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Gifts and methods:
  • Clairvoyant
  • Photo reading
  • Psychic
  • Medium
  • Ghosthunting
  • I read photo's
  • I feel your loved ones in Spirit
  • Straightforward and practical

What can I do for you?
There are times when we need clarity, reassurance and closure - the type of comfort that requires some deeper insight beyond our daily lives. We need to connect to something greater than ourselves, receive a message from beyond that gives us meaning, and encourages us to carry on. As a gifted medium, I can help you make that connection and receive the help and guidance you need.

My method

I believe strongly in keeping things simple. All you have to do is send me photos of the people you have in mind, together with your questions. You can ask me anything you like and Spirit will guide me on the energy and flow of the answers. You can easily upload photos on the Mediumchat system and I can access them in real time during our call. Answers and messages usually come through immediately.

About me

For many years, I have used my psychic gift to connect my clients to Spirit and helped them to receive the messages they have needed at certain key moments in their lives. I have worked with a broad array of people from across the globe. I aim to be accurate, concise and incisive in communicating the answers I receive. Although I have used many methods to connect with Spirit and do readings, I specialise in the use of energy (aura and spirit) via photographs.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic US psychic Canadian psychic Schotisch psychic

Gifts and methods:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Photo reading
  • Psychic
  • Medium
  • Ghosthunting


  • I read photo's
  • I feel your loved ones in Spirit
  • Straightforward and practical
There are times when we need clarity, reassurance and closure - the type of comfort that requires some deeper insight beyond our daily lives. We need to connect to something greater than ourselves, receive a message from beyond that gives us meaning, and encourages us to carry on. As a gifted medium, I can help you make that connection and receive the help and guidance you need.
I believe strongly in keeping things simple. All you have to do is send me photos of the people you have in mind, together with your questions. You can ask me anything you like and Spirit will guide me on the energy and flow of the answers. You can easily upload photos on the Mediumchat system and I can access them in real time during our call. Answers and messages usually come through immediately.
For many years, I have used my psychic gift to connect my clients to Spirit and helped them to receive the messages they have needed at certain key moments in their lives. I have worked with a broad array of people from across the globe. I aim to be accurate, concise and incisive in communicating the answers I receive. Although I have used many methods to connect with Spirit and do readings, I specialise in the use of energy (aura and spirit) via photographs.
English speaking psychic US psychic Canadian psychic Schotisch psychic


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567 reviews

Love Werner, he is really gifted, no judgement on your questions, He thinks the way I do or he reads me well. Thanks Werner πŸ₯°

Laura - 29 September 2023

Honest and concise

Jennifer - 27 September 2023

Great read very friendly on point and confirmed what I thought I knew lol. Absolutely will reconnect with

Carolynne - 25 September 2023

Direct and honest. Doesn't need much information to know answers to your inquiries. Very experienced I would say.

Jennifer - 22 September 2023

Honest, direct, super quick connection. Gives recommendations to help alleviate the situation.

Jennifer - 20 September 2023

He is soo good he made my day :)

Joanna - 19 September 2023

Dear Werner, it was very nice communicating with you and receiving the insighs I needed to know about.Thank you so much.

Deepa - 17 September 2023

Thank you for your offer to heal. Very great made my day relieved me from my anxiety

Zeynep - 12 September 2023

Dear Werner, thank you for sharing your insights. You are alway spot on!

Deepa - 10 September 2023

Honest and straightforward!

Sukhwinder - 7 September 2023

I highly recommend. Very nice soul. He gave me clarity and advice. Now I'm looking forward for it to happen. I will definitely come back again soon.

Janette - 6 September 2023

This is my 2nd time reading with you and its wonderful! You are amazing! My new fave psychic ..Thank you so much! πŸ™

Lorna - 29 Augustus 2023

Thank you so much!

Dell - 26 Augustus 2023

Thank you Werner you are amazing

Fabi - 23 Augustus 2023

Sorry Werner, I could no longer top up. Thank you for your very helpful reading and your kindness as always! Take care xx

Sara - 1 Augustus 2023

Thank you so much for my lovely readings. You are amazing. πŸ™πŸ˜

Lorna - 1 Augustus 2023

Another amazing read, I have been chatting with Werner for over a year. He is very accurate. He always makes me feel more at ease. He's always polite but honest no matter what it is. Thank you Werner!

Joanna - 1 Augustus 2023

Werner is spot on, and has been helping more than he knows this man calms me, tells me it straight and is always ready to explain and help. He is a wonderful person and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to speak with him

Kelli - 26 Juli 2023


Veronica - 25 Juli 2023

Took a while to get there but was accurate and extremely helpful! Brought peace and clarity to my situation! And for that I am forever grateful for Werner!

Berry - 21 Juli 2023

Thankyou so much Iv run out of mins but a privite message with the prayer would be very much appreciated thankyou as always for your time & kindness

Lottie - 16 Juli 2023

He is amazing, truly can heal and tell you messages from spirit. He will change your life. Blessed gift he has. I'll never forget this reading. Thank you so much.

Christy - 11 Juli 2023

Was very good so helpful and kind

Kelli - 8 Juli 2023

will be connecting again soon

Gary - 5 Juli 2023

Sorry my phone had died but if you can please send her some energy because I felt that I couldn't help her but her heart is definitely blocked thanks

Aisha - 5 Juli 2023

Excellent reading. Werner told me things he couldn't possibly know

Pearl - 3 Juli 2023

Thank you so much as usual for a wonderful reading and for helping us with healing, πŸ™πŸ™

Amn - 3 Juli 2023

Werner is great honest I love the honesty you need to try Werner if you have any issues he is amazing

Jacqueline - 1 Juli 2023

Awesome reading hope everything comes to pass, not sure what the last part you were writing when I lost you if you can kindly private me πŸ™πŸ½

William - 1 Juli 2023

He was honest and fast! Talks were great and cannot wait for more!

Kelly - 27 Juni 2023

Thank you so much for ur help bro, it got cut

Amn - 27 Juni 2023

Very clear and friendly

Zaeem - 22 Juni 2023

Honest and insightful.

Ivon - 21 Juni 2023

Dear Werner, thank you for sharing your insights. I hope all will turn out as you said. May love, peace, and positive energy be the guiding power.

Deepa - 21 Juni 2023

Werner is amazing I don’t know what else to say than he is amazing helpful kind and tells you the way it is ❀️ thank you Werner just unfortunately didn’t get to read your last bit time ran out

Jacqueline - 12 Juni 2023

Thank you so much Werner thank you for your words of glimmer and hope and thank you for listening to me rant and rave about all sorts of things. Thank you so much

Tareta - 7 Juni 2023

This reading gave me so much hope with my situation. Werner is very accurate, very kind and straightforward! Thank you for everything. I will definitely continue to do readings with you ❀️ much light and love!

Zuleidy - 3 Juni 2023

Mr. Werner is a phenomenal medium!!! I always enjoy talking to him about any and everything. He gives true validations. Thank you soooooooo much!!!

Savatri - 31 Mei 2023

I have used Werner a few times and his readings are very good

Laila - 29 Mei 2023

Ty Wemer for all readings you given me ..very detailed. Accurate..blessings

Jody - 18 Mei 2023

Love it! I hope this is spot on. Never gave me a faulty hope.

Brenden - 15 Mei 2023

18:18 was when we finished our chat, it’s my sign to do what you say! I’ll be back πŸ˜€

Karen - 6 Mei 2023

As always very good advice

Natalia - 4 Mei 2023

Very kind and understanding gave direct quick reply showed empathy had such little credit he understood and answered immediately and provided reassurance. God bless you always πŸ™

Nicky - 4 Mei 2023

Thank luv for an amazing reading

Dena - 1 Mei 2023

Werner is just awesome. Reassuring and understanding person and reading. I love being read by him. Thanks Werner

Laura - 26 April 2023

Mr. Werner, words can't express my gratitude for your gift. Thank you very much for the truth!!

Savatri - 20 April 2023

Mr. Werner, your phenomenal!!! Thank you.

Savatri - 20 April 2023

He touched on on my poi situation as to her feelings just needed that confirmation from him and he definitely hit it on target

Taliba - 20 April 2023

Thank you so much for for healing and ur support wonderful reading

Amn - 11 April 2023

Dear Werner, thank you for your wonderful advice. I hope everything comes true and all flows in a good way. God bless....

Deepa - 11 April 2023

Thank you so much

Yatim - 3 April 2023

Very sweet!! I think that he is spot on!!! But I would like to have more credit to ask him a last question haha!! Because, I have always feel that my poi was the good person for me and me for him, that's the reason why I am still there....

Julie - 31 Maart 2023

Was very good for clearing my worries over my problems

Julie - 30 Maart 2023

Have not spoken to Werner for a long time he is fantastic certainly 10 out of 10 a star honest kind and very sweet xxx

Jacqueline - 30 Maart 2023

Thank you, Werner. You are a blessing πŸ™Œ πŸ™ . Truly a gifted, caring man! You help me be a better person.

Wendy - 29 Maart 2023

Werner is an angel. Accurate about my poi and very caring as well. Calms me down when I get stressed, as I am a worrier not a warrior lol. Highly recommend him πŸ’œ

Mani - 28 Maart 2023

Accurate πŸ’―

Ann - 20 Maart 2023

Thanks Werner, for your honest and skillful insight. Definitely hit home for me. You are a gift. I will give your Epsom salts suggestion a shot. Fingers crossed. Melanie

Melanie - 16 Maart 2023

He was amazing thank you thank you and thank you again…AWESOME!!!

