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It’s not an easy skill to find your ideal love match in the world. With dating and relationships taking a drastic turn in the recent decades, dating and meeting someone who is your perfect match and compatible with you in most ways has become an actual skill. Asking someone “what is your sign” within the first date isn’t always as easy as it seems. Luckily, we are here to give you some insight on knowing what could be your potential love match and how to make finding the right one just a little easier. 


Knowing your sun sign and the alignment of the stars actually helps you in more ways than you can imagine. Having some insight on what your potential partner is (i.e. fire, earth, air, water) can actually help you achieve stability, better understanding, personality click, and help avoid toxic and codependent relationships. Whilst you are usually always best matched with someone who shares your element, sometimes opposite sign matches can create a great counterbalance and mismatch that works ideally, dependent on the situation. 



Aries are incredibly feisty, impulsive and perfectionists. They are extremely assertive, know how to take the lead in relationships and take physical affection very seriously. Sex and showing affection constantly is vital for an Aries to feel loved and secure. Be aware, that with assertiveness and fire comes a temper, so the highs can be quite high and likewise--the lows feel quite low. In order to work with an Aries, you must express an equal amount of enthusiasm, drive, and creativity. Libras are quite similar in balancing Aries--whereas, Cancers and Capricorns are a bit too structured and balanced to manage their wild streaks in the long run. However, this is not to say that a nice counterbalance can’t happen either. 



This is the sign of romance. Tauruses are known to take their time, enjoy, and work hard for a more luxurious experience and lifestyle. They are pragmatic, practical, and spill over their romanticism and energy into lovemaking as well. They are very detail oriented, patient and flexible. Equal matches can be found amongst Virgo, Capricorn, and Scorpio. They are all signs that also like to work hard and achieve that stability--only to relish in it and enjoy taking their time later. However, Tauruses are known to be very stubborn--therefore, certain Capricorns (depending on their rising), Leos and Aquariuses may find it a bit difficult to see eye to eye at times and communication may hit a stand-still. 



Be prepared for quite a ride if dating a Gemini! They are extremely passionate, social, and always taking on a new adventure in their lives. They are an air sign, and therefore get along quite well with other air signs such as Aquarius and Libras. Geminis are not the easiest sign to understand at times. They are extremely fun, creative, and dynamic--however, they require CONSTANT stimulation and could get bored easily. You must be easygoing, extra understanding, and non sensitive to best get on with a Gemini. Signs like Pisces and Virgo must be extra careful when dating a Gemini as their energies typically contrast drastically.



A wonderful water sign that requires loyalty and trust prior to making themselves vulnerable. They are actually quite a spiritual sign and can express themselves both verbally and nonverbally once they feel secure enough. Similar to Capricorns, making them a great match for one another--they both love stability, safety and are at times very sensitive. At times, direct confrontation does not come so easy for them, but they are a very honest sign--so prepare for the truth once it does come out. Don’t miss out on Cancers wild side, they enjoy a bit of a kinky sexual experience in the bedroom! Aries, Libras and Capricorns are a great match for Cancers and compliment each other well. 



Aquarians are a very involved and strong-minded sign. They vocalize their opinions and they love to look at situations from a “bigger picture” perspective. Aquarians love long discussions and vocalizing their perspective on society, humanitarianism, and other topics that inspire them. Although they are extremely passionate when it comes to discussions and their work, they struggle slightly when it comes to being romantic. Ideal matches and complimentary signs for Aquarians are Gemini, Leo, and Libras. When it comes to Scorpio, they may differ just a little bit in terms of world perspectives and endure some sexual frustrations.



Virgos are a fun, intelligent, and perfectionistic earth sign. They are extremely logical and pragmatically grounded. They love paying attention to detail, planning, and expressing themselves openly. Naturally, a sign that matches them in most traits is a Capricorn. They are also meticulous, love logical communication, and need that stability and security. Taurus and Pisces also make excellent love matches as Taurus is a fellow earth sign and Pisces is an opposing balance match.



Leos are representative of their sign in so many ways--they are truly a roaring lion. Leos are creative, passionate creatures who let their presence be known in any relationship. There is an undeniable fire in the bedroom and they usually get on best with like-minded fire signs. Leos are a very proud sign and can come up slightly egocentric at times, their pride can get in the way--requiring a more mellow and understandable sign as a partner. Signs like Sagittarius, Aries, and Aquarius are wonderful matches and the passion cannot be denied. They bring out the best in one another and there is a perfect balance. 



Libras are an extremely cultural sign, they love deep conversations, enjoy artistic dates to galleries, enjoying some fine wine, and flirt their way through everything! They love finding potential partners with similar interests to them and love being in relationships, or having a second half rather than not. Excellent matches include Aries, Cancer and Capricorns. 



One of the most fiery and sexual signs in the zodiac! This exciting water sign is one of the most passionate when it comes to goals, passions, and sex. They are a determined sign who simply do not give up until they have what they want. Sex and physical attraction is a major part of their relationships--therefore, a perfect pair would be a sign that can handle their magetic sexuality and craving for it. Cancer, Pisces, and Tauruses are wonderful candidates who bring out the best in Scorpios and complement their energies. 



Sagittariuses are adventurous, free, explorers. They love their freedom and that's the easiest way to win them over--allow it. They are smooth, love to make people laugh and love thrilling partnerships. Watch out, as they often break hearts too. Sagittariuses are excellent at treating their partners like equals, and work great with Geminis, Aries’ and Leos.



Capricorns are one of the most stable, creative and secure signs out there--so expect your relationship with one to be nothing short of that. They are hopeless romantics who aspire to create strong, built foundations in work, love, and homes. They are also a kinky sign with a very focused and driven attitude when it comes to getting what they want. Capricorn shares a mutual outlook on love and romance with Cancers, and Virgos as well as Tauruses fall for the stability Capricorns can provide them. Capricorns tend to be very assertive and take the lead romantically and in relationships--therefore, you must be prepared for a partner who can come off slightly domineering if you don’t know them entirely yet.



Pisces are extremely open-minded, pro-relationship, and good energetic creatures. They love the concept of building a deep and meaningful relationship with someone and are very good at picking up nonverbal communication. Pisces are actually emotional and can get hurt very easily because of their delicate ego. Virgos are great for Pisces as they feed off their warm and kind hearts and there is a perfect harmonious balance. Signs like Gemini and Sagittarius may be a little too rough around the edges for a Pisces as they communicate very differently and could be slightly offended by each other and on different pages when it comes to what they seek in a relationship.


Love is scary, unpredictable, fun, exciting and many other things all at once! Although there is no sure way of knowing exactly what zodiac sign your true match will be--you can use this astrology love match guide to at least give you some valuable insight on your compatibility with someone you may or may not YET have in mind ;)

If you want a more in depth reading and to explore whether someone specific in your life is an ideal match for you, get a reading now and make it that much more personal and unique to you two and your situation. 


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