏💚 I am pleased. Hopefully it comes true.

S. - 4 Juli 2020

Amazing reading. It gave me real clarity. There was real insight into my situation and how my past is affecting my present.

Aphra - 30 Juni 2020

Very good at what she does. She knew a lot of information. I would have continued but ran out of time.

Kathy - 26 Juni 2020

I feel Sofia is the best reader for me. There is no bull.... She has been accurate on many subjects without fishing for information. She has a lovely nature and will continue to visit for readings from her. X

Roxanne - 26 Juni 2020

Very intuitive and helpful. Thank you so much.

Lesley - 23 Juni 2020

My chat with Sofia was so amazing, she was easy to talk to and you her answers were very clear. I can’t wait to come back to her with an update.

Tiana - 23 Juni 2020

Thank you so much. I really wanted to tell you that you gave me clarity. You actually said a couple of things exactly same as a previous reader to one of the questions, I will sleep tonight and build to resolve the situation, God bless you. And thanks again xx

JJ - 20 Juni 2020

Thank you so much!!. You're awesome.

Ebony - 20 Juni 2020

I felt her answers reasoned with me

Ssimbwa - 18 Juni 2020

She was great new right on spot

Amy - 15 Juni 2020

She was very accurate ,on the money ,and kind empathic and professional

Denise - 15 Juni 2020

Excellent reader. 🔥

Cornell - 14 Juni 2020

I could be myself with Sophie, and tell the truth. She knows what she is talking about 🧡 lovely!

Ruby - 13 Juni 2020