Brittany - 14 Maart 2023

I like how honest he was and he wasn't wrong either thank you for the lovely chat

Kim.noss - 13 Maart 2023

Different, quirky and enjoyable. I know the world's my oyster, and Werner made me feel it again!

Claire - 8 Maart 2023

Really good reading and resonated with everything. Spot on, I would say one of the best.

Jamil - 8 Maart 2023

I have been getting readings from Werner since April of 2022. I really feel his readings are accurate! I only have him read me. I enjoy his readings even if it's not always what you wanted to hear he gives you the honest truth. Thank you for your guidance and accurate readings Werner. ❀

Joanna - 7 Maart 2023

Such an amazing reading that I very much needed. Werner is incredible, he will give you insight and answers and will not sugar coat anything, thank you so much again, you are truly gifted xx

R - 3 Maart 2023

Thank you Werner for reassuring me and being focused on the issues I wanted to discuss.

Octavia - 2 Maart 2023

Very insightful. I'll come back to him again!

Nina - 27 Februari 2023

Good chat will see if prediction comes true…

Annoniem - 23 Februari 2023

Mr. Werner, I can't thank you enough for your wisdom and guidance. Bless you!!! I'll be talking to you soon. Thank you!!!

Savatri - 21 Februari 2023

Thank you for the reading. It was an eye opening. Very clear, direct. Thanks again for sharing your gift with us πŸ€—

Paola - 18 Februari 2023

Excellent Reader.

Joyce - 10 Februari 2023

Werner is very positive and great at what he does! He picked up on my situation and gave me a lot of clarity. I was really grateful to speak with him :) Thank you!

Sophia - 8 Februari 2023


Janelle - 7 Februari 2023

Werner was very accurate on my reading and I so appreciate his insight. Will be returning and looking forward to speaking to him!!

Illissa Sheppard - 7 Februari 2023

Amazing, as always. Accurate, kind, healing... I highly recommend this advisor! Thank you Werner ❀

Holly - 7 Februari 2023

Werner is always very helpful an has great insight. He is compassionate and kind, no matter what you are needing help with.

Stacey - 6 Februari 2023

Thank you so much Werner, i cannot express how at ease you make me with our readings xx i was at a gypsy fair yesterday and my daughter asjed "will you get a reading mum?" My repky baby i will wait till I can talk to Werner... i realky appreciate you, ty for everything. Talk again soon xx πŸ’•

Casey-cox - 6 Februari 2023

Very good. Thank you very much x

Joy - 3 Februari 2023

Very understandiig and accurate

Latesharwilliams - 1 Februari 2023

Werner told me the truth and that is what matters. He picked up on a scenario I never informed him of. I will talk to you soon again Werner, our session is to be continued! Thank you! I have tough times ahead but I’m strong.

Jeahanbrill - 31 Januari 2023

Werner is lovely, informative and on point. I will speak with him again 😊

Mani - 26 Januari 2023

Helpful everything Werner said resonated for me.

Erica - 26 Januari 2023

Thank You soooooooo much for reaching out to me. You always give me one-hundred percent truth I thank you. Some how, we got disconnected I'll definitely, be reaching out soon. Thank you so much Mr. Werner.

Savatri - 26 Januari 2023

Werner provided great insight!!! Accurate!

Courtnay - 25 Januari 2023

He was helpful nice & supportive

Lottie - 24 Januari 2023

Thank you for your reading Werner!

Deepa - 24 Januari 2023

I'm a very blessed to speak with Wener. He is favourte, and so gifted. And speaks the truth. He can definitely tap into energies and is accurate. . He is such a delightful, kind soul. I really appreciate all he has given me. When I came here, heaven came with. The light that is all of us. That's the one that needs to shine. Others will see and feel your light. Thank you Werner. 😊

Wendy - 19 Januari 2023

Werner was very supportive and gave me good guidance. I feel conforted in my heart. Thanks Werner, it was healing to speak with you, please send healing energy to my love too. πŸ’“

Carla - 19 Januari 2023

Absolutely amazing

Zakiyah Smith - 19 Januari 2023

He gives honest and accurate feedback. He also shows empathy when doing so.

Kieshia - 18 Januari 2023

Werner is kind and empathetic in all of his readings. He is honest and doesn’t sugarcoat his readings, and delivers his message in a compassionate way. He’s highly accurate and picks up on things without prompts. I’m incredibly hopeful about my situation.

Annabelle - 17 Januari 2023

Thank you so much for the short reading. You were very very helpful. Thank you once again god bless

MAGDALINE - 10 Januari 2023

Thank you so much bro please send me healing and protection πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜Š

Amn - 9 Januari 2023

Thank you so much. This was a wonderful reading, extremely insightful!! I will chat with Werner again!!

Monica - 6 Januari 2023

He was pretty good and quick to reply. I felt very good talking to him

Setareh - 5 Januari 2023

He was polite and responded to every question I had. Very much enjoyed talking to him esp as I was nervous as this was my first time doing something like this.

Kristi - 5 Januari 2023

Thank you so much bro for healing and ur advices I really like this platform have the best amazing people.thank you so so much

Amn - 5 Januari 2023

Werner is amazing and very good at making a connection. He is kind and thoughtful.

Stacey - 3 Januari 2023

I feel Werner connected well and was very accurate regarding both people I asked him about .He was kind and compassionate but honest .It really confirmed my own assessment and I value his detailed comments ..Thankyou !

Nedranedranedra - 3 Januari 2023

Werner was fantastic. Quick to respond so I felt I really got the most of my credit and he confirmed what I already suspected and was so accurate about the outside influences. My heart is at peace. I would definitely get a reading from Werner again.

Kim - 2 Januari 2023

Great reading thank you i will be back pm me the last message if possible

Kendra - 2 Januari 2023

Happy new year bestie bro thanks a lot for ur help and support.

Amn - 30 December 2022

Thank you as always for ur healing and guidance 😊 it's ausom

Amn - 28 December 2022

On the point. He answered all my questions. Thank you for the guidance.

Annoniem - 27 December 2022

I felt he was a genuine reader and not wasting time.

Michelle - 27 December 2022

Thank you so much bro ur healing energy helping so much bro in this πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΉπŸ™

Amn - 23 December 2022

Werner was very kind and empathetic to my feelings during my reading(s) and I appreciate the guidance he provided in helping me heal

Sheilla - 22 December 2022

It was very good. Very helpful. Werner provided very good insight. And was very helpful during this time of need.

Melissa - 21 December 2022

Thank you for connecting me with my mum in spirit you were very accurate!

Anil - 19 December 2022

I loved your kind insight into my situation, so thank you so much for providing clarity and hope..i always felt that i cant be wrong about my gut feeling, which is that my energy connects with that of my poi, even if we are in a long distance..i knew in my heart always since we first met that he is the one, my twinflame, my soulmate....and that we were meant to meet each other after so many years..last time we held hands before that was when we were four and im grateful to have held his hands again when we met this past sunmer..the things i didnt quite believe in before until i felt for him intuitively even when we argued and over petty things, i still felt connected rather than feeling upset with him.. and i felt that he also felt the same for i appreciate you providing that reassurance and i have faith that his and mine spirtual journey together will continue and that we are able to be together and that our families connect too with time and are happy for our soulful union you explained our energies are infused with each other in the realm that i cannot see..And thank you for also providing practical advice about both my love and career scope for this coming year. Really truly from my heart, thank you so much, and God bless you dear.

Rashmi - 19 December 2022

The reading was what I did not want to hear,but it was honest and from all the readings I did and gave me hope,Werner told me the situation how it was and what will happen,I booked one more reading through the email too

Ausra - 18 December 2022

Werner thank you ❀️ my gosh he fall asleep and called me early the next day. ❀️ thank you ❀️

Maria - 16 December 2022

Awesome talk and seemed to know what I was about to ask and managed to put me at ease. Talk again soon

Anne-Marie - 16 December 2022

Thank you so much my brother 😍ur healings and advice made me strong and stronger now I am grateful to have u by my side. Things are always right vat u say. Now from all the places honestly this platform is the best and more accurate and compassionate especially you.

Amn - 15 December 2022

I will ❀️ thank you Werner ❀️

Maria - 14 December 2022

Thank you for speaking to my sister πŸ₯²I miss her so much

Maria - 12 December 2022

A very true genuine one

Lindsey - 9 December 2022

Thank you for your reading, it gave me some really good insight in my situations.

Amanda - 8 December 2022

He is low-key the best! He gives you information while spreading positivity and that is just amazing, not everyone is able to do that…thank you!

Claudia - 8 December 2022

Just wanted to say thankyou for hearing me outπŸ™‚

Victoria - 7 December 2022

Thank you so much bestie for your advice please send healing energy πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Amn - 7 December 2022

Thank u very informative

Tasha - 1 December 2022

Thank you for the reading & helping me. Can you please message me the last word you trying to type please as I run out of credits Thank you & chat to you soon. πŸ™πŸ»

Jaidee - 1 December 2022

Love his readings he is very blunt and honest and with that I had seen for my self things happen as said which has drawn me to him. I appreciate him and spirits words he has become one of my top favorites ❀ I hope nothing but the best for himπŸ₯°

Margina - 30 November 2022

I have spoken to Werner many times over the last year and I find him to be honest and empathetic. He has shared lots of things that have happened or have come to pass. Highly recommend!

Annabelle - 30 November 2022

Bro thank you so much ☺️ kindly send me healing energy ☺️ it works wonders

Amn - 23 November 2022

I could not get back on as I wished but thank you so much for your amazing insight! I hope to chat again very soon.

