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What feels like the worst day of your life, has occurred. The person you love, trust, and can’t imagine living without--has left you. Your brain is scrummaging through millions of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and trying to piece everything together to make more sense of it all. The different stages of pain begin to sink in, starting with shock and disbelief. Eventually, this transitions into overanalyzing and confusion. The questions start to circulate one by one. Why did this happen? Am I not good enough? Do they still love me? Is it really over? Have they found someone new?

This doesn’t immediately fade away. On the contrary, the question bank begins to expand as time goes on. The simple immediate questions transition into questioning the entire relationship, time invested, and your ex’s character in general. Breakups are heartbreaking and what you may be experiencing is a normal reaction. There could be many reasons and answers to your questions--something as simple as circumstances or feelings changing, or more in depth such as a third party situation. Each person has various reasons for breaking up with someone they love(d) or moving on.


The first thing you can do about the situation is accept it.

It’s happened. As difficult as this sounds, it’s best for your mental health. If you continue to obsessively recap all of the questions in your mind that you don’t have answers to, you will begin to go crazy. At times, if you continue to hound someone into getting answers--it may have the reverse effect that you desire and turn them off even more. So try to distract yourself, focus and work on YOU more than ever before and quit trying to overanalyze everything in your mind. If you feel as though you absolutely cannot go on without getting the answers you need and you don’t want to come off as obsessive to your ex, there are more discreet ways of receiving that closure. One way is by getting a personal love reading by a professional psychic. You can ask all the questions you need answers to, in order to continue your life peacefully and find out if they are coming back or not.

Some great questions you can ask during your reading are: Do they still love me? Do I still love them? Will they come back? Why do I want them back? Do I really want this person or do I just want to rid myself of this rejection?

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The next thing you can do is stop stalking them on social media.

You want to know every little thing they are up to and how they are filling in the missing gap in their life which was once you. Try and cut them off and see how they react. Delete, unfollow, block. If they seem to be unbothered by it and don’t make any attempts to contact you or ask to be back in your life, it seems quite clear that the love may be over and they aren’t coming back. 

If you two were quite close with each other's friends and families, another way to decipher if they may return or not is how their relationship with your family remains. If they are still actively keeping in contact with them and asking about you and your whereabouts--they may be coming back when their head is straight, after all. 

If you notice that they are especially active on social media, showing off themselves or possibly even a new partner--this is a major indicator of them not being over your relationship and dealing with the pain in their own manipulative manner. This is often how someone who isn’t sure if they’ve made the right decision behaves. They do this to get a reaction out of you and most likely isn’t emotionally invested in whoever they are showing off, whatsoever. It is a response to pain and the inability of coping with it in a mature and communicative way. This usually indicates that they may linger around or come back your way, but this is also a major red flag for you. Is this the kind of person you wish to be with? Is this the kind of relationship you want to invest yourself into?

Cut off contact

If you find yourself getting calls, texts, messages, even visits to your workplace or home by them--clearly they are unable to move on yet and refuse to let that connection die entirely. But ask yourself, is this what you deserve? Is it fair for someone to break up with you and then still keep you around for their own sake or inability to let go all the way? Be wary of someone who wants you back because you are the love of their life, versus someone who wants you back for selfish or unfair reasons.

There are so many possibilities for why they’ve left you, broken your heart, and whether or not they will make a reappearance in your life and stay for good. There are plenty of signs and ways to evaluate their actions in order to assume what the reasons and answers are, but this can take some time and won’t always provide you with the truth. 

If you need immediate answers and wish to talk to someone professional, unbiased, and willing to help guide you through this confusing period--get a specific psychic love reading geared towards your situation. 

Enough of the sulking, overthinking, and questioning everything you thought you once knew. If you are ready to move on, let go, not let go, get some clarity, and want to dive deeper into your past relationship, ex, or love troubles--chat with someone who can help you today.

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