What April's Full Moon Means for Your Relationships & Sex

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In 2020, we have three total Super Moons. The first one has already commenced, on the 10th of March but the second is coming up in April on the 19th. This is not just any Super Moon. This is going to be the largest of this year, roughly a mere 200,000 miles away from the Earth (which is extremely close!). You will see it in its full magnificence, shining brighter and bigger than ever. 


Besides the closest and largest Super Moon of the year, this also happens to be a pink full moon. Indicating that spring is here and here to stay. This specific moon comes into Libra, which is known for helping us both in existing as well as forming new personal connections. This is a powerful time to reconnect with meaningful love connections, or form brand new strong ones that will stay for a while. 


What does this mean for you 


This is the ultimate time to take charge and get what you want. This is the most powerful energy for connections, love, and desire. Whether it be igniting a new flame that you feel strongly about, asking or giving second chances to someone from the past, or even relieving yourself of a situation that you need to disconnect from. The energy around you will be clarifying, calming, and powerful. 


If there are any unresolved issues from the previous months or half year, this would be the most ideal time to resolve and/or address them. The Super Moon energy allows you to think more clearly now and from a more objective perspective. If there were ever any words left unsaid, take advantage of this Super Moon time to rid yourself of those discussions and emotions--this is the moment to do it. 


In regards to sex, equally the energy is just as powerful. This means more opportunity for growth, establishing deeper connections, and even trying out new things! If you felt as though the sexual chemistry or energy had slightly shifted with someone you’d been seeing--have no fear, this pink full moon is coming in full throttle to set things in order. The sexual energy will be heightened and the connection has potential to explode in the bedroom. If you haven’t yet become intimate with someone who is on your mind--this is also an advantage for you as you will have the ability to become closer than ever before. Starting with the mind, and ending in the bedroom! Take this opportunity to go for what you want--as the time proves to be extremely rewarding on all relationship and sex life fronts.


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33,333 reviews

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