Tmerle16 - 18 November 2022

Werner is absolutely brilliant. Everything he has told me so far has come to pass so I'm hoping what he told me today does. He has a lot of empathy and really cares about the people he has spoken to before. I have been wanting to speak to him for a while but he hasn't been on. Today, I received a private message asking how things are going. What other reader do you know that reaches out to you and senses things? Only Werner. He is definitely the most consistent and best reader on here. Doesn't sugar coat things. Sometimes there will be things we don't want to hear but would you rather be lied to? I wouldn't. He has a lot of sympathy and caring nature if it's bad news. He's also pleased for you when it's good news! Please give him a go. You won't be disappointed!

Roze - 16 November 2022

The read was very accurate and insightful.Thank you ❣️

Linet - 15 November 2022

Thanks Werner!

Annoniem - 14 November 2022

Ausom as always bestie thank you for the healings it does help a lot

Amn - 10 November 2022

Mr. Werner, you've done it again!!! Absolute blessing. Is what you are. I feel so much better. I'll never be able to express my gratitude enough!!! Thank you!!! I'll definitely keep in touch!!!!

Savatri - 7 November 2022

Thank you, I will be back

Kelley - 1 November 2022

Ur prediction again came to pass bestie and things are getting better with healing energy u sent to us thank you so much.

Amn - 31 Oktober 2022

I appreciate your insight and I thank you for the reading opened my eyes to things I did not know. I like knowing what I'm dealing with and you gave me that perspective to make my own choices while letting me know what I would be dealing with thank you again and many blessings πŸ™Œ ✨️

Margina - 31 Oktober 2022

Thank you so much for ur healing it worked wonders

Amn - 28 Oktober 2022

I felt his calm energy giving me the answers and even tho I was worried and scared I could honestly believe what I was reading. Thank you

Sara - 25 Oktober 2022

Thank you for healing and uplifting me every time I am down .πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ₯°

Amn - 25 Oktober 2022

Very very gud πŸ‘ always best

Amn - 23 Oktober 2022

Thank you Werner. You have answered a lot of my questions and been very supportive. I can feel the calming and positive energy from you. Will come back for more readings.

Julie - 21 Oktober 2022

Very friendly, helpful and supportive!!!!

Michael - 21 Oktober 2022

Werner was amazing. I wished that I paid for a longer session. But what I got was amazing. Is there a way I can get a copy of this reading.

Veronica - 18 Oktober 2022

Werner always connects to me so well and he is always honest.

Annoniem - 18 Oktober 2022

Werner was an intuitive man. He told me the same thing others have mentioned about a love interest. Made me hopeful for the future. Will definitely chat with him again.

Mani - 17 Oktober 2022

I alway enjoy my reading give the ture answer. To everything asked.

Lydia - 14 Oktober 2022

Aww Werner was amazing and he answered the questions I had and confirmed what I needed to know. He was very friendly and in the 1st minute of talking I could feel his positive and calming energy which was amazing. I will definitely be going to him again without a doubt I highly recommend ❀️

Jenny - 13 Oktober 2022

Very pleased with the reading

Soraya - 3 Oktober 2022

Thank you for the reading. So calm & gave me a good insights & advice. I like talking to you & your spot on. Thank you so much. You put a big relief & smile on my face. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜

Jaidee - 3 Oktober 2022

Bestie ur predictions came to pass ur 😍 just amazing angel

Amn - 27 September 2022

Very good reading and made sense as to where I am in my life at the moment. Looks like things are gonna be slow but Werner's guidance has helped me understand. Hopefully all will come to pass....thank you..

Monique - 21 September 2022

Mr. Werner, has a GOD given talent. Bless you!!! I thank you so much.

Savatri - 14 September 2022

He confirmed some things that I will probably thinking

Christine - 14 September 2022

Werner was great, very helpful

Kristy - 8 September 2022

We chatted a couple weeks ago. He told me something was going to happen and it did. Love talking to Werner and always feel great after our chat! Can't wait to talk aging soon!

Joanna - 6 September 2022

Werner is strong and supportive and kind. Given great insight and seems to tune into the situation quickly and accurately. Been consulting with him for 6 months now and he hasn't wavered in his view of the situation and his predictions - hoping they come to pass.

G - 1 September 2022

Thank you Werner ur a great soul with compassion. U were on point.i will be back thank you again

Anna - 31 Augustus 2022

Excellent job of reading the energies of the situation. He is caring and shares insightful details. He puts your heart at ease with calmness.

Jennifer - 30 Augustus 2022

amazing kind insightful, ive consulted Werner may times with the twists and turns of my POI he has never wavered with his predictions and advice .

G - 24 Augustus 2022

Thank you

Silvia - 18 Augustus 2022

Everything that Werner said to me resonated spot on. He was awesome and the incite he gave was a huge help for me. Definitely will be back for more.

Kaara - 16 Augustus 2022

Connected immediately and was accurate and very helpful on how to help me move forward with my situation thanks so much truly blessed

Shantavia - 15 Augustus 2022

Very inspiring and encouraging. Straight to the point but also understanding. I highly recommend and certainty will come back for another reading.

Tareta - 15 Augustus 2022

Absolutely spot on

Ritchie399 - 10 Augustus 2022

Responds quick and answer precisely.

Kimberly - 10 Augustus 2022

Werner was v informative and detailed and empathetic in the short time we had to talk. I have a limited budget for readings but would definitely consult him again.

Thomas - 9 Augustus 2022

He was spot on. Gave me something to think about

Andrea - 4 Augustus 2022

Werner's words very reassuring that there is still hope and not to blame Doubt myself, think positive and pray

Annoniem - 3 Augustus 2022

Thank you for your reading. Run out of credit. Hope you can private message me about the continuation & I will be back to chat soon I get more credit. Thank you

Jaidee - 3 Augustus 2022

Accurate as always gave me hope. Thank you!!!

Kristina - 2 Augustus 2022

I love talking to Werner, I always feel better when I leave the chat session. I really feel he knows what I am in search of.

Joanna - 1 Augustus 2022

I have talk Werner several times. I feel he is very in tuned with my feelings and what is going on. He really makes me feel comfortable in knowing he is not digging for info but just knows how I feel.

Joanna - 1 Augustus 2022

Fantastic reading, thank you so much from a gifted and talented reader πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Annabel - 27 Juli 2022

Werner is very good at reading the energies of people

G - 26 Juli 2022

He’s amazing 🀩

Sahar - 26 Juli 2022

Was very attentive and gave me answers I was seeking

Bebe - 26 Juli 2022

Calm reader and accurate very good infact .

Helen - 25 Juli 2022

Very spot on about my poi. Told me truth. What I needed to hear. Thank you for your reading. I appreciate it. :)

Dena - 25 Juli 2022

He specified some details that were true about my late brother.

Marina - 22 Juli 2022

Werner is excellent in his reading and very accurate. I like his honesty and clarity. He reads every situation very well. Please email me the last response you were typing as time ran out. I would definitely recommend Werner. God Bless!

Rekha - 21 Juli 2022

Werner is amazing and so gifted! I come back to him time and time again because he is such a good energy and he always calms me even when it’s not great news. He was SPOT ON with the last guy I talked to! His first words were that his energy shows him being a narcissist and he seriously was THE WORST!! He was manipulative just like Werner said. Thank you Werner, your guidance and insight has been amazing and I really hope your next prediction comes true! Exciting times ahead! xxx

Karen - 21 Juli 2022

Hope what he predicted coming soon..

Reemzeena - 21 Juli 2022

He knows what his talking about I feel it could come true

Michelle - 20 Juli 2022

Thank you so much for your guidance many blessings

Silvia - 11 Juli 2022

VERY helpful in alot of asked questions but not others..couldn't relay advice on a particular subject

Pauline - 5 Juli 2022

Werner gave very reassuring answers. He has helped me find solutions to my problem.

Octavia - 1 Juli 2022

Mr. Werner, your "PHENEMENOL"!!! 😊 THANK YOU.πŸ™

Savatri - 30 Juni 2022

Mr. Werner, I can't tank you enough!!! I've been through soo much last year losing the love of my life. But, I finally, feel so much better after the true connection I received from my love one, thanks to you. GOD, bless you!!! What a gift you have.

Savatri - 30 Juni 2022

Honest, quick and detailed

Rhys - 30 Juni 2022

Very good insight and appropriate advice that meets my needs and gave me a solution

Octavia - 30 Juni 2022

Werner is theist. I had about 4 readings with him, and was spot on. Very accurate and kind.

Nana - 30 Juni 2022

Friendly and connected really well to my poi. Quick typing and information flowed. Kind, accurate & honest.

Larissa - 29 Juni 2022

I have had 3 readings with Werner and so far everything he's predicted has come to light. He's absolutely amazing and tells you how it is. I'm just going to wait and see if this reading comes to light which, to be honest, I think it will as he's never been wrong ☺️ You will NOT be disappointed.

R - 29 Juni 2022

It was great chat my time ran out. He is great reader try his level best and honest. Werner please message me the further thing which you were telling. Thank you.

Richa - 28 Juni 2022

Honest and up front, gave me insight

Jackie. - 28 Juni 2022

Werner cleared up a lot of questions I was having about a certain someone in my life and I was pleasantly surprised to hear waht he had to say. My life will forever be changed for the good now. I'm on the road for a much bigger and better life than I ever expected. If you want honest correct answers you need to contact Werner now.

