A Guide To Meeting Your Soulmate in 2020

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Do you have a soulmate? Where are they? Have you met them already and you just don’t know it? It can be pretty daunting and confusing to understand what a soulmate is. So here is a simple break-down on what a soulmate is, how to recognize your soulmate, how to find them, what the common mistakes are and how a psychic or a medium can help you with your search. Even though it might seem like something only for Disney-movies, finding your soulmate and living happily ever after is not only for the movies. Just keep on reading and let’s get you started on your happily ever after! 

Even if you do not believe in the possibility of you finding a soulmate, the planetary alignments of 2020 strongly indicate that the universe is working for you behind the scenes whether you believe it or not! Just ask an astrologer, they will tell you how the planets of this year can be catered to help you and your needs. This year is to be one of the most succel years for love and realisations. Most importantly the realisation that you are worth love and your soulmate is out there!  

What is a soulmate and are there different kinds?

 A soulmate is  a kindred spirit. Someone with the same kind of values and understanding. A recognizing of who you truly are and therefore love you on every single level, with an openness, understanding and support, even on levels and in ways you cannot imagine just yet!  This person either just gets you right off the bat or utterly wants to understand every part of you. They respect and adore you emotionally, physically, and mentally with heart and eyes wide open and would never do anything to jeopardize yourself or losing you. They fully embrace the beauty of you and ignite that in you as well. 

Now, are soulmates always romantic partners? Often yes, but not always as you can have more than one kind of soulmate. Look around and notice that your friends, co-workers, acquaintances can also be a kind of soulmate. Although soulmates are not always lovers, there is love there. The key aspect in a soulmate is that effortless connection, a love (in whichever shape that is) that transcends. A mutual understanding and respect.  A true soulmate finds their way to you, and stays with you--regardless of any obstacles.    

Then there are twin flames. A twin flame is a complete match of energy and all things you need to complete you as a whole. They understand you fully, and make you feel 100% as a person. They are basically a mirror image of yourself and at first glance, seem like a match made in Heaven. However, it’s not always the easiest match--as you are basically dealing with yourself; i.e. same issues, same pet peeves, same insecurities, flaws etc. You don’t necessarily always end up with a twin flame for life. It allows you to see yourself more clearly and improve in certain aspects when you see a mirror image of yourself more objectively. A soulmate for life is someone who understands and loves you, not necessarily implying that a twin flame is always a soulmate. 

Common mistakes

Finding your soulmate is definitely a difficult task and most people make the common mistake of just waiting around for the right person to come into their life with no effort on their part.  The second most common mistake is settling for less than what you deserve or want. 

People are often in a rush to find the perfect soulmate. When anybody comes into the picture, they are quick to convince themselves that they are the one. Their insecurities come into play and they begin to worry about being alone forever--which is when the settling becomes more realistic. When you stay and accept a relationship that doesn’t fulfill you or make you happy all the way, this is exactly when you make it more difficult to meet your true soulmate. 

“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” — Maya Angelo

How to start finding your soulmate

The Law of Attraction is a vital part of finding the right soulmate. In order to find them, you must put out into the universe exactly what you wish to find in someone. All of your thoughts will manifest into reality--therefore, you having a positive outlook and overall vibration will provide you with the manifestation of someone who is seen as a potential equal in this sense. You must let go of all negativity, anger, doubt, jealousy, fear, and hatred--because you are unable to attract love, positivity, and a potential soulmate with that kind of energy. 

Besides the energy factor, you need to really focus on the very specific qualities you envision in your other half. You need to exert clarity on what personality traits they will have, what their values and beliefs will be, how they make you feel, what you will do together, and how you envision your lives with one another. The more clear and concise you can get to what exactly you want in someone--the clear your direction is to find them.  

How to know when someone is your soulmate

There are a few ways to be absolutely certain that you’ve met your ultimate soulmate for life. The feeling is one that engulfs you and you suddenly nothing has ever been more certain in your life. 

  1. Comfort level: If not immediately, then it came soon after. You feel an immense sense of comfort in the other person’s presence. They provide you with such a sense of peace and comfort and they become your kryptonite for serenity and inner peace. 

  2. You’ve seen this person at their worst and love them anyway. This goes for the other person equally. You have both seen each other’s worse sides and you are still entirely in love with all of it, flaws and all. 

  3. They're your best friend. This person is there for you in every way. The good, the bad, and all that comes in between. Everyone knows that a friendship is the strongest and best foundation for any relationship--therefore its a necessary aspect in finding your soulmate.

  4. Completing one another: you can’t possibly imagine a time before meeting this person. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met for the first time ever--you can read this person’s mind, you finish each other’s sentences, and you feel like you’ve known each other forever. This sense of familiarity is one of the key ways of deciphering that you’ve met the one. 

  5. When you least expect it: No matter how much you believe that you can plan and perfectly coordinate when, how and where you meet your soulmate--the way that you know for sure when you do actually meet them is when you have little to no interference with it. The feeling will be that of you being brought together by destiny at the most unexpected time and place. 

Why you need a soulmate reading 

If you’re reading this guide to meeting your soulmate this year, chances are that you are either eager to find out how and where you will meet them or you may be questioning if someone you have on your mind might be that special someone already. A soulmate reading is a very specific reading conducted by psychics and clairvoyants that are specialised in love and relationships. There is no need to spend your 2020 wondering, questioning, or overthinking questions on your mind. There are instant beneficial answers awaiting, that can help guide you directly to your soulmate or even highlight an existing relationship as your 2020 soulmate. Do you need further answers on when you will finally meet your soulmate this year? Do you need some advice on where your relationship is heading? Do you need to know if this is your real soulmate?

Get instant answers and guidance so you know what decisions to make in the year ahead. 

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