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  • General
  • Spiritual development
  • Career / Financial

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What can I do for you?

When you chat with me, you can expect a non-judgmental, heart-to-heart conversation with an experienced psychic reader & spiritual coach. This is a safe space where you're free to talk and ask about anything that has been on your mind and heart. You were led here for a reason. Relax, get comfy, and connect with me today to hear what the other side would like you to know.

Gifts and methods:

  • Automatic writing
  • Tarot cards
  • Psychic
  • Life coach
  • Spiritual coach


  • I feel your energy
  • Via angels / guides
  • Provide practical help

About me

Hi! Welcome to my profile and I'm so glad you're here. Thank you for considering me to be your reader and psychic friend! I am a certified tarot life coach, and professional witch, psychic medium, tarot and oracle card reader, & spiritual life coach for a while now. I was led by Spirit to give my clients messages and spiritual advice. I have been honing in on and practicing magick, my intuition & psychic abilities for 10+ years. I also practice energy healing! Spiritual work is my passion.

My method

When I start your reading, I enter a calm space where I can feel the energies around you, and messages start to come through. I use my psychic gifts, channeling Spirit, as well any divination tools that I feel drawn to use - tarot, oracle, and pendulum, to give you the most accurate reading & all of the messages the other side has for you. I specialize in readings regarding emotional matters, life purpose and career, & identifying blockages.


Not available

* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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English speaking psychic US psychic Canadian psychic

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15 reviews

Nichole is amazing!! very very accurate!!! She's the best one on here!

Binty - 17 Mei 2022

Spot on! I was contacted as soon as he returned on plane on message. Not sure about seeing but the rest of my reading predictions were correct also about my week ahead. You are fab! Thanks so much. I'll be back for further predictions confirmation. oxoxo

Kayleigh - 12 Mei 2022

Thanks for this reading. Feeling positive and excited. Xx

Claire - 11 Mei 2022

Thanks a lot Nichole. I feel really positive and I'm excited to see what will happen. Xx

Claire - 9 Mei 2022

Thanks again. I really appreciate you sharing your own experience. You picked up on things very accurately and I am left feeling excited by this reading. I will update you. Xx

Claire - 9 Mei 2022

Nichole is so easy to talk with and was spot on with my situation. I will keep you updated.

Francine - 1 Mei 2022

Great reading, she is kind, friendly and very accurate. Thankyou for the clarity, I'm sure I'll be back for more :)

Tracy - 28 April 2022

She’s so so so so so good! Thank you so much i’ll give you feedback when i finally meet him! 🥰♥️

Simerjeet - 20 April 2022

Thank you that help put my heart at peace

Lisa - 17 April 2022

Thank you for the thorough reading. You didn't need prompting. You went straight to the point. I will come back again.

Mo - 9 April 2022

Absolutely amazing 👏 😍

Melissa - 9 April 2022

Nichole gave some very sincere advices for me and I will take it. Thanks.

Irene - 9 April 2022

She is accurate and very fast. I will do more readings with her.

Barbara - 8 April 2022

Nichole was scarily accurate and she told me things that I didn’t even tell her about... think she’s one of the best I spoke to on here so far and she gave me hope with my situation! She’s defo gifted💕

Kirsten - 8 April 2022

Thank you, really appreciated ur insight. a lovely person :)

Dean - 1 April 2022

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