Stephanie - 24 Juni 2022

Werner cleared up a lot of questions I was having about a certain someone in my life and I was pleasantly surprised to hear waht he had to say. My life will forever be changed for the good now. I'm on the road for a much bigger and better life than I ever expected. If you want honest correct answers you need to contact Werner now.

Stephanie - 24 Juni 2022

Thank you for your support today - much needed.

Octavia - 24 Juni 2022

Werner your very good an correct thankyou

Charmaine - 24 Juni 2022

Always a comfort and a pleasure to chat to you Werner you have assured me. Many thanks insightful and Very accurate.

Nicola - 23 Juni 2022

Amazing spot on helped me understand myself. Great reading ☺️

Amn - 23 Juni 2022

My second reading. So accurate, so accurate, so accurate. Accurate explanation of issues. Accurate answers given. Don't hesitate to contact Werner.

Octavia - 22 Juni 2022

Clear, informative, accurate reading. Recommended. Will chat again once I get more credit.

Octavia - 21 Juni 2022

Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and affirmation. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING

Tareta - 9 Juni 2022

He was very good handle my questions well and had very clear info for my future plus help me understand the situation I was facing with Confidence

Carl - 6 Juni 2022

time will tell what happens so I can validate things. sounds good

Elaine - 3 Juni 2022

I had a wonderful reading. He was fast and was able to answer all of my questions. I am excited about the future.

Elisia3333 - 30 Mei 2022

Given me a peace of mind

Amber - 26 Mei 2022

Werner gave me the answers I was in need of in regards to my relationship. He told me things that are very true and gave me advice on how to be patient. Thank you Werner. You gave me the hope I have been looking for.

Erin - 26 Mei 2022

Werner is like an old friend who I trust and adore. He has helped me with consistent guidance through a very tough time in my life. I haven’t gotten to the end of my outcome yet so I can’t say if it will come true or not but I have faith in him and his abilities. I also have faith in the universe to give me the outcome that I’d best for me. Thank you so much for your support Werner. I appreciate you, I am grateful for you and your gifts and I will continue to come back and check in with you as I always feel better afterwards x

Karen - 25 Mei 2022

Very friendly, made me feel at ease and confident that my path and journey will be okay. Thank you

Kelly - 17 Mei 2022

My first reading with a medium and I was drawn to Werner, I feel more positive now and will act on the advise given. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is seeking a accurate, positive, straightforward reading. Thank you so much Werner I'm looking forward to seeing your predictions come true.

Claire - 17 Mei 2022

Thank you you are so patient and caring. Xx

Nicky - 15 Mei 2022

I had a good reading with him just listening to him telling me what spirit wanted me to do for myself. It was great

Lydia - 13 Mei 2022

Werner was very spot on with his reading & connecting to the energy. I was very impressed with how accurate his reading was & it gave me a bit more an understanding.

Tina - 12 Mei 2022

Very calming will use again

Ruhena - 11 Mei 2022

You are amazing as always. Thank you ❀️

Maria - 11 Mei 2022


Alysha - 10 Mei 2022

Werner was lovely and reassuring and gave me great insights into my questions. I feel much more confident about where I am at now. I know spirit and the universe are trying to show me how to be patient. I will make sure I listen to them. Thank you Werner for your gift x

Karen - 10 Mei 2022

Werner was very spot on thank you

Danielle - 9 Mei 2022

Excellent reader, warm caring accurate very professional x thank you Werner

Kelliefennelly39 - 9 Mei 2022

If what Werner is saying it is showing him it is what I thought and am still thinking happened. I appreciate the insight!

Wendy - 9 Mei 2022

Bless you Werner πŸ™ thank you from the bottom of my heart that God fave you this gift. You tell it exactly whats happening with compassion, logically and understanding. I am feeling alot of relief thanks to you ❀️

Laura - 9 Mei 2022

Werner is very kind. He put my mind at ease about a situation and then connected me with my grandma and father which was unexpected and very amazing. Thank you so much.

Kandace - 6 Mei 2022

I like Werner I would use him again he helped me a lot

Stacie - 5 Mei 2022

Great reading as always xx

Nicky - 2 Mei 2022

Gave me logical answers.

Cindy - 29 April 2022

Helpful and answers all questions :)

Nebu - 27 April 2022

Werner is such an amazing person to talk to . He knows things and reads energies so well. He’s so supportive and I enjoy coming to him. Thank you again.

Kandace - 27 April 2022

Thank you for your reading much appreciated. I do hope all turns out like you said. πŸ™‚ bless πŸ™

Debbie - 26 April 2022

He boost up my morale a lot. He is very very good and honest and very polite. I recommend him to everyone.

Madevi - 25 April 2022

It’s been weeks since my first reading and Werner was able to pick up where we left off. He advised of the progress made since then. He’s positive and uplifting and I feel very positive about the predictions he’s made. Thank you Werner. I highly recommend him.

Leilani - 25 April 2022

Good, positive reading and guidance. Werner has a good understanding of spiritual awareness and supported and guided me through some hard questions. He is quick to respond to questions and has a empathetic but honest answers. Appreciated his advice and on point with issues from the past reading. Awesome

Tina - 21 April 2022

Always on point! Thanks for your clarity and guidance!

Amanda - 20 April 2022

Thank you 😊 love him!

Jalila - 18 April 2022

Werner is always good at picking up on the situation and giving good advice. I enjoy my readings with him, he is so easy to communicate with.

Francine - 17 April 2022

I feel he was spot on with how I was feeling. I have to wait and see if the future perdition come true!

Joanna - 14 April 2022

Thanks for validating what I already sent

Santanacarmen2 - 14 April 2022

Such an amazing gifted soul. fast typing pickedup things fast. Thank you so much warner

Toniya - 14 April 2022

Very impressed with the session

Kandice - 13 April 2022

Werner you were right about everything.this really made my day and I will definitely be contacting you again soon.Thank God for people like you😁

Teresa - 7 April 2022

Dear Werner, thank you for sharing your insights. You are wonderfully gifted. It was nice consulting you!

Deepa - 4 April 2022

Werner's last prediction came true which tbh, I was quite shocked because a few on here have been totally wrong. I think I seemed to have connected to him better. I'm hoping this prediction also does come true. I would recommend him. Normally I stay away from male psychics but I was drawn to him.

R - 3 April 2022

Very gentle, not harsh, and took time to wait for me to type exactly what I needed to, so there was no rush and I could digest Werners reply. Felt like I was talking to a friend openly. The reading was good and has made me think confidently about things in a positive way. Thank you Werner

Lorraine - 3 April 2022

Well said, didnt have to wait for me to ask questions, he new exactly what to say

Mereana - 31 Maart 2022

Werner was amazing. Very direct. Did not beat around the bush. Answered questions directly and quickly. Top notch. Will be contacting him again.

Valerie - 31 Maart 2022

Thank you for another excellent reading! Keep up the good work you have lifted my spirits xxx

Nicky - 28 Maart 2022

Very good comments thank you very much I’m happy πŸ˜ƒ

Trish - 21 Maart 2022

Dear Werner, thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts. You are spot on.

Deepa - 20 Maart 2022

Best yet that I have spoken too. Nice person to talk too. Feel a little better after my chat.

Mariessa - 16 Maart 2022

One of the best. Very detailed!

Charlene - 15 Maart 2022

Thank you

Pretty - 10 Maart 2022

He was fast and actually told me something I needed to hear. Thank you

VLORA - 10 Maart 2022

As always Werner, you are amazing. You make me feel at ease every time. I hope he sees sense and releases hisself from her grasp before he loses me. X

Olivia - 9 Maart 2022

Dear Werner, thank you for your positive spirit that you share through you insights. I wish you and yours love & light !

Deepa - 8 Maart 2022

You are amazing thank you ❀

Maria - 1 Maart 2022

Dear Werner, Thank you also for your input and guidance in this chat. You were like aways spot on. Blessings to you and yours, Deepa

Deepa - 28 Februari 2022

Werner feels the energy and very straightforward and gives insight to current situation

Maria - 28 Februari 2022

Wonderful! I cannot say it enough. Werner was like a breath of fresh air. Direct while encouraging. Supportive and understanding. Very much appreciated this reading and guidance

Laura - 24 Februari 2022

Thank you Werner. You were really reassuring and read quite accurately into my POI situation. I really recommend you to others looking for a bit of guidance.

Victoria - 23 Februari 2022

Ah-mazing as always!

Melissa - 22 Februari 2022

Thank you Werner you are great x

Jacqueline - 21 Februari 2022

Dear Werner, thank you for sharing your positive energy and insights!

Deepa - 18 Februari 2022

Thank you Werner as always a pleasure to speak to look forward to my future xxx

Jacqueline - 17 Februari 2022

Werner is kind and very intuitive. His drscriptions were spot on, and some of the things he's told me before came to pass. I hope that happens again after this reading. He's a fast typer, too! Thank you, Werner!

Kris - 17 Februari 2022

Thank you Werner. ❀️

Maria - 7 Februari 2022

Was spot on so lets see preduction come true :)

Nandita - 4 Februari 2022

My very first contact with Medium chat was with Werner and he NAILED IT without any type of sugarcoating. Predictions were on point!!!!! Chatted with him today and again, quickly picked up on my different questions.... explained answers and never missed a beat. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, Will be going back to him after his various timeframes to my many questions. THANK YOU WERNER

Lori - 3 Februari 2022

Luv my readings for Werner I can't wait to see what happens with my reading from him thank you he's very fast in answering too😊

Debbie - 3 Februari 2022

Without any information Werner confirmed the description of new love and what he will look like and approx when. His information was the same that I have been given from my regular Psychic mediums that have had more time with me and there more time for tuning in and knowing my circumstances. So Werner was very accurate and a fast typer for a ten min reading

Soma - 2 Februari 2022

Dear Werner, thank you for sharing your great insights. I felt you were spot on. Blessings to you and yours.

Deepa - 2 Februari 2022

Beautiful man. Was amazing

Katrina Maire - 1 Februari 2022

He was very direct and gave me info that i needed honesyly. I wanted to keep talking but had run out of money on my credit cars but will go back to him again. He is genuine and knows what he is talking about.

Madevi - 26 Januari 2022

Lovely person so helpful to me and gave me hope thankyou xx

Cath - 25 Januari 2022

Werner you were AMAZING.. THANK YOU

Linda - 25 Januari 2022

Very good 😌

Aleksander - 24 Januari 2022

I will definitely speak to werner again. He seemed to have hit the nail on the head in regards to my question.

Nicola - 24 Januari 2022

One of the best people on the medium chat. Tells you honestly nothing hidden Would always highly recommend one of the best person

Mandeep - 22 Januari 2022

I greatly enjoyed my chat with Werner! I feel that he immediately connected to my/our energies and described my situation in excellent detail. He gave me a fresh perspective on a troubling situation and provided the hope I need to continue down what I feel is the best path. Many other advisors have spent time asking me for details or talking about their own experiences rather than telling me what they sense, but Werner was direct and focused on my situation. I appreciate that! And he's a fast typer, so that's nice too. I look forward to talking with you again, Werner! Love and light to you!

Kris - 19 Januari 2022

Again fab reading . Werner is really good honest and tells you as it is great ❀️

Jacqueline - 13 Januari 2022

always very helpful and caring would highly recommend

Mandeep - 12 Januari 2022

A good reading that made perfect sense for me. He outlined my current situation and gave some sound advice. Would definitely talk with him again.

Michelle - 11 Januari 2022

Thank you I wish I had more time

Danielle - 6 Januari 2022

Spot on. Very accurate.

Jennifer - 3 Januari 2022

Werner really impressed me with what he was able to pick up on about a past lover, with very little information given other than a name, picture and birthdate. He didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, but he affirmed some difficult aspects of the person, his situation, and our relationship that I’ve known but have been struggling to accept for quite some time. In his honesty, his delivery of that message was empathetic and caring. I wish we’d had more time to talk and would consult him again. Thank you, Werner.

Meredith - 30 December 2021

So kind and patient will highly recommend to anyone

Mandeep - 29 December 2021

Werner is very warm and honest with his responses. He is quick to respond and is straight to the point. I appreciate his honesty a very good and clear reading.

Tina - 27 December 2021

Spot on everything such a comfort and brought my passed Greek grandma through helping me to keep strong and going. πŸŽ„πŸ™πŸ½ Best medium god bless you Werner merry Christmas better than anything material. 🀝 very grateful, for me what was needed β­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈπŸ˜‡

Nicola - 23 December 2021

He was wonderful and helpful

Christina Fisher - 22 December 2021

Very good reading and everything made sense. Would highly recommend.

Sharon - 21 December 2021

Very well read and specific

Sharon - 15 December 2021

The best Medium chat I ever had, Werner is Soo Amazing, I would highly recommend Werner to chat with his connection with the high beings is on pointπŸ‘Œ with out a doubt, he answered all my questions, and now I have more clarity of my situation thank you Werner your the bestπŸ‘

Bubs - 15 December 2021

Thank you , you made me feel positive and calm again x

Jacqueline - 13 December 2021

Werner is a really kind and honest medium. He's predicted a few things for me which have come to pass and I would recommend him for a reading :) thank you Werner!

Victoria - 9 December 2021

He was great, I will go back to him for sure.

Annie - 2 December 2021

Amazing and so helpful

Manpreet - 1 December 2021

Warner was so wonderful and caring. He put my mind at ease, which I desperately needed and I am so grateful to him. He is wonderful ❀

Maria - 25 November 2021

What werner was saying was true how he described things just hope the rest comes true only time will tell

Clare - 24 November 2021

Thank you for helping me understand and respect that,that needed to be respected. Thank you

Tareta - 23 November 2021

Thank you Werner, it was a pleasure having a reading from you. You was spot on with the family members that i asked for, I'm so Amazed by it all. I will definitely come back for another reading. Thank you

Najat - 22 November 2021

Thank you Werner. The reading left me speechless. Not only were you friendly but you also explained things so I could understand too. Thank you very much. Bless you.

Yang - 15 November 2021

The Reader was in tune with my more spiritual aspects. I think correct and following through with his advice may be more of a task than one would think but definitely spot on in the realm of spirituality.

Kelley - 11 November 2021

Werner is such a delight to speak with and I always appreciate his readings. They are accurate and encouraging.

Gardenia - 11 November 2021

dear werner:):) thank you so so much:):) for your time really do apprecite it my dear angel brother please do inbox me as I did not really understand the very last part of the message otherwise thank you and spirit so much for everything much love and gratitude. Akheel

Akheel - 9 November 2021

I felt he was good hearted and authentic, his reading will help me move forward in life by answering a question I wanted to know the answer to for over 10 years ❀️ God Bless Werner, your gift is amazing!

Stephanie - 2 November 2021

When my time went out I the first chat and I returned he did. Not remember what we were talking about little discouraging

Sharhondamyles - 2 November 2021

Very acquire with the reading and good advice given. Thank you

Natalia - 1 November 2021

Very accurate and helpful. Pleasant to talk to and very understanding

Kristen - 28 Oktober 2021

Werner is so kind and reassuring!!! πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒŸ

Patricia - 25 Oktober 2021

My go to reader, very onpoint

Racquel - 20 Oktober 2021

Werner is a fantastic reader, he is energetic sensitive compassionate and clear seeing. He cleared up so many of my fears, I can’t wait to work with him again! Hooked!

Annoniem - 19 Oktober 2021
Very insightful and clear!! He also gave me some advices that for sure I will follow! Quick writer as well :)
Claudia - 18 Oktober 2021

Mr. Werner Was absolutely amazing set a lot of things that was just actually said to me by the person I was asking about. I will definitely call back and talk to him again thank you

April - 14 Oktober 2021

He was to the point and I appreciate it.

Tahirih - 13 Oktober 2021

Felt very accurate and knowledgeable

Becky - 12 Oktober 2021

Thank you for your insight. You we're very accurate.

Judy - 7 Oktober 2021

Thank you Werner. you are so skilled!. I am always amazed.

Deepa - 6 Oktober 2021

Very helpful

Amy.johnson04 - 4 Oktober 2021

Very intuitive and insightful. Great to talk to

Mon - 4 Oktober 2021

Dear Werner, consulting you was very beneficial. All your insights were spot on, and I love that you expressed your thoughts with much clarity, details, and the expressions that used educated me about these words. Thanks for that to. Communicating with you gave me a feeling of reassurance and peace. Now I know how I protect myself and my home by bringing about balance and harmony through meditation and prayer. Thank you. Blessings to you and your work.....

Deepa - 1 Oktober 2021

Gave me so much reassurance and was spot on about my sons character. Felt very peaceful after our chat. Thanks will come back and chat again

Ruth - 30 September 2021

Great communication, spot on with everything, thank you very much, highly recommend

Annoniem - 27 September 2021

2nd chat with Werner. Picked up my partner that passed & again made me feel he was here with us. So very bitter sweet. Thank you πŸ™πŸΌ

Janine - 22 September 2021

I feel much better after talking to him thank you

Gofaone - 22 September 2021

He was honest gueine and good person. Needed someone to b blunt tel ll the truth and he was . Thank you Werner.

Melissa - 16 September 2021

Thank you lovely reading

Debbie - 13 September 2021

My reading was amazing and spot on. I really enjoyed it and will definitely be back

Tiara - 13 September 2021

Dear Werner, thank for enlightening me with your insights. I see clearer now.

Deepa - 12 September 2021

Dear Werner, consulting you was enlightening and beneficial. I felt, regarding my issue at hand, you were spot on. It gave me much clarity. Thank you so much.

Deepa - 9 September 2021

Thank you Werner, very nice and supporting advice. I'll check in again soon.

Elisa - 8 September 2021

He is excellent and I trust all his reading

Felicia.emmanuel21 - 8 September 2021

He’s very understanding and easy to talk to

Jodie - 6 September 2021

Thank you Werner! You verified what I needed to know every which way! Your responses were to the T, amazing! I will contact you again soon. Our of 1-10 100% a10!! I highly recommend Werner!

Martha - 4 September 2021

It was good but the chat doesnt work... we had problem and i lost a lot of credits

Jona - 2 September 2021

Thanku great as always plenty of answers and a awesome reader πŸ’—

Cathy - 30 Augustus 2021

Thank you for your help

Antoinette - 27 Augustus 2021

Loved Werner!! I’ll be back!!

Longhorn95 - 25 Augustus 2021

Dear Werner, thank you for sharing your insights.

Deepa - 20 Augustus 2021

Always love talking to Werner. Accurate, quick and reassuring. Looking forward to the next few months x

Esther - 19 Augustus 2021

thank you werner my dear angel brother for your love and guidance truly appreciate it:):) if possible please do kindly inbox me of her message to me , will really appreciate it:):). much love to you and spirit and much gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 17 Augustus 2021

I really thank you my heart feels better to know wht u told me

Tiffany - 15 Augustus 2021

Dear Werner, it was lovely consulting you. You confirmed all that what I felt, and this gave me a very positive feeling to move forward with my goals. Thank you so much for sharing your insights.

Deepa - 12 Augustus 2021

Thank you Werner for your insights. I hope it all works out like you said.

Jennifer - 22 Juli 2021

I was happy with the reading I got from Werner. I would recommend him for anyone wanting a reading from him. 😊

Charlene - 21 Juli 2021

Wow! I can’t believe how much detail and insightful information he was able to give me for my reading with very little from me. Thank you so much for your reading!

Erin - 20 Juli 2021

Werner was very kind and very helpful. It was unexpected the things he knew without me saying barely anything. Can't wait to connect again

Emma - 14 Juli 2021

Was pretty accurate in right on

Kari - 12 Juli 2021

Very good positive reading

Joel - 11 Juli 2021

Great reader. Said some surprising things. Unfortunately my money ran out before I got the last message. I would love to know what it was. Lovely energy and highly recommended. Thank you πŸ’•

Cheryl - 9 Juli 2021

Werner was very accurate! Told me what I had been feeling for a long time!

Jus_tinebubs - 8 Juli 2021

Gave me the assurance that everything will work out for good in my favor at the end. That personal touch of easing my nerves down and giving me the same assurance was what I needed.

Pandey - 7 Juli 2021

The gentleman was very informative. I asked for the truth and as far as I'm aware I got the truth. Thank you

Wendy - 6 Juli 2021

Werner was very helpful and reassuring and was accurate about everything. Highly recommend

Micheala - 1 Juli 2021

Werner was very caring and kind and got to me quickly about what I asked.

Lori - 29 Juni 2021

Very nice reading, Werner is very caring and quick to answer, thanks πŸ™

Keryn - 25 Juni 2021

Much define clearity

Nisha - 21 Juni 2021

Werner is great

Oleander - 21 Juni 2021

Werner was very accurate in his interpretation of my partner. His great insight into my partners feelings really did make me feel better.

Simon - 16 Juni 2021

Thank you Werner, although there were some bits I didn't quite agree with you are always very kind and accurate within your readings. ⭐

Victoria - 10 Juni 2021

Thank you again Werner. You really do make me smile. I’ll be back soon. You’re spot on. Xxxx

Louise - 8 Juni 2021

He is AMAZING!!!! By far my favorite. He is on point with everything. Always kind, respectful and funny!!! THANK YOU WERNER!!!!! =)

Vienna - 5 Juni 2021

Werner was a joy to connect with. I appreciated his insight on not only the questions I presented with, but his sharing other aspects the spirit brought to his attention & suggestions which line up with the direction I’m wanting to take at this point in my life.

Gardenia - 3 Juni 2021

Thanks for the last words Werner. You are simply amazing.

Hafeni - 1 Juni 2021

Very satisfied with Werner’s reading. He was accurate even if I only gave a few details. He was able to give me advice on what exactly I need to do. Thank you Werner.

Chantelle - 29 Mei 2021

Werner was very empathetic and that itself was good experience. He also said things that I already knew that I hadn't mentioned to him. He also gave specific details about certain things that I look forward to see come to fruition. He doesn't sugarcoat things to make you feel better. Rather he is honest and empathetic.

Sharon - 28 Mei 2021

I enjoyed chatting with you Werner! I felt like you were my best friend...

Nashaka - 27 Mei 2021

Thank you for the insight

Corinne - 27 Mei 2021

He was blunt and no sugar coating. I loved the reading. He helped me figure out what to do next in my situation. Within hours I done it. Off to better now. Thank you.

Tina - 22 Mei 2021

Thank you Werner for great chat and wonderful loving guidance please inbox last message you were typing if possible before chat ended😊 would really appreciate it. Much love and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 22 Mei 2021

I do feel lots trust this person to give me great positive about my love life ... Perfect thank you

Julie - 21 Mei 2021

Werner is brilliant! He has guided me a few times now with a situation I am struggling with. He has made correct predictions for me and he will tell you the truth. If something comes up that isn’t what you really want to hear, Werner will not lie to you! He picks up on people’s energy really well. Just a really lovely person too. Thank you x

Amy - 19 Mei 2021

Very gifted, great answers, didn’t even have to prompt or ask, thank you Werner you are a sweetheart 🌹

Tiffany - 18 Mei 2021

Wonderful reading and very spot on!

Melissa - 17 Mei 2021

Fast responder, funny, charming and hopefully spot on. Fingers crossed. I have a lot of stress around me and Werner made me smile the whole way through our chat. Thank you!

Caro - 17 Mei 2021

Excellent. Picked up on the energy of my poi. Highly recommend.

Lauren - 15 Mei 2021

Werner has been correct in the past. He is very sweet.

Kanoie - 14 Mei 2021

Thank you Werner for putting my mind at ease. Bless you. πŸ™Œ

Evelyn - 14 Mei 2021

Thank you so much, love it you was great

Jonika - 14 Mei 2021

Thank you so much for all the love, guidance and clarity my dear angel brother I truly appreciate it. Much love, light and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 13 Mei 2021

Wish I had more time to because he was spot in! Will book again with him

Rehamah - 12 Mei 2021

Excellent as always!!

SK - 12 Mei 2021

Right on point!!

Ashley - 12 Mei 2021

Absolute awesome reading Werner thank you so very much angel bro I really appreciate all the clarity and positive readings and guidance. Love light and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 7 Mei 2021

Excellent, accurate and empathetic. Thank you!

SK - 6 Mei 2021

Thank you very much for the detailed reading. Weener types fast ans doesn't ask a million questions.

Celia - 4 Mei 2021

Patient, attentive to details, accurate and very intuitive! Would come back again!

SK - 1 Mei 2021

Very kind, intuitive and tunes in very well into any situation. Highly recommended!

SK - 30 April 2021

An amazing psychic Werner is. Very gifted. He is respectful, polite..... a gentleman. Thank you Werner

Laura - 26 April 2021

Accurate , honest and fast. Thank you!

Fatima - 26 April 2021

Spot on with every detail!! Thank you!!

SK - 24 April 2021

Amazing and so very nice

Ashley - 24 April 2021

Werner was honest with me and gave some very good advice. I’d like to thank him very much.

Addie - 24 April 2021

Consulting Werner was wonderful. In regard to my issue at hand, he was spot on, and discussing it was very beneficial. Thank you so much.

Deepa - 18 April 2021

Very happy and comforted with my reading would definitely recommend πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Rochene - 12 April 2021

Werner told me it was grandma that came to see me last nite.......thank u grandma Helen !

Shauntae - 11 April 2021

Enjoyed the reading and made me feel content, and better about my situation, I highly recommend

Lorraine - 9 April 2021

Werner is excellent! I just had a chat with him and felt he really connected to my situation so well. He felt the energy. He also made me laugh out loud! I would love to sit down for a glass of wine and a chat with him because I think he’d have me laughing all night. I will most definitely be returning to him with updates! I think he’s the real deal and he’s really come through for me today! Thank you Werner, I’m looking forward to the future and you’ve helped with that!! I’m excited. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ˜˜

Louise - 7 April 2021

Returning customer!! Werner had very positive attitude,and messages he gave me were very hopeful and reassuring;would recommend!!

MarΓ­a - 7 April 2021

Thank you so much! You do have a great connection and the way explaining things. I’ll be back to find out more.

Barbara - 6 April 2021

I’ve had a couple of readings with Werner. He’s is a very spiritual person and accurate.

Esther - 6 April 2021

Always love my chats, he always puts my mind at ease 😘

Sasha - 5 April 2021

Thank you very much

Jennifer - 4 April 2021

Thank you so much Werner:):) my heart needed all that clarity and im grateful to you for that. Please inbox me the answer to the very last question before the chat ended regarding finances:):):) if possible. Thank you much love and gratitude to you , the angels, spirit guides and universe. Love Akherl

Akheel - 2 April 2021

First time today I had a reading with Werner, I have felt for some time I have wanted to have a reading with him, you know you get a feeling that you can connect with a particular person on here I have done with Werner and many others too. Thank you Werner for a fantastic reading I will definately keep you informed as things progress

Julie - 1 April 2021

the Best. much love and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 29 Maart 2021

Thank you so much Your style of my reading was fantastic also your patience & time was awesome Thank you so much πŸ’•

Travena - 27 Maart 2021

Werner is AMAZING!! a truly gifted medium, you know your receiving profound truthful guidance when your connecting with him, a blessed soul and one of few mediums that I continue to seek clarity and guidance from regularly, you will never be disappointed, I sincerely recommend this gentleman, he is a blessing for us all, namaste

Rachel - 24 Maart 2021

I wish I had more time with Werner as he is so uplifting and insightful. Thank you again I will be back xoxo

Evelyn - 24 Maart 2021

thank you so much Werner😊😊lol im not sure what the purpose of that very last question i asked or statement i made, i knew the answer, apologies for that , i just miss her so much thats all theres no doubt. Only happy happy.Thank you so much for all your guidance and clarity. much love and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 20 Maart 2021

Hi thank you and the spirits and for letting me relax ,😁

Sandra - 20 Maart 2021

Werner was on point with everything,he connected fast and didn’t waste time he was on point with my POI . Please don’t hesitate to reach out to him .

Lorena - 19 Maart 2021

Thank you again for an accurate, fast and kind reading Werner🀍. You can never go wrong with a chat with Werner

Fatima - 19 Maart 2021

Werner is really good. He helps me understand and guide me on how to deal with my difficult situation. What amazes me is he was able to tell that my late grandma is supporting me through her spirit during this trying time of mine. I will definitely sought Werner’s advices again next time.

Sheela - 19 Maart 2021

Thank you so much for your help today πŸ’•

Elisha - 13 Maart 2021

He gave me so much hope for my future love!

Sheree - 13 Maart 2021

Very clear information, and it's easy to understand. Thank you!!

Vickey - 12 Maart 2021

Werner was very comforting and calm. Really kind advice given to me.

Natalia - 11 Maart 2021

Thank you for your insights Werner. They gave me peace. Kind regards, Deepa

Deepa - 9 Maart 2021

Excellent reading as always!! Highly recommend

SK - 9 Maart 2021

He gave me some honest answers to how I felt about 2 POI. I feel I had to prompt him with questions to give answers.

Latisha - 2 Maart 2021

I love werner

Christine - 1 Maart 2021

Was very welcoming and very straight to the point 😊

Leanne - 1 Maart 2021

Very quick to reply. Helped ease my mind for now.

Becca - 21 Februari 2021

Well done Werner, very good reading again. Thank you.

Dave - 19 Februari 2021

Very fast, very nice and easy to talk too. And answered my questions so quick. I feel a big weight off my chest after this reading. Thank you so much. I look forward to future readings. Definitely 5 star

Lala - 18 Februari 2021

thank you so much:):) big brother Werner, really appreciate this:) your warmth, loving energy , light and guidance was much appreciated. Much love and light and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 11 Februari 2021

Needed to talk to someone who understands where I'm coming from and Werner gets me☺️so thank you Werner.

Simone - 11 Februari 2021

Love Werner

Hannah - 7 Februari 2021

Eye-opener! Thank you so much, Dahling! xxx 5stars

Oksav - 7 Februari 2021

Always so honest.. like that about him. Thanks Werner. xoxo

Anuradha - 3 Februari 2021

Was very punctual and up front.

Tabatha - 31 Januari 2021

Spot on as always. TY!

Cornell - 29 Januari 2021

Werner is an excellent psychic!! His readings always resonate with the situation; he is kind, non-judgemental and positive. Thank you very much!!!

SK - 29 Januari 2021

Wonderful read😊😊 such love and warmth. Big brother I consider you. Thank you for all the clarity and I look forward to meeting her.

Akheel - 28 Januari 2021

Always a pleasure to chat with Werner. No sugarcoat and no extremely negative even. Sorry my fun finished today. I'll be back on 31st.

Anuradha - 26 Januari 2021

Excellent Reader!!! Spot on and accurate!!

SK - 23 Januari 2021

Spoke recently. Excellent insight and great sense of humour.

Lilly - 20 Januari 2021

Awesome thank you so much ❀️❀️

Sandy - 19 Januari 2021

Everything was very accurate thank you so much 😊

Trish - 19 Januari 2021

Amazing thank you 😊 reassuring and accurate

Charlotte - 18 Januari 2021

Werner is one of favorites on this website. He tell you what he can see and not what you want to hear. very honest reader. I hope his predictions come to pass soon, then I'll come and give another review. Thanks Werner.

Anuradha - 17 Januari 2021

Excellent Thankyou

Jane - 16 Januari 2021

Thank you so much for your kind and warm energy and providing the clarity and relief about her. Thank you so much. Much light warmth and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 14 Januari 2021

Was very honest accurate and wish I had more credit

Emma - 14 Januari 2021

Werner is so honest, too honest I must say. Werner wants me to move on.. he said "You deserve more than that" .. ...I loved that! You need someone to boost up your ego sometimes and he did that. Werner's prediction in December came to pass and I reached out to him again this month. Thank you for your honest reading Werner.

Anuradha - 13 Januari 2021

I truly think Wener is one of a kind. He uses easy language, types fast and tells you exactly the truth!

Hafeni - 13 Januari 2021

Werner was a very switched on, charming reader who was very accurate and quickly to the point. Very much straight in touch, and citting to the chase. A pleasure to deal with.

Dave - 11 Januari 2021

Excellent reading 

Dave - 11 Januari 2021

I love chatting with Werner. I could sit and speak with him all day. I hope that what he says is correct and I trust in him and his clairs ❀️

Nikki - 9 Januari 2021

Oh gosh! Everything he predicted last time is just happening! I tried to adjust to my POI's choices and instead of taking any advantage he has chosen to respect me than fulfilling his wishes with me. He is indeed adjusting himself according to my likes and dislikes! This is so beautiful! I'm excited for Werner's future predictions to come to pass. I'll chat with you again Werner. Xoxo

Anuradha - 7 Januari 2021

Always happy with my reading thank you. X

Karen - 1 Januari 2021

Thank you so much Werner, you are not only extremely accurate, kind, and compassionate, but you always give good advice and out my mind at ease. Thank you again to such a kind soul 🀍

Fatima - 1 Januari 2021

So easy to have a conversation with. He knew things before they were mentioned. He is the genuine article. Absolutely loved my reading. Highly recommend.

JOYCE - 28 December 2020

I will contact again soon. Thank you very much when is your availabilty?

Morayma - 28 December 2020

Werner was great just wish I had more time with him but is very costly to talk for very little time.

Melissa - 28 December 2020

First time chatting to Werner.. very nice man.. he was spot on with things he said relating to my partner.. I have hope now that all is not lost.. Thank you for your advice too I will definitely give it a go.. A Big thank you Werner.πŸ€—

Jane - 24 December 2020

He did a great job.Thank you

Shirley - 17 December 2020

Werner was lovely

Judith - 16 December 2020

An amazing person, i will definitely be chatting to Werner again soon

Jake - 10 December 2020

He was very accurate.Wish I had more time to chat with him.Really hoping that what he told me happens.He was very quick with replies too.I would recommend Werner.

Lisa - 7 December 2020

I'm so grateful to Werner! I did exactly what he had adviced me and it worked magic. He indeed read my lover's mind very well and told me what will make him happy, and it indeed made him so happy. Thank you Werner, your prediction is so spot on. I'll follow your future advice too and will chat with you again. xoxo

Anuradha - 3 December 2020

Awesome reader

Ashley - 25 November 2020

Thank you I needed clarification that I was spending my energy on the right person this has been the reassurance I needed thank you.

Helen - 23 November 2020

Thank you for the quick replies and hope :)

Annoniem - 23 November 2020

Thank you Werner.

Deepa - 19 November 2020

This is my 3rd chat with Werner and he is amazing, love chatting with him as he is so accurate with his messages and very kind too. He tapped into my poi very quickly and cheered me up with what he told me. He also brought my grandad through too which was lovely. Thank you again Werner and sorry I didn't have long to chat, will contact you again soon xxxx

Joanne - 18 November 2020

On point about everything I’m so please to have met such a good spiritual reader My mind is at ease and this guy Werner is a true angel I’m very happy with my results I will definitely be speaking back with Werner.

Angelina - 18 November 2020

He’s fantastic always spot on with my reading x

Karen - 17 November 2020

He gave specifics where he could and was spot on with those.

Dawn - 17 November 2020

Always happy with the reading, 100% spot on every time thank you for your help

Karen - 11 November 2020

Werner thank you so much. I’ll definitely be back for another reading. I hope everything you said is true. Can’t wait to update you.

Rachel - 11 November 2020

Werner seemed genuine, friendly and straight to the point. He answered my questions honestly yet was reassuring. I feel good about the reading

Reem - 9 November 2020

Werner was an amazing reader!

Maria - 9 November 2020

Kind to the point and comforting I would definitely 100% come back! This was a. Authentic feeling

Cindy - 9 November 2020

He was very authentic, and really cared. Very on point

Marissa - 7 November 2020

Well I really hope he is right and he was very kind and quick!

Evelynn - 6 November 2020

I would definitely recommend him. He’s very nice.

Erica - 6 November 2020

He was excellent in providing me with answers. Best at his job, i feel relieved with the answers j got.

Alicia - 4 November 2020

I think your brilliant, you get the reading spot on every time thank you Karen

Karen - 2 November 2020

Thank You Werner πŸ˜ƒ insightful reading

Katrina - 30 Oktober 2020

I have no words to express how grateful I feel to have contacted you. Will for sure contact you again. You are amazing Werner. Thank you very much :)

Annoniem - 29 Oktober 2020

Felt very connected. Thank you so much, God bless you! ❀️

Fantajarjussey - 28 Oktober 2020

Great reading. Thank you.

Amy - 27 Oktober 2020

Divine, simply divine person! Keep on shining bright! Thank you sooo much! Namaste

Vasko - 26 Oktober 2020

Amazing! Thank you so much for your help! Take care and stay safe to you all!

Elena - 26 Oktober 2020

I wasn’t surprised by the answer I was given by Werner. This is how I have felt myself about the question. It was a eye opening experience.

Janette - 23 Oktober 2020

He was very easy to talk to and answered everything, will see if what he says comes true

Caroline - 20 Oktober 2020

Werner was really kind with me and he gave me good advice. I will definitely contact with him in future.

Maninder - 17 Oktober 2020

Patient, accurate reading.

Kiran - 13 Oktober 2020

As a consumer I have to be able to have clear questions, which I don't. makes my reading harder

Guadalupe - 13 Oktober 2020

I was happy with my reading his responses were very quick and good.

Tracy - 13 Oktober 2020

Thank you Werner for being such a light and comfort.

Victoria - 9 Oktober 2020

Absolutely lovely reading, thank you.

M.cee - 7 Oktober 2020

Werner was fantastic and helped with all my questions, thankyou πŸ™

Keryn - 7 Oktober 2020

Warner was Amazing..focused on my concern and felt his energy to help me reassure that things will be looking good for us..highly recommend

Nicole - 7 Oktober 2020


Jane - 5 Oktober 2020

It was great tho he was being professional

Amanda - 4 Oktober 2020

Werner has such great energy and he is very enthusiastic. Loved his reading and guidance. Will definitely be contact again.

Portia - 3 Oktober 2020

It was excellent he was very good I'm very impressed

Sherri - 3 Oktober 2020

He was able to connect to my energy. Did not need any prompts. I will definitely come back again.

Molly - 2 Oktober 2020

There is hope. Thank you!

Cat - 2 Oktober 2020

The medium helped me, made me feel I was not alone.

Mel - 1 Oktober 2020

Loved my reading. I feeling good.

Ethel - 26 September 2020

Thanks Werner. You are a sweet man. Always lovely chatting. You seem very accurate - now just waiting.

Kanoie - 25 September 2020

Thank you for all the advice and accuracy. Also you are such an amazing person. Will definitely be back! ♥️

Tyma - 19 September 2020

I’m very happy with the service that I have received and the readings are great

Renee - 18 September 2020

It was a difficult reading due to the circumstances, but Werner was to the point and extremely helpful. I hope what he has predicted comes true.

Donna - 18 September 2020

Great energy, thank you!

Kat - 12 September 2020

This is my second reading with Werner and his attitude is very consistent.warm and friendly and very fun to talk to kkkkk. And you feel very relaxed with him. I was very happy with my reading. My heart is settled too.I will definitely come back for more and to update you.He is on my favorites list and will keep him there.I feel he tells you the truth and does not sugar coat and you can feel it that this person is being honest with me.

Sharon - 11 September 2020

The reading was very straight forward and he is humble towards my questions. I am happy with the reading.

Anita - 9 September 2020

Consulting Werner has been a very positive experience. His input is very insightful and expressed with kindness. Thank you!

Deepa - 8 September 2020

Very accurate in all he said

Susanhelder - 7 September 2020

Werner, is very gifted person, thank you 😊 so much for great reading !!! He is awesome πŸ‘ very positive making me laugh 🀭, love πŸ’“ he is energy! Keep you posted

Annoniem - 6 September 2020

Beautiful! Another of Werners readings that has felt so personal and emotional. Truly gifted and such a lovely man. Thank you!

Anna - 1 September 2020

Werner was able to tell me characteristics about my person straight away, things that i have only thought myself and noone else knows about. Very positive person, but doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. Enjoyed speaking to him, put my mind at ease...and will definitely speak to him again

Tanya - 30 Augustus 2020

Thank you Werner, you have helped me once again will talk again.

Monique - 28 Augustus 2020

I love talking to this guy and that we can relate to one another in some way. Make sure that you have a picture of whom you want to know more about as it helps him a lot.

Lass - 27 Augustus 2020

Excellent caring and insightful

Jane - 26 Augustus 2020

Thank you so much for my email reading Werner. You have definitely put me at ease. I have actually shed a joyful tear after hearing that a spirit (my grandmas I believe) is always by my side and sends her loveπŸ₯°. Such a beautiful moment, I could feel it just reading it. Thank you!

Anna - 23 Augustus 2020

Honest, to the point and caring.

Donna - 20 Augustus 2020

Werner is very gifted and his responses to your question are very to the point. I feel he is very accurate in what you expresses. What he says is easy to comprehend. Thank you.

Deepa - 20 Augustus 2020

Thank you Werner for your kind hearted advice and guidance regarding my situation. You were very accurate and your words very meaningful to me. I would definitely talk to you again.

Victoria - 19 Augustus 2020

Very kind and connected quickly and was spot on with little to no information. he turned a skeptic into a believer

Shay - 19 Augustus 2020

Thank you Werner, spot on!

Sia - 13 Augustus 2020

I didn't have to tell him Any thing about people around me but he was able to describe them for me. Particularly I. My love life

Molly - 9 Augustus 2020

He connects quickly and doesn’t waste time!. It felt as if I was communicating with my best friend, so much insight regarding my late dad and my relationship. He is patient and compassionate. I highly recommend him for truthful and honest answers. Thank you Werner!

Hlalala Octovias Mputswana - 8 Augustus 2020

Good honest and to the point advice. Thankyou

Jo - 6 Augustus 2020

Great information.

Jainie - 31 Juli 2020

I wish I just stayed with him from the beginning, accurate, understanding and we accomplish a lot. He’s the real deal, look no further

Cassandra - 27 Juli 2020

He has told me everything I need to know thank you so much

Lorena - 20 Juli 2020

Clear and honest

Van - 17 Juli 2020

Thanks for giving me the answers I needed

Amalia - 17 Juli 2020

Werner is the real deal....loved one cake through and said a certain phrase he would say when he was alive..Werner had no way of knowing that phrase...I thank him

Bre - 17 Juli 2020

Thanks soooooo much for the reading you made me be more at peace with my dad definitely will be contacting you often loved it

Amalia - 17 Juli 2020

He gave me really positive insight about my future and about me personally.

Emma - 13 Juli 2020

Werner spoke with much kindness and insight. The consultation was very beneficial. Kind regards, Deepa

Deepa - 11 Juli 2020

Really enjoyed speaking with this advisor. Would definitely recommend.

Nikki - 9 Juli 2020

I loved my chat with Werner.. Very blunt and honest will call again!! Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to my concerns!!

Siobohan - 8 Juli 2020

I liked my reading. He answered a lot of questions in a short time and seemed to know things about my situation. Hope his predictions will come true.

Kanoie - 8 Juli 2020

Very intuitive and provided so much clarity

Johnnedra - 2 Juli 2020

Brilliant reader! Would definatly recommend u speak to him x

Yvonne - 1 Juli 2020

Definitely come back

Jade - 1 Juli 2020

Very easy to talk to , gives honest answers and not what he thought I wanted to hear. Will be back for more as he got some things spot on. Many thanks

Rana - 1 Juli 2020

Very good, detailed reading. Would definitely recommend!

Becca - 1 Juli 2020

I am very please and awestrack at how on point unt he was. I have no dobt that he is truely gifted and i very musch appreciate athe authenticity of how he deliverd the message to me from my late parents. I will definetly consult with him again.

Lerato - 1 Juli 2020

I had a great reading. Even had a family member come through. Thank you again.

Verdie - 30 Juni 2020

Put my kind at ease and did not hide anything. Would recommend Werner to anyone who is struggling and need answers.

Kale - 29 Juni 2020

Excellent reading. Made me feel better. Amazing and breathtaking. Thank you so much.

Tanya - 29 Juni 2020

Answered my questions, confirmed what I already knew.

Amanda - 26 Juni 2020

Positive, thank you πŸ’š

Shay - 26 Juni 2020

The reading was not what I wanted to hear but what he said was true. I'm hurt beyond words. Thank you for your honesty and clarity.

Ana - 26 Juni 2020

Hope it comes true. Thank you

Lesley - 25 Juni 2020

Amazing reader very on point 😊❀️

Jordyn - 24 Juni 2020

Warner was very good at reading energies mostly and was very accurate

Lara - 23 Juni 2020

Thankyou so much Werner for my reading it helped so much and was 100% accurate. I will talk with you again and reccomend you. πŸ₯°

Kathryn - 22 Juni 2020

Thank you Werner. Wonderful energy & extremely comforting

Brian - 22 Juni 2020

I was giving so much clarification that has been sitting heavy on my heart, thank you.

Jalisa - 22 Juni 2020

Werner was so lovely and spot on with everything, I am so amazed with what he told me, could of chatted for longer, thank you so much xxxx

Joanne - 22 Juni 2020

He was very good and accurate in what I’m going through and I will now only speak to him

Jacqueline - 21 Juni 2020

Was a very good first chat, I enjoyed it thank you!

Anita - 20 Juni 2020

loved this guy thankyou for giving me messages from my dad and my mother-inlaw I'm so happy there togather and looking after me and my son sorry for the tears and it was very emotional for you as well there love is so pure and strong and I hope daniel does sort him self out for his sake will defo be bk I have put it in my most favourite I knew everything they were both saying to you and the red and white Rose's my mother-inlaw showed you they was my wedding flowers show them my love please and I will defo look out for the signs from my dad β€πŸ’™love them both so much please tell them that and send them that messge manythanks ❀ Mel πŸ’—

Melandria - 18 Juni 2020

He was very informative about my current situation without me providing much insight to it. He also was able to contact my overlooking spirits and assured me of their protection.

Ashley - 18 Juni 2020

I love the readings, all off them ❀. I believe that it wil comes true .i was surprised , when telling the things , which knows just my closest people . Can't wait to meeting my right man ❀. Thank you very much . With love Veronika πŸ˜€ xx

Veronika - 15 Juni 2020

Hard to ask questions when your in the chat due to overwhelmed. I was a wee bit weery at first but Werner was good he has spirits come through telling him things that I would know who they are. I didn't tell him much for things to come through.

Lauren - 15 Juni 2020

Thank you so much for everything !!! You’ve given me clear, concise & Honest feedback I appreciate you!

Travena - 15 Juni 2020

Lovely man, knew exactly what I needed to hear without asking myself many questions

Chloe - 15 Juni 2020

Lovely to speak with, connected so well to the other side ❀️

Cornell - 12 Juni 2020

Thank you Werner and thank you spirit for anwsering my questions! It does resonate, good advice as well.

S. - 9 Juni 2020